World of Tanks – Masterful

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“Hey Jingles” said Wargaming, “We think you might like to take a look at this replay.” Well I can count number of times Wargaming themselves have sent me a replay on the fingers of one head, so I took a look…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Honestly who cares if he’s a gold spammer. The gun has no pen….

  2. Lol, I saw this in livestream

  3. All the haters who dont know who skill4ltu is 😀

  4. Was going to say he over-matched the is-3 roof but firing Heat so 🙂 WG must love people trying to 3 mark as so much prem rounds fired.

  5. I watch him all the time, he is the best player in this game bar none

  6. Sorry Jingles but the VK72.01k has the same reload the E100 has they are both 19 seconds. the actual Pz.Kpfw. VII has a shorter reload then both.

  7. You really shouldn’t be giving this guy a platform, Jingles. It really doesn’t send the right message.

    “Get exposure and fame by spamming gold”

    Also the title it should be “Masterful” or Masterful* because there is a huge caveat, if it was with normal ammo with an occasional dip into the HEAT when there is no other option then I would be more inclined to agree with you even if I personally think that using any Gold at all seriously puts your “Skill” into question.

    But this just provides reward to bad behaviour.

    It’s like a Chinese billionaire buying a football team and then paying his opponents to take a dive, sure the media might harp on and on about their spectacular results and run of form and success, but when people start looking closer they realise that they didn’t deserve the respect they were given at all.

  8. Probably War Gaming going “Now watch this guy use exclusively gold ammo! If you use it, you can be as good as him too!!!”. C’mon Jingles, this doesn’t show too much. Just that he’s a gold spammer and probably paid to win in order to get the other marks.
    6:35 “The only place you’re going to be able to do any damage to an IS-3 in THAT position is by hitting the commander’s hatch”………….. OR if you’re spamming premium HEAT

  9. Does he play D&D? He just said a nerd thing i recognized.

  10. .I am to assume the person who has that much time on their hands to 3 mark every tank they own. is either A: the most psychically useless individual on the face of the planet when out in the Real world. and perhaps steers a wheel chair through a straw and the equivalent to Stephen Hawkens in 1 game. or is one of Those epic tantrum freak out children you often see in you tube fail videos. or a Blatant hacker. and or a person who will never catch the eye of any potential lover. “For ever alone”. given the guys reputation … im not even gonna dignify him by finishing this video or committing his name to memory.

  11. Yey, World of Tanks again! ? More of those please!

  12. I am playing WOT for 3 years now and , if I can score 3 or 4 hits on a game and one goes in that’s a lucky game .This guy scores big time game after game , how does he do that ? He is an e- games genius and I am an idiot ?I did quit playing WOT and now I am playing Armored Warfare . I have no problem now , normal games every day , every time .I do score hits , i am hit by others and so on .

  13. I don’t fault guys like skill4two for spamming the HEAT as he did. Its the same gun as on the E100, and most E100s are notorious for their HEAT spamming because of how low the penetration of the standard AP.
    Despite being top tier the battle wasn’t a roflstomp from start to finish, the enemy team were at the lead and had a chance to win, but skill4two demonstrated his experience and did not make as many mistakes as some on the enemy team did., while admittedly having some great amounts of luck in his side.

  14. Steel Wool

  15. Won’t complain for the premium ammo spam on this occassion. He was aiming for the 3rd mark and the gun was slow to reload so he couldn’t afford bounces from the rather not-so-good pen of the 15cm gun. I would do the same everytime I’m going for 3 marks.

  16. Awful wot video as always featuring everything that’s wrong with wot. Idk who is more to blame, wg for destroying once great game, or you for featuting it on big yt channel. Shame on you jingles -_- Do more other games videos since you clearly suck at making wot videos.

  17. Loved your comment on him rolling a natrueal 20

  18. oh HIM again…

    skill4ltu.. has the most masteries.

  19. Well played, too bad hes a gold spamming douche. might have actually been impressive.

  20. noob heat spam, crap replay

  21. Of course, getting shitted on for “Spamming Gold”. Actually no, he is using the Gold to ensure he pens, on top of that he actually aims. You try grinding 3 marks in a Tier 10 that has 246 base Pen. All the damage counts and when you are frustratingly bouncing off stupid shots or just plain RNG in the wrong direction, you could maybe understand why. But nope, most people here have on maybe gotten to Tier 7 and don’t understand how important it is to concrete the damage you intend to do.

  22. “The only place you’re going to be able to do any damage to an IS-3 in THAT position, is by hitting the Commander’s Hatch.”

    *Hits Commander’s Hatch for nearly 700 damage.*

    “You have GOT to be kidding me..”

  23. I remember watching Skill4ltu when he had like 10-15 viewers 🙂

  24. I have A VK. 72.01K as well, I stopped playing it after I got the second Mark… but seeing this replay makes me want to get back into it and get my third.

  25. “On the fingers of one head” that certainly is a rarity.

  26. – Browse quickly over comments.
    – Realizes this is a dangerous place and leaves in a hurry.

  27. mid video ad… hiss

  28. Started game with 7 gold rounds finished game with 5 gold rounds.

  29. Jingles, this replay makes me sad, worst replay so far on your channel

  30. this is my best tank. I love it to bits.

  31. You think a sniper award in this tank is tough? Try a SU-152 with the derp gun.
    The one and only sniper award I ever got. The hand of Stalin was certainly guiding my shots in that battle.

  32. You can NOT 3mark tanks without gold, specially with this one, since 3marking is his mission, he need to do it 😉

  33. As much as I despise “Gold Ammo” do remember than you play a FREE game that does not require a purchase to play. If it wasn’t for those “Gold Spammers” games like World of Tank and War Thunder would have subscription models.

  34. These people complaining about heat rounds are funny man, like get over yourselves.

  35. “skillful tu” ? It’s “skill4ltu” skill for ltu(Lithuania)” Typical Jingles.

  36. This is a tank I do not encounter very often

  37. For all of you in the comments complaining about him firing heat, he was trying to get a 3rd MoE which is very difficult, prem ammo can make the difference in getting it.

  38. Most of my marks of excellence were earned on defeats lol

  39. I follow this guy on twitch he’s awesome!

  40. What’s up with youtube ? Commercial videos interesting enough to Watch and not just click away????

  41. I will be totally honest. Luckily i have met and played with this guy in the same team as mine only once in WOT and his brother was in enemy team in the same game. I mean what a coincidence was that. I hope he was streaming then i was in the internet…..LOL. He is also a very nice person 🙂

  42. To all the people that are complaining about the HEAT spam: He tries to get the thrid MoE, so HEAT spam is totally allowed.

  43. You get games like this playing against little kids skiving off school during the day.

  44. That description

  45. Nice jingles n 20 indeed

  46. You will find dozens of these games on his channel. Skill is simply one of the best. And Jingles, he is also funny, so feature him! 🙂 And to all the premium-ammo-blabla-people: stfu 🙂 He rarely shoots gold. Just repeat what he did in one of his games: over 6k with E50M only HE. Good luck, haters!

  47. Actually… He rolled a natural 19, if he had rolled a natural 20 he would have ammo racked him.

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