World of Tanks – MausTrap

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Micheal Wittman walks into a bar with a Tiger II on his shoulder. The barman says “Where did you that?” The TIger II says “Oh there are millions of them running free in Germany.”

Thanks, thanks, I’ll be here all week.

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  1. Jingles, you lost about 15k subscribers, you have only 498k.

  2. Does any one know his intro song?

  3. 2:42 You certainly can’t spot the artillery from that hill. One look at his
    view range circle and you know it.. It’s even more clear at 4:00 when he is
    on that position and you see that his draw range isn’t even good enough to
    see artillery even when they’re spotted.

  4. Almost at 500k…cmooon

  5. I remember skytzo. Good to see him again :)

  6. jingles has been hit by the youtube purge

  7. AFAIK the front turret of the maus is more than 200mm.

  8. C’mon Jingles! Get that 500K!!

  9. Cromwells are op af

  10. TheLightningWolf

    wtf happend to your 500k subs! guys come on! sub!

  11. since i havent play wot in a long time, The timer scared the crap out of me

  12. I saw the replay at ur June geek box villain vid in ur monitor lol, were u
    watching it!!!

  13. why was the maus driver using premium on the grille 15??

  14. The guy in the maus was so lucky with snap shots

  15. Was anybody else expecting the Cromwell to accidentally bump the AT8 ever
    so slightly and tragically die? I’ve been watching Quickybaby heartbreakers
    too much…

  16. Donald Wrightson

    How’s the fish?

  17. Ah those new changes in chat, how lovely… :)

  18. If you’d just get back to playin’ WoT Jingles, not only you’d prolly get
    sh*t load of new subs (just look at QBs channel exponential growth mostly
    based on WoT content alone), you’d also make your long-term subscribers way
    more happy!! Watching your youtube content about WoT is entertaining but
    eventually it all comes down to: you talk the talk, but do you (at least
    crawl) the walk??

  19. Hè could angle way better but whatever

  20. Kappa ” I can see your mod with my mod”

  21. Love your commentary.

  22. And that Tiger at the end had the balls to call the Lorraine Idiot after he
    himself gave the Lorraine’s position away…

  23. Hi Mr Jingles! I’m a big fan of yours! I wish I could go to tankfest to
    meet you

  24. Hi Mr Jingles! I’m a big fan of yours! I wish I could go to tankfest to
    meet you

  25. Hi Mr Jingles! I’m a big fan of yours! I wish I could go to tankfest to
    meet you

  26. Jingles .. Lorraine manuverable tank? Rly? Stop embarassing ur self man :)

  27. -Jingles, what does the post-battles results say about deflected damage?

    -ITS OVER 9000!!!

  28. so a video about an over powered op tank and one that isn’t so much?

  29. Jingles, since I know you like GuP, have you watched the movie yet?

  30. Jingles you lost subscribers what happened?!?!?!?

  31. Why is jingles back down to 498k subs, before he was at 500k+

  32. The Maus is a old girl that still has some tricks up her sleeve

  33. Maverick Spitfire

    The first game ended like fury

  34. I don’t get why players accuse others of having an aimbot. Of course they
    have an aimbot, everyone does, it’s called auto-aim.

  35. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    DAs MAusen!

  36. Jingles,how about celebrating 500k subs again?;)

  37. MJR_ Malfunction

    I remember skistso from a video almost a year ago

  38. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    As a famous Admiral would say… ITS A TRAP!!!

  39. jingles I’ve just started playing world of tanks pc. I’m a massive player
    on world of tanks on xbox 360 and the one. finding it a little hard with
    the controllers and lay out any advise ? I notice that some people have
    different mini maps scopes any of these help ? massive fan of you, Rita and

  40. James Bernadette

    The changed chat priority strikes again right at the end.

  41. Actually Jingles, that AC 4 is very mobile, 40degrees/s TkTS and 46 deg/s
    TTS, problem was… driver suck!

  42. I thought you had more than 500k subscribers

  43. That joke in the description though…

  44. 25:39 – “Did over 5000 damage”
    Because saying “over 7000” instead is just too hard, isn’t it Jingles…

  45. i saw the results of the first battle in your latest nerd box unboxing

  46. 1shot 1 boom

  47. Edvarts Mežulis

    jingels isnt on 500k any more

  48. I saw a world of warships ad before I watched this?

  49. I’ve won an Ace Tanker on my Maus! 😀
    And I just have it for only 1 week. Love that tank <3

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