World of Tanks – M60 Vetro

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  1. 5:55 obj angle and he pens wtf

  2. 5:55 obj angle and he pens wtf

  3. What’s WN8? Still improving at tanks and I’ve only started watching videos,
    streams and shit recently so there is a lot of new terminology.

  4. hey

  5. Vetro FTW

  6. What a scrub, spamming apcr like that Kappa

  7. i wish i was that good whit my M60 🙁 this guy can 3 mark it if he plays
    always like that

  8. More stuff like this :D

  9. nuclearsharkattack

    Anfield — statistically speaking, on the NA server isn’t Valachio the best
    player? Last time I checked which admittedly was quite some time ago,
    Valachio had something like a 4k+ WN8 and 75% WR.

  10. The last second of the replay looked like he was about to shoot the E4.
    What exactly happened when he aimed at the E4?

  11. Masterclass, thank you for bringing replays like this to your subs and wot

  12. More vetro replays please. So satisfying to watch him play

  13. do you think NA player are worse than EU? Because for me it looks like the
    whole enemy team plays so bad

  14. More stuff like this, hell you could start doing a “How to” series xD

  15. its a shame other youtubers just sperg out huge damage games instead of
    games like this where things can actually be learned,, o7 anfeels wp

  16. nice vid & commentary

  17. He is certainly very good, however I feel the typical Russian pro is about
    as good as him – this is probably why RU is dominating tho :P

  18. was he about to shoot his teammate at the end xD?

  19. nice replay but I’m still hoping the AMX 50 B guide will upload soon.

  20. Wow.

  21. Vertro is op

  22. “Best NA player”
    mate that is me
    im best player evah xd

  23. Wow this guy is good

  24. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    first and good video

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