World of Tanks || M4A3E8 Fury – is it Worth it?

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World Tanks – M4A3E8 Fury. Based on the David Ayer film starring Brad Pitt the Fury is a T6 premium American medium tank. It’s back after a two year absence – but is it Worth it?

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  1. General Cartman Lee

    About the gun depression difference, WG simply screwed up the stats.
    The stock turret of the E8 (with the two part loaders cupola) has the same
    armor and gun depression as the Fury’s turret.
    But the Fury uses the top turret of the E8. While all other stats of the
    Fury’s gun are identical to the E8 the turret armor and gun depression are
    And the Fury has the big armor hole behind the mantlet the E8 (currently)
    does not have. But the E8 will surely get it too when they make it HD. Also
    the armor of the frontal gearbox will most likely be nerfed as they did the
    same to the tier 5 M4 Sherman.

  2. Taras B. Укроп

    the Fury is a retarded tank…just like the movie

  3. The Chaffee can mount a vert stab on a Tier V tank though

  4. The M24 Chaffee at Tier V can fit Vert Stab Mk1 – think this is the lowest
    tier tank to be able to do so

  5. Please just stop showing replays where these clowns spray premium ammo
    at bad armored tanks and artillery…

  6. allrdy have The fury :)

  7. If I were to saw a Hellcat facing toward me in my Fury, I would be shooting
    HE at his frontal hull and really ruins his day by either knocking out his
    engine or driver or both! If Fury is worth buying now……maybe if it had
    the option to buy only the tanks if the paywalls weren’t there in the first
    place and still would be a good ideas gifts with extra bundles for those
    who doesn’t have one.

    Credits isn’t really terrible in a lost with Ap shells being so cheap to
    fire and often have a hard time going though KV Line Heavy Tank thick
    armors with large track (The Japaneses Heavy side armor are easier to hit),
    the accuracy isn’t the best at it either to shoot weak spot respectably
    while having weak damages per shot. There was one time I was the only Tier
    6 tanks in the Tier 8 match and I’m a giant mouse compare to their only
    Tier 6 Light…….Fury fits that definition very well and the success of
    putting them into shame to be beaten by a lesser Easy 8.

  8. Is Shia LaBeouf some black guy now because everyone hates his actual face?


    hey QB can you do a review on kv122 which are currently on sale for SEA

  10. war thunder is better

  11. Best film ever:D

  12. Fury has been paywalled

  13. 2:17 It can mount vert stabs! 

  14. The movie Fury has some epic soundtracks! The score of “Norman” is great!

  15. Not worth it

  16. I bought it cuz fury is my fav movie and it’s actually good the tank

  17. QB, the Chaffee can mount vert stabs at tier 5

  18. I still run my fury with a mix of my pershing crews and patton crew. I can
    tell you this tank is not worth running without almost running nothing
    gold. This tank has horrible mm and seems to almost always bottom teir, an
    the standard rounds dont cut it than. Running premium round setup you can
    run mid to close range support and have a pretty decent x2 exp for your
    crew. Thats about it.

  19. i like m4a3e2 more so i stick with that :3

  20. seriously wg also there doesn’t need to be a vid for this. all it is is a
    glorified E8

  21. This tank me out when I saw Fury and decided to try WoT (Blitz) out. Passed
    on tank as I didn’t want to spend money. 2 years later I was shocked to see
    it for sale. Skipped E25, Fury is a tank I always wanted.

  22. MY problem is: Every time they “give” me a “prize,” i.e. some Tier XV
    superTank, I have to pay for everything but the crew. For a 24-hour
    “rental,” I find it isn’t worth the bother.

  23. back when the movie was out,, they had a contest in the ez 8 to win stuff
    depending on score. I came in top 200 on the whole NA server and won
    tickets to go see the movie and a bunch of other in game consumables. I did
    enjoy the film, while far fetched… it was nice. nice tank action with the
    other Sherman’s, and Tigers. The Tiger 1 from Bovington was in the movie
    and was absolutely beautiful.

  24. Xmas is a a time of giving…WG seems to think it is a time for ripping
    off..the whole of the advent calendar is a joke.

  25. “115 alpha is not too bad at tier VI”
    one of the lowest alpha at tier VI lol

  26. dicker max review he needs buff #prayfordickermax

  27. oh hell no !

  28. I think the nickname “Box Tank” has to be reassigned to the Swedish Tier 6
    TD the Ikv 65 II heh

  29. Lots of nasty whining comments here. Yes the game is going downhill, yes WG
    say one thing and do another but blaming Quicky for this by wrongly
    claiming he has not criticized WG is self willed ignorance and selective
    reality denial. Watch again his new E 25 video and it is very clear how
    uncomfortable he feels about these developments going on. And his judgement
    here is very negative. I don’t play this now obscelete game and play the
    much much better WOWS but still love watching QB.

  30. Could you make a quick video about the KV-122?

  31. Does PC have (or ever have) the “Boilermaker” medium tank?

  32. god quicky baby, i just bought it before looking at your video

  33. WoT Dutch Epic Replays&Reviews

    What is the berlin trio crew? And what can be better then a dog

  34. All these comments complainjng about WG business practices… WOT is a
    great game that is FREE to play. You only pay if you want to! What more do
    you want?

  35. I love the tank and the film I have already got a brothers in arms init

  36. Game Voices too loud? Maybe that’s me

  37. om telolet om

  38. Dear QuickyBaby, please listen to your wife and take good care of her. If
    video games, computer games, and mobile phone games affects your life too
    much then you should play for shorter periods of time or take a break. I
    stopped playing World of Tanks until my school holidays. I am planning to
    get at least 1000 experience on my Tiger I each day and get some experience
    for my VK 30.01 P and log out. The M4A3E8 Sherman Fury has great firepower
    and mobility. The Fury in “Fury” film however was a M4A2 Sherman not a
    M4A3E8 Sherman. I wonder why Wargaming got that wrong. Nice to see “Fury”
    painted on the gun.

  39. I am fan of Jumbo Sherman, so this one I skip. I bought Cromwell B 2 days
    ago and I am happy with it!

  40. It’s slow and fragile, but has a good gun and is one of the best US medium
    crew trainers. Tier 6 is the “sweet spot” for crew training in WoT: easy to
    play, guns do enough damage to gather significant amounts of XP and you
    don’t really need gold ammo or premium consumables, so you can farm some
    credits as well (not huge amounts, but noticeable).

  41. I always play better with gun rammer, vertical stabilizer or vents and
    enhanced aim drivers. The quicker I can pull of the shot and get to cover
    seems better for me.

  42. No, it’s not worth it and never was. When you can get tanks like the
    Cromwell B tanks like this abomination will never be worth the purchase 🙂

    Hence why you see so little Sherman E8’s in randoms and SH’s

  43. all the prem tanks but they still wont fix mm or arty….ha ha straight
    money grab

  44. I have this tank on Xbox but it only has 749 health and not 750

  45. I’ve had this tank for a long time (since with was sold originally) and I
    must say I think it’s not a bad tank, but it’s purely cosmetic because the
    e8 Sherman is exactly the same. they’ll tell you it’s not, but it is. it is
    I tell you.

  46. Pretty sure Chaffee can mount vert stabs at tier 5..

  47. QB can I ask what is KV-122 and can you do a video about it

  48. How do you mention the extra bits on the tank and not mention the german

  49. Is it worth it? No.

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