World of Tanks || M48A1 is Back, Baby.

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

The M48A1, the T10 American medium tank, was released in August 2012 as possibly the greatest tank in the game. Two months later it was nerfed into obscurity in patch 8.0. 9.13 is here and the M48A1 is Back, Baby.

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  1. Thank WG

  2. Yay finally a balanced tank

  3. Do you think i should go on t-150 line, m6 line or o-i

  4. Blu Gunderson (TheFatStig)

    my favourite tank stb1 isnt best anymore….But i dont think the tank
    matters.If u cant play properly a patton wont make u op neither will a
    deathstar or stb1.So it depends on the players if a stb1 or a patton would
    win.And if its bad for me its good for patton players ÷>

  5. If the M48A1 gets such a good buffs, is the STB-1 worth it anymore?

  6. This is the reason why I don’t go to tier 10’s any more. I pick vehicles
    that: “Handles their top tier opposition” and play during pique hours for
    the best matchmaking chances. The fact they have to buff a tank at all
    after people sometimes flushing 4,000 games down the drain to get it to
    find it’s not what they wanted. Being nerfed, power creep buffs to other
    tanks and overly basic hidden problems like ammo rack+driverdead+engine
    damage in a single track wheel hit (all T110’s suffer this, all often in
    one hit). So screw touching top tiers, if the mid tiers are screwed then I
    spent less than 400 games getting there and hopefully found a diamond along
    the way. Marder’s/Hellcat/Tier 3 Czech/tier 5 and below 105HE tanks/Tier 2
    japanese medium with HE and so on are nice. All easily reached.

  7. Still a giant target without armor, which makes it still a shit tank. You
    have to expose too much of your tank every time shoot and enemys can and
    will use this oportunity to destroy you. I’d rather play a T-44 (russian
    tier 8) in a tier 10 game, than the M48A1.

  8. So every medium on tier 10 got buffed exept stb-1 . Really wg? Why stb-1 is
    the worst t10 med atm? Buff it like everything else. Or is it going to be
    next patton pre 9.13?

  9. This tank looks absolutely amazing!

  10. the patton used to be overpowered lol the best medium and probablly th most
    baalanced tank in game is e50 m doesnt have retarded dpm or any sort of
    unbelivibly overpowered armor lol but for me just that aming time and
    acuraccy makes that tank retarded and having a bit of armor its good and I
    just love it


  12. congrats Enmai!!!

  13. Nice tank. I just get it with the best canon and I can say is as good as
    another Tier X medium…or better. Nice video and sorry 4 my english.

  14. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    Try t57 heavy

  15. QuicklyBaby I am a fan of your and I love your reviews, I play world of
    tanks on the Xbox you help me find wreak spot and I trying to get the
    comet, perishing and M48A1 patton

  16. quickybaby can you do a review of the t26e4 super pershing as i personally
    love that tank. I would also like to know what are your opinions on the
    super pershing.

  17. m48a1 !!!!!!!!!!

  18. promahtom what a joke

  19. I got my kolobanov medal by capping lol

  20. You mentioned you played this tank before you had 10k games. When was that
    I remember you hitting 10k but I cant remember when xD

  21. It would absolutely make my week if you did an overview of the M10
    Wolverine. Statistically it doesn’t look as good as the T67 in a lot of
    respects, but it’s one of my favorite tanks in the game. (Yeah, I know.
    It’s considered low tier by you, but it’s still technically a mid tier

  22. how can i send videos to u quickbaby?

  23. 3 Marks on a tier 10 dang, only tanks I manage so far to get 3 Marks is the
    StuG III and it took me about 3,500 battles.

  24. ACE_stealth251 [ACE]

    Well 1/4 hours of history , don’t u guys think so?.

  25. When this tank came out, I rushed to get it and got to the M46 Patton. Then
    the nerf came, I should get the grind going again some time.

  26. RE: Pool’s Medal

    You’re allowed to have your own opinion and you’re allowed to express them
    as you deem fit. People will react however they wish. Taylor Swift it,
    dude. (That is – shake it off.)

  27. there is no more fun since the game is filled up with tomatoes and potatoes
    the more thing that hurt is the potato use highest tier or arty

  28. Can you please do a M4A3E8 review? I’m going to do one on my channel :)

  29. I was disappointed when I got mine a year ago as my first tier 10, but
    since they buffed the armor when it became hd and now the tank also having
    the snapshots I got used to in the m46 it makes the tank feel like
    something completely new.

  30. The only time an AFK tank even remotely tarnishes an Epic level medal is if
    they are the last tank on the field. Until that point, an AFK tank still
    functions as a scout/spotting device for smart players to use. Let’s be
    honest here, most bads aren’t useful for much more to begin with.

  31. The M48A1 is gonna be my first tier 10!

  32. Might have to pick one of these up, looks like a fun little tank… also is
    your webcam on its way out, the colours keep changing, odd

  33. Start doing live streams where u start with a tier 1 tank and work your way
    to a higher tier. U should make it a series??????btw I think u are a
    great YouTuber plz don’t stop making videos

  34. sadly the buff didnt came to the blitz version

  35. Great video as always. Entertaining with a great load of knowledge. Today
    was a little more special cause you showed humility in your discussion
    about how certain players may feel especially in a situation with free kill
    AFKers. Kudos and respect!

  36. stb1 also has better depression and smaller target but patton is now a

  37. Still does not have the move accuracy. The commies still have better move
    accuracy because……? Well they ‘proved’ the accuracy of the 100mm guns
    during the Battle of the Golan Heights right? Oh wait. No they didn’t. In
    fact that battle showed the weakness of the accuracy of that gun. But fuck
    it right? This is World of (Commie)Tanks.

  38. lol emma playing the m48? yes u are playing in m48

  39. Muhammad Danial Mat Nasir

    Ive been waiting for u to upload a gameplay of this tank…. and it is
    awesome QB. thank you

  40. I actually loved the M48 over the last year or so that I had it. My friends
    and I often joked about how the M48 was obviously OP since I did so well in

  41. how come whenever I kill someone with higher stats than me, they proceed to
    insult me in chat? why are they so mean?

  42. So glad to hear about this! I got the M48A1 just before the debuff. I
    really loved it, then for me because unplayable, as I was a fairly new
    player at the time. Glad to see it competitive again!

  43. It seems the 100 mm U-8TS & D-10TS guns still have advantages in ROF &
    dispersion over the 105mm M68 and 105 T5E1M2 guns. The other day my M48 was
    smoked by the ROF of a reroll Obj. 140.

    The Soviet counterparts still have several other advantages:
    superior turret armor
    traverse specs are equivalent or better
    negligible differences in HP pools
    the horsepower/ton isn’t that much

    These and other reasons draw people to play the Soviet medium tanks over
    the American – especially uinicum players and playing these in platoons.
    I’ve probably never seen a trio of tier 9 and 10 US Pattons but wolf packs
    of Soviet counterparts are a dime a dozen. Personally after ~2,100 battles
    in the M46 (1.2k) and M48 (900). I’d recommend people go the Russian line.

    I’d take my time back invested into the US medium line and put it into the
    Russian line if I could.

  44. you dont have to use verts on the 140… i dont and i hit 8/10 shots on the
    move… its good enough

  45. I can´t explain to you how happy i am with these buffs. The M48 is the
    first tier 10 i ever got, and i have been heart broken every time wargaming
    added a new medium that outperformed it every way.

  46. remember tier 4 russian heavy with 82mm gun… pz4 with long cannon….
    kv1s with 120mm gun… perfectly accurate artillery… as fun as being OP
    was, thanks god for balancing.

  47. Camo is still horrible though

  48. I think the AFK argument is a good one. Both sides make sense. For me, I
    wouldn’t feel any different if the player was AFK or if you had to fight
    them straight up. Winning is all that matters. No tarnishment on anything
    as long as you win.

  49. I get what you are saying quickly. It isn’t fun to have an Afk Kolabanovs

  50. i feel very bad i yelled at a kitten today wanted to sleep.

    pls neg rep for the kitten

  51. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    This is why I like to play light tanks in that other tank game, especially
    the VFM 5 or the Stingray 2, because they have a very similar play style
    only with better sped and acceleration :D

  52. I dont see how the AFK can ‘taint’ the quality of the medal? He played a
    killer game and what the hell could a lone tier 8 do against some one who
    is that skilled in a tier 10 tank? “waaaa my medal isnt as good because I
    didnt get to crush a baby tank as he feebly ran away”. You won the game,
    you got the medals, get over yourself.

  53. was E-50M is a worst tier 10 MT?

  54. OK I don’t usually write these things but now i think i need. So QB i watch
    your videos and stream for years now but i think in couple of last videos
    you talk to much about the tank and how i was and stuff like that and not
    so much about the gameplay. Don’t get me wrong I love your videos I only
    think you should focus more on the video. Cheers mate and Merry Christmas
    and happy new year for you and Peppy!

  55. Another tank buffed ahead of the E-50M. The only thing the E-50M has going
    for it now is it’s armor… which isn’t even that impressive at t10. You
    can’t even shout about the gun handling anymore because due to powercreep
    it’s gone from being best in class to pretty much standard. I love the
    E-50M but it’s pretty much irrelevant now.

  56. QB – Please, if you can… i want see you talking about some UK tanks. I
    like them! TY.

  57. If youre in an op tank you challenge the other players who have that tank,
    not the people you are slaughtering unfairly. This is why epeen points wn8
    are there to make the game more fun.

  58. So can you please make a tank review of the T34? Please make it!

  59. I think so too 😀 in KR servers, most bad or below avg players often shot
    hight rating players for being too good 😛
    Think we should respect them XD

  60. QB used to play KV I bet.

  61. Poor thing it was nerfed though back in 2012.. I remember. Does anybody
    remember poor KV? WG nerfed it so much it doesn’t exist anymore. Well, it
    exists in 3 separate tanks now.

  62. I feel like most people who are saying quickybaby is “crying” for not
    getting such medals are – as Quickybaby says – statistically weak players.
    Get out

  63. So they buffed this Tier10 american Medium tank and are selling right now a
    Tier8 american Premium Medium tank – coincidence ???
    I dont think so, good timing WG.

    (Yeah, I bought the M46 Patton KR …)

  64. I like this skin for QB, his blue Ralph Lauren skin is the best. Gives the
    best crew buffs.

  65. what old WOT feature do you think should be put back into the game in some
    way or form? even a small detail that you may miss or added fun earlier

  66. I completely abandoned the American mediums after they nerfed it way back.
    I even retrained my crew into a heavy tank and mothballed my Super
    Pershing. I might have to adjust my philosophy now. Thanks, WG.

  67. But I love my STB-1 I don’t want the M48 to make it into a 140 vs 430

  68. sigh… my beloved E-50M is suffering from seerious power creep…

  69. can you please do a review of the T-28 HTC or Concept?

  70. this explains why people always asked for it to be returned to its former
    stats on forums and q&as because of how much if suffered in terms of power

  71. Loved the way you discussed this video

  72. QB you said you were going to do a series of unnusual tanks…. i would
    love to see the KV13! It has the hull of the IS and has great speed! Only
    prob is gun penetration, handeling and depression.

  73. Your voice is so calming lol

  74. QB – the comment trolls who look for ANY weakness in a person’s commentary
    to exploit are perhaps intellectual, but they are using it for idiotic

    I love the M48A1, though just achieved it recently in WoT, and have been
    more than happy to take it out against the “SUPER” mediums and punish them
    when they can and do rely entirely on their turret armor and fail with
    their lessor gun depression.

  75. Fatton is back, ‘murica! WG took some time to make this worst med

  76. the patton was my first ever tier 10 tank and i got it when it was top of
    the tree the last time, so that was like in late 2014 i think? i love to
    play it even if it was under powered compared to the other tier 10 meds,
    but i didnt care the gun handling was still good and with this buffs its
    the best performing 105mm gun imo

  77. ahahahahahaha I like how you used “baby” in the title. Was that intended or
    was that a coincidence?

  78. You should do a quick tank review

  79. I can’t wait for 9.14 update test server new tanks in 9.14 and future
    updates.Like if you want new tanks coming out

  80. More replays, much less post game commentary, please.

  81. I just bought the t-43 medium tank and let me just say the stock package is
    horrible not to mention the aim time is long, can some give me some tips on
    this tank?

  82. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    do you think that m103 will get some kind of armour buff, its so wholly lol

  83. Awesome :D

  84. Artur Augun (Rutra)

    QuickyBabyTV you live in England?

  85. what an OP tank.

  86. Quickybaby do a up to date video on the VK 45.02 B. It’s been so long since
    you done a video on this tank plus there isn’t very many videos on this
    tanks out there. Thanks QB love your channel you help me improve my game

  87. dose anyone else think that it is unfair that the north american sever gets
    the Christmas calander tanks like the is3a the kv5 or the scorpion can u
    make a video based on this

  88. I DESPISE AFK enemies because I DESPISE it when an enemy who is making a
    miss-play or is otherwise out of position or making a mistake ends up in a
    position to punish me (granted it’s usually also because I am making a
    mistake as well). But still, it irks me so much that someone can make a
    mistake that would not accomplish ANYTHING AT ALL if I wasn’t trying to
    make whatever play I decide on. That includes being spotted by an AFK tank,
    or a camping heavy whose only accomplishment is to put a few shells into me
    throughout the entire game- after which it either dies uselessly or
    contributes nothing to its winning team. So frustrating.

  89. QB,I guess the more negative comments do tend to garner more attention
    after all. What i had commented on the IS-3A video only came from a
    misunderstanding on my part which you made clear in your response, sorry if
    what i said bothered you that you felt you needed to further explain
    yourself. I enjoy your content love that you’re doing it daily and look
    forward to the next video.

  90. Can you put the m46 crew in the m48?

  91. what do you think about FV 4005, i have the tier 9 Conway and it is a very
    good td for its gun

  92. I’ve had the M46 for awhile, but never seriously ground for The M48 due to
    its bad rep. well 9.13 changed that, and combined with the sale i ground it
    out and bought it for a million less. I’ve only played one game in it so
    far, but I did 6k damage… So I think I’ll like this tank :P

  93. when you’re a <1800 wn8 "noob" you're happy if you just finally get that
    epic medal and dont have to roll the dice again for that last tank.

  94. What happened to tank companies anyway?

  95. like the style of this video, a battle in the back ground and QB lost in is
    thoughts. Do more like this.

  96. Eugenio “Atomic gaming” Dublan

    so is it Worth it to grind the American medium tank line to get this tank ?

  97. i didnt gave a fuck that the kv-1s was OP i played it a lot and got 3 marks
    of eccelents

  98. 15’000 view whoop

  99. High-End Benchmarks

    3:07 lol I was expecting somthing like -25%

  100. i aint as good as i once was, but i’m as good once as i ever was.

    -M48A1 Patton

  101. ShadowArcher Gaming

    quickly baby tells amazing stories

  102. Off topic but: has QB done a video comparing all T10 Russian mediums in one
    video? I’ve seen the one comparing the T62A and Obj 140. A link (if that
    video even exists would be awesome). If not: QB, you know what to do lol

  103. I miss the first KB-1 and KB-1C. My most played tanks.

  104. °•RΛηgεr•°

    How to get subs:
    Step 1: Go to Subway.

  105. Boring medium tanks boring TD,s boring artys all tanks are boring and op
    the only cool tanks are the Heavys but they get it in the face or in the
    all the time cuz stupid WGN wont nurf and buff

  106. Oooh look the usual unicum crying: The tank (Patton 2) isnt OP anymore so i
    dont want to play it any longer. Well now theres the T110E5 and boy….how
    they (unicums) like to fuck it. And people say im a hypocrite. ;)

  107. “Now I can sit back and play a few battles of World of Tanks”. Yeah, a
    “few” battles…

  108. QuickyBaby is epic.

  109. Sebastian Burrichter (Sefribu)

    … a lot of very skilled players on the enemy team *quickly hiding team
    panel with two thirds of tomatoplayers on it*… ;)

  110. The Anonymous Patriot

    I have 16K games and I say you can take that “I won’t play it cuz its OP”
    morality and stuff it.

    Now if you’ll excuse I am gonna go play My Tier 6 OI.

  111. What is ”Tank locking”?

  112. I watched your recent charity live stream (well done) and noticed your
    having trouble with the Comet, i myself recently got it and I’m struggling
    to play it, can you do a video showing how the HD re-modelling has effected
    gameplay of this tank, i’m surprised i’m having so much trouble with it
    considering my love for the Cromwell, cheers QB keep up the great work.

  113. Can you make an is-8 tank rewiev?

  114. Hello,

    QB, what is your opinion on the M48 compared to the ActionX. Their
    characteristics seems to be so close.

  115. Ahh yes, American medium tier 10 tank is OP. Lets add 4+ more Russian tier
    10’s to balance it out. Mmm yes.

  116. Now give M48 0,32 accuracy and we’re done here. 0,36 is worse than some
    VIII MT and it messes with snapshots.

  117. I think the ELC needs this kinda dispurtion.

  118. The Anonymous Patriot

    August 2012… when QB was still filming in a library and had to use his
    “quiet time” voice LOL

  119. I’ll stay to my AX and snipe them all down .. muhahaha

  120. 40% bettah! *burp*


    Ohh my *-* Hey Babe ♡

  122. Can you please make a video on how to download and install XVM and install
    you mod.

  123. Normally I’d be all about the so-called ‘moral fiber’ this video alludes
    to. But WoT is the one game where I just don’t have the patience for it.
    Because the outcome is so random and uncertain, its inconceivable that
    anyone would have the luxury of refusing the convenience of AFK opponents,
    enemy team-damage, et cetera.

    Even bearing in mind that super-unicum players are trying to make showcases
    and otherwise trying to challenge themselves, being given free damage is
    the name of the game in any case. Maybe that damage is dealt without risk
    because the enemy makes a mistake, or maybe its dealt without risk because
    the enemy is AFK. In the end, what’s the difference?

    Now as for the M48 buffs, there still remains the question of how its niche
    compares to something like an AMX-30b or the AX. The latter in particular
    appears to be an identical machine for all intents and purposes.

  124. I just got the M48A1 as my first tier X tank and I love it.

  125. Hey quickybaby ! Can you make a review or just a replay on the IS4 ? Thank
    you and you’re the best !

  126. i like to 1000

  127. Oh, behave!


  129. “That period lasted for 2 months” goddamn it quicky you know not to hit it
    on their periods

  130. i hope this tank is smaller that would be perfect

  131. Have to agree with QB about the afk guys. The best feeling you get from
    this game is carrying hard, in stressful situations. So when there is an
    AFK player it becomes a little bit of a letdown.

  132. QB makes a valid point. While I’m not a hardcore world of tanks player, I
    take pride in doing the best I can. It was very much a heartbreak to see
    that SP1C AFK at the end of my IS-3A match. I didn’t think to kill the
    artillery first either and use my last round to take out the AFK. LOL. So
    please don’t be bashful, it’s like scoring an empty net goal in a hockey
    game, did you really earn it?

  133. QB more history lessons please!

  134. I’ve gotten 8 Scout medals in this thing xD I used to sit on the middle of
    Ruinberg with binos and optics and spotting everyone at the start of the
    match 😀 Although I stopped doing it though after the WT E-100 was added :/

  135. Epic gp, i want this guy in my team all the time :))

  136. Good to see it.

  137. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    So you mean. All that fun I’ve been having in my pershing, might be
    possible now in the Fatton? No WAY!

  138. So you played the hell out of it while it was OP, then stopped once they
    BALANCED it. Seems normal.

  139. Hey QB in terms of your rare tanks k13 for sure! And maybe the British tds
    I loved your at7 video but I would love to see the at15 or any of the
    others, I’ve had some awesome and hilarious games with them I know they are
    the opposite of your style but would still love to see them!

  140. quickybaby do you know if the tank “fury” can be bought again in the future
    or can you ask wargaming ?

  141. Speaking of underrated tanks, Obj. 263 is probably one of the best tanks in
    the game, highly underrated if not the most underrated.

  142. ily quickybaby.

  143. Video starts at 0:00 , you can thank me later

  144. Geometry Dash Warrek

    M48 Patton is certainly scary tank, congrats to the great game! I wish I
    could buy tier X tank 🙁 I don’t have opportunity to buy premium tank to
    make credits and therefore I have 3 tier IX tanks unlocked and not bought.
    My first ever bought tier IX is Lorraine 40t and I’m balancing on 150k
    credits 😀 I really slows me down 😀 (Sorry, I just wanted to let it out

  145. If WG ever puts the full house 1980s version of the M48A5 with the 105mm
    main gun into the game….Then you’ll see over powered in comparison
    to most same generation and below tanks in the game. The A5 was the equal,
    in many ways, to the M60A1 and later upgrades put it on a par with the
    M60A3 and similar tanks on both sides of the “Iron Curtain”. I suspect
    that with 21st Century technical upgrades she could still give a good
    account of herself on any battlefield capable of sustaining tank warfare.

  146. I personally don’t like getting epic medals because of an afk enemy. I had
    a Kolobanov/Pascucci’/Pool’s match in my SU-100M1. Ended up in a 1v6
    situation, but one of the last tanks was afk in the spawn, so I felt the
    Pool’s was a tainted medal, though I felt the Pascucci and Kolobanov were

  147. Hey Quicky Baby, what did the four part secret code on the advent calendar
    do in the end?

  148. keep buffing all mediums, they are “well balanced”

  149. i buy it yesterday.. i can’t play with that :(

  150. i think i will love this tank 🙂 … this will gonna be my preffered tank.

  151. QuichyBaByTV. what is you’r 5 favorites tanks un World Of Tanks ?

  152. I haven’t seen a E75 video in a while

  153. they need to buff t62as hull, its nowhere near the obj 140s

  154. WOOH!!!! More m-48 Patton games!!!!!

  155. It’s good now.

  156. Better than before.

  157. I saw you playing this on your charity livestream, and I immediately knew
    that this was the T10 medium I needed to have. I’m currently slowly but
    surely grinding my way up the american medium tech tree… CAN’T WAIT TO
    PLAY IT!

  158. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil


  159. As a sub 1k Win8 player I can understand the being on the happy side a tank
    was AFK. Though 10k games played. maybe after another 50K games

  160. TVP VTU with 105mm review plz

  161. Hey quicky if you love the tank that much again then why not do a tank
    review on it then? I am going up the US Medium tank line and would love to
    know how to play this tank the right way. If you do thank you.

  162. Tarnished achievement… what utter nonsense QB, honestly.

  163. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    So WG buff it, cuz fanboys cry its shit….right. So Why buff it, if better
    way it to nerf top dogs on tier 10 meds and job done. Now STB 1 is nothing
    special, cuz Fatton got ROF buff and his gun handling is far better than
    STB 1…this make no always when WG do something. They overbuff
    tanks, or give it useless buffs…

  164. QB, about that series where you plan to take a look at more rare and
    underrated tanks.
    my suggestions would be KV-13, Pz. III/IV and 113.
    KV-13 is a solid medium tank with heavy tank armor which has a very akward
    spot in the tech tree.
    Pz. III/IV is in the VK3002 DB line which is no longer an option to go for
    since they added the RU251 and the SP I C.
    and 113 is a not so heavy heavy tank which has a not so good reputation.

  165. did these buffs apply to the m60 aswell? cause then i may play wot again.

  166. hi

  167. I think the buff of this tank could bring me back to WoT after a year… i
    want a M48 so bad

  168. russian bias > burger tonks


  170. how do you get this tank

  171. Sumo TV Comedy&More


  172. Sooo.. is the m60 buffed aswell? It was basically the same tank right?

  173. its over NEIN thousand :3

  174. Yes yes yes yes yes 😀 finally M48 Patton :)

  175. Alex - Danish CS:GO

    1st comment!!!

  176. love that tank

  177. hello, I wonder if you use modes you tell? the spotlight

  178. QB can you please do a review on the WT auf Pz 4?. plz, plz, plz, plz can

  179. very good 2nd acc player mayvbe he will get to 3k in his next role

  180. 12th


  182. Could you do another video about the M41 Bulldog? I’ve just completed
    researching all the packages and I’d like to see how you use it
    Thanks quickbaby Keep it up ?

  183. Love ur vids

  184. last time i came this early i had to pay child support

  185. Nice video QB keep it up PS 8th

  186. 10th

  187. Video Game Commentary (VGC)


  188. QuckyBabyTv kinggg!!!!!

  189. hello world !!

  190. Dam not first commt

  191. So happy with the M48A1 buffs – what do you think of the tank now?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW 🙂

  192. Sebastian Hurley Miller

    Keep it up Quicky! I love your videos!

    PS 1ST!

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