World of Tanks Matchmaking Rant

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  1. Another rant video, because i _had_ to do it hah. Im doing these rant videos on YT, so i dont have to rant on about on stream. Hopefully making my stream a lot more positive! <3 I got another video comming today. Love ya. <3

    • i have 27 friends on my list, none of us ever speak in WoT or group up and play together we only remain friends because of other games we share in common, WoT is an isolating game nearly impossible to meet people, we do talk about how great it would be to play together in WoT while playing other MMO’s together hahahah

    • deprived& cursed

      omg tier7 is like tier8 now 9 out of 10 are tier 9 games and if u have a top bot in ur team u are doomed nothing u can do its so unplayable now

    • BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

      so you ruin our positive who only watch youtube videos.

    • Hi, i got another experience. I played Ground war Tanks for a while, it was a cheap copy of WoT.
      Everyone wich came from WoT said this game was so much better then Wot.
      After the game was shut down by a copyright strike, i tried WoT and realized , that Wot was so much worse.

      Here are the key diffrence wich made a game superior , while running technicly the same tanks.:
      1st. 7v7 resulting in much higher skill and teamwork. It is just easier to coordinate 7 players then 15. Also
      the feedback is more direct, making the learning curve so much faster.
      I would not lean much out of the window claiming some of the worst teamplays in GwT were stil better then
      good teamplays in WoT. Players just learn twice as fast and can coordinate twice as good when there are
      half the tanks on the battlefield.
      2nd. there was no tank on the battlefield you couldn’t pen with standard rounds of stock guns. Every tank had
      some weakspots, weak enough to get penned by tanks 2 tiers lower with stock guns and standard ammo.
      3rd. the maps, i don’t know if the WoT community is aware of it, but most maps have so much dead space, wich
      is just unplayable. Sometimes up to 30% of the maps…the most boring map in GwT got more divercity then
      the best map in WoT. I’m not kidding.
      4th. the maps were design in a way that there was always enough space to outmanouver the opponent.

      Now the most important thing!!!
      This game was so much fun that most players couldn’t be bothered running premium accounts or buying stuff with gold. Why ease the grind with money , when the grind is actually fun?

      Peolple forget so fast that the number 1 reason for spending money in WoT is to reduce the frustration of the grind and to buy gold ammo to be competitive against other ridiculus armored tanks, without weakspots.

      Ranting about premium ammo or matchmaker is ; far streched; like complaining about gras growing.
      It’s intentional, the harder the gameplay – the bigger the frustration- the more money get spend.
      Frustration is a necasity of the WoT game model to earn money. Wargaming can not fix the MM as long as the frustration is the reason for their income. They can balance some stuff, but they NEED you to be frustrated.

      The advice: look for yourself, do you get enough fun for your money.
      Yes, fantastic.
      No, for gods sake there are millions of games out there, don’t do this to yourself and stop playing.

    • Circon! i agree with every single issue,why don’t they listen,are they just retarded or something 😉

  2. Can confirm, platooning is pretty ok in WoT blitz since +/-1

  3. Seems to me that Wargaming is setting its sight on the high turnover of customers instead of loyal longtime players , Make the game shiny and trick players to sink some money into the game for a few months ..and then next bunch .

  4. But Circon, it’s all fault of the tier VIII preferential premiums!

    Not serious btw, I agree with the platooning being shit under tier IX

  5. I honestly forgot about platooning. That’s how often I see it/do it myself.

  6. 1 guy vs a multi million dollar company, and he makes them look stupid in about 20 minutes! I think 6/9 mm as default would be better since you can put 5 full platoons in there. Not that would will happen often, but it should make it easier for the matchmaker ( i think )

  7. The matchmaking was actually super nice right after the template release, most of the games were all same tier or 5/10 then they patched it and are force feeding us the 3/5/7 bullshit. We’ve got a taste of it and it was SO GOOD when the other templates were preffered.

  8. Could not agree with you more Circon.

  9. Go back to previous version of the MM (+2/-2) and include some team balance tweaks in it. +2/-2 is a fun challenge when kept to 33% or less matches. Learning how to be effective as a bottom tier in +2/-2 was an accomplishment and a nice change of pace in the old MM when it was part of an even experience with middle and top tier matches. The previous MM usually had between 4 and 6 top tiers in matches, making it harder for the top tiers to bully their way across the map.

  10. Agreed!!

  11. Everyone, it’s great we are speaking out and supporting streamers/CC’s that speak out, but in the end the only thing a business (Wargaming) will respond to, is money. So we need to actually stop spending money with them before they will really jump to action and listen.

  12. WG created too many problems in the game, i feel like the only reason this game hasent died out is coz streamers paid too much money to leave wot and thats pretty much their only income so it kinda sucks. Wg barely listen to their community theyre terrible devs

  13. +1/-1 is the ideal situation for us, the players. Period. If WG insists on stealing our preferential match making, the only fair solution is to give us a comparable tank 1 tier higher. This would easily solve the Tier 8 clusterfuck.
    Just my two cents…

  14. I honestly feel like +/- 1 MM is the change that could really make this game take off. And as a long time player I could enjoy it like I haven’t for a while.

  15. Optimized Tomato

    Well said!
    You have Preferential tanks = Go fuck yourself
    You will like our MM = Go fuck yourself
    Want to play with your friends = Go fuck yourself
    Want to be top tier, play tier 10 = Go fuck yourself
    You`re a new player = Go fuck yourself
    We at WG will spoon feed you our way = Go fuck yourself

    For a company that relies on their patrons to support and keep their game alive, sure has a lot of `Go fuck yourself`situations. It is to bad, it`s a great game but all this utter nonsense that has been going on makes a guy ponder why should I support them just to get a go fuck yourself.

  16. Excellent point about the platooning being destroyed by the 3-5-7 matchmaking (and prioritizing that spread). I have not been platooning for a while so it has not affected me that way. Now I understand why we just don’t see a lot of platoons in the mid tiers at the start of battles.

  17. YOU… are CORRECT sir! YES.
    I used to play all the time with two friends I met in WoT. We platooned, we had fun, we enjoyed hanging out online together… they killed that and everyone left the game. It was fun while it lasted.

  18. Fuck Quicky baby. Hes a Wargaming sellout Bitch

  19. I don’t get why WG is so horny for the fastest possible queue times. People would open their wallets more if you consistently gave them chances for quality matches instead of cramming eighty games per hour down their throats to frustrate some cash out of them.

  20. Oh circ don’t remind me of the nightmares of +3, I still remember playing the pre-buff tiger 1 in +3 so glad that shit is gone.

  21. Great videos Circon, I left the game when they introduced the OP premiums because this game is almost pay to win, but not quiet, however, I still love the content and laughs you bring into my life. If you would, would you bring more funny compilations. Great work nonetheless, best of luck in future:)

  22. Nice rant. Always enjoyed your stream.

  23. It’s funny cause in the end, WG is looking at this and planning to not listen to a thing.

  24. Tank diversity is our strength goyz…

  25. I only play multiplayer games with mates, especially WoT
    So if I’m playing, I’m platooning.
    I’m on the SEA server.
    Because of 3/5/7 matchmaking, I’ve played ONE tier 10 game since it was implemented.
    I’ve sat in a queue timing out for half an hour at a time until our platoon gives up and goes back to any other tier.

    Tier 10 basically ceased to exist when the matchmaking changed. I have about five tier 10s I have yet to play because tier 10 platoons DON’T GET GAMES ON SEA

  26. That stuter at 21:08 made my day. Also I usually play with my friends t8 tanks and oh boi we’re fucking 24/7 in t10 games it’s so fucking dumb…

  27. 110% accurate

  28. Christian Vieroz

    its a business practice similar to drug dealers, make your customer addicted to the feeling of destroying 2 tiers above them by just simple clicks, make them addicted to the feeling of proud dominating a match in a “balanced” tank and “number 2”, and eventually make them feel “normal” to spend all their money for that pride. Lets face the truth, as long as there are people still spending money out there, WG will never change their business practice. The only time they will stop drinking vodka is when there is no income coming in, so let them do whatever they want with their game and start suggesting players to not to spend any more money to WG until they fix their goddamn balance. (which will never happens anyway coz ppl are stupid af as somebody out there still preorder bf V) ….blyat

  29. Here’s a novel thought: take the match making out of the tanks (i.e. single tier match making ALWAYS) and do it on player rating. That way you can balance the tanks easily (T29 is way over powered against tier 7 so nerf it). But most importantly noobs do not have to fight unicums and die without knowing what just happened. Fighting your own skill level (and a little below and above) helps you learn and progress, and you can play any tank and have fun in it. But it would probably cause less premium content to be bought and wargaming’s greed won’t allow that

  30. 3/5/7 would have been OK, but Wargames then also totally wrecked game balance by introducing broken tanks. What chance has a new player in a Strv 74 – a good tier VI tank – going to have on a city map against a Defender? Or against a Nameless tank in Asia?

  31. Martin Griffiths

    The Platooning issue messes with Social clans as well, its negative for the game in a big way.

  32. shishx the animal

    Well, I’m playing a new account and finished playing the Comet. Every time I got in the battle I marked what kind of MM I got. 87% out of 130 games were Tier 8 or Tier 9. Amazing and fun right?

  33. Abaddon Despoiler

    Totally agree with all of this. I played with the same two guys in a platoon over the last three years and we were also joining the same clans over the time. we platooned almost every day and having so much fun. it was a perfect setup, no need to talk what to do, everybody knew his job and this was the main reason for me to stay in the game. but this has changed with 357 so both have quit the game months ago and now i did the same.
    i just cant stand anymore this fucked up mm system and so i uninstalled the game because playing alone in this bad situation just make me agressive and annoyed.

  34. andrew douglass

    WG does not give shit about this rant because all These changes suggested will mean less real world income for them

  35. I 10000% agree with you I can’t bring myself to play tier 8s because how bad the mm. What’s the point of buying any premium tanks if you are going to get your ass handed to you every game

  36. Dominic Corrado

    You are always right

  37. the same MM is in effect in WOWS as well, and it makes mid teirs horrible to play especially in a platoon where its not uncommon to be bottom teir 70%+ of the time ( my personal record was 15 games at teir 6 in a triple division and only getting top teir a single time, and that was a teir 6 only match so i have pretty much stopped playing outside Operations, which in themselves cause problems as the pull teir 6 ships out of the MM queue so the MM struggles even more to make to provide Cannon fodder for all the teir 8 ships

  38. Why can I not hit like multiple times?

  39. Well said. Some tank classes do better than others at +/-2 but in general it is unpleasant. 2 tier MM could go 5/10, 6/9 or 7/8 for that matter and would be much better than 3/5/7.

  40. “for the final sol….solu… f*ck, i cant say that on youtube… ahh, option!”^^
    Apart from that….
    The 3-5-7-MM COULD actually work even for T8 tanks if WG would not focus the ENTIRE credit grinding on T8 premium tanks… you have like double the amount of T8 tanks waiting in the queue than you should have. Of course the MM doe no longer know where to put them all : ( And of course you are going to be hightier not as often as you should be, because there simply ARE not enough T6/7 tanks in the queue to build matches with toptier T8 tanks : /But thats a problem WG created on its own – because litteraly every credit- or crew-grinding tank in the game is T8. They could have spread that evenly among T7-T9 tanks (of course with adjusted credit income) to relieve T8 MM a little bit, but nahhh… i bet the next 5 premium tanks introduced are all going to be T8 again….
    The remaining problems still exist though… But hey: lets amplify the problem for T8’s even more with a shitload of T8 premium tanks…

  41. 17:10 I started with 4 friends. We platooned a lot and had fun. I’m the only one left. They all stopped at tier 5 – 7. Never came back. So I experienced your argument first-hand.
    1 out of 5…

  42. Claudiu Razvan Vanan

    Thank you!!! Well put together!!!

  43. Michael Hildebrandt

    You are totally right – I hope Wargamming will listen to you and they don’t take this video down by a copyright strikes or what so ever … But I don’t think so…

  44. 15 wargaming employees watched this video 😀

  45. Frank Screaming Eagle Selleslagh

    Not one word or remark do I not agree with. It’s a sad thing to see that WG does NOT even CARE of what their players (paying customers) are giving as remarks through means as CC players. I do hope they would FOR ONCE follow your sugestions on this mm-problem.

  46. My grumble is seeing 12 statistically best players on the same team. Getting rofflestomped game after game makes watching paint dry so much more interesting. The is no reason why WG can’t select 30 players for a game and shuffle the teams for skill levels, but WG never listen….

  47. Thanks for finally speaking up. What the community wants!

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