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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Progetto 46. Today going to witness some masterful tanking in the T8 medium tank the Progetto 46!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Super KameHameHa

    One day I’ll be able to go to Tankfest and meet QB.

  2. I saw you at Tankfest QB, but I came from meeting Jingles and the line was too long. I wish I could’ve met you. Maybe next year

  3. I got 6k dmg in progetto 46 but only 4 kills 🙁

  4. Wargaming Super Noob

    just watched jingles video with the OI doing the same

  5. Must be nice having your replay called a master game by QB one he could only hope to achieve himself

  6. Gift him premium time

  7. R.i.p T69 🙁

  8. Jakub Jakubovic

    Stop calling it “the one everybody wants” its called KOLOBANOV. Dislike, i really really hate that and its like 100th time you said it

  9. I got 9 kills and 6k dmg and 1k assistants in my progeto 46 yesterday but it was the easiest game of my life it wasn’t very exciting

  10. Hayden L'Ecuyer

    RNG influenced this game…
    Some “skill” but more luck.

  11. Chandler Kristoff

    C’mon QB, quit rubbing it in XD I’m so jealous that i didn’t get a Progetto 46, I’m still waiting for it to be sold by itself WG!

  12. I haven’t ever commented on a reply myself but there are some awkward moments which I quite often notice. At 8:00, for instance, he had APCR loaded the entire time and has not actually reloaded an entire magazine.
    Often, you focus on the gameplay, tank names or tactic but do not really pay attention to the ammo that is being used. Maybe, you could improve that in the future (if you even read this) 😡

  13. never had this MM in 130 battles with progetto, noice wg

  14. SteelWarrior115

    Those tier 6s sure enjoyed that +2mm

  15. Two 14 kill rounds made into cideos in one day (one here and one featured by Jingles)? Holy crap!

  16. QuickyBaby He ran out of AP when he was still on the hill, not in the cap circle.

  17. hmmm both QB and Jingles posted videos with 14 kills today … must be something in the aether

  18. There is no R in idea.

  19. Fair and balanced

  20. what do you do when u can’t get up on the hill?

  21. What the heck, this replay being back to back with the oi replay everybody is showing… i better grab my elc and go for 14 XD

  22. Wow tier 8 premium top tier. Ofcourse its gona be a stomp.

  23. I did 12 kills somehow in a KV-1….still dont know how i did it without dying, even getting a kolobanovs medal that same game. Sadly didnt record it. Was fairly new to WOT at that time and didnt know about recording in the settings til after the game was done. Have yet to repeat it with any other tank, havent been able to get above 10 kills since then

  24. YOUR THE BEST MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. pls add me im tankzilla222 i play that game

  26. 5:54 I almost thought he was gonna say “get sent to gulag”…..and I was disappointed.


  28. Исак Зељковић

    Why do you never use auto aim?

  29. אלכס בדש

    wow one of the best games ive seen on Italian tank

  30. Viktor Tanaskovic

    What you think about MisterCro?

  31. roelof van diejen

    I have 2 raseiniais medals, but that’s on blitz, and that’s 7 kills, the whole enemy team

  32. Michael Scoggins

    Hey it’s me americanidiot I’m your friend

  33. Hey Quickybaby! Please check out this replay of a cool match I had today! I didn’t think I was gonna make it out alive! Maybe even put it in one of your videos…? Thanks 🙂
    P.S: Your videos are epic! Keep up the great work!

  34. This autoreloading shite is doing my head in. It makes the autoloaders practically redundant and is too great an advantage IMO.

  35. to ovp tank

  36. GG, luck and a total ape enemy Team

  37. Luck no skill

  38. 7:50 deosn’t have for like 1,5 min any AP in his tank. Ouhhhh he is empty of AP

  39. Hi about, I’m maximus who came with John at the meet and greet. Had a grand time and enjoyed the time with you. Hope to see you next year. I’m waiting for a blitz video 😉

  40. QB next time can you please be more clear where you will be!? 3 WG staff told me to go to the world of tanks area (with the PCs) and finally we were pointed in the right direction and you had just left! Not your fault though, great video!!

  41. Lol that tiger P in chat. Great game.

  42. Oh. Top tier having fun in 3/5/7 MM … That’s new.

  43. Overpowered tank. Try doing that in any German medium tank and you’ll be back in the garage.

  44. You know, the other Raiseini(sic?) medal video I saw today in another “fair and balanced” tank was somehow more amusing.

  45. No xvm 😮

  46. Christopher Bravo

    Buddy really said “irl” aloud

  47. Finally someone who doesn’t rely on skill rounds.

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