World of Tanks || M41D – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – M41D. Update 1.4 brings the Taiwanese the M41D, but it a cheap knock off?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. M41D is actually made in ROC not CCP

  2. Stupid recycling.

  3. Sounds reasonable and I have the other tanks. Question: What do you think about the ISU-130 released a few weeks ago (I’ve seen no new reviews)?

  4. Fun fact: Two political parties fought in a civil war in China and the one lost fled to Taiwan. So now…

  5. Wot shenanigans again😇. Haizz😅

  6. You know that this tank is still serving in Taiwanese army , so don’t blame wg too much about why it does have a better penetration than original M41 , because in reality it has been upgrades several times in order to against modern tank.

  7. Wow, this Map is so shitti…

  8. All the dislikes are triggered chinese people because you could it a Taiwanese tank

  9. Is tracked light tank still important?😂😂

  10. Marty Moore-Laurence

    Hey Quickybaby , my commentary is not about this video but about the ebr 105 techtree , i think wargaming just release the tank that has change the meta of all map and game , all game are just fast and rush there is no strategy but rush faster than the other team, no long and strategical game like the old ones . i think that if you have the time you should studie this an make a video to alarm wargaming that they where wrong , but just if you want to and you think the same thank you have a great day , god save the queen !

  11. Idk why people complain that it’s a copy-paste bulldog. Isnt what we were all asking not a long time ago ? No more op premiums ?


  13. the enemy Lynx 6×6 and the AMX 13 F3 are in a platoon yet theres a 2 tier different between them.. how?

  14. I mean. Pay to win. Am i right.

  15. 7:45 I’m a sinner too, don’t worry. 😀

  16. And soo we will see T110E5 chinese version

  17. QB the ghost town map that you played on is also on console and has been on console for several years

  18. Wot is dead dont spend money in this shit guys! let them die just like warz! fuckin money whores

  19. I set my repair kit on 4 key and I already mastered it so it doesn’t bother me what to press if whatsoever module might get damaged cuz its already in my finger memory.

  20. Just for everyone to know, ghost town has been in console for I’d say about 6 months now. It’s not really anything new

  21. Stieglitz Things With Wings Trash

    This game needs waaaaay more T8 premiums, ideally in bundles.
    What a junk game WOT has mutated to over the years.

  22. I seent an lt432 bounce an obj. 704 at point blank range…

  23. US bulldog looks terrible…

  24. Bulldog, Blackdog and now….Greendog?

  25. To be fair, it may be bettet than the standard bulldog, but grind wise it’s to be compared to the chinese tier 8 LT. If it’s competition though then this tank would be chosen rather than the bulldog. But then again, why would anyone choose this when the the m41 90 is a choice tank. On random games however i think the LT-432 or the elc meme 90 would still be chosen.

  26. There are italian tanks on ps4?

  27. chinese copy….

  28. Hola quicky como Estes amigo? How you doing brother.

  29. Pls all subscribed xxxSwag dawgxxx!! He is make very good WOT,WOW and WR videos!

  30. Pls all subscribed xxxSwag dawgxxx!! He is make very good WOT,WOW and WR videos

  31. Kappa.txt heheheh

  32. Wheeled vehicles are op

  33. So there’s a AMD 178B in the game.
    My question is:

    When comes Intel and NVIDIA?

  34. If someone did not know but art of war is actualy corporarion that is realy popular in games like wot or star conflict

  35. totally absurd and unnecessary tank.

  36. My dream M41:
    Return on M41 bulldog the old 10 shells clip (150 dmg per shell), which loads in 32s and it will be the best light tank.
    Good old bulldog, I miss you…
    By the way, return the Awful panther !

  37. its a bulldog on steroid…

  38. Chinese light tank tech tree incoming maybe

  39. when i start playing this game before so many years, i wanted to copy some of your tactics loadouts etc….also i copied repair kit at #4….big mistake i cant go back to 5. hahahhahaha

  40. 00:01 Why is there a “KAPPA.txt” on QB’s desktop on the bottom left corner?

  41. it was quite enough JUBA JABA.. lol u love this :D..

  42. QB, do you think WG are not paying attention to mid tier game experience?

  43. Caffein Frappuccino

    WG will creat 120mm M41 in the future. And there will be a word ” Paper plan ” on the describe.

  44. i find it hard that this piss poor game , and your twitch still makes
    money . i watched the end of this dudes twitch on the “hot wheel” tanks ,
    he was so tilt he was bout to smack his dog . i was reading his twitch chat .
    my god . a bunch of 10 year old kids just rolling their face over the
    keyboard . doing emojies . i gave up on world of tanks about 3-4 years ago . but i guess Will is going to milk it for all it is worth . you know what is wrong with games Will ? people like you that are in a situation to do something about them . roll their face over their keyboards and collect a check .

  45. seems like a unique, well balanced tank! Thanks WG! Fianally, this is what we want! It sickens me to watch a tank review of one of another new OP Sovjet premium tank with the same playstyle of every other Sovvie, which can obliterate literally every normal tank only better…

  46. themasterofdisastr

    Repairkit on 5? Who would do that? Its far easier two press 4 and 5 rather than pressing 5 twice.

  47. Why the video is fast ? I mean I can play it at 1080p 60FPS
    which I can’t in other videos ?

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