World of Tanks – M46 Patton – Endgame chaos best chaos

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Source: Martin Holding

A chaotic to start the day off with. I dont even know what to say in regards to the end of this game. Absolutely hilarious. 😀


  1. You don’t even know

  2. Lol if the JP E100 had loaded HE, the bounce would’ve never happened. 🙂

    Your bad RNG was offset by the incredible luck/stupidity that happened

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +PianoN0ob None of this would have happened if the Borsig has taken time to
      aim properly, or if the 704 had just aimed for a bit longer, or if the 120
      had rolled high on his damage roll and so on. Many things went my thing
      this game – luckily.

  3. why do I never have those kind of games?

    • +Martin Holding Thanks for sharing it. It was hilarious to watch this

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +Marynsar Well, it took me 14k games to have a game like this. Never
      experienced anything like that and properly never will again 😛

  4. I really do love my Patton, but the accuracy really does let me down at
    times. I’m glad WG is gonna buff it a bit, even if it didn’t really need

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      Oh, I only heard about DPM and aim time buff. But fair enough. Maybe I will
      rebuy it at a later stage to acquire triple MOEs 😛

    • +Martin Holding They ARE buffing the accuracy, albeit not by much. Any buff
      to the acc. helps.

    • Martin “WaterWar” Holding

      +Cypilsa They are buffing the wrong things. Making the strengths stronger
      without buffing the weaknesses.
      The patton is oddly enough one of my best performing tier 9 tanks, so that
      is quite interesting considering I didn’t particularly enjoy it.

  5. So what is this magical shield you own when you are on low hp? I would like
    to order one 😉 + imo the entertainment value comes from the RNG.

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