World of Tanks || M41 Bulldog – All Bite, No Bark.

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Showing you guys why I love T7 American light tank the M41 Walker Bulldog.

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  1. I hope you enjoy this light tank gameplay in my favourite the Walker

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. The first 

  3. 11th

  4. under 100 views !!!!

  5. Yay second nice replay QB 🙂 

  6. saw this on stream 2 days ago. he had some bad games that day with shit

  7. inb4 kingfaggit thought it was his vid

  8. U noticed that was encouter ? 😉 Itwas only one BASE ;-)

  9. Is render distance considered when balancing? And why cant you see further?
    Engine limitation or …?

  10. kinda shame you are in rsop and not in qsf

  11. Brayden VanderWeide

    QB can u highlight the reasons why the bulldog might be better than the

  12. So the Hellcat has been replaced with the Bulldog, when will they nerf this
    into a non-tank?

  13. Which gun is better? Autoloader or non-auto?

  14. I have seen thus before… was this on your livestream?

  15. I really hate it when some douche bags go afk, no matter if they are top
    tier or not, they are worse than bots

  16. I play on console and i cannot describe to you just how anxious i am to see
    this vehicle in an upcoming update

  17. Quicky is now an “Assault Lemming”?! :O

  18. hi QB, thanks for your job, i learn many things about this game. you say
    ”pascucci” like ”pascussi” in italian, you have to use the same C as
    ”ciao” pronunciation. i write this not to be a f*king teacher, but
    because i see you learn different pronunciations about tanks and i wanna
    help you about italian. (waiting for italian tech three 😉 )

  19. I find that most of the scouting at the start like that equals to hero run
    at the start. When I play almost every time enemy has light or medium doing
    exactly the same thing and we spot each other and both die or the one from
    the north lives because there are rocks o hide closer. Have no idea how QB
    just parks it the bush with gun poking out of it and does not get surprise
    oneshot like me if I do that :)

  20. That T30 was parked in my favorite TD spot for the southern spawn. Assuming
    the enemy has some aggressive players you can rack up ridiculous damage
    from there and if you have a good scout on your side you’ll probably have a
    game you won’t soon forget. As was the case in this replay. 

  21. Its definitly not overpowered, maybe only in the hands of a good player..

  22. In my mind arty is the hardest to play cause you gotta rely on your team to
    give good spots and cover so you can help do damage 

  23. I think it is op.

  24. Once I get my IS-7,and my Leopard 1,I’ll start grinding towards this beast.

    As,I love my heavy tanks,but it’s awesome when ou flank a bunch of heavies
    and make them wish they were faster.

  25. Quickybaby , I hate you ! Why did u post just one replay in this video ? 😛
    And then comment about it for like 3 minutes…

  26. Every scout is a suicide scout without backup. 

  27. 13 75 sobs in the corner…

  28. OP, pure and simple. Bullshit like this tank are turning the game into a
    run and gun rather than armored warfare.

    I suppose that’s what appeals to the younger, COD crowd though.

  29. People in light tanks suicide because they don’t know how to play. They
    don’t know how to play because these tanks are the easiest to get and many
    novices go for them.
    This is just a serious design flaw with the game. There are many design
    flaws with this game. Another one is the game shouldn’t allow people with
    little experience advance in tiers so fast. Maps are boring and unbalanced
    (they poorly support all types of vehicles, etc.
    Unfortunately WG doesn’t really care.

  30. Same tactics can be used in Medium tanks with decent camo rating and
    mobility in Lakeville. Don’t get shot or spotted in the open is a big

  31. Hey Quicky Baby could you give me a shout out in one of your videos that is
    my birthday on the 23rd of November. I love you videos! My name is Matthew
    and my World of Tanks is mdwtank11, thanks a lot!

  32. why do you play whit so much HEAT it’s not needed whit 175 for a tier VII

  33. I think the Bulldog is overpowered, as are the rest of the new light tanks.
    Wargaming is simply waiting for players to buy the tanks while they are
    overpowered, and then they will nerf them.

  34. +QuickyBabyTV are you going to play this tank in war thunder?

  35. light tanks need derp gun option given they usually play with tanks 3t
    above them. light tanks are nerfed enough given they are usually one or two
    shot kills

  36. I always go hero-mode in a light tank along the coast on malinovka, works
    80% of the time.

  37. I think. The t69 must be a tier 7 medium tank with a little worse
    penetration Or the same(the pen on this thing is garbage for tier 8) and
    the t71 must be a tier 8 Light tank bcs Its such OP at tier 7

  38. I don’t think light tanks like this are difficult at all. It is some of the
    lower tier ones that make you never want to play the class. Seems like I
    had a few in t4 that were slower than some t6 mediums and even heavies. No
    armor, no damage, AND no speed? To me that was unbearable. I could not find
    a way to help the team when mm put me in with some upper tiers. The only
    solution was to wait for my team to engage and then look for holes that
    maybe I could use to get behind the lines and hope I found arty.

  39. Clear description of tactics, thank you QB – I will probably drop an
    American med crew with a few completed skills back into the T37 so that I
    can advance to the WB. I have the RU, which I am enjoying, and I am also
    enjoying the T71. Heck, I even enjoyed the Awful Panther.

  40. Still would like an Su-85B review. 😀 My favorite tank!

  41. Im sorry but this is just an above average game in the m41, i mean a good
    game means 2k base xp+

  42. walker bulldog is OP nerf it …… but today i bought t37 😀 you can nerf
    m41 after i play it :D

  43. if you are new to world of tanks and open a new acount use this code for a
    fre t2 7 days premium and garage slot only with new acounts click have
    invite code VDS5VFDS89

  44. jeppe74 perkele…

  45. Ugh…I hate these new light tanks (not because of the tanks
    themselves)….Only one I ever see people actually scout in is the Ru

  46. Good vid. I had a light tank suicide run me and two other arty players,
    got all three of us, bummer of a game for us after that. Tier 4 game. 

  47. what is so special about this game?

  48. I love the bulldog! It’s definitely my favorite tank, even though I was
    expecting the KV-2 lightweight to be.

    The penetration is insane for a t7 light, and it can tear apart the side
    armor on the vast majority of tanks up to t10. The great accuracy and aim
    time combined with high velocity rounds just makes it an all around beast.

  49. I love the m41 Walker Bulldog it’s a fun tank

  50. frontlinewarfighters

    Why not use the autoloader on the bulldog …I like it better IMO.. is
    there a reason to use the regular instead ? 

  51. You are in clan :D

  52. Why don’t you use the 10 ammo clip ? :/

  53. The people who say every other tank is op ruin this game. Just because
    lights are now usable for the average player doesn’t make them op.

  54. That reload looks terribly slow for a 76mm gun. I have the T37 now to get
    myself back in scout mode and prepare for the M41. I think the M41 is more
    or less accurately represented in the game, it took on NVA PT-76s T-55s and
    Type 59s during the Vietnam war and dealt with them handily with the high
    pen high velocity 76mm gun. Of course a hit would KO one easily but it had
    good vision optics to see enemy tanks.

  55. could you please do a review on the WZ-131?

  56. PLEASE REPLAY ANYONE AND EVERYONE PLEASE. my question is, what light tank
    should i get AMX 13 90, M41 walker bulldog, t-54 light weight. what light
    tank should i get ???

  57. Why do you light up the tanks ? It help them to keep spotted ?

  58. actually for me it’s harder to play slow heavy tanks like E-100 or TD’s T95
    basically anything slow because then you enter a chess game and you haveto
    think many steps ahead to do good while in light tanks and especially
    mediums which i love the most you can get out of the mess just as fast as
    you got into it

  59. I’m wondering, can anyone tell me how the T54 Lt compares to the WZ 132? It
    doesn’t seem as good on paper, so does it have better camo or something?

  60. cant wait till bulldog XD still at chaffe 

  61. if it’d be possible to dona review of the t-43 and or su-152, it would be
    greatly appreciated.

  62. Yeah, I love the M41 Walker Bulldog, I don’t feel it’s overpowered as you
    really need to know what you’re doing with it, having said that, I’m
    guessing it will cop a nerf at some stage, probably to it’s
    manoeuvrability/terrain resistance.

    I’m sure other pronunciation nazis have pointed this out, but I’ll go ahead
    anyway; Pascucci is pronounced Pass-kooh-chy.

  63. noooooo what about the comet

  64. All lite tanks should be buffed.

  65. Thatguywiththeface ofawsomness

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OVERPOWERED, wg makes all thier new tanks the most op to
    force u to get them

  66. Had this game on my harddrive for about 4 months now and I just finished
    deleting it. Never played such a bad game, although my WN8 is about 2100
    and I haven’t been too bad at it the game is just garbage ^^ Back to some
    real games I guess :D

  67. Does anyone know how to fix the glitch when it shows the coding names
    instead of the actual names of things. For an example instead of saying
    loading it will say menu:loading/game or instead of just saying a tanks
    name it says this (for Russian tanks it looks like this) USSR/blah blah
    blah/(Tanks actual name). It’s highly annoying and on top of that, I can’t
    load into games. The bar goes all the way, but it never takes me into a
    game. If you can help, please do! Thanks!

  68. QB joined a clam 

  69. bulldog 175 pen
    comet 148 pen
    seems a bit unfair both tier 7 and the comet gets weighted as a heavy tank
    so only really see’s tier 8 and 9 matchups just another reason that the
    comet needs a buff 

  70. old old old and older…Intro:)

  71. “pure scout” -.-

  72. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Most the things he did, I would have died immediately- like scouting that
    far forward someone just magically sees me… ugh

  73. Still trying to get grips with this thing, nice vid though it helped.

  74. So QB filed for the divorce with his tank-waifu Comet?

  75. Most people I see in the Bulldog prefer the autoloader, but you’re using
    the standard version. Why?

  76. The Walker Bulldog is now what the old Chaffee should have been all along.
    As of it being overpowered, that really just comes down to the autoloader.
    Who knows, maybe 10 shells really is a few too many. But that issue aside
    the only thing remaining is a respectable high-tier light tank that happens
    to trade stealth for added mobility.

  77. I like the Walker Bulldoge.

    Very quick, much maneuver. 

  78. wow! QuickyBaby you finally join in a clan!

  79. 45FPS o_O

  80. “A Bush Too Far” – too funny!

  81. Had the T71 for a while…and absolutely dread having to brawl with a
    Bulldog. To which we have absolutely no chance of taking down when it is at
    full health. There is almost no comparison between the two, making the T71
    incredibly under-powered compared to that light of not only the same
    nation, but same TIER. They need to tweak the 71 to make it competitive
    again IMO. 

  82. I do not think the Bulldog is over powered. It is fast, maneuverable, and
    has two options of very decent guns, but it has almost no armor and is
    matched with some of the highest tier and strongest tanks in the game.
    There are many tanks it faces that can take most of its health off with a
    single shot, and all of it with a penetrating HE round. It is also a decent
    size target. The T71 is kind of a big tank for a speedy little like tank,
    and that is smaller than this thing. I would not say it is giant, but it is
    not ELC AMX.

  83. OK stupid question here because I have been playing WOT for a while now,
    but when you are spotting, does it help spotting to zoom in in gunner mode
    or is it merely a function of light tank spotting distance?

  84. If I would’ve pulled up where you pulled up and stopped, I would’ve got
    blown off the side of that mountain in .2 seconds… I don’t know how NO
    ONE ever saw you.

  85. When i play lights i dont get “supporting fire” is it because i am an
    ordinary wot player and QB gets all the support cause he is popular?

  86. Everyone loves the Bulldog, because people just love OP tanks…
    From release day many people have said it needs a nerf, and it really does.

  87. Quickybaby, if your interested in some scout replays, I have a Batchat game
    in which I do a healthy 9,000 spotting damage and 4,000 of my own.
    Unfortunately I do not know how to upload it to your replay website, anyone
    know how?

  88. I’m perfectly happy with the walker bulldog I don’t think it’s op and I
    think it’s a great addition to WOT

  89. They need to buff medium tanks tier 6-8 

  90. I find playing this tank is very refreshing for me. Over the last 2-3 years
    with the changes to gold rounds been spamed because you could by them with
    credits makes playing the slow heavy well armored tanks pointless to a
    point. I can remember the days of holding back 7-8 tanks on a flank alone
    in a IS4 or E75 ect because i new how to angle my tank and use my brain
    side scraping ect. Now its just O a heavy armored target load gold and just
    pen his turret or upper plate.

    This removes alot of skill from the game and is why most good players you
    see now favor maneuverability, gun stats, Gun depression over armor. This
    is not a cry about people spaming gold because i use gold to, its more
    about how WG have set it up they only made the change buying gold rounds
    for credits so they would stop been slammed with the “pay to win” comments.

    The biggest problem is that there should be a downside to firing Gold APCR
    rounds and there is not… in real life in WW2 APCR rounds was a round that
    punched a tungsten steel rod through a tank making a very small hole doing
    little damage unless it hit a crew member or part of the tank on its way
    through and comming out the other side of the tank. Alot of the time all
    they did was make two holes in the tank and thats all. So presonaly i think
    the damage gold APCR needs to be nerfed big time so its not spammed and
    bring back some life to tanks with armor. There is a reason you don,t see
    people playing maus and T95 ect anymore.

    So yeah playing this tank brought new life into this game for me and i’m
    having fun again. Btw guys that are playing this tank the auto loader gun
    Slows this tank down ALOT been 1.1 tons heavier then the non auto loader,
    So if you like to circle your targets and be a better scout use the non
    auto loader gun. This tank is not OP for a scout its pretty big, tall, fat
    and most shots cripple or one shot you so any mistakes your done. Its funny
    noone remembers one shoting this tank from alpha damage or fire but they
    always remember the times the bulldog pounces on you and chews them up from
    behind LOL.

  91. Can you do a review on the 113 heavy tank?

  92. Thank you, for your great advice. I’m a new player 1k games, who was
    inspired by you to play this game in the first place, and I really enjoy
    your play style. I am learning from this first game, the importance of NOT
    firing during the initial spotting round. That survival, is important in
    the early game, with more aggressive play near the end. Cheers !

  93. Yeah, you can make an impact as a scout at bottom tier, unless you’re an
    AMX 40, then you’re fucked. 

  94. The m41 is eye candy, what a beautiful tank it is in HD.

  95. I find the m41 Walker Bulldog to be unbelievably refreshing. in the m41 i
    have the time of my life but at the same time, when i face an m41 i never
    find it to be unreasonably deadly. I believe that the bulldog is balanced,
    and fun, and that all light tanks should receive small buffs to match the
    great fun that this tank is. thank you for this gameplay and commentary qb!

  96. Dat t30 fire support. Would kill to have a teammate that does that for me
    every match.

  97. About suicide scout, I agree that they are playing it wrong. Heck I’m even
    see cromwell or Hellcat rushing to enemy base all alone without any of our
    friendlies able to see his spotted target. And you can guess these suicidal
    tank’s fate 🙂

    Anyway, I’m kinda jealous that you have teammates that plays well. In here,
    WoT Asia, it’s basically all men for himself. Either there’s troll tanker,
    or selfish HT that push TDs out of cover make TDs as his shield, or
    artillery that put himself on the front line, or some kind of enmity
    towards waring clans (Oh yeah I’ve seen clan A plats shooting at clan B
    plats, on the same team and the survivor kills our arty and give the enemy
    15-0) and any other kind of stupidity. I’m jealous about you could have
    public players that plays teamwork or at least know what their tank could
    do. Man, I hope WoT could have server selection.

    Sometimes I wanted to play with you guys 🙂 lastly, it’s always fun to
    watch your videos, entertaining and it gives me alot of tips from your
    playstyle 🙂 Keep up the good work, QB!

  98. I love to play the Bulldog, ending within the top 3 in earned XP, DMG (and
    doing a hell of spotting) in most of the games (7 out of 10 times) but my
    win rate in it is just at horrible 47% :/

  99. You should record in 60fps, looks much better.

  100. nice video i like it,where i can find those mods u use it.i got like 1 k
    battle and i sucks,,,need some advantige 😉 THKS for nice videos

  101. QB when the replay starts skipping just pause and unpause it real fast and
    it will fix it. I would rather see you pause it for half a second then have
    to watch 5+ mins of a skipping replay, 

  102. anyone have link for quickybabys version of xvm?

  103. Why do these tanks have jerrycans on them? Wouldn’t crews remove those
    before fighting? And how many miles will one jerrycan provide? 0.01?

  104. i can do just 1655exp -..-

  105. I got the game but I boy not know play it

  106. Why you stay front with GW Tiger?:)) if he reloaded you die and Passcuci is

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