World of Tanks || MAKE A PLAN

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Make a Plan. Today i’m talking through the importance of a plan and isolating opponents in the T8 Swiss-German premium medium tank the Pz. 58 Mutz.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. JackRBLX “Jack”

    0:44 look at his eyes.

  2. Good thing to do is to observe the far more experienced players to get
    ideas about best positioning new spot locations or new sniping locations.
    Also look for the penetration signs made by other players when you are not
    sure about weak spots. There is no shame in not knowing.

  3. It’s all very nice and well to come up with a plan QB but you’re forgetting
    something, the majority of players and especially the tomatoes simply don’t
    have the udnerstanding to work what to do, they can’t look at the enemy
    roster and base a plan of approach to counter what the enemy has. They will
    ignore it if the enemy teams consists mostly of meds or heavies and just
    lemming train the same way they have always gone.

  4. replays quickybaby website doesn’t work for me in the Netherlands. Error
    523 • 2016-09-12 10:49:52 UTC Origin is unreachable

  5. For beginners I’d say download the J1mbo mod (for example) and stick close
    to a teammate with a wn8 rating of at least 1200-1300 (yellow color or
    higher) of the same vehicle type to watch and learn what he’s doing. Just
    don’t block the escape route.

  6. Would love a newplayer guide for it all in game.

  7. How to manage the stupidity of the team. What to do if they are deploying
    in a way that you know will loose you the game?
    Any tips for that. Show some clips where you are faced with these
    situations and how you manage.
    That would really help me.

  8. QB Please Play WoT Blitz!!!!You can play it on PC now…

  9. My tip for people would be, learn how to drive/handle your tank, it’s more
    important than you might think. Also don’t drive so close to allies, give
    them and yourself room to maneuver.

  10. Nice video QB

  11. The number of active players on the EU server is about 880.000 at the
    moment. If about half of QB subscribers is on the EU server, then about
    1/4th should be seeing this and getting better at the game…
    – there is hope… I hope…

  12. i find it quite funny how thrs enough room for chocolate in ur tank but not
    for fire extinguisher or vice versa

  13. I think you(Quickfingers) would have been better off in the center lower
    part of the map supporting team not only with opportunistic sniping from
    hill. Most of the time nowadays too much guys go hill, like enemy T34, and
    then the team pushing in the lower part can wipe out other team and easly
    put pressure on cap, and its pretty hard to reset with that ammount of
    hardcover on himmelsdorf. From lower center map you could have reacted much
    faster on enemy push or set up an attack.

  14. Stupid and sexy pro players…

  15. 0:7 -0:9

  16. this is so annoying to see the list of the teams in full screen instead of
    the real action….
    When will you stop doing it in your replays QB ? We can already see the
    teams ont the left and right sides of the screen…

  17. So many times I end up being the isolated tank as the rest of the team
    collapses and suddenly it is me vs a bunch.

    Now I know it isn’t likely but, QB, have you ever been in a situation where
    you just couldn’t buy a win? You may be kicking butt yourself but keep
    getting teams that are getting slaughtered. How do you deal with it?

  18. I would recommend counting the heavies, meds, tds etc and for example, if
    your team has more heavies than the enemy team, but less mediums and you
    are in a heavy, you should consider going with the mediums.

  19. Someone please buy QB a dictionary. Please.

  20. Very useful video!

  21. That interference from the zoom though…

  22. Still waiting for Italian tanks…

  23. Christian “Lizard” Wilhite

    I thought this only fires 7.5 rounds a minute? Quicky, you’ve been giving a
    lot of misleading info in your recent videos

  24. why cant i see the replays website

  25. I’m super burned on WOT ATM. If they change their MM rigging system, I
    would likely come back and play regularly.

  26. “lets split up” – famous last words in slasher thrillers and WOT

  27. if u cap 3 the game will finished early.

  28. 15 years ago the jews dynamited the twin towers AND the WTC-9. And their
    jewish owner Silverstein got 8 Billion from insurance.

  29. 0:44 he said Gun Dispersion ?

  30. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

  31. this tank is shit. a skilled player can do good but the tank is still shit
    in my opinion

  32. 3 minutes into the replay I realized I saw this exact battle on the stream.
    That was a weird deja vu feeling for a second before i figured it out lol

  33. Johnathan Blackwell

    Had someone call me a hacker the other day when I popped him from over 300m
    when he was going full speed in a cromwell, apparently he never heard of
    leading a target, i started hearing my old drill seargeant and the
    helicopter gunner from FMJ in my head.

  34. QB make a video about 112 in new patch. It will be kind a reworked

  35. because they are noobs……

  36. Hes a tomato driving an orange QB. As an eggplant, you should know better
    than to go hard on him.

  37. am i the only one around here who doe not like the mutz?

  38. Hey qb, instead of isolate, what about separate? :D

  39. churchill VII

  40. PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}

    This comment section has more to do with unfunny 9/11 jokes than it does
    WoT and that is genuinely depressing.

  41. This is QB’s last ditch effort to get all the tomatoes to smarten up.

  42. QB do a t 54 lightweight

  43. the mutz Gun is shit, fullt aimd allways miss…..

  44. As a new player, vids like this are awesome, thanks! :D

  45. “this vehi…sorry meant to say this video isnt going to be focused on the
    mutz, this vehicle is going to be focusing on….” QB 2016

  46. Mutz or CDC?

  47. a b c e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

    Noticed something?

    D’s out for harambe

  48. For a new player, get in to a clan that is open for recruitment of new
    players and are solid and stable. Find experienced players and platoon with
    them. Or even create training rooms to have a go to try out stuff. I know
    there are many clans that train new players to understand the game better
    in every way, from the garage, to crews, tanks, map-tactics and awareness
    on the battlefield.

  49. If some of the feature of 9.16 get onto the live server I shall retire from
    WOT. Don’t worry QB I will still watch your video’s and support you

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