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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I'm in a tricky situation for the T-100 where map control will be key to winning!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey QB! Finally a replay with competent players… You should upload replays with purple (blue) players more often.

  2. Hi there i have a question?
    I sold my T-10 a month ago. But why do i have to purchase it back? Is it because of the new incoming Tier X Tank?

  3. More replays like this

  4. QB + Bass Boost

  5. QB, why did you just go and kill that Obj. 907? He was trapped and a one shot and you were more mobile

  6. First time thumbs down for a QB video.

  7. Essentially youre teaching people how to XVM snipe… Not cool bro

  8. Sadly the vast majority of arty have no fucking clue on how to ping their aiming spots and reload times!

  9. I didnt realise that was a T92 shot at the end, thus presuming that stalin has turned quickys HE shell into a singularity bomb.

  10. I didn’t know it was unicorn mating season already.

  11. What the fuck is wrong with focusing better players? All sports specifically focus the good players, because they can make the plays that win games. That’s how you win. Sounds like all the assholes here are shit players complaining about people wanting to win the game. I love XVM so I can approach certain players more cautiously, and adapt my play style.

    If XVM wasn’t around, you’d have no idea of the skill level and everyone would seem like smurfs. If I get destroyed by a skilled player, it’s more justified instead of wondering if they are cheating or not… I mean, do you dipshits seriously think the guy with 1k matches is anywhere near as good as the guy with 50k matches? The amount of time spent in the game, learning each tank and their weak spots are what win games.

    Either way, all you trash players need to stfu and learn what competition is. You guys sound like a bunch of faggy whiners because you aren’t good at a video game. I swear the majority of you guys complaining are the under 50% win rate players who will never progress because you can’t learn. Stay bad haters, you’re a much easier kill for someone like me.

  12. I liked how you explained how to play light tanks on a specific map. I am pretty terrible at playing light tanks, so this video was helpful to me. It would be cool if you could do a series on how to play different classes of vehicles and subsets of that class. Like light tanks with auto loaders and TD’s with no armor, view range, or accuracy (aka Russian TD’s).

  13. It’s good to see a video that show’s what light tank play is often about rather than, this light tank kills 10 enemies and does 2 billion damage.
    I’d love to see more of these.

  14. Well said QB but in randoms 90% of ur team usually dont have a clue how wasd even works. for map control u need a brain which is something i dont believe many players have. or why else would they be lousy tomatos. and of course im playing vanilla meaning i dont have xvm ( the most unfair mod in my eyes) so i have to read players by their behaviour. so very often i hear myself thinking stuff like that : “omg this team has no clue just fuck them and do as much damage as u can before u lose”

    with xvm its really easy to decide what ur gonna do. but i hate it because morons use it for focusing. the best would be if wargaming make it a part of the game. cause they arent able to block it or make it an illegal mod.

    just shown in this video. from begininning u were focused to stop the FAME guys and ignored everyone else. but i couldnt see that ur decisions were crucial to win this game.

  15. Asian server will be next week (presumably), just like previous update.
    enough time to grinding the T-10 and IS-7, and other tanks too, in the Russian tech tree

  16. @QuickyBaby This game is a good example what I always find to be a bit sad about these types of games in general. In league for example I prefer to play support as do I like be in WOT. A lot of time I’m focused on keeping control on their team, but you don’t see that in the scorings so I’ve taught myself to tone it down a bit and focus more on my personal damage which is a shame in my opinion 🙁

  17. I like these kind of video’s, while I don’t hate huge damage video’s the fact is those are more like getting lucky on what kind of team/players your against where as these kind of video’s showcase how to use tactics and add your skill to do something that would possibly be impossible for other players who wouldnt know what to do in that kind of situation (like me)

  18. Not every that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
    Sometimes just existing in the right spacetime can win a match.

  19. The enemy clan was super

  20. Tier 10 scout 390m base view range.
    Dicker Max (6) 400m.
    Leaf blower (5) 400m.

    Tier 10 lights really are crapped on so much in the game.


  22. What is that mod with WN8 stats ?

  23. Srsly play a RHM and not the LT100 and you’ll see how you cant do it when your tank isnt completly broken and OP T-50-2 = LT100

  24. Much better to see a more er, ‘normal game’! Fantastic escape by you at the beginning, plus that vehicle had the speed to do it, so yes, very enjoyable video. Thanks for sharing

  25. I try to mark my map but when i press t it does nothing does anyone know what is going on?

  26. sadly, marking targets as an SPG tend to put players off of attacking that target as they will loose xp, so…

  27. You need to shoot the upper plate of obj 907

  28. xvm win is that

  29. That Deathstep Guy

    That tank clearly needs a buff.

  30. “So your message is basically to use xvm to target the good enemy players, go in spots where you will do shit damage but will prevent the enemy players from doing well. Great way to revive this game QB, promoting a cancerous modification, and a cancerous gameplay style. 10/10”

  31. imagine a mode which always shows area on the map where friendly arty is aiming/ that would be useful

  32. I got into 3 games today where we had an SPG while the other team didn’t.

  33. no suicide run? omg noob light

  34. Fake unicum qb is trying to avoid facing the real unicums.. How typical… We know you love the unicums when they are one shot for you…

  35. I just realized…the smarter the AI the higher chances newer games can possibly reward you for making smart moves that helped your team in a match ?

  36. This FAME noobs, ridiculous!

  37. WOT the tank simulation of chess 🙂

  38. Can you do a video on IS

  39. Beating FAME is always nice

  40. sometime VERY good players don’t YOLO, if they had at the start of the game (right flank) they may have won…

  41. so, why didn’t you go and get that obj. 907? It would ei easy kill with HE.

  42. Less experienced team you say?? You had players with 2.000 WN8, I would like to see you in such battle with more than 10 players with less than 400 WN8 !!! i bet you would not be as successfull..

  43. What is your opinion on chinese light tanks? Don’t see them much in your videos 🙂

  44. Thumbs down for advertising xvm focus. You often talk about which mods you don’t use, because it gives you an unfair advantage by knowing information you normally shouldn’t have access to. But you have no quarrel using the information from xvm to your advantage. You use it to take out key players and change your play style according to whom you face, and recommend your viewers to do the same. The result is the less skilled players yolo their 2 tiers higher tank at a full hp bottom tier, ignoring the half health equal tiers, just to try to take out the purple player. And in so having a poor game, throwing the game for his team, and ruining the fun for that purple player.
    So remember that the next time you sit there and complain about people playing bad just to shoot you. You are promoting that behavior, you have yourself to blame.

    Play the game, not the players.

  45. What did the librarian say?

    Read more

  46. QB, what use to keep the 430ii in garage? 12:42

  47. I’ve noticed that MM hasn’t been working very well recently. I mean as in tank type/tier screw ups. One /of course enemy as wot would have it) has sometimes 1 more heavy tank or artillery, and then it’s compensated in he other team with lower tier “matching” one. Why does that keep happening?? Also, why do my teams always suck, has drained all fun from playing?
    As you can see, 1+1= wot against certain players

  48. very informative, enjoyable to watch and learn

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