World of Tanks || M46 Ripper Patton – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Tank review of the T8 premium American medium the M46 Patton Korea, also known as the Ripper Patton, which is the latest release in World of with a fearsome motif.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. figures it has the exact same turret as the pershing but typical wg shits
    on the armor of it just because its not russian

  2. I want the tank’s commander to say “전차 전진!” At the beggining instead of
    just murican voice XD

  3. %90 of a pershing? comon, that weak turret ruins everything, it’s not worth

  4. Max Lutke Schipholt

    doesn’t work…

  5. So, No pref. MM, weak armor and low DPM. Doesn’t even seem worth it to me.

  6. how is the fcm worst then its counter part

  7. i did reedem the code but did not get anything ? =( AXTHGH12BN15MASA

  8. Better than the velocity of the howitzer on the covenanter…

  9. Is it me or are you recent videos crapped out constant lag I’ve tried it in
    multiple devices it seems the video has lag every couple of seconds for
    half a second

  10. So this is the m46 tiger from war thunder?

  11. does the m48KR’s Decal act as all three seasons camouflage like the AMX 13
    57 GF’s does?

  12. That was the most ‘attractive’ paint job they could find….lol.Insipid
    paint, insipid tank.

  13. Quickybaby. Nice video again :).

    I got the last piece of the code from the number 24, and I tried to use it
    but it didn’t work. I tried to put the numbers in front of the codes from
    which day they were, and after them, but it didn’t work.
    Maybe WG saw you make the video about it so they removed it because too
    many people would get some good stuff from it?

  14. SuperPershing over this paper crap any day.

    SP advantages:
    1) Pref MM
    2) Reliable troll armor
    3) 258 mm pen for gold shells

    KR advantages:
    1) Mobility (you will die faster with 48 km/h)
    2) Unique camo (after you got knocked out – camo disappear)

  15. Why wargaming why are you giveing shit tanks for us!!!!!!!!!!??????????

  16. Anyone can tell me why the SP still has only 170 regular pen when you can’t
    flank anything? The armor works only against “amateurs” anyway so it can’t
    really be a balancing thing.

  17. Merry Christmas QB

  18. Hi QB thanks for the video can you make Lowe tier 8 Premium heavy tank if

  19. Guys here is a code : AXTHGH12BN15MASA enjoy Merry Christmas :)

  20. Hi QuickyBaby!!! I saw that advent calendar thing in your video ,and waited
    until today for the last part of it. Here is the full code : AXTH GH12 BN15
    MASA But it isn’t working. Any idea?

  21. Is-6 and t34 and t54 prot are OP what are you talking about QB??

  22. Cheers quicky, u saved me some money, I was going to buy it, but glad I
    didn’t now. poor aim time and armour…nah no thanks WG.

  23. I was about to go to sleep…. Lol nope

  24. Uhh I played one game against you 😀
    But it was not one of your games here…

  25. This is the Code AXTHGH12BN15MASA

  26. BONUS CODE for 24 Chocolate in WorldofTanks EU – AXTHGH12BN15MASA – Merry
    Christmas <3

  27. FatFingers

  28. AXTHGH12BN15MASA SECRET CODE!!!!! its work

  29. Hey QB
    Remember the hidden codes in the calender? All four parts are available
    now, type them in the redeem code section without dash in between. I got 24
    choclate premium consumables, interesting to see if everybody gets the
    same.. Anyway, the code is: AXTHGH12BN15MASA

  30. This is the bonus code giving you 24 chocolate!!


  31. Nice and cool.

  32. Merry Christmas everybody

  33. Max Lutke Schipholt

    the last peace of the code is MASA

  34. And the only reason the 90mm gun feels lacking is because the AMX CDC is
    almost OP, better than every other tier 8 medium.

  35. i think the these codes were just to trcik us for be in the World of tanks


  37. Cromwell B is better then regular Cromwell :)



  39. ATXH GH12 BN15 MASA

    This is the code, it has just updated in the advent calendar.

  40. Short summary of the video: Get yourself the M46 Patton at t9 or the
    Pershing at t8. They are better in almost every department.

  41. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    M26 “Raper” Patton. Am I the only one who thought of that?

  42. Tanks not different enough, they had options but they went the safe route.

  43. warthunder rip off confirmed

  44. does anyone know what the last part of the code is?

  45. The real competitor for this is the FCM 50t. I have one and imo no point to
    buy a Patton KR apart from to train crews

  46. Why doesn’t WG show us the calendar day 24?

  47. can someone give me the final piece of the hidden bonus code .

  48. merry christmas to you QB an Peppy :))

  49. That advent calendar code will be Toldi code isn’t it?

  50. Mateusz Dobrzyniecki

    wasn’t this on console first

  51. awful camo

  52. nice review m8. hopefully soon at the xbox one version. greetings from the

  53. Up early I see. Thanks and Merry christmas eve.

  54. This player WoT Reviev is big NOOB

  55. Merry Xmas QB! Minor gripe with the review, you should make it clear you
    are testing via press account with a fully skilled crew before starting the
    gameplay – yes you can see it in the garage, but some people may not pick
    up on that. Full disclosure and all that! keep up the great work, its all
    your fault that I got sucked into WOT!

  56. M46 KR tiger looks amazing

  57. Yo anyone know the last code ?

  58. It’s not very difficult to earn the ace tanker medal in a tank that you
    played first. Of course you were better than 99% all players in the past 14
    days, because you were the only one. lol

  59. I heard riot shield when referring to the Super Pershing’s armor… QB
    mustve seen that unicum’s guide to the Super Pershing too…

  60. i cant get onto no.24 on the advent calender any help?

  61. I’ve never heard QB say SP this much before :P

  62. Advent calendar code update, please?

  63. The Cromwell B is better than the orginal.

  64. fat fingers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  65. I stoped watching when I saw mantlent armor … wg logic ..

  66. When is this going to be released on the Xbox version?

  67. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    3 QB videos in 2 days!
    Surely his computer upgrade is helping him a lot hey.

  68. QB maybe u coud do a montage like RNG or funny moments from the stream :D

  69. Blu Gunderson (TheFatStig)

    Merry tankmas.And that tank is so good i dont even like american meda
    except shermand but i love this

  70. how do you still play this game and comment in detail about the game
    mechanics after all these years

  71. hey quickybaby,

    i enjoyed your great review! would you recommend me to buy a panther 8.8 or
    the “ripper”?

    merry christmas :)

  72. I went to that tank museum

  73. QB is the T26E4 gold best ? then ripper ??

  74. Alex - Danish CS:GO

    The shit is the same as the pershing just remove the shit its the same as
    pershing go fuck yourself wargaming!!!

  75. Hey QB i hope you will have a great chrismas. And thanks that you upload so
    much contant. i truely love it. :)

  76. gg

  77. QB@ well that tank I think it could be slightly better than it is, so I’m
    not interested, and to be honest with I was hoping they would release Type
    59 or E25 🙂 🙂
    stay safe mate….and I wish you and your lovely wife a Merry and Blessed
    Christmas! :)

  78. Has no armor, great gun, alright speed and even if you spam gold you still
    make lots of credits. Had a 4200 dmg game and got mastery in my 2nd game
    (still lost :/ ).

  79. merry Christmas qb

  80. Hey could you please make a advent calendar code video it seems that its
    not possible to open the last one… pls help

  81. pay a little bit more get a better tank with the nearly the same stats
    better armor a better gun….. get a FCM 50t

  82. I like this tank sooooo, very cool painting!

  83. I will always love my SuperPershing
    Already have over 600 battles in it
    T26E4 <3

  84. ok premium tank should be worse than an elite tank so Cromwell B ? Su 12244
    OP camo ? Say hi to SerB :3

  85. I hope QB will make a video on the Toldi III

  86. Merry Christmas QB

  87. “the super pershing has sort of riot shields on the front” did qb just
    reference the unicum guide series by sliphantom?

  88. funny thing Na doesn’t get the advent calendar and its 3:23 am here on the
    24th and we don’t have this tank for sale yet lmao

  89. FIRST!!! :D

  90. No E25 :(

  91. How is going your Logo competition?

  92. Why can’t u open the last thing on the WoT calendar?

  93. wtf
    Jingles, you, Sir Havoc, and Dezgames have all posted the same tank at 4:30
    AM here let me sleep goddammit

  94. One shell cost 1k credits it can be good tank but sont really need to pay
    1k credits on 1 shell when i play prem. Tank

  95. What about secret code it was last tank in adv calendar?????

  96. oh look what war gaming found in the warthunder files they usualy steal

  97. Thanks QB for the video. and you said riot shield, Sliphatom ?

    This thing on paper is BETTER than the M26 for most of the numbers except
    terrain resistances.
    WG once said Premium vehicles should be worse than normal vehicles.
    Really… IS-3A… and this.

  98. I live in Europe but i play in NA….. can i buy a Premium tank?

  99. Hi qb… is the advent calendar working to you? I can not see the bundle on
    the 24th… I can not see the code

  100. No Tog ll :c

  101. Who watching this on CHRISTMAS ??

  102. 228th

  103. hello QB thx for this video.can you do an m 103 replat pls

  104. Too slow dude! Already saw Jingles’ video on it :P

  105. Okay so i have been able to play with some Wargaming employees. He said
    that on the NA server there is a possibility that there will be an event
    that will let you earn an M46 KR. Other than that i sadly dont have anymore
    information for you guys. Like so other people can see.

  106. Murad Abakarov (MAdman)

    looks so bad and i dont like it

  107. Todor Gibson-Ralevic

    Looks kick ass

  108. firstttt

  109. Fifth

  110. Love these videos

  111. second

  112. first

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