World of Tanks || M48A2 Raumpanzer – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – M48A2 Raumpanzer a T8 premium with a bulldozer blade – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It would be cool if the blade/shovel/curvy thing on the front gave the tank something like 5% ram damage and made it quicker.

  2. Put bulldozer blade on the cupola instead

  3. Just as i thought about playing a few rounds again….

  4. playing WOT 2019 .. every tank got a weak point on TOP … or u play often and u get a Broken Tank ..
    GG NEVER play this again but still watching your VIDs XD

  5. To be fair, Phil probably isn’t a shit tomato lol
    I don’t care if Halloween event is late, I want free/fun shit!!! lol
    I’m guessing they’re going to release it while we wait for Thanksgiving event.

  6. Any tank with raised compartments like that on the turret should be a huge bonus veiw range, not below average.

  7. What if wargaming had made it so the bulldozer blade could give ur additional depression/elevation by lowering it st the cost of movement… just a thought

  8. Imagine if the bulldizer can move….lol. you can use it ti flip the tank in front of you.

  9. I wish you would preface every one of your premium reveiws (as some others do) with “if you are happy with the overall direction of the game today such as power creep, mm inbalance etc then do what you want with your money but if you are not please show Wargaming by NOT giving them your money.”

    • Who are these “others” who think they are so important that they can decide how people spend their money?

      I spend my money however I want. I’m never going to watch someone who says “if you are not pleased then don’t pay”.

  10. instead of pissin’ ’round moving snow… be able to dig into terrain & create a hull-down revetment anywhere? 😉

  11. Pity you could not make a hull down positions in the game when you want by lowering the blade 🙂 Then it would have had a point.

  12. The tank isn’t trash and worthless, it’s balanced. You’re just used to overpowered powercreeping tanks.


  14. Review: It sucks.
    If it didn’t have that fucking *TUMOR* on the turret it’d be competitive.

  15. M-60A1 with mine rollers coming next?

  16. Lol bad dispersion WTF . So tired of WGs bs. Low alpha. Bad pen BAD . So get close so they can murder your weak spots. It has bad armor . This should be free bc its so bad. You can sidescrap vs an isu he will shoot your turret with ap and pen anywhere.

  17. It’s time for : WoT is Dying? 2019 Edition

    Thanks QB ?

  18. The pilot is awful. Sigh . This tank is awful. Bad view range with a huge hatch on top of an American tank. They should of made it a God at ramming.

  19. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The M48’s loader is the R/O so it does make sense if it is rather annoying. The TLP was more annoying in that the commander is the R/O so it doesn’t fit any US mediums other than the auto loaders. However in the case of the TLP they gave it an extra 10m of VR over the other tier 8 US premiums so it almost makes up for not having SA. No idea why they gave this thing such bad VR considering you’re not likely to have SA. Only good thing is that loaders don’t have a lot of useful skills so putting SA on isn’t as problematic.

  20. Garbage, don’t buy it!!!

  21. I’m guessing you can’t use the dozer blade to build scrapes / vehicle emplacements?

  22. Introduces German premium.

    Me: this thing is going to suck isn’t it?

  23. I havent been impressed with WG decisions lately. It’s like they are having huge internal issues and that is affecting game development and design.

  24. Keep it…

  25. And if they screwed up this Halloween event. I would rather them just save it for next year.

    Also War Gaming if you are reading these. You need to hire me as your chief marketing and development VP.

  26. Such an ugly tank

  27. This is why I play 1 match every 2 days… tired of pay gate.

  28. Qb this Tank is “SHIT” BECAUSE it is in the German Tech-Tree!
    The Neo-Nazis at Wargaming simply seam to hate Germans! Wanna get another proof? Go into the InGame Shop and buy TANKS FOR BOUNDS: t34s: 1500, the German Tier 5 (wich is even WEAKER): 3000….

  29. GAPtrixie Lulamoon

    LOL somehow I’m not surprised its not as good as the American counter part .. wargaming who is a Russian company really likes to make sure the German tanks and such are pretty either power creeped and not getting buffs really .. or just worse then all others in the same tiers. Not really cool for them to keep kicking German in the dick so much as in real life their tanks was known to be pretty formable foes. A lot of allied soldiers had a very real fear of them .. but in the game here they are a joke.

  30. welcome to the american tanks they have nerfed them out the game with the weak points

  31. You buy it then advertise to clear driveways in winter.

  32. …or we can write it also as “Raeumpanzer” …and so we all got confused ? to clarify: “ae” can also serve as a “ä” .-)

  33. QB, would you pkease stop rolling the R like you do when trying to pronounce German namens? Sounds like a bad movie nazi. It is annoying, at least. And its got nothing to do with how Germans speak, thank you.

  34. Why no comparing with the 59 Patton?

  35. same giant weakpoint as 59 patton

  36. Oh, another Tier 8 Premium…

  37. Snowman zombie tanks

  38. people will buy this tank ..but only if the shell cost is only 1 credits HAHAHAHA ..i would buy this tank . just for farming 🙂

  39. EddyMcChuckleNuggets

    Something I want to know is if the dozer blade, due to the additional spaced armor, gives a little boost in ramming damage

  40. does the “ä” in it’s name ingame really have a different font than all the other letters, most prominently the “a”? now that’s cheap

  41. Hollow weenie

  42. I’am so greatful, that somebody finally does premium vehicle reviews reliably after the release.

  43. In just looking at the Armor values, it seems that WG is sort of fudging the armor weight values for the M48A2 Raumpanzer, as the armor values should make the tank even heavier than the SuperPershing, as that front dozer blade should add more weight to the front of the tank and should also be making it worse in different terrain factors.

  44. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Gun terrible, fake armor, big weak point= i dont think to buy.

  45. you have to spell it “Roimpanzer”, then it’s correct.

  46. That weak point’s almost as bad as the AT 7 and 8s commanders tower

  47. I’d like to see a video where QB talks about his favorite tanks from each teir and why. Maybe with a seperate list with Premium? Anyone else would like this leave a like and if this has already been done? then leave a comment saying so. Thanks

  48. What about the 3D armor conpairsion ?

  49. Definitely check out the Halloween event on console, special tanks with special powers and cool ghostly maps. I picked up the Wraith 58 pnz and it looks pretty awesome, and quite effective in battle.

  50. Do you need honest opinion on this tank ???

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