World of Tanks || Matchmaking Gone Wrong…

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World of Tanks – /M10. Today there’s a lot of cosplay about when the matchmaker goes wrong…

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  1. “Look at all these new players!”

    Actually its just the average NA player base 😉

  2. andrew douglass

    enemy tanks have no idea that the hull of the T29 is many bounces off the turret when hull fully exposed

  3. Tom's Game Replays

    The battle in any World of Tank players wetdream

  4. MM is fucking shits !!!

  5. All youre video’s are awesome!!!!!

  6. 51% win rate and 1248 WN and he is still the best player on both teams. Not sure if funny or tragic xD

  7. all L-60 on christmas event

  8. Can i just say something, ok I can’t open your website, i don’t know why but I can’t. I can’t open the Quickybaby replays website

  9. Matze Gehtdichnixan

    “…your daily WoT business and have a little bit of fun.” I play this game scince July 2011 with —for such a long period of time— only 22k battles and have to say that this game was never less fun than the last half a year/year. I thought it was a bad idea when they intrduced the premium ammo for credits long time ago. And when they changed their ideas of premium tanks should be better than stock tanks of the same tier but worse than a fully upgraded one to premium tanks should be op as f**k and better than a stock tank a level above and should have —if at all— just tiny frontal weak spots the game fell appart for me. It just is no fun anymore. Sadly.

  10. Christian Wertti

    The Tiger has the DPM, the T29 is the all-rounder with massive turret armor, the IS has… well. It’s the IS.
    But it’s bout time the Porsche receives some love. Yes the 200mm armor is fantastic, but the turret is underwhelming so it’s a weakspot. Really just needs a bit more DPM to not get stomped in comparison.

  11. nice battle

  12. *gone wrong* *sexualized* *police came* huehuehue came

  13. those must be GMO tomatoes in the US

  14. WG: Here’s your free rental!
    New Player: HOLY SH@! A high tier tenk!

    *Queues for battle*

    New Player: OH BABY! Look at all these high tier tanks, this is going to be awesome!
    Veteran Player: Great, fresh meat for the dogs.
    New Player: Wow what is that big green ta… *Explodes* WTF!

    *Goes to forums*

    New Player: Hey guys I was trying out the rental tank WG let me try out. The tank is crap! I went over a hill, saw this big green tank, I think it was called an O-In or O-No wait let me check… BRB.
    New Player: Its called an O-Ni, and it blew me up with one shot! I think he is cheating. After he blew me up he kept popping up doing a lot of damage to all the other tanks too.
    Other New Player: ME TOO! Except it was some tank called an Sue-152. I never saw it, but it hit me too hard for it to seem fair. I opened a ticket, but I didnt get a response.
    New Player: I’m going to do the same. CHEATERS SUCK!

  15. Carlos Liceras Gomez

    no entiendo ni mierda, porque hablas cuando esta ek juego en curso, yo quiero escuchar los sonidos del tanques, los efectos y ver el puto video tranquilo U_U

  16. Troll Herobrine

    If you intrested I have a wotreplay when the Centurion AX came in. 30 Centurion AX in the battle.

  17. victor staniste

    The opponents were shit, not to mention the guy in the T29 was shit as well.

  18. Tyler Hernandez

    Still have my ammo for me guns sorry QB

  19. Why have the EU no specials like this…

  20. morgan friimanxd

    ffs eu server:(((((

  21. 4:28 Firing HE… *facepalm*
    We’re hitting tomato levels that shouldn’t even be possible

  22. “Hopefully you guys have run out of ammunition for all your guns…”
    For the record, I never run out of ammo.

  23. Waves upon crashing waves of terrible tomato baddies.

  24. TheSailing Shark

    you should try warthunder’

  25. Early last year, when the Mutz came out on the NA server, I was in my Centurion I and ALL the other 29 tanks in the game were Mutzs as they had a free rental day going on that weekend.
    I refused to play the free rental and 15 (?) months later I doubt I would ever buy that tank after that!

  26. Wotko s Vokurkou

    And i thought when i seen the title it will be a video how the current MM on EU is fked up… since 9.19.. Guess no1 paid much attention cos of ranked games, but boy what a hell it is now.. Can’t play in platoons cos you are 90% matched as bottom tiers in +2MM.. And it does not get much better playing solo…

    Ow and the “7777” T29… if he just stood back in hull-down and waited for time to run out as he was on defending team.. yea, he can really kick himself for losing that game

  27. I see red! All tomato players.

  28. Cosplay panther. I think someone has a new nickname

  29. That amount of RED, this is why we can’t have good things….

  30. Stock Tigers make my head hurt.

  31. once i Was playing world of tanks blitz in tier 2 and i got into a tier 7 8 battle

  32. Most ridicilous I’ve had: T10, my team has 2 TD:s, enemy team has 11 TD:s. 3 jagde100, 3 grille 15, 2 268:s, 3 Deathstars…. Result? We actually won that game!

  33. Its always like that nothing new.. Same was with is-6 and many more..

  34. Lol… All red team :DD NA players god damn.. :DD

  35. This type of MM is how WoT used to look shortly after it went into Open-Beta back in 2010. Only Mutant-6 tanks and PzV/IV tanks *OR* PzV/IV tanks and Beta-Shermans.

    Fun times 😀

  36. max mustermannn

    I thought you would be talking about something important like the broken mm. Especially at tier8…

  37. That’s crazy. Flag day was started in some tiny little town (about 500 people) that’s only 15 miles from my house. Still an unimpressive town lol. It’s called Waubeka or Waubedonia I can’t remember which one it is. But it’s in Wisconsin, Ozaukee County. US of A

  38. ᖴᔕ᙭ᑎOOᗷ - Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    Too bad we never have ‘free rentals’ on EU servers

  39. This is an old replay right? This event was hurr durr, Just drive out in SU’s and kill people who are trying to have fun. I believe this was also before T10 was the only tier you played when you picked a T8+ tank. Witch was good times.

  40. “so many players with only thousand games played”. There are literally only TWO players in that match with 1k matches xD

  41. the average amount of players on NA West server at peak time is around 8000 players (noobs) and under 2000 players during the quiet period (noobs). ive found it more of the decent players have left and noobs have rolled in and fucked it up hard.

  42. Olivier Versteeg

    Think about this: When fire goes into water.
    When you have a fire on your tank and when you go into water it doesnt go out. Like if you agree if WG should apply that to WOT

  43. I’m moving to NA server right now

  44. Eazy Muthaphukkin E


  45. The players were just bad, I kill a T29 with my Panther/M10

  46. Flag day was best day. Every battle was like this, 5-10 red and orange players playing a tank with low armor, low alpha, and low pen, perfect for dusting off the ol’ AT-15a.

  47. Oh how I would’ve loved to take part in this stompery in my Su 122 44

  48. Now I think back to your 1 vs 14 video with all those L60 tanks ??

  49. Daniel Alexander

    Craziest match i ever saw was when WG gave away the raseinia (definitely spelled wrong) bt-7 premium. I played a match in my m2 medium where my team had 14 raseniea, and the other team had 14 and an m2. The other m2 and I ended up looking at each other, i shook my turret/head at him, and he nodded back, we proceeded to drive to a corner of the map and hide together lol

  50. how long Asia server can get that?

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