World of Tanks – Mambo Italiano

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

“Hey mambo, mambo Italiano hey hey mambo mambo Italiano.” And they said Dean Martin couldn’t write lyrics!

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    All the while I was editing this video I was thinking to myself, “Huh, one of the Awesome Epic Guys is called Edvin. Must be a coincidence.” Yeah, I’m that crap.

    • are you saying that WG made this tank balanced?

    • After minute 8 or 9, the audio is increasingly out of sync with the video. Check out the final 3 minutes, it’s 1-2 seconds delay there and it happens on quite a lot of your recent videos. There must be some general issue.

    • @vartriiness So true!

    • Well, how would he have had the awareness to simply look at the map, and react to it?
      It’s not an average world of tanks Joe, that’s for sure.

    • Edvin is the only guy I have seen who can use “Fish Sticks!” as a swear word and have it be effective.

  2. Is it just me or every time he misses a shell I hear a NEJ in the distance?

  3. Battlefield platoon medals
    are a weak players crutch

  4. I would love to be able to hear EdwAn scream in this battle.

  5. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Lucky Edwin at least made it past Dave.

  6. The audio is playing a fraction slower than the video is, making it out-of-time by the end

  7. Spending soo many gold shots. Soo boring.

  8. Damnit Jingles, you’re making me want to play WoT again. Too bad I don’t have a PC and the console version might as well be named something else now…

  9. Edvin plays well, but can’t help to feel the half with gold filled ammo layout and premium consumable have made this game possible.

  10. Audio desync intensifies…

  11. Thanks Jingles. Pretty catchy lyrics.

  12. What’s up with the sound delay in the videos lately?

  13. Lol dam thats one solid player

  14. Still hoping for some Subnautica Below Zero playthroughs 😔

  15. “,,, by looking at his minimap…” – which would be great for us to do as well if it wasn’t so small!

  16. That barrel length dear christ

  17. Now that’s a lot of damage! Thanks Jingles! 🙂

  18. most impressive thing, he took no damage, except for a ram on an AFK tank.

  19. The northern flank is about to what? I cannot extrapolate.

  20. Graustreif Brombeerkralle

    Well, at least the M4A1 didn’t get killed by gold ammo 😀

  21. Nanchisan Nanchisan


  22. Edvin the legend, i almost heard him screaming the whole time ^^

  23. demitrybestgamerPL

    14:11 I can hear Edvin screaming ‘Ramming speeeeeed OOOAAAH’

  24. You’re probably aware of this Jingles but there is a ~2 second delay in the game’s audio

  25. Epic video of Justice!

  26. Love the strat analysis

  27. Hey mambo

  28. Jaco Hollebrandse

    Too bad for that ram, I really thought he was going to get 8 kills and keep al of his HP. Would that be a first?

  29. tiger 2 dpm and penetration are great, stop acting like its shit

  30. Jingles style audio editing, just one another thing why I love your vids!
    Nothing wrong with it!

  31. Did he really receive no damage apart from the ramming damage for the whole game?

  32. plus you missed how edwin changed from gold to normal ammo, wich was a mistake on his side costing him reload. instead you call on the tanks poor dpm

  33. Nice video and a nice game. But i have a question. I often get the feeling that the games audio is not synchronized with the visual. There have been some instances in which u see the gun of a ship or a tank shooting but you hear the sound a second later. Is it just me or do you have the same issue in the video?

  34. Georgios Papageorgiou

    Nice one MJ! ytube adds suck d@ck

  35. Awesome and Epic unlike Jingles memory 🙂

  36. Jingles your edit a 4:06 cuts before you finished what you were saying just a heads up

  37. Jaime Fernández

    the only player to damage Edvin was AFK xD

  38. What would’ve been *really* impressive would be if he puled off a result like this in the Tier 7 Italian heavy. The Progetto 54 is an okay tank, but the Carro P.88 is a dumpster fire.

  39. People complain about their autoreloaders and how long it takes to fully reload, while in reality you more then often drive any other tank, loaded gun and wishing you could store them in a magazine for later quick use.

  40. i mean all that pretty much means is that it’s not power creeping all the other machines in the game and not ruining the game balance which is a good thing in my book

  41. My T30 does not agree with you that this tank is mediocre, these run up and do three shot me while my T30 does it’s really slow 17 second reload, per shot. As tier 10, still been bitched slap by this tank in my E4.

  42. This battle was awesome and epic, guys.

  43. John Tamosaitis 2006

    That was a great game, although having no arty might have had a little bit to do with it also. LOL

  44. As a loyal AEG fan, I can hear Edvin’s voice throughout the replay.

    You all know what I am talking about.

  45. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    All possible only because there was no toxic arty.

  46. Damn fine carry Edvin!! You made that turd look like a gem.

  47. the audio quality seems really low again

  48. Jingles: This tank sucks with no redeeming qualities.

    Edvin: Hold my beer old man.

  49. Gareth Fairclough

    Gah, that magazine handling is painful to see xD

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