World of Tanks || M4A3E2 – Veni, Vidi, Vici

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Quadrigis_Deficerit going to dominate in the T6 American medium tank the M4A3E2 with godlike frontal and a rapid fire 76 mm!

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of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. No THIS is a special game. Great watch

  2. No one calls out the obvious aimbot? Consecutive shots on weak spots again
    and again and again without match effort to aim…

  3. A good game. But really…. A super unicum re-roll in a tier 6 game as a
    highlight? Maybe I should re-roll and get those famous 15 kills in a tier 1
    battle and get highlighted

  4. Charlie Kwitchoff

    That went from 4-2 to 4-10 real fast

  5. 3rd account bot with complexes

  6. Mason Whittington

    I shoot those crates to confuse arty as well, it is a very good idea

  7. SuperKravaťák

    Words is not enough for this. Pretty nice play by latin tanker.

  8. i love the stockturret on my jumbo, when i go hulldown in a tier 6 match im
    just as strong as a t29 in a tier 7 match. i dont mind the 25% less
    firerate, as i can make up all the dmg and xp by blocking dmg.

  9. So a reroll in a OP tank with a lot of good RNG :P

  10. It’s nice to see a decently skilled player for once, not another tomato
    getting a lucky game.

  11. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    awesome video .

  12. I like this tank,like rambo

  13. QuickyBaby, I like your work but would love to see more games you play your
    self. I am following your channel to enjoy your playing skills. I wish u
    all the best.

  14. Veni Vedi Vici
    I see I saw I conquer

  15. Reroll seal clubbing masterrace. (Kappa)

  16. Dennis Schuurmans


  17. hey qb how do i make your modpack work again?

  18. Collin Mitchell

    i have the jumbo,I like to play it aggressive,when i charge a tank i zig
    zag while angling my front so its harder for the enemy team to pen.P.S. QB
    the machine gun port in theory is a weak point but i have actually took the
    time to test this in a training room the results are:it is not a weak point
    against another jumbo or any other tank [tier 6 and below] because i have
    bounced every time i tried to pen the machine gun port so it is NOT a weak

  19. In strong holds my clan uses 3 M4A3E2 jumbos and 4 KV-85s/T-150s. Which is
    quite affective. Me and the other E2s in strong holds like to set up
    defensive positions side by side together and make what we’ll call “Wall of

  20. heh, killed my fair share of jumbos, weakly armored and armed, and the
    speed is nothing to write home about either, seen even people almost
    totally new to the game totally owning the players using this horrible
    piece of machinery.

  21. All the retards who think anyone with 5k or less games with good stats mean
    it’s always a reroll…

    • Anton Holienčin

      +Prich038 Yeah, so a guy with seal clubbing tank with 3 MoE with purple
      stats after 2k is totally legit, not rerolling at all. 😀 BTW, im currently
      2447 wn8 player with my first ever account, recent wn8 3600, so no worries
      about me being tomato hater.

  22. I prefer the stock turret and the 76 mm.
    the view range isn’t great but it will bounce so much more often when i
    don’t get to tier , which happen a lot.

  23. I have a Jumbo, it is one of my favorite tanks in the game so far. The
    frontal armor in tier 6 and even tier 7 games is great. Therefore, I prefer
    to play the tank with the stock turret. In a tier 6 game, having the stock
    turret is phenomenal. The enemy bounces off just about everything.

    As for the gun, I go with the 105. It’s great for taking out lower tiered
    opponents and can damage higher tiered opponents due to the high explosive
    ammunition. However, I do use the 76 on my easy 8 and that is a completely
    viable option too. I prefer, though, to have a gun that can still do damage
    to a tank when attacking a strong point in its armor and also bounce his
    shots as well. This works especially well in El Haluf defensive battles.

  24. anyone else forget about this map?

  25. 8:46
    QB: “meaning he only needed to do sex 69 with his second shell”

  26. Stock Turret
    105 Derp
    A couple of Heat


  27. Wow the m4a is so much better on the computer version of wot!!! On the app
    the m4a is complete garbage! 

  28. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    76mm on the turret is the turret armor itself

    not including the mantlet … which covers 80% of the turret frontally…
    and is about 152mm thick…

    so either they shoot the Jumbo with the top turret, BELOW the mantlet
    (easier said than done when he is moving, which he will be since he has
    VStab)… above the mantlet (if you can overmatch it)…. or the side of
    the mantlet

    neither of these regions are easy to hit beyond point blank…. or
    stationary tank…

    on my own Jumbo i realized that as long as i keep the turret pointed at the
    most dangerous hostile against me and do not stand still to make it easy
    for him to hit, that the top turret is still sufficiently armored to
    prevent most of the shots from damaging me… and the substantial increase
    in the gun’s DPM more than make up for it.

  29. 8:44 we all know what you have on the mind QB! ;)

  30. 37k wn8? Okay, time to uninstall. I feel inadequate.

  31. Kitteh McKitteh

    I found it funny you had a Minecraft skin in the background….


  32. Stock with 76 mm

  33. Just to let you know, canadian flags were given as prizes in the NA erver

  34. 8:45 Got carried away their lol.
    “…only needed to do sex, *69 to finish him off

  35. The front armor is almost useless since everyone just flings gold at it.
    This guy got very lucky.

  36. Actually it was 4 fires. You missed the fire on the tier 5 Heavy at the

  37. More of an easy eight fan 

  38. “Sex-69”-QB 2015

  39. wow 3 marks of excellence :p

  40. Pretty sure I’ve set three tanks on fire total while playing WoT :/

    • Darren Josef Kho

      +Steven Chabot That’s… pretty small, what tanks do you play?

    • +Darren Josef Kho I think the better question is, how long did he play. :p
      Me too, even after three years and often aiming for the engine I only got a
      total of less than 30 I think. xD

  41. TinkerTanks-WoT?

    Fantastic game in one of my favorite tanks. I was surprised at how
    relatively little damage he bounced in the course of taking all of those
    enemies on; I think my record was 2.6 K. But of course I’m a pretty average
    player so I’ve never even approached a damage/killing streak like that! I
    think the enemy team would need to be unconscious for me to do that well…
    and even that might not guarantee it…

  42. Why did he just say H!!! Weird 

  43. Just so you know there was an event where you could get a free Canadian
    flag emblem, so that is probably where he got the flag.

  44. 1:35 This game is Absolutely Broken. Stupidest ever view mechanics

  45. Profound Gaming

    Silly quickybaby. Latin Cs and Gs are solid. 

  46. WTF that at2

  47. All these ppl crying about reroll accounts,
    WHY does it hurt you? you got no life if it bothers you… seriously…. I
    sold my account when it had 5k battles 1 tier x heavy (110E5)and 1300wn8…
    I got 50$ for it from my IRL friend cuz he was too lazy to get to tier
    10… now my new account is 7k battles and 2400wn8… so all the people
    calling me a reroll can kiss my ass for real…. Anyways, why do you cry
    about a fucking game pls tell me

  48. I was just thinking of watching a video about the E2, when I pulled up
    YouTube and searched ‘World of Tanks’, and this popped up.

  49. I personally play with the stock turret and 105 because the 105 is so much
    better to have when facing off against tanks with some front armor.

  50. it’d be nice to see what they were saying in the chat but it helps to play
    against a team of dummies too

  51. I was going to ask how he gets such good accuracy while driving or going
    over hills but he said he was auto aiming…I don’t even know how to do
    that . my stats are pretty crap I guess have gotten better lately . not too
    impressed that he was shooting the premium rounds either. running into the
    shermans can be a pain for some of my tanks in a battle sometimes their
    armour is tough to get through even shooting in weakspots. I should buy one
    of those tanks jus tto see how they play,

  52. Rerolls…………pathetic 

    • +Warpath Why so salty? Bet you aren’t even playing close to that level so
      you just hate on better players.

  53. Canadian_Jazz_Rock

    Dat WIN8 though…

  54. Some Small Fish

    All of us NA guys got free Canadian flags. I have a Canadian flag and I am
    not Canadian

  55. The Jumbo – my favorite seal clubbing tank.

    • My favorite seal clubber was the m5 Stuart back when it had its howitzer.
      Zipping around the map at 60km/h and one shotting almost every other tank
      in its tier spread was hilarious fun, ended with a 70% win rate in that
      thing with over a hundred games played haha.

      One of the most overlooked seal clubbing tanks back in those days sadly. It
      remains my favorite tank of all time haha.

    • +Pyxel Dust nice but I just hate low tier games

    • +Morbid Desire it’s not really seal clubbing if it’s not low tier is it? 😛

    • +Pyxel Dust It is to me when no one I’m facing can pen me and I’m on a
      rampage every couple of games. I see what you’re saying though.

      When I first got the jumbo though it was different and I didn’t know how to
      use it.

    • +Morbid Desire Fair enough lol, I hate fighting Jumbos. I’ve bounced HEAT
      shells with a Nashorn off the front plate of those damn things haha.

  56. btw the Canadian flag on the side of the tank was a reward emblem a few
    months back.

  57. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Those are some awesome stats even though it’s a reroll. It does actually
    take some skill to get that 2.7k WN8 as you seriously get focused fire from
    the enemy with XVM.

  58. I used the stock turret with derpgun for the majority of the time! And boy
    was it fun when matchmaker was in my favor. It was hilarious! The DERP is
    strong in this tank.

  59. Two second accounts, one of them being a fail…
    Let’s see how these two that don’t seem to have a life play this game.

  60. I also got into a 1 v 7 with my Sherman jumbo, unfortunately I did not come
    out on top, got it down to a 1 v 4 before a Dicker Max gun depressioned me
    to death. Maybe next time…

  61. Quicky, you also forgot that the “heavy” turret has nearly 190mm of armor
    on its mantlet… lol.

  62. 2.000 views, +1600 likes… so great XD

  63. Santiago Lafarga

    Qb, you should post more t-21 and t-69 gameplay. 

  64. I’m pretty sure it meant “Fail Platoon” or as close to that as possible.

  65. grezegorz wilziamz

    I can get through the upper part of the upper plate of the e2 with my t34
    85 with 144 pen :)

  66. Yep, great round – well done to him. Anyone with 3 stars gets a salute from

  67. The main thing is however that I was in VK36 that has less armor than
    Jumbo. I was using the 88mm gun so my pen was only 4 points better than
    jumbo. And I’m pretty sure my sight range and camo rate are worse than in
    jumbo. So I don’t know how it’s worse played to get 4,2k in tier-8 than
    4,7k in tier-6 with easier tank to play. After all I clearly did play 600
    xp worse.

  68. Interesting how he gets over 2k base xp from that when I only got like 1,5k
    when I did over 4,2k dmg in my VK36.01H. The difference being that I was in
    tier-8 battle and my dmg done and kills that I got there were higher tier
    tanks than me. I “only” scored 6 kills in that game but again those were
    tier-7 or tier-6 tanks. I didn’t kill any tier-8 tanks but I did over 900
    dmg on kv-4 and several hundred on 2 is-3 tanks. Just didn’t land the
    killing shots.

  69. yea i use the 105 like a noob!!! 1v1 vs a e2 with 76 how are they going to
    kill the 105 that keeps them track and does damage every shot? also
    vs higher tier heavy the e2 is to slow to flank where the 76 is useful. yes
    with the 105 you have a harder time killing easy tanks (but it’s able to be
    done) and a much much more easy time with hard tanks to kill. put it in
    one… i have better games with the 76 but i have better avg with 105.

  70. I have to admit this looks like he was re-rolling.

  71. Radugov Pihirovski

    “And he only needed to do sexty sex to kill the 304” xD

  72. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    WTF, why is he using the upgraded turret. That turret is a massive weakspot
    and undermines the whole purpose of that vehicle. The stock turret has far
    better armour, and although you can’t use the top gun, the difference
    between the M1A1 and the M1A2 76mm guns isn’t worth it for such a massive
    loss of armour. When I fight against an E2, the first thing I check is
    what turret they are using. If it’s the upgraded turret, I just plow a few
    shots through that thing and kill it, if not, then I retreat and flank it.
    That Hellcat should not have been in the cap circle. It should have kept
    it’s distance and slammed the E2 as it tried to reset. It would have put
    the E2 in multiple lanes of fire, nullifying it’s armour advantage, and
    maximising the Hellcat’s camo and accuracy. If the Hellcat had done so
    there would have been almost no chance of the E2 winning the game.

  73. A re-roll…. instant loss of respect

  74. 2k games, 2700 wn8 and 3 marks of excellence on a tier 6. Do you smell that
    smelly smell?

  75. Domthebarbarian

    I remember my sherman jumbo. I would go into the front line and just sit
    there. Basically every tier 5 would bounce. Alot of the tier 6s and even
    some tier 7s. It is a great tank and I highly recommend it. Its pretty
    crappy at stock though.

  76. So funny all the complaining on here. Seal clubber, re-roll, blah blah. So
    many drool over the unicorns but then get upset to see how they get those

    Sometimes it gets tiresome playing high tier games and so I drop down into
    some of the fun tanks to play like the Hetzer or Jumbo. And if you ever saw
    my stats you would know I’m not padding lol. I’d have to win like a
    gabillion in a row to move up half or 1 percent.

    It is a game for having fun. And as many people with 20k+ games that show
    up down in the tier 1-3 matches, it is not really seal clubbing anymore.

  77. 4 fire in game no 3

  78. 8:47 “Sex…69!”

  79. Us guys on the WoT X360 edition are still stuck with this map at tier 8,9
    and 10.

  80. Tier six American mediums are such troll tanks when top tier lol.

  81. In the words a veteran “violet stet padder”

  82. Sex… Sixtynine :D

  83. He probably got three marks of excellence because hardly anybody plays the
    Jumbo anymore.

    • jake silverblood

      +Colonel Radec I do! i only have 2 marks though…

    • This guys an idiot. It is literally fucking impossible to become a unicum
      with 2100 wn8 after 30k games. Do you have any fucking idea how many games
      that guy would have to win IN A ROW to get his stats higher. It is all
      basic proportions and the more games you have the more games it will take
      to improve your stats. So when you said getting good stats is easy you’re
      wrong if you already have 30k games, because then he would need probably
      10k amazing games in a row to get to even close to unicum. Learn some
      logic. Also his comment didn’t say getting good stats after a re-roll was
      hard so make sure you know what you are replying to before you reply to it.

    • Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

      +Zak Loveland The player in the video was a Re-Roll… He had 2K battles
      under his belt and a WN8 that would be the equivalent to a Uni with 25K
      games. So he could be an average player on his main account and makes a
      second to re-roll. Although he could be starting the game and just knows
      what he is doing, but I doubt this.

  84. t fully upgraded, gun’s reload is 2 fast XD and most of fooks never shoot
    on turret so the turret is no problem.

  85. i aM ForM 2857, i HaVE CUM 2 TAke uR SuoLs.

  86. Finally an e2 vid

  87. Mitchell Stankovski (SirIceeice)

    He was playing against bad player if there was 2 good to great player he
    would not be able to do that.

  88. Featuring reroll sealclubbers? Meh.

  89. I went through the front hull of a jumbo while driving my 3001 D. I had the
    high ground so it nullified his hull armor’s angling.

    • Yea well QB kind of exaggerated the actual effectiveness of the armor. You
      could go through the front of it with a 3001 D even if you were both on
      flat ground.

    • +InfernalDalek Well I’ve failed to pen the flat front of a Jumbo from
      nearly point blank with the 212 pen 90 mm on the ARL 44.

  90. WindmillStalker

    I do dislike reroll accounts…are leet stats that important to start all
    over again? Always seemed like only terribly insecure people would do

  91. dubhead spartan

    8:47 whoa there QB, getting a little sexy there lol

  92. zyzz brah

  93. Absolutely hate this tank… The armour is extremely troll and it is only
    reliable vs tier 5 tanks… Its a Medium with troll armour, a mediocre
    medium tank gun and poor mobility….

  94. Michael Wallace

    He used HE on the FV304, if he hadn’t he probably would have needed to
    shoot him three times. Fascinating. also, that 38k wn8 O_O

  95. ThinkDragonX41T

    The Tank is great but the MM of Wargaming is such a piece of sh… i ALWAYS
    get in Tier 8 games with this Tank and this is so frustrating.

  96. I love the Jumbo, but I can’t understand why people use that top turret
    when the stock one is godly. Not like the 76mm M1A2 is an amazing gun or
    anything. I actually prefer the howitzer.

  97. I love the m4a3e2 jumbo. He is one of my favourites tanks

  98. lol this is seal clubbing and it happens everytime you go to low tiers

    • Is he not allowed to play anything beneath tier 8 just because he is good?
      Because thats not fair I’m afraid.

    • of course he can play low tiers but obviously he is going to have a good

    • +LORDVADER203 tier 6 is definitely not seal clubbing and I wouldn’t count
      tier 5 either even. Lots of experienced players play at those tiers to
      grind credits for their tanks.

  99. People who load HE-ammo on to a 76mm gun…

    • +Ville Lepoaho HE on it works pretty well actually, only on light armored
      tanks tho.

    • +tommydadog The penetration and damage is so bad..

    • +tommydadog​ Even against those tanks, the penetration is not good enough
      to reliably damage them. I personally use HE only on guns that have at
      least a calibre of 100mm.

    • +Colonel Radec Same here. But even when a gun is a 100mm, I use it to reset
      caps and stuff. When I use it for legit ammo, I’m in the KV-2 😉

    • M26PershingCommander

      +Ville Lepoaho lol HE is extremely effective at this tier. It’s always
      great to see paper tanks think they’ll take 100~ damage when you burst them
      down doing 180~ damage a shot. If you aim carefully you will step all over
      hellcats, flak bus’s, nashorns, arty, anything else with limited armor.
      Just avoid tracks and spaced armor and aim at flat surfaces, it’s easy.
      Plus HE penetrations mess up your opponent, giving you a way better chance
      to win a duel against paper tanks.

  100. Love the stock turret /w the derp.

  101. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    if you got a gun with 128mm of pen u can still go through the upper
    plater…if you shoot the upper upper part of the upper plate

  102. my first pool’s medal was in this tank bless :’)

  103. That AT2 is my #1 most annoying thing, Something you can obviously see

    • +Gassy German yeah that was a little odd that td disappearing like that
      ..ive had tanks disappear infront of me or drive right past within 10-20
      feet undetected but not sure anything that bad just disappearing that
      close.. most would say it was a hack might just be a game glitch

    • +Sonny C I’ve rammed an invisible heavy in my ELC. Came over a hill, going
      down the other side, there was clearly no tanks, then a KV just appeared 2
      feet in front of me.

  104. stunner of a game… not to me. To me it looks like a rerolling experienced
    player in a top tier tank fighting people who barely know the tank they
    drive let alone any other tank.

    I understand playing lower tiers with a friend but if you look at his
    profile you see he pretty much only plays this and the T29. These are often
    the most toxic players as well who will try to crush the dreams of new
    players on both sides.

  105. 8:46 minininiolydidu sex 69

  106. 2:05 Why did Quad-Guy aim at the Weakness at the Center of the AT2 and not
    the much easier to hit cuppola on the top?
    14:30 The best hiding point from an blind firing artillery is the crater of
    his first shot,a blind firing artillery never shoots the same place twice^^

    Still I wish, Quickybaby would do more educational videos and less “look at
    this awesome replay”-Videos,like
    “What do you do as bottom Tier Heavy for example Churchill I in T7 Game..on
    charkow,of course?”
    “How can I get rid of a perfectly hidden TD who doesn’t get spotted,
    doesn’t matter how many shots he already fired?”

  107. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Yay a reroll account… Also looks like he’s using a aim bot too.

  108. Nicholas O'Brien

    I spot a re roll account 

  109. 9.8 HD nerfed it hard though!!! The turret lost more than 100mm of its
    gunmantlet and it has nothing behind it!!! So hull down is worthless now.
    It went basically from 200mm to 60 :(

    • M26PershingCommander

      +ApeWatchingTV Don’t worry, the Fury already has this kind of turret armor.
      I guess it’s more historical than what it was, the Easy 8 will most likely
      get this nerf too.

    • +M26PershingCommander I’m honestly not too bothered about historical
      accuracy. It just massively changes the ways i can play my two beloved
      shermans, and it makes me kinda disappointed :/

    • M26PershingCommander

      I understand, it does drastically change the way you play the tank.

  110. I love my Jumbo. :D

  111. Hey quicky, just to let you know, about sometime ago the NA server had
    something like Canada Day special. During the special, they gave away
    Canadian Flag Emblem for completing missions. Thus I don’t think every tank
    wearing the emblem is Canadian, not that its that detrimental of course.

  112. Robert Witkowski

    Stock turret only have better armor on side and rear, front of upgraded
    turret have more than 200 armor in front(not really any weakness there).If
    you face this tank don’t aim at his turret no mater what, do it only if you
    can shoot side of it or rear, better aim for bottom side of tank. Higher
    chance to penetrate.

  113. why did he waist so many blind shots at that vk20.01d?

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Brendan Baier M4E2 has a lot of ammo, and he was in a desperate situation
      (at the given point in time).

  114. NOT a failed re roll, just depends on his skills with other tanks, tier
    10’s in particular.

  115. The top turret is a little deceptive, it has a beefy gun mantlet. so you
    haft to avoid it if you want shells to go in.

  116. I always use the derp gun on this tank, that armor with the derp gun is
    just beautiful.

  117. RIP Zyzz

  118. EmperorNefarious1

    I used the top turret at first, but then when I was in a KV-2 I one-shotted
    a Jumbo with the top turret by hitting under the mantlet, so I switched to
    the stock turret. I also am experimenting with the 105mm since it seems to
    do better at tier 8.

    • +EmperorNefarious1 I can’t decide wich gun to use, the derp always does
      damage but is not consistent and the HEAT is really expensive :/

    • +EmperorNefarious1 i also use the derp gun as it fairs better in higher
      tier matches… although one on one with a fast tank can be a nightmare…

    • +EmperorNefarious1 Pairs of Jumbos work better then solo ones especially if
      you’re using the derp. If you do some ridge line shooting you both can keep
      up a respectable rate of fire by alternating shots between the tanks while
      the other pulls back for a reload

  119. Stock turret, howitzer and binos/optics: Be a indestructible watchtower!

  120. The Queen of England

    8:45 dirty QB :D

  121. Title means I came, I saw, I conquered

  122. Quikybaby can you look on my youtube channal? my youtube name is Delano

  123. 8:47 Come on QB stop being so dirty xDDDDD

  124. veni, vidi, vici. just like me at exams. except the vici part.

  125. I played few of the T6 MTs , and 1 of my favorite is jumbo M4
    use the top turret, becaus you may need that extra gun performance sometime
    Also it can roll as a HT in some battle ,Great tank ! good for beginers and
    senior players. :D

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +PLKOLIGH It is good, but the Cromwell has to be the king of tier 6 now
      after they killed the kv1s and the hellcat. It can easily fight tier 8s
      with apcr 202mm pen.

    • +Aroused Squirrel I like you 😉 Cromwell is the king

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Jackmos11 I use the crommy B as a fucking killing machine, got the 3rd
      mark rather easily.

    • 50 traverse speed. That is animalistic. I was going to buy it. But stuck
      with my regular Crommie. 3 skill crew 3rd mark 😀 Beast of a tank

  126. Hans Obersluetnent Joyian Lowe

    0:17 – 0:18
    i want that face to be ma new sixth sense mod !!!!

  127. Awesome game! I absolutely LOVED my jumbo when I was grinding up that line,
    a real joy to play.

  128. i would say this retard is using some cheat mode to aim the the enemy
    engine and set it on fire …

  129. Darude Sandstorm

    8:45 “he only needed to do 69 with his second shell..” Quicky you dirty fox
    you lol

  130. TheNordicHunter

    I got a delangladen medal with the amx 38 a couple months ago

  131. Alexander van Elten

    Holy sh*t,
    4 fires in one game. It took me weeks to get the Incinerator Stage 3 done.
    Damn RNG!

  132. I love the stock turret even though the 76mm gun that fits it is a little
    slower firing, it’s still very fast firing.

  133. This was not an aimbot. Complainers just don’t know themselves how to aim.
    It was just skilled play and a few lucky fires. It’s called tracking them
    and shooting their weak spots. Take notes.

  134. Meni vidi visi if you know what i mean

  135. RNGESUS WAS ON HIS SIDE THIS TIME, no wonder he did so well.

  136. Auto aiming the AT2 lol.

  137. Wow man your comments section has become a breeding ground of people just
    hating on everything.

  138. Kenneth Johnson

    The M4 like most American Ronson lighters needs to have it’s armor nerfed.
    Ridiculous that the Hetzer with the 105mm did so little damage with a side
    shot inh this game(Hetzers gun was recently nerfed with recent updates).
    In addition to this tank, theFury, Firefly, Sherman, Jackson, and the
    Hellcat all need to have their armor nerfed IMHO.

  139. Vaiolet stetpedder

  140. Pretty sure the Jumbos armour in HD has been nerfed, second turret is like
    63mm and only 89 on the mantlet.

  141. Link from download XVM please !! Thx

  142. VVVVVV anyone?

  143. the bottom corners of the gun mantle can be used as shot traps. If you hit
    them, they will bounce the shell straight down into the top of the tank.

  144. Of course QB features a REROLL!!!

  145. People crying about him rerolling, maybe he just wanted to start fresh with
    his friend that just started playing the game?

  146. komarin got completely removed from random battles

  147. What laptop/computer do you use? :p please tell me ;p i have1 dell but it’s
    lagging a bit… :/

  148. I feel much better seeing a guy with 12k battles with a high wn 8 that does
    great, but I did appreciate the guy with 2k battles with the high wn 8
    killing seals. I figure he’s a guy that rerolled trying to look better than
    others who have 20 k battles struggling to get their Wn 8 to look decent
    due to learning on the same account that they play in. He is definately a
    good player since his tank has such high marks of excellence, even though
    it is a troll tank, an probably his stat padding tank.

  149. GeneralRudolfski

    4 fires btw

  150. christian mirmo

    The upgraded turrents gun mantle still has 152 mm of armor.

  151. Rule 1 of the Jumbo keep the stock turret and use the 76mm M1A1 it is
    practically the same as the M1A2 and the stock turret has god like armour.
    Also if you check armour inspector the Jumbo has more like 152mm frontal
    armour because it is angled :P

    • +Will Coleman The big problem with that strategy is that the M1A1 gun is
      woefully inaccurate (0.43) for what is a medium distance support gun.
      Couple that with it’s poor penetration and you’ll be failing to penetrate
      most of the things you’re shooting at, especially in tier 7 and 8 games. If
      you’re gonna use the stock turret, you’re better just derping the 105 at
      close range.

    • +FireShorts I’ve never had a problem with the M1A1 the penetration and
      damage are the same as the M1A2 as well, I did use the 105 for a while but
      when you ran in to a tough situation you was a bit screwed with the reload

    • The M1a1 is horrible compared to the m1a2(factual). I know you may like it
      but that doesn’t make it good. However one thing everyone always forgets is
      that the stock turret has 40 meters less view range, which is a huge fuckin
      deal especially on a medium. Maybe in a random situation the extra armor
      comes in handy but in a 1v1 especially against a heavy or medium you need
      all the dpm and view range you can get. Also 4 round per minute less is
      also huge. And the accuracy. Basically your loosing health, a ton of view
      range, a ton of dpm, and a ton of accuracy just for some armor which will
      be rendered ineffective at t7 and up or anything with 170 pen. The turret
      is actually really easy to go through if you shoot the awkwardly angled
      roof. It may be fun but it is a complete novelty to me. If you want to be
      competitive you must use the weak turret with the m1a2. But agree to

    • Yet anothhhher thing to keep in mind about the stock turret is that it
      weighs a LOT more than the upgraded turret, 600kg more to be precise. This
      will slow down a tank this isn’t even that fast to begin with. A lot of
      people aren’t smart enough to realize that they need to shoot your turret
      when it’s the upgraded one anyway and if you wiggle it, they’ll probably
      hit either the thick mantlet or the bouncy side. I tried the stock turret
      for a long time but in the end the increased armor wasn’t worth the
      decrease in accuracy, rate of fire, view range and acceleration. Tier 8
      tanks can still blast their way through it anyway.

    • +Will Coleman You are certainly entitled to that opinion but I would rather
      lose some armor for an increase in almost all other performance aspects
      (view range, hp, RoF, traverse speed, p/w, accuracy, etc) myself. And if I
      was to use the stock turret it would only be with the derp gun. Thats just
      my opinion though.

  152. 1:22 Seriously? Well done WoT

  153. Disliked.

    This guy is not doing the refer a friend system, he is just a reroller. If
    you would upload videos of people with average WN8 around 1000, I would
    watch you more often. Because the videos you upload are almost always
    purple or blue players having good games. Which purple players get every
    day. But if people with average WN8 have a good game and you would upload
    that, it would actually be special. People like this guy have these games
    probably almost everyday.

    As I said, I would watch you more often if you upload good games of average
    WN8 players.

    • +oDreaMz That’s why I said, if they do, it is special. Unicums get these
      kinds of games almost every day, so it is not special anymore. Also, the
      fact that this guy has 3 marks means that he played a lot in this tank.

    • So? They’re better than the average player, meaning you could learn
      something. Ignorant people who look for entertainment instead of details,
      helping themselves improve, bring the playerbase down. I didn’t become a
      unicum by shitting on someones video just because it’s a reroll. Even I, as
      a ~3k WN8 player, learned something from this. QB makes his videos
      informative for a reason; he wants to help players improve.

    • +Robin Wallet No-one gives a crap about donkey getting luck of his lives.
      We want to see good players winning because they know how to handle their
      vehicle and outplay the enemy.

    • +Robin Wallet But the real question is, why aren’t you purple? You only
      need 4-7 pens per game to get purple WN8, depending on the alpha dmg/tier
      of the tank.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Robin Wallet For a 1000 scrub to have a game like this, he would have to
      have as much luck as someone who won a lottery.

  154. What a shit replay. There’ll be no more obvious reroll stat padder than
    this video.

  155. Why this multiaccount statshunting masturbators ? Pretty lame, you only
    support slaughter of low tier beginners. What will be next time, KV1
    massacre against tier 4 ?

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Laco Janciar Tier 6 is not low tier, the player did rape noobs, but they
      were not beginners, they were just stupid, you get that in every game up to
      tier 8.

  156. they are rerollers and the canadian flag is something everybody got like a
    month ago…it was free and EVERYBODY HAD IT xD

  157. francisco urzúa sims

    and i set fire, to the engine”

  158. 8.47-8.50 mins,

    Sex, 69.

    Naughty quicky.

  159. Krzysztof Dudek

    Nice reroll account… A good player punishing some noobs in his tier 6, 3
    stars tank…

    • +agbrenv You aren’t missing on anything, tier 10 games are generally
      boring. Tiers 6-9 are the most fun in my opinion

    • +Krzysztof Dudek There is no shame in playing tier 6, tier 5 and below I
      would consider sealclubbing, but T6 will see tiers 8 quite often and will
      struggle a lot.

    • +DarktroopXsealclubbing at tier 5??? maybe a KV-1 yes, but not in a
      Crusader, or a T1 Heavy or an M4, and there is no real sealclubbing tank at
      tier 5

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man Well thats just stupid…

    • +Krzysztof Dudek i kinda agree

  160. another Canadian!

  161. I thinkt the Jumbo is a monster of a tank! got my first top gun and also
    delanglades medal in it. But I like to use the stock turret with a good
    trained crew and gun rammer etc.

  162. The front armor on the jumbo will get nerfed soon unfortunately…

    • No, it’s historcaly (If I spelled that right) correct 🙂

    • +David JR Most of the real stuff is yes.. When they make the HD Models they
      change the armour to the real armour thickness, the Jumbo had a tiny nerf
      with its new HD Model.

    • +Will Coleman The HD nerf is what I was talking about, but I forgot the
      patch already landed (haven’t played in a few months). My bad. I love the

    • Jumbo is stil awesome, and don’t forgett only showing the turret is when
      the jumbo is at it’s strongest

  163. :D

  164. Should be called “Watch a re-roll slaughter helpless noobs while in a team
    of even more helpless noobs”, lol.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Steeltrap A skilled player (obviously), slaughtered noobs, that is the
      basis of every epic game.

    • Usually it is, but I’ve seen epic games including good/great players on
      both sides. Those are typically far more interesting and educative IMO.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Steeltrap And much rarer, but yes they are better to learn from than
      slaughtering bobs. The only problem is when one of the pros who got served,
      starts talking shit.

  165. 08.46. Meaning he only needed to do sex? xD

  166. Was looking forward to this replay until I saw it was some rerolled stat
    padding no skill player. Could put almost any seasoned player in the Jumbo,
    send them out against a bunch of low tier new players in a top tier tank
    and they will clean up just as easy. How was this even a choice for a
    replay QB? Can tell he is using banned aimbot mods also. And having that
    Canadian flag on his tank is the most disrespectful thing I’ve seen.

    • Dynonychus Osaurus

      +Stephen Green Auto aim aims at the center of the tank model….his
      reticule was constantly jumping from weakspot to weakspot faster and more
      accurately than any human hand could ever move, and you can tell he wasn’t
      aiming there, because the black cross, which shows where his mouse is
      pointed, is almost never in the same spot as the reticule itself.

      Just look at how his aim perfectly follows the moving tanks, and not with
      the smooth start and stop motions of someone aiming, but the quick, jerky
      motions of a computer program doing the aiming for him.

      I don’t have a problem with re rolls in general, but when you re roll in
      order to statpad via cheating, that’s an issue, and you shouldn’t be
      praised for it.

      And auto aim weakspot mods are definitely a thing, in case you don’t
      believe me.

    • +Dynonychus Osaurus that would be server reticle which is an in game
      setting. Take the tin foil hat off and learn why you are bad for once.
      Quickbaby plays with it on and I play with an overlay with both reticles

    • +mynameisray Wow I didn’t know that there are really people who don’t know
      about the server reticle. An AIMBOT in WoT is like the most stupid thing I
      ever heard. The shots and everything are calculated RNG based by the
      SERVER(!!!!). You can’t improve your shooting with an aimbot.
      Use your brain before you write.

  167. Qb the jumbo is a heavy tank

    • +Alexander van Elten Medium tanks and heavy tanks get the same MM…

    • Alexander van Elten

      +Simone Pepe Heavy MM weighting

    • +Stephen Green Shit sorry I only just noticed that comment was not a reply
      to me.

    • +Will Coleman np 🙂

    • +Simone Pepe They get the same tiers as each other however for the purpose
      of making teams each type of tank is given a specific “weight”, assigning
      points based on it’s type and tier which the mm uses to balance the teams.
      Normally heavy tanks have a greater weight in the mm compared to medium
      tanks however for the purpose of deciding the tanks on a team, a jumbo
      count’s as a heavy tank even though its a medium.

  168. love your vids

  169. † Masterhp †

    That FAIL reroll…

    • Yea pretty good wn8 for 3k games… I have 10k games and only 1550wn8…
      because its hard now to progress eventhough my recent wn8 is over 2.5k….

    • +† Masterhp † yup that’s just pathetic …

    • MyReligionIs2DoGood

      +fingolfinpl I like your name. Read the Silmarillion I see. 🙂

    • Also did I mention my recent Wn8 was 4k for the last week (been grinding my
      IS-1 for the IS-3) and I have been training my 5 Skill German medium tank
      crew on my T25 and Panther M10 also the tank it’s housed in the VK 3002M so
      also my soon to be a three skill medium crew which will go onto my Panther
      II and later my E50M when I can afford to buy them and to grind the Panther
      II and the E50.

    • Well for yesterday over the last week and month I have had around 2.5K Wn8
      I am not the best but I am pretty good.

  170. I hate stats pusher !

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man Seriously dude, what is your
      problem? People can reroll if they want, i don’t really give a shit! In
      fact i would prefer my whole team to be made up of rerolls so that i can
      actually see what level they are currently playing on instead of what level
      they were 2 years ago! also you claiming that rerolls ruin the fun for
      everyone else is just fucking stupid! you don’t own WOT! Anyone can play
      whatever tier they like so instead of moaning about good players playing a
      few low tier games because it means you can’t seal club anymore maybe try
      getting better than that reroll so you can actually outplay them.

    • Stat padding and seal clubbing well there’s nothing really wrong with it as
      yes it doesn’t give new players a chance yes I agree but the thing is it’s
      a game it’s about wether you have fun and people have fun using different
      techniques in any kind of game plus it does push newer players to learn
      about weak spots which generally in the low tiers isn’t required in the low
      tiers for express my only problem with multiplayer games is that trolls
      infest them which isn’t fun especially if you are being blocked or
      permanently tracked on purpose by your own team mates now that isn’t fun
      and although they get a kick out of it it doesn’t benefits any ones
      gameplay other than the enemy team.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man It is hard for me to get you
      serious, if you read my comment and reply to it. If you have dyslexia you
      should still be able to read, you might have severe difficulties
      understanding what you read, but that is not the problem in your case.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man “Adult dyslexics can often
      read with good COMPREHENSION, although they tend to read more slowly than
      non-dyslexics” from wikipedia.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man You should also make clear
      which type of dyslexia you have.

  171. Hey QB! How are do u like the new gamemode so far? Im very enjoying It 🙂
    and what Is your favorite tank In domination? Mine Is the obj.140 😀 Im
    having very nice games In It and I always wanted to play It becouse Its my
    favorite tank! Keep up the great work and thanx for making world of tanks
    awesome and I hope you are having fun at the tank fest :). Btw nice picture
    In the MS-1 

  172. nathaniel perry

    45 seconds ago…. :O

  173. 28th view 5th comment fuck yeah

  174. almost first! :D

  175. Nice vid keep it up!

  176. CarelessFacepalm


    • +CarelessFacepalm

      QuickyBabyTV 43 minutes ago

      CarelessFacepalm 42 minutes ago

      Was a good try, but you’re second. Now delete your account and return to
      your basement.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +CarelessFacepalm You can die now, as your life goal is complete.

  177. I hope you all enjoy Quad owning it up in the M4A3E2, certainly a tank not
    to be underestimated!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW with Ikzor!

    • JesseKnight2000

      +QuickyBabyTV , Please upload that Scout Maus on Swamp replay from 5/22 ,
      maybe that’s the date ….. i think

    • Hayden Simonson

      +QuickyBabyTV Is there something with the replays where the reticle sticks
      but the sight moves around?

    • +QuickyBabyTV this tank reminds me of the tiger (P)

    • +QuickyBabyTV Hey QB , you can knock down trees with HE if you shoot them
      at the bottom . I use this tactic to trick the enemy team. If you shoot a
      tree 200 meters away from you , you can really confuse them if they see it
      falling down and use it as a bait to win the game.

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