World of Tanks – Mans Not Hot

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  2. 2+2=4. -1 that’s 3.

  3. You have to somehow face the reality, facts whatever…. That you’re a star, a player seen very good, for that reason you have to expect people “harass” you in game. Don’t ask them not as they won’t change the habit, ignore them and always be prepared for the Yolo on anfield the dmg dealer ?????. Besides all that ignoring them it’s the best thing to do.

    • Except people I can directly talk to and let them know what it’s like might actually deter them because they didn’t stop to think how shitty it must be for me

    • Explaining them what you feel will not resolve anything either, you just have to accept the fact that you`re a notorious player in wot comunity, being notorious is not so easy as you see. They are in the opposite position of being average joe wot player comunity and they got the luxury to brawl you everytime they have the chance :))))). So the best way is to ignore them especially in streams, act natural, and expect the unexpected every match, if its not arty mm its some random guy hunting you :D.

    • I think I have sufficient experience in this matter but thanks.

    • gingles had the same problem and changed the name into some random one in warships, and it worked just fine, in you`re case the stats are to secsi for xvm to be ignored i guess.

  4. It is kinda funny to see your sound wall kinda disintegrate behind you 🙂

  5. What exactly is wrong with the leo? imo its such a good tank and enjoy playing it

    • Compared to similar tanks at tier? It does nothing better than them. It has no armor, and takes module damage very easily. Low DPM. IT has good aim time and accuracy, but too much reticle bloom while moving, and turret traverse.

  6. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    Man can never be hot

  7. Bro the black paint is the 2nd one on the left of the paints

  8. sometimes i miss WoT, but then i remember how everyone is so salty and most of the tanks feel like race cars with tracks… so to the people that still play this, is it worth going back?

    • lordkiller14 I came back recently after a year break and I’m enjoying it… can’t speak for anyone else though… not like it will cost anything to install and try it out again.

    • actually same, about a month ago i started playing again after a years’ break. WG genuinely seems to be putting out better updates.

    • hmm then ill give it a try, it has been a year since i played it. so i hope its better now

    • lordkiller14
      Nah, it was better a year ago in most departments IMO, the only thing that is better, in terms of balance, no AP-arty. Other than that, some tweaks here and there, buffed and over buffed tanks, super heavies and TDs spam in pub games.
      Still, as long as you don’t play much tier 8 in pubs (9/10 games you meet tier X) and don’t get utter shit teams too often, you will still have fun bullying pubbies or slugging it out in clan play.
      Keep in mind that holiday season is coming and thousands of casual pubbies will swarm the servers, making the avg skill level drop significantly.

  9. gettn salty much lately, really offputting all this complaining… just saying

    • +Ryan De Ketenor do you play

    • Anfield Yeh dude, i completely agree with what ya saying mate, i rage just as much and thats why i log off and come watch you. But just see you, a far better player than myself getting just frustrated makes me wonder why it isnt really fun, so whats the point of playing. My wording was wrong the 1st comment, underlying rage at what this game has become and wargamings weird ideas. Peace from down under. The_Gof (NA)

  10. why play the e5 anymore tho?

  11. What’s the upper limit of balanced alpha? 750, like the E100?

  12. It's not what you think

    No way they play their own game. Why the fuck else would they think arty is good for the game or that the RNG in this makes for a fucking good Esport? They don’t care. They got their retarded potato chip deals and shit like that, so they are getting a fuckload of money just from that. Fuck Wargaming.

  13. Anfield I really think you need to take a break.

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