World of Tanks – Maniac

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Sometimes an E-0’s gotta do what an E-100’s gotta do. And it’s impressive if you can do it without firing your credit card at everything in sight. Enter Manyak2000.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. his name means

  2. He played really well in that game but for that Obj 268 player he should have eh is better of report him to the gulag ….

    • That ob268 actually was terrible in this battle. I had no problem shooting ap in that tank, and usually damagin everything, this sucker, shoots only gold, and yet he still menage to fuck it up…

  3. Okay time to slee-

    Oh no…. Jingles uploaded a vid…. god dammit

  4. Jingles can you do another Cold Waters video?

  5. Lol this guys name. Manyak means f*cker in Arabic (amongst other things). Hilarious hearing jingles saying it

  6. “That one is DEFINITELY not going to polish out” LMFAO!

  7. Gold ammo should be outright eliminated or everyone should be given a maximum of 5 rounds per match at the same cost of AP per round.

  8. This was amazing as always. I also find it entertaining when jingles mock wallet warriors for not having skills and just use gold to compensate for it. Anyways my first tier 10 was the T110E5. It was nice at first but then everyone began using gold. All… the… time.

  9. Yup, the 50 Tp did in fact blame the team for his blunder.

  10. I like loading he rather than gold cuz he go boom

  11. So nice to see a gameplay where a tanker is activly damaging the enemy. Not only finishing them off.

  12. If artillery (or any tank) drowns it should be a banning.

    If cause of death is drowning, auto flagged for review and if it was suicide then ban the account for a week.

    Go down fighting ya pussys.

  13. Scumbags gonna scumbag, no matter what tank they are in.

  14. Love ya Jingles!! Merry Christmas from landlocked Kansas!

  15. No you aren’t being hard enough on gold spamming object jingles. We need the ammo change to come out soon so it’s not just pay to remove skill

  16. The admiral of the TOG MKII fleet has returned to wot! For how long? Probably as long takes plug all the holes to be sea worthy again.

  17. Ahh. I want a E100 again

  18. I mean the fact that he bounced shells while the flattest turret on earth and that lower plate was exposed to the 268 is just a miracle. No amount of angling tends to make those flat turret cheeks work especially against high penetration rounds let alone having them flat on towards the opponent.

  19. Anybody else see the “ACTUAL TEAMWORK” that occurred when Manyak2000 rounded the corner to engage the Ferdinand & the Object 268? instead of telling him “You go first, we’ll follow one at a time after they kill you”, they both rounded the corner at the same time giving the Ferdi & Obj. to many targets to engage. GASP, is the quality of WOT players actually going up? Probably not, but its nice to occasionally see.

  20. I feel, almost, deprived it was over so quick. Greedy! That’s me.

  21. 1:26 To my surprise, me too. I do a lot better when I take 9 heat on my E5 just to kill those pesky Mauses, than when I go full gold. Probably because I don’t understand shell mechanics. But still a little surprising

  22. my first tier 10 tank was the Maus. It’s been years, and it is still my first tier 10 tank. 🙂
    It will continue to be my first tier 10 tank for a very long time.

  23. Now long before I ever played World of Tanks and long before I ever watched this Jingles guy ( Jingles? what’s a jingles ? ) I spent about 2-1/2 years playing WoT Blitz And yeah you got it this was my first tier 10 tank. And I was doing pretty good with the stock 128mm gun mind you I wasn’t afraid to press the 2 key occasionally, which actually cost Gold ! Then I got that big fat 150 mm and thought I was going to be unbeatable…..yeah you all know how it turned out lol

  24. Obj firing AP and HEAT, what an idiot
    In Soviet Russia, you fire 90mm pen 1100 damage HE and miraculously loop the shot and do 1.3k damage against a heavy tank
    Pfft AP and gold rounds, HE is the way to go!

  25. You must really know your ways with the E- 100. Know how to angle your armor, and when to push up. Good brawler. Plain looking vehicle though.

  26. You should bring up the stats of people like the drowner and shame him/her a bit more

  27. It’s always satisfying to watch somebody having a good game in an E-100. Most likely they are not some scrubs that went for the Tiger 1 first and then continued on to suck their way to Tier 10 shooting HE only because that has the most potential damage.

  28. Jingles: These idiots make it all the way to Tier 10 without learning the basics of the game.
    Also Jingles: I had made it all the way to Tier 10 without learning how armour angling works.

  29. Joke of the day: only 5 percent of ammunition fired is gold ammunition.

  30. It amazes me the amount of premium ammo used in tier X games. It’s almost standard!! I refuse to use premium ammo in my tier X because I don’t pay for premium account and using premium ammo ammo is guaranteed losing money even if I win the game!

  31. Jingles, I try to play every game without gold ammo for 2 reasons.

    1. Because gold ammo is expensive.
    2. To show all the idiots that you don’t need gold in quite a few tanks to do good.
    And I manage to easily hit 4/5K dmg without heat in a full tier X match

  32. Anybody else having trouble logging inm

  33. May the JIngles BE WITH YOU!!!

  34. I may not be the best artillery player, but I make it a point to go down fighting.

  35. From the title, I thought your weird Newcastlian pronunciation was a god tier crime against English, but then I saw his actual name and realised you’d made a word play joke.

    Sorry for losing the faith for a second there.

    …Yes, I’ll do a double shift in the mines ?

  36. Irish people here will know why he’s called Manic 2000. LoL

  37. I’m still subscribed to Jingles, but time is coming to unsubscribe.

  38. “firing your credit card at everything in sight” ? It’s been years since you bought gold ammo for real money, Mr. Jingles. These days it’ll just cost you fake in-game credits, just like regular ammo and HE.

  39. Even as a scumbag arty player I’ve never committed suicide. Those that do should be shot at dawn! Which would be pointless really as they are dead already, but you get my drift.

  40. Christiaan Carstens

    Goldenbollocks, the 007 movie we deserve.

  41. The last time I was this early to a Jingles video…
    American Democrats still had a future in Politics

  42. Jong-Hwa (Jayden) Choe

    *Insert “actually Jingles” statement here* ^^

  43. More wot pls happy holidays Jingles

  44. Played this game for 8yrs now and have yet to fire a gold round.

  45. Reeee why must you upload at 2am (American time).

  46. Ah ya manyak

  47. Declan Kerby-Collins

    No more!!! Also I fanaly got the T29 super happy

  48. I rarely load the gold. I bought some. I think it in the garage somewhere. I forget to use it when I have it in the tank. I must admit while I’ve been in the game for years I still only tier 6 trying to max out my Lee.

  49. They should give the kill to anyone who shot an arty last that kills themselves.

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