World of Tanks || M56 Scorpion – 9.7 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Let’s check out the brand new T7 American tank destroyer the M56 Scorpion coming in 9.7!

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World of Tanks is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. This tank makes me want to touch myself

  2. Nice vid :)

  3. 1st
    haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate

  4. oooh I like!!

    Good gameplay!!

  5. cool tank

  6. I like to touch children sensually

  7. Anyway great vid!

  8. 301 group :)

  9. Coool

  10. YAAAAY

  11. Cool but how do u get into the wow closed beta test I sent my application
    but no response 

  12. Looks interesting!

  13. world of tanks replays

    i fucking saw this tank for so long ago in a batle

  14. nice!

  15. Don’t get your hopes up. WG will never, EVER give the ‘murrican 90mm guns
    their proper ammo. Just look at the SP. It should have APCR-T ammo that
    should be able to punch through ANYTHING on the battlefield gun mantlet or
    not so does it have that ammo? Not on your life.

  16. with this beauty of a Tank we need now Crew man/woman sitting on top of
    open tanks pretty pls Wargaming ! :D

  17. how is the dpm decent? its utter garbage for a machine like this,
    especially if you compare it with the russian premium td

  18. Woohoo 301 club hahaha nice vid qb!! 🙂 

  19. Casper Vang Jensen

    Did it have premium mm?

  20. doxizar the first

    AMX ELC bis?????????

  21. Anyone else want them to keep the FV215B in game and have two tier 10
    British heavies? Oh no wait Russian bias, never mind… 

  22. Hey

  23. “…tier 7 -cut- tankdestroyer” 7:50
    I know you said medium tank :)

  24. meh

  25. Hi guys,
    I tried this Tank Destroyer at the test server, and if you want to read my
    opinion, I wrote it down to here

    This TD has a very good gun with high penetration, and the reload time was
    good too.(100% crew, no skills, nothing is a little higher than 5 seconds
    (I think it’s 5,67))
    But the armor of this TD is very-very awful. When I goes into a battle, I
    put 10-15 HE rounds to the ammo rack. I met 7 Scorpions on that match, but
    the penetration of the HE rounds is quite enough.

    This is my opinion,

  26. EfficiencyBestMetric

    I feel like WG knows their game is getting outdated and try to keep people
    playing by just adding new things…

  27. Really, they put lots of detail in the tank, go and looks how beautiful a
    tank in war thunder is. 

  28. I want one :D

  29. Uh, that is so sexy tank!

  30. Geometry Dash Warrek

    This little tank can make some trouble when it is in good hands.

  31. Question: Is the E-25 removed from the game?

  32. AMX ELC bis?

  33. Super Unicum? Really? Really? Really.

  34. The constant flow of new tanks with paper armour makes it seem more
    reasonable to include usable coaxial weapons.

    As if the coolness of all that dakka isn’t enough, now you can use it to
    deal with all these paper tanks.

  35. I cannot wait to smack one of these with a HE round from a KV-2, or
    Borsing, or just plain smacking one with the E-50.

  36. I had “ding” from back of my Scorpion. Deal with it.

  37. Will his ammorack will be blown a lot because it is just open at the back?

  38. UE57 on steroids………..

  39. I want one

  40. not worth it cos of zero armour, poor reverse speed and lack of proper
    turret. Once theyre spotted they’re in a world of shit basically. The
    gameplay here is test server where many ppl don’t give a shit & are playing
    tanks they dont really understand. The real deal is going to be painful for
    the Scorpion. Gonna enjoy wiping these things out in the fv304.

  41. Hi – how many crew does it have? I’m going to change my Hellcat crew…

  42. No armour, long reload time, low damage i dont like this TD. 

  43. HerpDerpToVictory

    7 tons, really??? lol

  44. I do love my TDs so I can see myself buying this one, only had one game on
    the test server and liked, it though I hope they give it a little faster
    gun trraverse. depending on price and cammo rating I will be getting it
    View range ok though I expected it to be higher. maybe 20 more

  45. GalacticStar Nebula

    Good gun. I like this TD. I will buy him

  46. 3:12 wtf was that is that a hula ghost or just a dog,or cat,or ur girl?
    right down corner of web cam.

  47. This gun should be on t25/2, please give your opinion

  48. A nice tank… I suppose WG wants the masochist out there to have fun as
    well !!!
    It’s worth buying if you have a tendency for self-torture !!!

    But I stand by my fist comment, a nice tank !!!

  49. Oh wargaming u so silly. Saying in Patch 9.6 that TDs are op and putting
    more TDs into the game in 9.7 ^^

  50. I will love to chew this thing in my e25 :)

  51. I want this tank, it looks pretty wicked.

  52. this is a great american TD and i have had a great time running it on the
    test server 

  53. 3:12

  54. what a piece of shit

  55. I Feel in love with the look of this tank the moment i laid eyes on it.
    I know I wont be any good in it (im not that good to begin with so whatever)

    but it just looks awesome

  56. i thought the hellcat’s gun traverse speed was slow damn!!

  57. Lol, look at the battle message at 11:00

  58. Cool

  59. 1 mm armor??? is this april 1st joke or just serious…. im not that sure

  60. this tank is cute :D

  61. you are on testserver so why you dont use premium ammo only?

  62. He forgot to bring up it has pretty rotten dpm compared to other tds its

  63. Premium tanks make me sick.

  64. 301+ club xd

  65. i bonce a bulldog from the front in the open lol i was so lucky then 1mm
    armor hahaha it was prob gold at that too

  66. Yes!!!! My Luchs will destroy this TD! 

  67. That is littreally the worst TD and the most usless one…

  68. The 152 mm guns will love this little tank destroyer :)

  69. so this is America’s interpretation of the ELC AMX. a tank that is airborne
    and used to support airborne and light infantry.

  70. What the hell was that thing in the face-cam at 3:11? XD

  71. for something so vulnerable to HE is should probably get more HP, and
    greater module health. And this as a money maker may be difficult because
    it’s likely best to carry the premium consumables.

  72. EmperorNefarious1

    so a tier 7 ue-57 with good gun depression. not really my style but a nice
    tank nonetheless.

  73. what does jerkin the reticle up a split second before every shot do for

  74. this TD reminds me of the tier 4 Alecto

  75. I really love the premium American tds, best tds out there

  76. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    E-25 owner dont need this sh*t

  77. how much does this tank kost in gold?

  78. It looks like a higher tier ELC…

  79. This tank looks tremendous and shoot fit my play style just fine… gonna
    give it a spin on the test server, and DEFINITELY purchasing it when 9.7
    comes out!

  80. I can penetrate this tank with my pencil

  81. How can a TD with 1mm!!! armor have 820 HP?????
    It should have same amount of HP as arty. 

  82. Sigurjonsson Stefan

    Finally a tank for my Hellcat crew :D

  83. I would buy it if it had a higher top speed. I just don’t think i could get
    used to a tank limited to 45 with good ptw.

  84. I can see this thing being quite good when we get the handbrake physics

  85. My friend and I are curious as to what the camo rating of the scorpian is

  86. This tank reminds me of WALL-E. 

  87. OMG my VK 28.01 will eat this TD for breakfast!

  88. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I will buy this vehicle, because I love the T7 90mm and this one is even
    better! The tank could move 10 km/h more and it would be perfect. I think a
    better comparison would be the T25/2 or T25 AT with the the 90mm gun. My
    only personal problem with the tank is the 350m viewrange. It’s the same as
    the T25 AT and the T25 AT can mount Vents :/
    I think the Scorpion should definitely get a 380m viewrange.

  89. AMX ELC bis???

  90. I’ll bet you that the idiot programmers will put bounces on this tank in
    the stupid RNG system.

  91. Why is the elc called elc bis?

  92. I’m a little surprised that the gunshield itself is considered a hitbox at
    all; under the circumstance the thing seems like it’s going to spend an
    awful lot of time listening to the crew shout “They got our gun!” 

  93. 1mm is just stupid, but if they’re going to do that then the gun shield
    shouldn’t give full damage when hit.

  94. It’s a waste of money. No point watching this video. XD

  95. 3:11 😀
    Did anyone mention the kraken?

  96. Can’t wait to obliterate this with my E100, Borsig, KV2 or if I can hit it
    in my CGC and T92 ;)

  97. What’s an ELC AMX bis?

  98. Wow WG aid now pissing on us with out even calling it rain

  99. What caused that thing to move in your webcam at 3:14 o.O looks like a

  100. wen is updat 9.7 ready for douwnloed ?

  101. If you drive this and an enemy S-51 hits any tank near you, you are going
    to get hurt as well. :)

  102. How can you have only 1mm of armor? Thats thinner than a penny!

  103. The new E-25, just with a turret and no armor.

  104. This tank reminds me kinda like a Zis-30 from Warthunder.

  105. Yeah sure ,HE causing internal module damage my ass…. Bought the KV2 just
    to do the ” damage internal modules/knock out crews totalling 5″ ,hit a t28
    in the side ,did 950 damage and not a single module was damage. Silly me.

  106. when the 9.7 updete come to Wot servers???

  107. Plays and performs like any glas cannon. On larger maps it will probably
    have some use, on city maps or smaller maps it will get wrecked just like
    the PZ Sfl. IVc.
    But the gun is really nice indeed.

  108. QB why u no load HE for rhm..

  109. as a td player will be getting one

  110. Lol you can even pen a VKB frontally with gold rounds in this tank.

  111. You have done your audience a disservice in not comparing this to a similar
    type tank.
    This is a Tier 7 TANK DESTROYER. Why compare it to a TIer 7 Medium tank?
    How about the Tier 6, 7, or 8 American TANK DESTROYER. Hellcat and M36 both
    use …. the 90mmm gun and, since this is a premium, it will support the
    training of tank destroyers. Comparing to a similar tier I get but not a
    different tank type with COMPLETELY different game play.
    Indeed, the Hellcat’s game play is quite similar to this and has more
    resilience (not often you can say that about the Hellcat) AND the Hellcat
    is a tier lower.
    The T30 you mention but in only turret traverse detail.
    This is why I am always so hesitant to watch these reviews.

  112. imma T49 driver and i love to 1 shot it 😛 anw nice preview

  113. Getting a bit sick of the glass cannons in WoT to be honest….
    As far as detail.. Wargaming is outdoing themselves, but take a look at WT
    tanks. Even WoT high poly count tanks come nowhere near the level of detail
    of the tanks in WT.

  114. is this premium tank?

  115. 1 mm hull and turret armor??? I get that they must have a weak armor to be
    light, but 1 mm is extreme! Can you bend the hull by throwing rocks at it?
    Can you just use an assault rifle to penetrate the hull? XD

  116. How many people are there who got a steel wall with the E-25?

  117. it should have a 70 kmh top speed
    and atleast 40 treverse speed
    and atleast 370 view range
    or that tank will be useless completly useless
    would make sense for the lack of turret and the lack of armour (what lack
    of armour it has none ffs!)

  118. no armor td with good gun? well thats fresh!

  119. Finally, an American Premium TD! Very long overdue… and very welcome to
    see it.

  120. how much will it cost though? i am thinking that the 100 gold it costs on
    the test server is just there so it doesn’t cost a lot to play it…
    hopefully not too expensive 

  121. Looks like it will be a great sniper, with that speed you should easily be
    able to move from position to position and support your team although i
    have a feeling it will hurt if your team melts.

  122. Great video QB! There’s a scorpion here in OKC OK at the 45ID museum.
    Finally get my wish to drive one! Finally a premium tank that could be
    worth the money. 

  123. Turn the subtitles on for extra lolz.

  124. I actually used SU-152 with 152 mm gun 8/10 one shot scorpion XD

  125. They need even more American TDs?

  126. You mad bro E25’s gun is the best feature of it

  127. my Su-152 very happy at least

  128. American premium TD? Only 2 years too late…

  129. Shoot the ammo rack clearly visible on the back of the tank, and RNG only
    damages tracks :^)

  130. This tank has armour (skin) which is actually thinner than Jeep Willis has
    it. Jeep Willis had 1.5mm tick skin and in military terms it is considered
    soft skin and not armour. Bear in mind that 7.62mm round can penetrate over
    10 mm steel plate on 100m distance. That will tell you that this tank had
    strong chassis and body which could protect crew against weather elements
    only providing that hail stones are not bigger than hazelnuts. Protection
    against shrapnel? Yes if the explosion occurred 200 – 300m away (depending
    of ordinance) and shrapnel was very small and in free fall from hight.

    From a distance of 50m with pistol 9mm you could penetrate it without any
    problems. Just have look at ordinary lorry and you will see that they have
    greater weight than this tank. No wonder no one liked it on battlefield,
    not even Americans are that stupid. Its role should be a fire support from
    well hidden place from max distance.

  131. I’m glad you stopped calling it a German tank destroyer. And it really
    ticks me off that WG goes to great lengths to please the Russian bias with
    adding tanks like the SU-100Y into the game because the 122-44 didn’t have
    enough crew space to train the large Russian crews. Now they add this TD in
    which only seats 4, considering the average American TD is 5 to 6 crew this
    is just an idiotic play on WGs part. Now I know this is done 100% as a
    money grubbing tactic, they know people won’t be happy with only 4 crew
    training and down the road will release something with 6 crew so we will
    have to buy another tank and never play this one again. Those ass clowns
    manage to make me hate this game with every single thing they do in recent
    months, and I’m glad other games are just around the corner so I don’t have
    to continue playing this shit hole game.

  132. it’s armor is literally sheet metal

  133. And I would encourage NO ONE to buy this tank as in a month or two you will
    release a 6 crew version, so don’t waste your money and let WG think they
    can scam you so easily. 

  134. How the F*ch does it only have 1mm armor!? a car has more armor than that!
    you can almost punch dents in it.

  135. looks like the worst T7 TD in the game 🙂 lol

  136. noob arty

  137. now will a crew member be called cheif 🙂 if you get my joke like this

  138. soooo,a tier 7 hellcat?

  139. looks like Wall-E
    I like it

  140. Kinda like a DMax but with speed and accuracy. I’m buying one.

  141. Scorpion is a really good name for that :D

  142. You can get Churchill GC for free. Why buy this torture machine for real
    money? 😀 No armor + low view range, great combination WG… truly amazing.

  143. My kv 2 will love this. :)

  144. I think I spotted Peppy! :D

  145. Last night I had a dream where Quickybaby was a heroin consumer and the
    only thing that could replace heroin was playing World of tanks and thats
    why he plays a lot….then i woke up and then this. I don’t watch his
    videos that much but wtf….

  146. 3:11 WTF was that next to you?

  147. lol 1 mm beautifull

  148. I agree that the scorpion is a very nice tank, it’s a little sneaky demon
    😛 good job QuickyBaby for another amazing video thank you!

  149. ACTUALLY!!!!! its gun shield has 5mm of armor c:

  150. damn you suck at shooting, gotta say it.

  151. If this tank got preferential matchmaking, I would be mad. It’s just too
    good, even with only one mm of armour. I’m quite happy with where it is

  152. Was it just a glitch in the replay or are you actually jerking your gun up
    just before firing? Seems you are aiming way above the enemy when you
    shoot. I understand shells can drop in flight but not that much.

  153. I’m not excited to see the premium ammo being so strong on that tank. The
    single largest problem in WoT for like 2 years now has been the prevalence
    of premium ammo, and how it is too unbalanced. Adding more things in that
    profit from the imbalance is not a smart move.

  154. The Warlord of the Rising Sun


  155. Hope to whatch a video of m56 vs e-25

  156. vietnam tank at tier 7 wtf, first warthunder and nowwargaming are just out
    of there minds

  157. disappointing, has worse DPM than the T25/2. The T25/2 already had horrible
    DPM, and this thing has even less. The only advantage to using this over
    the T25/2 is the better penetration, and the higher hp/t. This thing
    doesn’t even look that great. I really expected this thing to be awesome,
    but it just seems kinda shitty.

  158. why are you comparing it to the T20? The T25 and T25/2 are the teir 7
    american TD’s…

  159. Let’s hope this thing never gets in a car crash with a volvo

  160. martynas samsonas

    looks like a nice money maker thout for tanks like kv-2 all the artys and
    t49 it would be a huge pray thouse HE shells would hurt like hell with that
    1mm of armour probably knocking out half the crew and lots of mudels if

  161. Anyone else notice that the model of the tank has a fire extinguisher even
    if you don’t equip one?

  162. reminds me of Wall-E :D

  163. I want One!

  164. Nice new soft target for stronk tank kv-2

  165. how the fuk does a tank have 1mm armor ? even SPGs get better armor for
    christ could bend 1mm of armor with bare hands

  166. A single HE shell would probably destroy this thing

  167. Hellcat reanimated?

  168. 1mm is wayyy too little armour. this thing would could be destroyed by
    splash from 75mm he…

  169. it ill be rekt by a loltraktor firing he

  170. I can hear it already how people will be whining to no end about how OP
    this tank is!

  171. Awwww its a premium tank? 

  172. The KV-2 dream is real 

  173. QB u ar WG puppy this will be another failure,wg likes our moneys and so
    they pay u to fuck our head

  174. why do you use cola when recording gameplay? it may confuse people that are
    not aware of the cola, that the tank is better than it really is standard.

  175. Can we have some screenshots without you on it from the end of the video
    with the Scorpion? It looked awesome! :D

  176. i think its going to be op especially in a platoon of 3 of them

  177. lol school bus has better armor than this thing

  178. do some tier 3-4

  179. Don’t know if this was commented already, but you mentioned the window in
    the shield not being a hitbox. In another video I saw, the youtuber
    actually fired his gun through that window of the tank that was blocking

  180. Can’t wait to get the KV2 or SU-152 with the 152mm gun shooting HE at the
    Scorpion. :)

  181. Frederick Schulze

    Even the metal on a normal vehicle is thicker than that (at least
    3mm)… do you even build a vehicle with 1mm of metal?! That would be
    as weak as a nascar race car….you bump into something and the side breaks

  182. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    this is part of a move by war gaming to add nothing but lightly armored
    tanks in order to justify high explosive shells.

  183. quick baby i saw this tank like 2 moths ago. I thought that it was a reward
    for beta testers

  184. Servas und Havedenz

    I could even use the machine gun on top of my is 3 to wreck this tank
    if they would implement things like this it would be hilarious
    the 45 mm on top of the kv4 turret would also work :)

  185. 1mm armor eh ? Watch how a 150mm shell from an RHM or the 122mm shell from
    an ISU somehow gets miraculously bounced. World of Tanks hasn’t
    disappointed me with my predictions yet and I doubt it will now HAH !

  186. its a really slow ELC AMX… oh im sorry i meant AMX ELC bis 

  187. I like this tank destroyer. I believe it has good balance and we’d like to
    play it. Thanks for the review. Keep up the good work Quicky Baby.

  188. Why does the movie Short Circuit come to mind when I look at this tank :)

  189. Bas Riemenschneider

    You should have sandwiched the is-6 in the end. Just for the lolz ;)

  190. +QuickyBabyTV WHAT I WANT TO SEE, is a 1 Vs. 15, 1 Scorpian vs 15 Tier 1
    tanks, given tier 1’s can pen its armor effectively.

  191. Quicky why did you compare the scorpion with the t20? I under they both
    have 90mm guns but wouldn’t it been better to compare it next to the tier 7
    tank destroyers in the game? The t25/2 and the t25 at?

  192. I think it should get premium match making with that armour. Even a T1
    Cunningham can penetrate its armour. 

  193. thatbattlefield dude

    This or the su-122-44.. ? I am not worried about armor. Gun is what’s
    important to me. I am an American tank driver so I’m use to working that
    gun depression. 

  194. Just curious, Is there a setting that makes your reticle flick up like
    recoil when shooting? Or are you doing it, if so why?

  195. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date QB, much appreciated. 

  196. ONE mm thick. Oh gahd.

  197. This is very much a gun on a set of tracks. 

  198. Whats the camo on it like? Id assume its good, but it already has weird
    balancing with its top speed limit and view range

    And its not like I ever bounced anything in my Hellcat, and that was fun to
    play as well. This just looks like a T7 version of it.

  199. Very excited for this little bastard. Living dangerously, so little armor
    that harsh language can do damage, but a great gun. 

  200. walleee

  201. Everyplay DaGAM9R

    What pc do you use?

  202. Basically a Hellcat without a turret?
    I mean, a Hellcat has 12.7x more armor than this thing, but 12.7mm of armor
    is nothing to brag about. Its fast and has a great gun.
    Seems legit.

  203. Landoforpresident

    i think those HEAT are supposed to be APCR, it’s probably some kind of
    mistake since it would actually make no sense

  204. The models of WoT tanks look amaizing, but they all feel like plastic toys.
    That’s the biggest problem WoT has next to gold ammo.

  205. more pupy tanks pls its make my games easier lulz

  206. This tank should have a speed limit more along the lines of 55km/h to
    60km/h to further balance out it’s INCREDIBLY low armor, it needs to be
    able to escape.

  207. I wish I was Asian


  208. Amx elc bis?

  209. I’m a writer who writes war stories. One of them involves a tank crew.
    Would you think they would put this vehicle in the game? It was one of the
    three vehicles it operated in the story and the only one which I think has
    a chance of making it (the other two was the Panhard AML scout car [not a
    tank] and the fictional M60A4 Patton, which is upgunned with an
    Israeli-made 120mm tank gun similar to that on M1 Abrams)

    M41A3 Hawaiian Army Modification
    Addition of composite spaced armor around turret and upper and lower
    glaces, approximately 51mm thick plus 76mm of applique armor panels on
    upper and lower glaces plate and turret sides and mantle.
    5mm side skirt outside tracks covering entire hull side and 5mm spaced
    armor on engine deck and turret roof about 6 inches above.
    Original 500hp engine replaced with 580hp engine from T-55 tanks.
    M32 gun retained, but given APFSDS ammunition that can punch through upper
    plate on T-55.

    Another vehicle they did not operate but used alongside them was the M47A3
    Original 90mm M36 cannon with Austrian APFSDS ammunition capable of
    punching through front upper glaces of IS-3.
    Extra 51mm of spaced armor on upper plate, 5mm spaced armor around turret
    sides, rear and top with exception of cupola and below periscopes, engine
    deck and sides.

    Spaced armor on top was common for vehicles from this army, as anti-tank
    grenades tossed from tall buildings, top-attack anti-tank missiles and RPG
    shots into engine deck were distressingly effective.

  210. the second game is so typical wot, noob rushes and mind boggling plays from
    other players lol

  211. Alright so either I spend $41 on the package thats got the 4 tanks they are
    removing from shop (T14, Panther/M10, FCM 36 PAK 40 & TOG II) or wait for
    the update that brings this and spend what im guessing would be around
    $30-$40 in gold to get it. Decisions decisions

  212. So when will WoT get even more ridiculous and bring in Jeeps with TOW

  213. Oh wow that’s just terrible.. It has absolutely nothing going for it.

  214. Anyone here played Halo Wars?
    “Scorpion, rollin’ out!”

  215. all a KV-2 has to do is squint at it and it blows up

  216. do you play warthunder at all? 

  217. bernardo kermessi

    the cost?

  218. Just a US version of the Bert.

  219. Well if you guys didn’t get the E-25 well enjoy being a troll out there.

  220. So basicly its a tier 7 elc amx

  221. quicky do you feel like this is meant to replace the hellcat “in spirit”
    after it got the piss nerfed out of it?

    it wouldn’t be first time WG raped an arguably OP tank with the nerfhammer
    and released an effectively similar premium one tier higher

  222. Just saw one of these on the 9.6 NA server, was really weird lol. Guess it
    must be a supertester or somthing.

  223. KV-2 has a chance

  224. I might buy one of these as long as the price isn’t insane.

  225. These days if it ain’t a russian tank it isn’t allowed to have good armor.

  226. Why are is the ELC called the “AMX ELC bis” in the video? Is it just called
    that on the EU server or is it a name change?

  227. New target for my KV-2

  228. Does it get Premium TD Camo? Like looks like a Nashorn on steroids I can’t

  229. 1 mm of armour is nust so silly

  230. So why is the T25/2 still in the game then? It is not even close to as good
    as this prem tank and that’s just all wrong.

  231. “Wargaming outdoes itself in the level of detail” …

    I guess he hasn’t seen the tanks in Warthunder on max detail :)

  232. Lol 1 mm of armor…? 7 tons on 1mm armor plating? I dont think thats very
    realistic lol.

  233. ネーナ・トリニティ


  234. i dont like it. why would i give money for a tank with 1mm of armor? :P

  235. I just don’t know about the rate of fire compared to its alpha damage.
    Comparing it to a tier 7 medium is a little disingenuous, since it’s a tank
    destroyer. Compared to the tier VII T25/2, which also has a 90mm gun, it’s *about
    the same* DPM (which is pretty horrendous). If you compare it to other TDs
    at tier 7, like the SU-100M1, the latter has about the same alpha damage
    (250 versus 240) and a significantly higher reload speed (5.9 seconds
    compared to 7.8). Compared to the Soviet SU-122-44, another premium TD, the
    Scorpion’s DPM is even more horrendous, at 1845 HP/min versus the SU’s 2925
    HP/min. The only advantage the Scorpion has over the SU-122-44 is its
    penetration, which is much higher, and its accuracy. I think if you’re
    going to give a tank with 0 armor and low HP only 240 alpha at tier 7/8/9,
    it should at least be able to reload faster than roughly 8 seconds. 

  236. QB, you should open tank inspector and look at this tank. You will be
    suprise how many space armor this tank has and also a very troll turret
    armor :D

  237. do you the gost right back of QB at 3:10 :O

  238. Oh right, so this isn’t the Action Man Scorpion Tank I had as a kid?
    WOT, when are you bringing that out eh!

  239. It definitely seems less irritating than the fucking boche tick that got
    it’s just deserts.

  240. simon bak pedersen

    I wish the challenger had the same gun

  241. can’t wait to get called “noob bush camper” over and over again…

  242. 219mm pen?
    Dayum! That’s nice! :P

  243. why is the AMX ELC called AMX ELC bis?

  244. I remember these games from the livestream on twitch.
    After you got the 2nd mastery badge, you said hmmm perfect for my youtube
    Quickly followed by , “only joking”. 

  245. Seems like the advantage to this tank is mostly in the penetration. Rate of
    fire is the same as the SU-122-44 which does 390, instead of 240 per shot!
    DPM a bit underwhelming.

  246. Can you meet tier 9s in the Scorpion?

  247. The 304 does not have an 8 second reload lol wtf

  248. I think it was careless of QB to not mention the really bad DPM compared to
    other VII TD’s, even the premium ones.
    They usually get 20% more DPM with even higher alpha. Only thing thats got
    worse DPM is the AMX AC 46 which gets higher alpha and quite good armour
    and the T25/2 who will be worse than the Scorpion in ALL aspects, except
    for armour (yay 75mm on the front in tier 7). I hope that one gets the long
    awaited buff as it’s trash right now.
    The Scorpion would propably play great as a 2-shot autoloader with a small
    nerf to his DPM or his soft stats.
    It would make him at least a bit more competitive on city maps.

  249. new arty magnet spotted

  250. I must buy him 

  251. ISU-152=scorpion’s NEMESIS
    ISU can 1 shot with HE

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