World of Tanks || Make a Plan – Teamwork #19

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Teamwork is back with my brother Zaonce, talking about how to make a plan to dominate in platoons!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. If only more teams would communicate and actually work as a team :/

  2. QB I dare you to play Maus instead of 50M against 2k+ wn8 players.And get your Goldgasm.

  3. By all no means, im a pro in WoT, im a complete red tomato, with 20k battles, and only barely above that ~red marker… (Heck, if Lening comes back, im damn sure he will call me right after Trocky, thats how red my stats are…) But that’s just why i love QB. You can know all about tanks and their strengths and weaknesses (not sure if that spelled correctly). He will just find a way to make an old game to look so atttracttive.
    I just love to play … unpredictably. 20k battles over lastt 5 years witth a lot of breakes here and there. Justt to come back and to see how i can surprise everyone. And as much as i love this game for all its freedom and limitless way to play it – well… Its a damn shame that there’s still way too many people that sttill follow same old pattterns.
    I’m not by any means innocent, since its a teamplay games, and most of the time i just play for my own joy, i’m guilty for letting team down, but fuck it. I do love it, where one of my favourite youtubers and gamers there is – is actualy promoting this kind of way of thinking.
    Adapt, react, overcome, and most of it – have fun doing it xD

  4. Why does your brother have swedish flags on his tanks?

  5. I don’t even play the game anymore and I still watch QB’s videos.

  6. Tyler Houseknecht

    Being top tier in a platoon in 3/5/7 matchmaking. Pure cancer.

  7. The few times I’ve taken my tank somewhere other than the typical route pretty much without fail I get “OMG!! Noob don’t you know the (tank type) goes here?! Already lost!” Even if I do well and they get themselves killed really quickly they still blame everyone but themselves…ah well at least I get a good laugh out of it

  8. I like that your bro has the name “Zaonce” everyones fave planet from Elite

  9. Once again I note that one team is stacked with 50%+ players..

  10. I would have gone city. I would have farmed everyone there and then gone back to base still with at least 1500 HP left and farmed even more. ?

  11. One of the most fun streams Ive seen live from QB. It was a treat.

  12. eazy win..enemy so poor

  13. while in asia server if top tier heavy not going to heavy flank most of the time that flank will be empty with a few sniping low tier td

  14. Top tier superheavy platoon against tomatoes. You needed a plan…when?

  15. I just think that going to the town is a waste of time…..You spend a shit load of time getting rid of the enemy and then you need to cross a lot of open space towards the flag (from the south) What always happens is…..Your team wins the town and than they stay in town, being useless for the rest of the game

  16. Standard military tactics. Make a breakthrough, and exploit it!

  17. Quickybaby what is ur wots game name

  18. Love ur videos but I was hoping if u have any ps4 codes too ?

  19. You should grind out some of the new ones for him. 🙂

  20. i don’t think you can complain about 5% while firing all gold yourself…

  21. with 3 or 4 players who play as a team you can win most of the games, or thats what ive noticed in my short time playing wot, nice video and good team work

  22. Any tips on how not to go insane grinding stock T44

  23. Why does your brother have swedish flags on the side of the turret?

  24. How to angle arrmor?

  25. How there are guys spamming “hello quickybaby” and “omg I love you” in the chat xD True fans:D

  26. QB, do a object 268 tank review

  27. Rule #1. Do not dance to the enemies tune.

  28. hail to the Quickybaby xDDDD

  29. I don’t know if you really want that Lorr. 40 t to follow you 8:48 it’s named “Munitionsverschwender” aka munitionwaster 😀

  30. Just have a look at the average number of matches played in the second battle. Writing was on the wall.

  31. Please more of these games love it when you play with someone!!

  32. This is not what an E100 looks like

  33. Kinda like 3 5 7 when your in a capable sneaky tank, great for my moe progression

  34. 10:45 well that was a cool shot from arty

  35. Why does QB’s brother have swedish flag on the side of the turret 😀

  36. Luv the team work.

  37. Matthew Quetcher

    Do u share your gf with your brother

  38. Alexandru Chitic

    Plz play one match with t54 heavy tank

  39. I Honestly love to see the old T10 tanks in action on your channel, not just the “meta” tanks like russian meds and auto loaders.
    I’m glad that you gave us theese tips.

  40. Siegried Line in assault mode is ok but what do you think about Erlenberg in assault mode?
    Every time I play it, I think I should delete this mode…

    Most of fails come from selfish gameplays or newbies who act like newbies: hiding behind rocks near base, not finishing the tank in the 50m range wich gonna kill u…
    Final part: people who don’t understand they have to stop their attack when they have to.
    Maybe the biggest difference between low tiers and high tiers, don’t expect anything form anyone in low tiers, even average players.

  41. Good luck trying anything original or even tactically sound moves. Do that = Destroyed in chat, abandoned and boom….

  42. zildjian red corpin

    Was top gun as Tiger P, only 3 of us in the town. Rest of my team on the bridge, manage to destroy enemy IS and some mediums, all of my allies on the bridge got destroyed and we only fell when the enemies from the bridge started coming at the town. Yeah awesome teamwork as always.

  43. Do 112 review

  44. we are the quickarmy and quickybaby is the king!

  45. first game was possible bc no arty in game…

  46. What was the Russian tank that QB bounced off the side on his first shot?

  47. MM QB + RNG QB + resources QB from WG for be contributor + player good= Pro wn8 +4000.

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