World of Tanks || M41 90 – Black Dog

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– M41 90. Here’s my full opinion on the new T8 premium light that I call the Black Dog ­čÖé

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of a Free 2 Play which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Actually i really started to love light tanks just a few weeks before this
    little mean machine came out. And now it is my only and first premium tank
    even though i play since 3 years now. Aaaand i love it. Thanks QB for
    talking about it recently anyway! Let me mention one thing, you may try to
    fire some or many more HEP rounds! I even penetrade many T8-T9 medium sides
    dealing tons of damage. Over 100 Pen on HE type ammunition is just awesome!´╗┐

  2. LEL

    `. .’.
    `. -./.- .’
    . /_| .
    `. `/____’ .’.
    `. -./.””-..- ‘
    `. /< (()) > .’
    – .`/__`..’__’ .-
    ,’ ,` . . ‘, `,
    ,’ *______________* `,
    / /__|_____|_____|___
    / /|_____|_____|_____|_
    ‘ /____|_____|_____|_____
    .’ /__|_____|_____|_____|___
    ,’ /|_____|_____|_____|_____|_
    ,,-”-…___…-”’-.. /../____|_____|_____|_____|_____ ..-
    ) ‘.:/|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_ ( /
    ) / ) ,’:./____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____ ( /(
    / / ( ( /:../__|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|___ ) )
    | | /…/|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_ / / | |
    .. ‘..:/____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____ / / / /..
    (= ) `.*.’ | :./ _ _ __* *__* *__* _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *_* | `._.’ /( =)
    (*) ) ./ |/| |_*) |___ |___ |___ *X* *X* / *|* ( (_) /
    `–‘ “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” `–‘ /
    *__*__ __ __ _ __ _ _ __ *______* *___* __/*__* /
    (= (_ |_ |V||_)|_ |_) |_|(_ / | | |_ | / /-) /
    *)* __)|__| || |__| | |__)___|__|_ | *|* / /*(*/
    / /
    ) ) _ _ ( (
    ( (,’ `..__ __..’ `,) )
    *.**” “**..___* *__*..” “._/
    `._ “-…____…–” _.-‘
    `.._ _..’
    `..__ ALT.ASCII-ART __..’
    “..*__* *__*..”

  3. racist´╗┐

  4. 191 games in Valentine II ??? lol´╗┐

  5. Hey quickybaby i have a request for you..I’ve heard that there’s something
    that maybe you forgot to do review and it is Grille 15 the new premium
    german tak destroyer please do it…´╗┐

  6. hey quicky baby enjoyed your livestream last night and thanks for the shout
    out to na users´╗┐

  7. german shepard´╗┐

  8. zasto samo stavljas video na engleskom mogao bi staviti na hrvtskom jeziku
    da te cijeli svijet razumije´╗┐

  9. This tank is so bad. I wonder how much they pay QB for this review… My
    avg recent wn8 is more thne 3000 and this tank is just crap shit compared
    to bulldog.´╗┐

  10. So this tank is a clean up tank?´╗┐

  11. I actually didn’t enjoy my grind through the M41 Bulldog, but I absolutely
    love the M41 90. The extra punch to the gun makes up for the only slightly
    slower rate of fire. Still getting out a shot every 5.5 seconds with the 90´╗┐

  12. SweetAlex 274 Gaming

    Hi guys, this is my new chanel, this is like my little dream to becom a
    bigger youtuber, i know this may be funny, cuz i dont have any subs yet,
    but i will work hard in my future videos to get them better just for you.
    It would help me out so much if u could subscribe, like or even dislike the
    videos, just so i know if u enjoy my videos, and remember, all my first
    subscribers will always stay in my heart forever, cuz they where those
    subscribers that supported me from the begining, so no hate people, we all
    need to start somwhere…´╗┐

  13. HEP = High Explosiv Plastic
    It’s the same as HESH!
    HEP = USA
    HESH = other english speaking countries´╗┐

  14. Is there any reason to get this over the RU251? Aside from it being a
    premium and it looking pretty cool´╗┐

  15. Will you ever be on the console edition “Xbox one” possibly?´╗┐

  16. GlassesGirlsIsMoeeee

    what is the advantage this bulldog have compared to the non premium tank?´╗┐

  17. Jingles was talking about you and him playing together in battle. However
    he did not refer to you guys as the dream team. He said I am not a very
    good player and quickybaby will wind up carrying me thru the match.´╗┐

  18. 11:42 XD all the voices´╗┐

  19. I have played this thing as a rental. It is insane, haha. Since I am an
    experienced light tank driver, I just rip and tear with this thing. Not
    sure if I am going to pick one up or not. It might be too good.´╗┐

  20. Good review, I love light tanks and this is another fun one!!´╗┐

  21. Muhammad Fadzli Haziq Mohammad Bahathir

    +Quickybaby I have a very crazy round in my M41 90mm but I don’t know how
    to submit my replay….´╗┐

  22. Can I have a Type 59 bonus code? Asia server. For one I purchased on
    another server but can’t use.´╗┐

  23. did you guys notice that in this video qb actually pronounced Top Gun !!!,
    this is the first time i see such a thing :D´╗┐

  24. In a nutshell … Not a good tank´╗┐

  25. Awesome tank i love it´╗┐

  26. Quickybaby. How do you feel about the comparison between black dog and
    ru251 in a neck and neck tough fight. which of them would you rather have
    when the game is not all sunshine and credits for you.´╗┐

  27. what first 3 skills you recommend for this tank ?´╗┐

  28. Why do I always think of a movie “Jaws” when I see that ending screen (with
    subscribe button)..´╗┐

  29. This tank is just pure cancer. Everyone I’ve seen playing it just spams
    HEAT constantly. You can spam that stuff that goes through heavy tank
    fronts and you still turn a huge profit…never really any reason to use
    normal AP. Screw you Wargaming and your retarded money-grab ideas…´╗┐

  30. Mother of all special streams, oh yea it was… cg to 18k+ viewers ­čśÇ

    And this M41 90mm… AWESOME ­čśÇ I am loving to play light tanks and this
    is just a breath of the fresh air ­čśÇ Already got a few carry hard rounds
    in it. Oh boy it is fun to drive and it makes credits :-D´╗┐

  31. kratos killsyou69er

    So the black version of the m41 is faster and has a larger pe.. gun´╗┐

  32. Play Crossout please!!!!!!´╗┐

  33. That’s racist´╗┐

  34. Š×ŚŔ▒¬šą×

    QB u know m41-90mm have +20 percent crew exp ? other tier 8 premium only

  35. Saw this game live during your stream. Awesome job, especially with those
    light tanks near your base. Great game!´╗┐

  36. i bought it and i like it very much´╗┐

  37. Quickybaby you racist!!´╗┐

  38. Hey quicky baby is your wot name quicky baby cause I would like to toon
    sometime if possible´╗┐

  39. Great gameplay, but I hate those things…. I did manage to one shot that
    tank the other day with my 112 in himmelsdorf xD´╗┐

  40. quickybaby you are my world of tanks teacher lol´╗┐

  41. the m41 90 is just another tank to derp in the face with my t49´╗┐

  42. i would like to know what cammo rating does the tank has and if it has
    cammo paint
    Becouse in garage with your mod pack it doesnt say anything about that´╗┐

  43. P├ęter Kov├ícs

    it’s black, so in the shadows it gets +50% camo bonus :P´╗┐

  44. Hey guys!
    This works awesome for World of Tanks, it has everything on google here =>
    World of Tanks || M41 90 – Black Dog´╗┐

  45. SimoneSean Zambonini


  46. Stu G lll???´╗┐

  47. mastered mine in 2nd match. never done that before. i know now many players
    have it, but still´╗┐

  48. We have been calling he M41 90 GF the “Girl Friend” for a laugh.´╗┐

  49. FUCK… i didnt get to the stream in time i had to work #1stworldprobs…
    ­čÖü i wanted the Type 59 so damn bad hopefully there is another giveaway at
    some point´╗┐

  50. That was an amazing kill on the Lorr.´╗┐

  51. That title doe

  52. The maps I get sometimes leaves me no choice but to fail.´╗┐

  53. What!? Giving away Type 59s? Is that only for the Europe server? Did I miss

  54. nigga doge on duty :P´╗┐

  55. this really makes me want to play light tanks´╗┐

  56. I missed QBs special stream, how many viewers were there?´╗┐

  57. Sweet I love the tank. Keep them coming.´╗┐

  58. Well played QB..´╗┐

  59. i cant find the Review for the Tank´╗┐

  60. The AP velocity is low because it’s the same gun as the RU251. Which means
    it has that super high velocity HEAT. If the shell velocity is driving you
    nuts, spam more gold.

    Also, HEP should pen that Lorr 40t pretty easily, its thickest armor is

  61. I could not talk in your chat on twich ;(´╗┐

  62. HEP=High Explosive Penetrator´╗┐

  63. Also QB did you know that if you load a HEP round at the beginning of the
    battle you can do 360 dmg constantly to enemy lights´╗┐

  64. I would like a type 59 for free (:´╗┐

  65. I got 3.5 k dmg in that tank and I got a 1st class so I just decided. Not
    an ace he won’t care´╗┐

  66. Hey Quickybaby, could you tell me what you use to record your screen with
    please, as I cant find any that don’t make my screen lag.´╗┐

  67. Qb, can you put the time for the is also, I try to watch the streams but I
    never know when they are lol. If the times are there someone please point
    it out for me.´╗┐

  68. Should I get m46 or m103´╗┐

  69. Does the “Black Dog” fire Led Zeppelins?´╗┐

  70. u should guide someone who isn’t good live and show it,I think that would
    be great as it would show quick thinking logic´╗┐

  71. can you give me this tank i loooooooooove light tanks with no auto loaders
    fast turret traverse and nice speed and ill garentee you there will be
    replays of it.´╗┐

  72. The “Black” Dog?
    This is the 21st century!
    It’s The African-American Dog ;-)´╗┐

  73. I HATE light tanks. I love this one though, so what you said isn’t true for
    everyone. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone, personally, even
    though I hate light tanks.´╗┐


  75. “Secured his life.”

    You’re an evil person…


  76. I got in a few teir 8 games´╗┐

  77. Great gameplay as always!!!!

    Take care, flea1951´╗┐

  78. I love this tank so much. I’ve not had much time to play this last week but
    it looks fantastic and the gun is great. That aim time :). Plus, it’s

  79. HEP = High Explosive Premium´╗┐

  80. why don’t wargaming make wotb league and reward for it?´╗┐

  81. american m41 walker bulldog = german m41 90 Rottweiler´╗┐

  82. It’s great´╗┐

  83. TuxedoedErmine Naswall

    im crying right now because I missed the stream , was going to be my first
    live stream but it took me so long to remember my Facebook account and my
    wifi was messing up that I missed everything, not to mention I only could
    have watched the last hour of it because of college. .. I was really
    looking forward to it ­čÖü quicky and jingles are my heros and I made a
    complete mess of trying to watch the stream´╗┐

  84. I was able to watch the last 20 minutes of the stream and I want to know if
    there is a way to get the Type 59 in the future?´╗┐

  85. I load HEP at the start with it, seems i always run into lights all of the

  86. quickybaby,
    you are right about HEP = high explosive plastic
    In this game i have no idea how it works, but the real HEP is not design to
    penetrate armor.
    what it dose, when the war head hits the tank, it brakes open and the
    plastic explosive spread out about the size of a dinner plate, it explodes
    and causes a shock wave, which in turn causes shrap metal about the same
    size of a dinner plate to shoot around the inside of the turret.

    I crew tanks from 75 to 83 the M60A1, M60A2, M60A3 and the M1´╗┐

  87. got my MoE on the 80th battle, dont know if that is good or bad.
    Does anyone know what the base camo rating on it is??´╗┐

  88. HEP and HESH are same thing.´╗┐

  89. You did bad scouting at the start,you should have been in that bush for 1:30
    min and not just go back after spotting 5/6 tanks for about 15 seconds.´╗┐

  90. Oh the HEP rounds are do freakin useful XD´╗┐

  91. Surprised pc does not Brazilian version like the Xbox had´╗┐

  92. Wp:)´╗┐

  93. I call it german Shepard´╗┐

  94. “There are no tier 6 on the enemy team”

    >Mouse coursor shows tier V Crusader ;)´╗┐

  95. i’ve been calling it the deutschDog or the DEdog´╗┐

  96. It’s still a bit of a learning curve to be in a light tank, but I am
    getting used to it, played 21 games in it so far, and killed 17, but over
    50% win rate so far, completely different beast from the M5 Stuart I am
    currently grinding for progress to an M41, it actually has a gun that can
    chip away at anything.´╗┐

  97. AllistairTenpenny

    hey hey mama…´╗┐

  98. m41-90 is a hand full for me, thanks for showing how its done´╗┐

  99. heey, QB, there’s promised RU_region stream?;)´╗┐

  100. Quickybaby please stop playing M41 90 you play it to much. :(´╗┐

  101. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    man when you waste consumables on nothing. you fixed the ammo rack for a
    one shot on the is. even if it was 2 that was a waste of credits. ive seen
    you use premium ones to just fix tracks. many times even using them like
    that at the end of a game and no more damage after you use it. if at the
    end of the game i just go with a broken engine or turret ring. unless there
    is a lot of guys left and it really comes down to me not having a broken
    engine or turret then yes. but there are things i dont agree with you on a
    lot of things you think make you a good player. but you taught me a lot of
    the game and do know a thing or 2 though. but im just saying and not
    bashing you in any way/ though you probably wont see this message anyway.´╗┐

  102. Slayingkenny Is a boss

    I got it cause my Lucas crew´╗┐

  103. These little bastards have been the bane of my existence the past week. I
    cant get anything done in my T37 because theres always one of these prem
    bulldogs 10 ft away´╗┐

  104. You should swim with it QB, you can get on the island at K1 with the
    Blackdog :)´╗┐

  105. Apparently you wanted to talk to WGNA Quicky? Come say hello.´╗┐

  106. I don’t think I’ve ever played this tank in randoms. It’s a stronghold tank

  107. i find it quite fun, it certainly a tank that if you get into a mostly T10
    game, i wont be fazed that much.. like its a ‘oh cool, a big kitty!’

    good gun handling, very nice feel, just.. as you mention, slow shell
    velocity and its speed leaves a little to be desired.. other then that tho,
    its great! its a fun little tank ­čśŤ

    its not OP at all and i find it fairly well balanced, and i hope wargaming
    dont decide to nerf it..´╗┐

  108. I got a game in this tank where there were no tier 7,9 or 10’s, but only
    tier 8’s. How is that possible?´╗┐

  109. Thanks for the tank review. Going through rest of video’s now. What time
    are these live streams ( East coast ) and how do
    enter contest for free tank. Keep up the good work. You and the mighty
    jingles are teaching me to be better at Wot.
    Any advice for a new player who can’t get his Avg. up.´╗┐

  110. I need this tank on Xbox so much´╗┐

  111. hey QB. In every few of your videos, I see you guessing who shot you
    judging from the damage in the damage panel. Why don’t you add the vehicle
    name to the panel. Then you see who hit you. I did it too. Very helpful.´╗┐

  112. The tank needs sh*tload of gold ammo because shell velocity doesn’t allow
    to aim for the xpots´╗┐

  113. Better yet, call it the rottweiler´╗┐

  114. pls do a review of the T20´╗┐

  115. They painted it black so it runs faster´╗┐

  116. Dammit, the stream won’t show up until the EARLY hours in the morning. ;-;
    Thanks the Australian time zone. ;-; Sucks even more because I’ve been
    wanting a Type 59.´╗┐

  117. 0:29 quick DAB *dabs*´╗┐

  118. 0:28 “a quick DAB”´╗┐

  119. You really need a new intro´╗┐

  120. I’m trying to pick my first premium tank, and I have 3 in mind, the M41 90,
    the Superpershing, and the AMX CDC, what should I go for, and what makes
    the most credits?

    bear in mind that I’m 6.5k games in, and I’m not some guy with tier 2s
    wanting a tier 8 prem :-D´╗┐

  121. at the point I stopped watching the stream, more exactly at 00:15 Romanian
    time QB had 324 new subs and around 16924 viewers and got more than 300
    pounds purely from tips and more than 1.5k euros from subs… insane
    congrats QB you deserve all of it doubled you’re one of the best.´╗┐

  122. Aravind Saravanan (RvA)

    No Love For SEA?? Sad :-(´╗┐

  123. The title is racist. Reported´╗┐

  124. If only T49 had same ammo setup for the 90mm gun…´╗┐

  125. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Second premium tank I would love to have in my garage :D´╗┐

  126. stream was nice, u seemed tired at the end´╗┐

  127. I’m no light tank driver but I’m sure going to get one of these. I have a
    spare tarp or two lying around my garage that I can throw over it until I’m
    ready for it ;)´╗┐

  128. I call it “German M41 Bulldog wannbe that use 90 mm and love doggy style
    sex potition” short enough !´╗┐

  129. i was REALLY hoping for some zeppelin on the intro at least :(´╗┐

  130. Try playing in the amx Chaffee in a tier 10 game. Now that’s a challenge´╗┐

  131. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    88 games 88 percent gunmark^^´╗┐

  132. Like the Mutz and the M41.90 G (irl) F (eind)´╗┐

  133. i want the Taiwanese M41A4 with the 105mm´╗┐

  134. Did they Nerf the Mutz? or did they leave it alone?´╗┐

  135. Why not call it the dire wolf´╗┐

  136. some say that the video’s name is racist as hell´╗┐

  137. THATS RACIST´╗┐

  138. +Quickybaby would you add a wn8 panel in your modpack? :)´╗┐

  139. Is QB a chocoholic? Or just believes he can never be lit on fire?´╗┐

  140. QB-I suicide all the time in my cruiser mk.IV, but with my whole team
    It works in wot blitz´╗┐

  141. Lee Halverston Hayes

    Can’t wait´╗┐

  142. I haven’t played many light tank matches, but I sure like this tank!´╗┐

  143. Anyone else not able to see this tank on wotlabs? I’ve played around 30
    games and its not showing anywhere.´╗┐

  144. Win rate wise i have it at 48%, i’m an average player. But oh boy when you
    do get games where you get to shine en you hit opposite lights with the hep
    round while driving.

    Plus i got light missions 11 to 15 done just like that for the concept.
    Stuck on those for months and could not do it with my wz132, type 64, type
    62 amx 1390 or t37. I like this tank, difficult but fun.´╗┐

  145. Its not an autoloader right?´╗┐

  146. I was gonna make a racist joke but…´╗┐

  147. Can’t wait until the t64´╗┐

  148. My clan calls it the kraut dog (excuse spelling of “kraut” it’s probably
    wrong) it’s a reference to a German word. Cuz it’s a bull dog but German.´╗┐

  149. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh

    Whose watching the stream?´╗┐

  150. Pc got the better version of this tank. Console got the hep rounds as

  151. You can always tell what tank QuickyBaby is in.Just watch for a tank
    dragging a giant pair of balls behind it,lol.´╗┐

  152. So, this is like T49 90mm, but with an AP round and better income? AWESOME.´╗┐

  153. I prefer to call it the Deutsch Doggy…´╗┐

  154. Hey quickybaby i sent you a message on Facebook about a week and a half ago
    trying to see if you get a medal for owning all the tanks in the game ? I
    have them all researched and i have 346 in my garage and only need a
    handful now to own them all. I have 1 3/4 million free xp to convert if
    they release any new tank lines in the future. I have searched wot website
    and see they give you the award for having them all researched and i have
    that award,but wanting to know if there is an award for owning all the
    vehicles in the game or if in the future they will be making an award for
    that. I know you are very busy with wot of tanks and all the videos you do
    but if you are able to find that out for me i would be greatfull. Thank you
    from the U.S.A and Michigan hope to hear back from you soon.´╗┐

  155. 6:59 – T49 stock gun has.´╗┐

  156. +QuickyBabyTV Yet another prem tank better than the CykaPershing´╗┐

  157. Something is seriously wrong with your 1080p60 videos. Actually it has been
    broken a few months ago, when u started uploading videos in 60 frames. The
    video is stagering, flashing… When i put it on 720 it’s all fine. No
    internet problem, beacuse i see buffer filling just fine and goes ages
    before the video. I never had any problem with any videos on youtbe except
    yours. I can gladly shoot a video with my phone and uploaded it on yt if
    you would like to see what i’am talking about´╗┐

  158. HEP=HESH´╗┐

  159. Every single modification on the game is a cheat. Because it gives you an
    advantages , who are not playing with mods! Even XVM! Because it gives you
    information, how good the enemy is! And if you play vanilla, you dont see
    this, so even xvm is a cheat! Advandec aiming system, aimbot, see how many
    hitpoints the enemy team have is a cheat! Every single mod is a cheat
    because it got a little or a huge advantage for players! SO EVERY SINGLE

  160. Alexander Zsák


  161. RengarPawOFAwesomenes LG G3

    birtch gun good?´╗┐

  162. and i have gotta a few tier 8 games in my M41 90mm so the tier 9 mm thing
    is not very true´╗┐

  163. it seems that Quickybaby only ever shows games of him self playing and not
    the videos on his replay Website´╗┐

  164. A quick dab.´╗┐

  165. This shits on the console Brazil bulldog´╗┐

  166. i got 140 games in my cromwell that i just got after the bulldog came out´╗┐

  167. how many likes I get to ask quickybaby change the intro video of comet??´╗┐

  168. U make me want to buy premium tank again XD´╗┐

  169. wow pretty early…´╗┐

  170. M41 Walker Bulldog is better

  171. The HEP (High Explosive Plastic) shell is also known as a HESH (High
    Explosive Squash Head) shell. The head contains a large amount of plastic
    explosive in a thin metal casing with a rear fuse. When the shell hits the
    plastic explosive “Squashes” outward against the armor then detonates but
    does not penetrate the armor but rather the explosion against the armor
    “Spalls” the inner surface. Thus sending flakes of the interior armor as
    shrapnel destroying equipment and personnel. The shell is ineffective
    against spaced, reactive or highly angled armor.´╗┐

  172. I remember watching this battle on stream ;)´╗┐

  173. this is now my favorite premium tank, i absolutely love light tanks and my
    average wn8 in light tanks is about 2500-3500 each week so im quite
    effective with it :3´╗┐

  174. Georgeow Terminted_tank

    German Shepard*´╗┐

  175. Why you heff to be mad its only game

    Thumbnail + name, are you playing the racist cards here? kek´╗┐

  176. racist
    you weren’t just giving it a perfectly harmless description…´╗┐

  177. I hate this thing, Realy hate this thing…. it is in my opinion bad…´╗┐

  178. i love this tank even it’s super unforgiving in terms of shots taken…´╗┐

  179. I hope I get one of the type 59 cause toda5snis my birthday´╗┐

  180. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    QB, I want to ask you, if you could do a “Assistance/Spotting-HitLog in the
    Future for your modpacks. Could you do it?´╗┐

  181. Love this tank!. Now I have to only learn to play like you ;-)´╗┐

  182. Totally not OP

  183. crosshair name ? :D´╗┐

  184. how do u win the giveaway?´╗┐

  185. my m43 loves this tank´╗┐


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  188. Plus they seem well to have nerfed the earnings on Lights, since they don’t
    make as much as they were doing…
    (rather than making MORE credits for the damage you get the chance to do
    being lights…..)

    So yeah, the German Bulldog is not a credit maker.
    If you want to make ma $$ , get the T-54 proto or the FCM 50t that are good
    performers using dirt cheap ammo.´╗┐

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    you little project on testing the other servers was going?´╗┐

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  193. What does mean” self propelled gun”?´╗┐

  194. Just bought this a few days ago. My first Tier VIII Prem. I play mostly
    fast mediums and flanking lights. Absolutely love this thing. Even with a
    crew still not fully skilled, it’s fantastic.´╗┐

  195. The type 59 you will give are EU exclusive (the Code)´╗┐

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    Love the vids QB, shame I’m out tonight and will miss the live stream with

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    491 games in the Bulldog

    Yep, I think after 4 years I finally found a prem tank I want.´╗┐

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    tanks and mostly t8? Doesnt this have t9 MM?´╗┐

  209. Not me i am sick but i will watch it´╗┐

  210. hey qb, two days ago my account was blocked for using mods! I was only
    using your modpack. Is there anything ilegal in your modpack?´╗┐

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