World of Tanks – M8A1 Gameplay @ Stalingrad by APACH [Ace Tanker # Top Gun # Cool Headed]

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Source: Apach clan TV

( WOT ) – 9.4
– American Tier 4
Gameplay @ Stalingrad
with voice comment!

*High Calibar
*Enemy vehicles destroyed 6
*Damage 2046

by APACH clan (EU)

— M8A1 —

The vehicle was intended as a self-propelled infantry support gun on the basis of the M5 tank. The M8A1 variant featured a modified turret and upgraded armament. From September 1943 through January 1944 a total of 1778 vehicles were manufactured.


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  1. New video is up. M8a1 Gameplay. 2046dmgTop Gun, High Calibar, Cool Headed,
    and Mastery Badge. Enjoy 🙂 New replay highlight intro video. 🙂 

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