World of Tanks – Marked for Death

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The clickbait is real in todays’ thumbnail! Just what exactly does it take to get a Mark of Mastery on a medium these days?

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  1. Since I keep forgetting to mention it, the music in the pre-intro sequence is “Trainwreck” by Martin Carlberg, used under license from Epidemic Sound.

  2. Wasn’t it unstoppable force? Just asking.

  3. I spit out my coffee when the mine mine mine started! LOL

  4. Now in geriatric gnome porn category – Two Mice Gone Wild.

  5. When two Maus players have broken 2 keys

  6. Intro was damn funny… thx.

  7. Actually jingles… STB-1 is quite the opposite of the Leopard-1, given that it’s biggest drawbacks are unreliable gun and relatively low top speed, which are the strengths of the Leopard-1, whereas its strengths, turret armor and high dpm, are the Leopard’s weaknesses. Not to mention STB’s relatively low alpha and Leopard’s relatively high alpha. Though to me the biggest problem was that 50km/h top speed.

  8. Probably been said already, but that damaging hit on the Kranvagn’s turret happened as the enemy tank was traveling down an incline, which brought the armor a lot closer to 0 degrees

  9. Damn it jingles! Mine?!?!?

  10. The ‘Mine, Mine MINE!’ from Nemo is so ffin iconic! Love it!

  11. I feel like you may have messed up the quote in the intro xD

  12. How to get HT15 easily

  13. winning doesn’t matter for marks of excellence

  14. The way WoT is going I wasn’t sure if the maus was supposed to be the medium lol

  15. You know he’s a WoT veteran when he loads the gold and goes into debt just to try harder

  16. BEST INTO EVER! BRAVO! *claps*

  17. That was some great plays by the STB-1, he made so many good decisions in the battle and had more than a dose of good luck.

  18. Wows players can learn a valuable lesson from this, just be happy to win and not win harder than you already are. Perfect wording and yes seems like 3/4 of wows players win harder, which shows the plain stupidity of players and mindless thinking that are going through their heads.

  19. If this village is rockin dont come a knockin Viagra test in progress

  20. Nice spot of music in the intro, my dear gnome lord!

    And the use of the seagulls was inspired!!!

    Had to go to the toilet real fast or I would have passed my pants!!!!

  21. Just over 11000 damage and still ran that game at a net lost on silver.

  22. lol noob fight noob fight! lol maus on maus

  23. When you have a salt and pepper tank v blue rinse tank it’s bound to take some time…

  24. Loved the intro.

  25. I dont know what it is but this video is one of my favorites.
    The edits and comedy are very well timed all combined with a very fast paced and intense game.


  26. Epic fight for him. that was impressive.

  27. Odom der Zernichter

    Nice one!

  28. World of Tanks, Brazzers DLC LOL

  29. For the non-WoT players here, what’s a gun mark/mark of mastery?

  30. If jingles is obese like he mentioned b4 n weather is shit in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 then he should try to lift light dumbbells🏋️‍♀️ at home, with high reps and little rest time. Look up “compounds exercises” n do 4 to 5 sets, 8-12 reps with a 30 second to 2 minute rest.

  31. GG! Congrats on the mark of excellence! Thank you for the replay.

  32. Good show Ristwell. Mighty fine for not playing for so long

  33. and the reason I don’t play this game anymore just highlighted itself at the end of that battle. He got 11K damage and didn’t make a profit. It’s a mugs game.

  34. The Maus were both just two chads on different teams. Both had the respect to not fire a single round of gold at eachother.

  35. That was a hell of a battle to watch but what had me rolling 🤣🤣 was at the beginning with them all trying to kill the Maus and throwing the birds from finding Nemo into it 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Nono Jingles, AC-48 with the 120, 3 shot autoloader all day 🙂

  37. An opening sequence full of non-dry, actual humor? Jingles, you’ve been hanging around my fellow Americans too long… lol

  38. Looks like he was not rusty at switching to gold spam though.

  39. Not gonna lie, the music reminds me of Rebel Galaxy and that’s always a good feeling. I’m pretty sure this song is actually licensed for the game too. Good vibes 🙂

  40. Thinking of coming back into Tanks, it’s been a few years…

    Super Pershing and the IS-3 have been lonely, and in need of a serious stroking.

  41. I have got to admit that seeing the rest of the team jsut distroy that maus made me sad

  42. Nothing like some Maus on Maus action to start the day

  43. the AMX did well, the Lowe didn’t really contribute much. he lived a long time but that didn’t help the team win.

  44. “Cannonfodder”, I suspect that batchat at the start knew exactly what he was doing.

  45. What an amazing game! Ah! I was on the edge of my seat for Ristwell’s whole performance

  46. German for “Hot sweet Maus”: ‘Mausi’ or better ‘Mäuschen’

  47. @2:18 “Neo’s fighting Morpheus!”

  48. that opening…. LOL

  49. Many years ago in my Valentine II in the village on Dragon Ridge I rounded a corner and came face to face with another Val II. There was no room to outflank so we both sat there and blasted gold ammo at each other, both of us doing zero damage.

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