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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m addressing that up to 90% of the winners that placed in the top ten of the recent March of Nations competition were using premium tanks.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. pay to win WoT Boys RIP pepperoni

  2. Why is everyone so surprised? This is the trend nowadays… unfortunately.

  3. QB everyboty used premium tanks because when you have to grind just for no reason you do not use normal tank if you have premium you play and you also gring money at same time… for example I am in 1st class with french 7 tier heavy which is underestimated…

  4. I thought that march of nations would be battles between the nations so we can see how “balanced” the nations in wot are…

  5. Anyone going to talk about how wallet warriors get premium rounds and it just makes it unfair when playing the guy in a standard tank/ammo. And it’s so hard to play a good game but lose the match and lose credits especially when your grind to the top is so hard. Just my 2 cents.

  6. @QuickyBaby What is your upload speed? Just wondering since you do upload alot of long 1080p videos almost daily….

  7. Agreed with the notion that no premium or reward tanks should have been used… it would have made the game so much more diverse in tank use.. although it would have done nothing about the gold spam which we have seen over the past two weeks

  8. Funny how WG made this game mode and all it does is show how broken their premium tanks are. Glad I dont support this game anymore

  9. Finally the Yunk Dokser QBee revolts against WG, welcome on this side of barricade
    Maybe WG will try to pay more QB to change his opinion and to delete this video ? ???

  10. Krzysztof Janiszewski

    I did not much care for this competition, but managed to end up in IInd or IIIrd place on Emil II 🙂

  11. Still mad at the QB from last video… Kissing ass to WG… Saying that there is no russian bias in the game….not cool dude…a lot of naive people are playing this game, they might believe you.

  12. hello QBfangay

  13. I have to agree .. wake the fuvk up.

  14. I almost got in the top 1000 in a stock Emil I. im quite satisifed xd

  15. Funny thing – I was thinking that by default premium tanks are not allowed…hihhi… Crazy me!

  16. The problem with WG in the past 2-3 years is that they are pushing it too far. There had been a new premium tank in almost every new patch.

    Also, there are a lot more tanks to grind since launch. There were only 3 nations back then. Imagine trying grind all the nations now days without prem account or prem tanks. Players are forced to splash the cash.

  17. Watching WG cock up every time is more fun than actually playing WoT these days

  18. Daniel Turtlepudding Williamson

    I just about managed to get about 314th place in french tier 7 using my standard AMX 13 75 and now I can see why it was so hard to push up the leaderboard

  19. There is absolutely no surprise about this. Wargaming has been fucking this game up from the moment they started making premium rounds available for credits, so seeing them fucking this up for most of the players who actually need the premium and actually did this event fair and square, comes as no surprise to me or anyone who has been playing from the moment the premium rounds became available for credits or for the past 1 or 2 years. The only thing they care about is making money and with this event, they have only rewarded the players who spent the most money in this game and don’t actually need any of the rewards that are given to them. The only thing wargaming cares about is making as much money as they can and rewarding the people that are giving it to them. At first, they think about how they can make the most money possible out of this game and then AFTER that, they go and listen to the players who actually want to enjoy this game.

  20. They are likely rewarding those that have bought premiums. And those that don’t own one and are really wanting to win are going to start buying premiums to be competitive. pretty sly of them

  21. But surely if one has no reason to grind the respective line, one would use premium tanks for the competition (in order to make more credits/train crews). I agree some of the premiums are OP, but then again tier 8 tanks are currently screwed up and 95% of the time going to a tier 10 match anyway.

  22. I wonder if we could see amount of gold ammo fired, if there would be some type of trend we could observe… 😐

  23. .it is unfair to allow people to play with their OP premium tanks in this kind of competition but i think WG they can’t eliminate those tanks from it … if they do, that mean they are telling you
    that those tanks are OP and that is something they can’t do

  24. I totally agree with QB, because what’s the point of playing the game if you are going to pay for every single thing you need and when I saw this competition I wasn’t suprised to see premium tanks. Wargaming please if you are goimg to bring back the competition at least don’t let premium tanks in it.

  25. i feel no suprise at all lmao that’s the reason why i wont and never compete in an event like this

  26. Big ups to that tiger driver

  27. This is quite silly QB. As someone with 40k battles on my name, the only reason for me to drive a Tier 8 of a certain nation, is to grind credits and unlock the Tier 9 on a new line, which I haven’t bothered so far. So yeah, I was driving my Lorraine 40t, my Pilot and my T-44-100. I’ve got a Deathstar to buy tomorrow. There are discounts coming thruout December. Why should I be wasting my time, driving my IS-3 or T32 (both of which have great crews and permanent camos), if I can just print money in Premium tanks ? Do you seriously think that a competent player will not be stomping the opposition if premium vehicles were not available ? You think some 800 WN8 shmuck would be able to climb the Soviet Tier 10 ladder board if the Object 907 were not allowed in it ? SillyBaby 😛

  28. Thats why i only play tier 9 in the march of nations

  29. Is there any game right now that doesnt suffer from a bad case of drama? I mean its like all companies are blinded by money and have worse judgement than my 2y old son.

    Oh and btw, if all the unicums and superunicums are so good, why do they use the 907? I guess if you cant beat them, join them….

  30. lol look at the problem with the clan wars campaign its the same you get bonds for taking part but you don’t get enough to get the tank, which is just dumb. You need 4000 for the tank and if you are place 11k (last place to get the tank) you get 500 bonds mhh so you are missing 3500 bonds !!!!! last campaign at place 11k you got the tank !!! not anymore !!! Shame on you Wargaming !!! So QB whats your thoughts on this ?

  31. The thing with the OP Tier 10 tanks is, the thing at tier 10 that wins the first place isn’t thje tank, it’s the player. Sure, the 907 is better than the rest of the soviet mediums, but, I’m pretty sure most of the players who played in a 907 could have achieved comparable results in 140s and t62s as well. Now, the e25s and the patriots and defenders are a completely different story, but, what I’m trying to say is, not everyone who won a top 10 has done it because of the premium tank. It’s just some premiums that give an unfair advantage.

  32. March of Premium Ammo you mean?

    No competition should allow premium vehicles or premium ammo. Only standard vehicles and only standard ammo.

  33. to be fair though, hardly anyone who has a premium tank would also play a standard vehicle of the same tier, I mean what for.

  34. Fun thing, most of his career is built on WOT. QB got some balls for sure! RESPECT!

  35. if they didn’t allow tier 8 premiums not a lot of people would compete at that tier considering so many players sell the standard vehicle after they get a premium 😉 I don’t even have a tier 8 in my garage apart from the tanks I’m grinding through towards tier 9.

  36. WG; “It’s not a PTW game”…. okay.

  37. Im sorry for not keeping every tier 7/8 tank after grinding to the next tier and having to use premium tanks instead to compete. i guess im a wallet warrior now? come on QB thats bulls***.
    not everyone has enough credits to keep all their “normal” tanks in the garage

  38. FirestreakRodimusPr

    now you did it QB, you’re gonna get Foch’d.

  39. I think if someone really needs those boosters and premium time, he can get into the top 1000 no problem.

  40. WG should consider changing their marketing

  41. I just don’t see how it is a competition in the first place, when you’re allowed to play as many games as you want and them not even having to be in a row? I mean, sure better players are going to get it done over less games, than for example players who are worse and therefore having to invest more time, but why should it be that someone who has scored 5 goals over 2 matches, to basically get the same placement and reward, as someone who scored 5 goals over 10 matches? That doesn’t really make sense in my opinion and it once again doesn’t really reward who’s best, but who has got the most time on their hands and is therefore able to compensate with just the sheer amount of games being played!

  42. nekromagus nekromagusiński

    OMG. You open my eyes!

  43. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    This shows how broken tanks like E25, Obj 907, Obj 140, Patriots and Defenders are.

  44. SarcasticbBaby best QuickyBaby.

  45. This shows that this game is pay to win

  46. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    you’re right Premium and reward tanks should not be ablçe to enter this kind of contest…

  47. Surprise surprise, u can got a 907 without spending money …mimimi

  48. Big up for the kv-5 players who got near defender players on the leaderboard .

  49. for example me. IM kinda old/expirienced player. Mostly im playing on tiers X, in my garage i have only premium tanks on lower tiers ( i mean 7,8) becouse i dont see any reason to keep standart tanks at this tier if im not using them at all. So… what then in ur opinion QB i should do ? re buy standart tanks to be able play in this event on lower tiers ? that would be silly , and what is my point ? I think its good that they allow players use premium tanks in this competition.

  50. I got in top 100 with the charioteer but i didnt do it for the rewards.. i didt it only to get that awesome badge :))

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