World of Tanks – Mad Matt

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

There was once a time when most medium tanks were actually pretty bad, and at least one of them still is. What does it take, beyond simply being good, to do well in the T-43? Well a whole lot of other people are going to have to be pretty bad.

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  1. Well . . . If that KV2 player somehow pissed off Wg’s staff they will give him a shit RNG to show for it , for as long as they think it’s funny…
    unless he transfered a 50% crew from another tank and didnt train them to the kv2. Or a totally free to play player… ( no I haven’t looked him up yet so I wouldn’t know…)
    Other reasons to put here but I gotta run off to earn that coin….

  2. They could not count pass 3…love the lemon train…

  3. Your be a mug to buy one of your mugs..£15 plus additional fees…😆😆😆

  4. Hey, Jingles. Wanna hear an even better joke? I once got Steel Wall and Spartan in an IS… Because enemy KV 2 duo platoon did nothing but spam AP… GOLD AP! XD

  5. Who doesn’t love top tier teammates who see the enemy lowest tier fail platoon on the enemy team, instantly shit their pants,and run to the nearest teammate 500m away, leaving you with your 2 other teammates against 2 top tier tanks and 4 mid tier tanks

  6. Having the luck to catch a shit team and a slightly shittier enemy team is rare so good on him for taking advantage of that. That said the matchmaking proved to be far more useful to him than the skill of both teams. You see, while the T43 is a pretty bad tank (one could argue that all or almost all soviet mediums that are not tier 10 are bad without premium ammo) the matchmaking gave him the highest blessing of all. A tier 7 tank in a tier 7 battle (yes, that is pretty rare, tier 7 is one of the shit tiers that almost never gets to be top tier for some reason), Now it isn’t simply the case that he is top tier, no that isn’t really the point so much as the fact that he has bad penetration without premium ammo doesn’t counts for shit since almost all tier 7 tanks have no armor. Tier 6 and 7 are just one of those wierd tiers where guns have enough penetration to go through nearly anything they fight (kinda the reason why tier 6 is the most fun, together with KV2’s and not losing money).

    I hope that guy decided to buy a lotery ticket that day cause holy shit, that’s the kind of luck that happens once in every 1000 battles.

  7. I know why KV2 is hiding 🙂
    Hans Kloss is a name of main hero old polish black and white tv series about polish spy, working with soviets that was a abwehr captain 🙂
    So maybe he is just trying to not get recognized by germans 🙂
    Here is a opening of these series:

  8. should have called it Mad Ivan

  9. The T43 was quite fun to mark, with the derp gun that is, the 85mm is just so boring to use on T7 after u had it on T6.

  10. I liked it. In 2014 that was.

  11. So special episode of Derp with jingles featuring the kv-2 and nothing else

  12. KV-2 player failed too send anyone to gulag.

  13. What Jingles a fleet of Togs against a fleet KV 2’s you say ,very one sided I feel . KV’s aren’t very buoyant .

  14. Richard Winstanley

    That premium AP in KV-2 is actually super effective around this tier battle. Cant blame the KV-2 when the player is just shit.

  15. Hated the T-34 and actually have more good games than not with the T-43. What does that say about me? Back to the mines I go…

  16. Kommissar's House

    I came in expecting to hate the T-43 6-7 years ago, actually ended up liking it. I must be the only one who did.

  17. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    Kv-2 and Super hellcat conversation
    Super hellcat: can you get rid of them ?
    KV-2: Sure (proceeds to fire AP and bounces)
    Super hellcat : can you tank for me?
    KV-2 : Sure (hides behind him)
    Super hellcat: can you atleast spot for me?
    KV-2: Sure ( tries to spot from behind him )

    So ladies and gentlemen this is the classic definition of Soviet union

  18. Roderick Voordouw

    Has our mighty evil yet handsomely benevolent gnomish overlord been watching a lot of The Critical Drinker videos lately? 😉

  19. I sympathise with the KV-2. Stock, that tank is aids honestly. It’s slow in every regard, and everything I encounter a Tier 8 it’s a Heavy I can’t penetrate.

    It hurts man.

  20. Perfect Display of how useless a Lemmingtrain is !!! Yet most Players prefer to make one in this Game and than Blame the Team when it fails…..

    A Great reason of why I play only a few times a Year because of such things and many other….

  21. Best clan name… “what clan are you in ? I am FAPIN” xD

  22. Not only did the KV-2 fire AP, he was doing so with the 107mm! Heresy!

  23. Is there a T7 Medium that isn’t bad in some way? Also, why did they keep the T43 in the tech tree, but remove the KV-13? Should have been the other way around.

  24. May I direct your attention to his clan name. It perfectly describes what the KV tanks were doing.

  25. To be fair, most tanks are horrible to play, when they’re stock. But never the less, maybe I should try it again on the NA server. I owe the gratitude of teaching me to play mediums, to the T-43 on the EU-server….

  26. If I was in a KV-2 with only AP ammo I’d hide behind the TDs too

  27. i thought the “pudel” was named “poodle” and thought, huh what an unthreatening name for a tank

  28. KV-2 player is Hans, gonna take the liberty of guessing he’s German. And you know comrade Stalin does not have the best of relationships with the Germans.
    No guiding shells from the depths of hell for you Hans. In fact, the commissar has denied your request of HE resupply.

  29. Ever notice Jingles never mentions the sin of “No cap, kill all!” when he already knows the team is gonna win? Seriously, how do you say the T-43 is shit, but when he decides to go and kill the last 2 tanks instead of cap, it’s a good thing as opposed to when everyone else does it?

  30. I kinda like the T-43…

  31. Did you notice that Matt said “GG ez” after he killed the last tank?

  32. You shouldn’t go so hard on the KV-2 player. From his name one can say his nationality, a character from a Polish war series, but also his age. He seems to be 3 years old! LOL

  33. Indignant Beaver

    lol This tank was bad. I just finished three marking it. I went full APCR at the end just like this fellow. GG WP!

  34. I had really good games in this tank, I remember it in good light. I had much worse games in Italian tier 7. Shows how much rng can make or break a tank.

  35. Just proves camping = win!!

  36. All that camping without artillery

  37. Strangely enough I remember enjoying the T-43! Not sure if Defenders, Patriots and the like were in the game then though…

  38. *The Mighty Jingles* I Subbed Can You Return The Favour?

  39. I actually love playing this tank but im using the derp. Its hilarious!

  40. AMX with a very very nasty gun
    To bad hes using the 90 and not the 105. Wrong gun LuL
    105 life

  41. You can kind of justify the KV-1 sitting in the back. It’s a bottom tier heavy tank, but the KV-2 should have been in the town no question.

  42. While there is no excuse for that KV-2, playing a KV-1 (or any heavy really) when you are bottom tier in a 3/5/7 sucks. Because you really aren’t a heavy anymore if you run into someone two tiers higher. If you’re running the KV-1 with the 85mm or 57mm, it may very well be better to sit at the back and pretend to be a supporting TD. If derping it, well try to sell yourself dearly in town I guess.

  43. Controversial opinion: T43 is actually my favorite Tier7 medium tank.
    Maybe it’s because I started grinding my other T7 meds with overly optimistic expectations; but unlocked T43 knowing that it wouldn’t be amazing? idk, it was still relatively fun IMO.

  44. I started to enjoy this line at the t44. Then I unlocked the 430 and wasn’t impressed. I now have the leopard PTA and I’m in love. I can’t stand Derpy accuracy.

  45. on my KV-2 i shoot HE only!!! 🙂

  46. My nashorn would love to see kv-2’s use armor piercing. Especially when light, medium, and heavy tanks tell the nashorn to do her own spotting 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  47. That is why I don’t play WOT anymore. I am too afraid Jingles is going to make fun of me some day.

  48. The best tank (in my opinion) are pz iv H derp, T-34-85M and the Tiger 1. I always do VERY well in them.

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