World of Tanks – Maus 3rd Session Finish

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Source: Anfield

of the weirdest 3 mark experiences..


  1. What program are you using at the end of the video to look at what you did
    in battle?

  2. Glorious Potato

    That Conq beside you in the first game must’ve thought:
    Oh look, dis guy has shiny wn8, let me follow him

  3. ‫مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا Europe turns Islamic مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا‬‎

    tvp is the oldest t10^^ Why you always lying?

  4. Thank you, I love these 3 mark videos. I like my Maus, it’s surprisingly
    good at what it does well and unsurprisingly bad at what it doesn’t. I’m
    glad I have it, though I don’t often play it.

    I played my VK45.02B with the 105 mm gun for more dpm at the cost of penn.
    This worked very well as you have time to aim at weak spots because you can
    depend on the armor (at least, you learn in what circumstances you can
    depend on it). This is also true for the Maus, it doesn’t need a penn buff
    but a bit better reload time would be nice to keep up with the power creep.

  5. That damage farm on the assault with the T30 track ram was an epic lesson
    in how to maximize damage.

  6. On what percentage have you started? Does it help if you play these games
    in a row, or you can do it in a random amount of time for example 2-3
    battles a day for 3-4 months? I’m kinda struggling with my second mark on
    Fcm with 1,9k dpg in last 130 battles, cant get it above 80%

  7. 3 mark my Maus? I am 1 down….lel. Also I told you, the Maus isn’t as bad
    as people make out. Did you not get the feeling in some of your matches,
    people have forgotten how to fight it? I have been saying for ages th tank
    needs a pen and dpm buff, it would be pretty great again.

  8. Interested: why do you turn the chat off?
    Great playing!

  9. Hey man great video as always, could you maybe do something on things to
    consider if trying to 3 mark tanks?

    I want to try and 3 mark a tank but have no idea what numbers I need to be
    aiming for, and if there are things I can do to boost my chances of doing

  10. Hey Anfield… You said a Maus cant ram … Do you want a reamming replay
    from a normal game in a Maus? I did 1,2k ramming dmg xD

  11. One question. Your money ?? When u do 3rd mark session u always use gold..
    how much did it cost ?

  12. “Warpack is awesome on a maus it looks like”

  13. I’d always wondered if anybody in the world had three marked the Maus…
    trust Anfield to do it XD

  14. anfield you should do a new video series about maps and certain
    lines/corridors/spots on them for various tank classes. like, where to go
    on sigfried line with med tanks or where to go on kharkov with heavies,
    shit like that. a lot of people would like to learn where to actually go
    with their tanks for maximum effectivenes, and while i’ve learned most of
    these spots from watching you/foch/other streamers, every day i find new
    spots and ideas or learn why some of my go-to spots or lines are bad. i
    think it would be very noob-friendly and as such it’d get shared around and
    accumultae maybe even hundreds of thousands of views, if it’s something
    useful, insightful and well thought out.

  15. DeGameKing Niks

    Nicu Anfield

  16. DankMemeLord = Anfield confirmed?

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