World of Tanks || Maximising Experience and Credits

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of – Maximising Experience and Credits. Today I’m looking at how you can get the most int he shortest possible time with tips on getting profit, Ace Tankers and Marks of Excellence.

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a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Hello QB,i am from Croatia and i woud like to meet you,the money is nkt
    problem but is it possible? I am not exoectin answer cause you got so so
    mech of us commenting your vids,but it woud be great if you answer

  2. I rarely play WOT anymore dye to players most players buying premium tanks
    and only watch the game the whole time from their camping area and
    basically doing no damage at the end of the game. Or player with premium
    tanks and play like a brainless noob. Obviously money can’t make you good

  3. You should go back to your old mic, that thing in the middle is so damn

  4. Google: Ralph Fiennes

  5. spent more money into wg exp for gold transfer

  6. dieter van bogaert

    got seasick watching this Mutz replay QB :)

  7. yaaay, i log into the game immediately to equip my KV-2 for spotting, also
    i have to remind myself to shoot tracks rather than killing tanks with nice
    oneshots, cos i need my mostly ignorant teammates (there are a few
    exception though) to do damage with my assistance


  8. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    There is also an addition to this topic. If your team loses, you still can
    get victory credit & exp multipliers for “courageous resistance”, which is
    earning a battle hero award – so still, if your team is losing, get a Steel
    Wall, Tank Sniper, Top Gun, High Caliber, Patrol Duty, Defender or Scout –
    you get the credits/ exp like you won.

  9. didn’t know that about the shared experience between spotter and damager.
    really helpful + informative video, not at all boring!

  10. How about a video to Maximise Your Winrate?

  11. Stiver Ong Tze An

    qb may I ask if using a premium tank and playing foolishly but actively is
    better than using a regular tank and carrying the game. Need to really know
    the difference

  12. The muts sucks??

  13. nuclearsharkattack

    QB — I don’t think that ridge on Sand River is Op, it is necessary to be
    there because if it was not, anyone driving down that flank would be
    spotted by a scout almost right from the north base. The north has the mtn
    range so the south has the ridge. As a question of balance, I think
    Wargaming did that map correctly — esp since it is one of the few maps in
    the game to have all 3 game modes [std/assault/encounter.] Also guys that
    sit where you did and just spot run the risk of being flanked on either
    side esp if the south loses the mtn range and north comes through that
    flank straight down to the cap. All maps have a few locations that allow
    some Op ‘moments’ like Sand River, but once the game unfolds the scenario

  14. But if you dont want to spent money on the game, how do you do lots of

  15. World of Tanks Replays

    How to maximise it? Buy a fucking prem acc from WG for 80 euros and win a
    shitload of creds. P2W

  16. How to really maximize your Credits and Experience in WoT = Buy premium
    tanks and premium account.

  17. You forgot that shoting tanks wich are higher tier than you also gives more
    xp and credits.

  18. Cdc the best

  19. Yeah, if u win the game…
    SEA server sucks
    everyone just sucks
    every battle u are going to see bunch of HTs melting and AFKs

  20. Am I correct in saying that draws count the same as a loss for WR and EXP.
    So you should never play for a draw, theres no use as you get the same. I
    guess repair cost is negated.

  21. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Haven’t you made this video at least once before?

  22. Tks Baby. I have been playing this game for 2 years, and I haven’t even
    know abt this yet till I watch this vid. Anw, tks!!! =)))

  23. Btw isn’t it “maximizing” ?

  24. Do you actually get extra xp for each medal you get awarded?

  25. Do a IS7 review

  26. Well after watching this, i think everybody will start buying LTs :p

  27. You forgot to mention that winning the battle actually helps bringing more
    experience and credits. I am sick of watching teams going on full on
    lemmings mode stuck on some corner completely ignoring the fact that we are
    being capped. If there are 10 lemmings ceremonying a flank every one of
    them feels about 10% of responsibility to go back and save the base.

  28. How does capture and defense points fit into it? I know capping is much
    less then finishing off the enemy. Do you get XP for any Cap points even if
    the cap isnt successfull.

    E.g. There is 1 enemy left and your team is hunting him down. You have no
    chance to get a shot in, is it best to sit in the cap and accumulate a few
    cap points before the last guy dies or is it a waste of time?

  29. … Or you can be decent at the game and play the tank a bit and you’ll get
    the Ace tanker in no time.

  30. Martin Nikolovski

    Its so easy for light tanks go spot and you got xp

  31. Thanks QB! :D

  32. Holger Breidscheid

    Hi Quickybaby, nice video and thanks for the tipps. But sometimes, you
    comments are hard to understand. Your crew announces to much and ot loud,.
    They have not learned, that they have to be silent, when the commander
    speaks (missing perk at WOT).

  33. Thanks QB!

  34. can you please play the AMX 30 Quickybaby ?

  35. my favourite position on sand river ?

  36. hey quicky baby,can you have a full tank review on the is-4,please

  37. Tomato opponents

  38. John Paul MacInnis

    Play to win, unless it’s hopeless, then play for yourself.

  39. so how do heavies deal with the damage share issue to max out potential
    exp? so hard when you have stock guns that do bugger all dps.

  40. Thx QB…very informative!!!

  41. I have done some research on the kills = experience thing. Kills don’t
    increase the amount of experience you get, it only counts the damage. The
    only way that kills do influence your experience earned, is epic medals.
    Epic medals multiply your experience earned ( can’t remember how much ) you
    can find more about it on the WoT wiki

  42. U need a new IS-6 video.

  43. How did u not get spotted at the beginning of the first Game. So unusual
    that the Enemies have no Meds or Lights in the Middle. Normally you would
    get wrecked in your Mutz using this aggressive spotting Position.
    Mutz is nice to make Credits and WN8. I feel the Gun is accurate on the one
    day and extremely random on the other.
    Lot of Friends of me feel that too. I got a 4 skill Crew on it but still
    missing fully aimed shots on stationairy Targets….sometimes frustrating 🙁
    But it´s worth the Gold. Makes fun, especially because of its Gun
    depression, the Pen and the mobility. With APCR 259 Pen is very helpful in
    Tier 10 Games.

  44. Iver Grønningsæter Remme

    Can u rewiev the su-100?

  45. I would never kill steal for just a top gun.. but for a Radley walters?

  46. Players steal kills from me all the time….all the time. Seems to be a
    norm in WoT. P.O.S. move IMO.

  47. Stb-1 or the newly buffed M48 Patton? Hey QuickyBaby, I am fairly a new
    player with a few months under my belt and Im going down those lines and
    both seem really good. I was wondering if you could shed some light between
    the two tanks or with all this new updates, could you do a medium tanks
    comparison video expanding on each tank’s strengths, weaknesses, and any
    other information a new player might want to know? Keep up the great work!

  48. what happened to the AMX CDC quicky?

  49. TheColombian Spartan

    you know, if i get 3 kills and 600-700 dmgvin my crusader, i am happy. and
    i love my 6 pounder gun

  50. Does blocking damage get you more exp?

  51. TheRancidMarshmallow

    So, long story short, mediums are OP for credits/xp because they can both
    spot and do damage?

  52. World of Medium Tanks.

  53. thanks QB you are really helping me with saving my credits and grinding my
    tanks thanks man!

  54. this game is now 18+ because of sentinel. no more 7+

  55. Another important point concerning spotting what you are damaging vs
    damaging what another player is spotting for you: When damaging a tank
    another is spotting you only get 50% as you said. But when damaging a tank
    you are spotting you get the full 100% PLUS 50% of whatever other teammates
    are doing to that target. This further highlights your argument that vision
    is crucial. If there are just two other teammates (that have the same alfa
    as me for the sake of this example) you are earning an additional 100%
    experience & credits.

  56. what generation

  57. I am a beginer player what tank you recomand me , pls tell me

  58. How do you didn’t get shot when you were on the middle ridge? If I do that,
    I will be killed in seconds

  59. Was nice to show also the crew what u use.

  60. all this video did is make me want the mutz even more

  61. What you say about marks of excellence it’s true to an extent. When I was
    working toward my 3rd mark of excellence on my AMX CDC I was just trying to
    play for max damage and spotting/tracking. However, I was also trying to
    play to win the game, and by doing so I was having good damage games, with
    lots of assisted damage. For the most part, playing to win is what will
    allow you to have good games with good damage etc.

    In my experience, mediums are the best tanks to play, and premium mediums,
    particularly quick ones. The Mutz has mobility, view range, and decent
    armor combined with a strong gun. Tanks like the T-62A are the same way.
    Good view range and good survivability which allow you to spot and destroy

  62. I dont know much about WoT. Can anyone tell me why light tanks get matched
    as if they are mediums of one tier higher. Also I want to get a tier 8
    premium. I was thinking FMC Since its kind of like a medium or maybe a
    Mutz. Any recommendations?

  63. QuickyBaby could you do a Crucial Contribution video? Like a platoon vs a
    lot of tanks 😀 ty and as always GJ

  64. That awkward feeling when your team mate ALSO wait for the shot that makes
    it a one shot kill..Even let him kill team mates. All about that killshot.
    The tryhards wannabee’s made wot a sad xp for me.. Guess i should let it
    go.. I dont use xvm, but trust me.. the ingame chat tells me what i need to
    know 😉
    Still the 25% wins are the best ones imo ^^

  65. Lone survivalist314

    Will QB ever do a Centurion 1 reveiw?

  66. All in all, doing anything other than camping in the far end corner of the
    map can maximize exp and credits. I hope my teammates know this

  67. people who don’t play to win on WoT are awful people

  68. is it alright to put binocs on a Tiger 1 to get better view range? I also
    bought a gun rammer and choco to reduce the reload speed so that i can do
    more damage. Trying to get the reload time down to 5 sec with BIA crew cos
    I’m nub and also cos i want to do more damage.

  69. You said that kills are more valuable than damage for XP. Does the same
    rule apply for credits?
    btw, the new mic sounds great

  70. What about maximizing chances for winning? It’s a team game, after all. (At
    least that’s why some people play it)

  71. Wow sweet info ,Thanks so much, keep them coming.

  72. You should really start a series where you talk about how to play different
    maps in different tanks! that would be so useful!

  73. I know this is completely off topic. But I have been trying to figure out
    which tier nine tank to get. I can choose between the IS-8, ST-1 and the VK
    45.02 B. I would like to have your personal opinion QB.

  74. I agree with you QB. You should adjust your gameplay based on what you want
    to achieve. If you want a mastery badge, it’s great being bottom tier! You
    can farm exp against large targets. If you want Marks of Excellence it
    comes down to raw damage done, in which case seal clubbing will do fine.
    And if you want to improve your win percentage you need to identify what
    needs to be done TO ENABLE your team to win. If that means spotting in a
    medium or heavy tank (when your lights think they’re TD’s) then DO IT!

  75. Fabulous new mic QB where did you get that?

  76. I’ve been playing with the different language voices for a while and
    sometimes the commander says something that sounds like my lobster shited

  77. Thanks for the great tips:)

  78. Alika Ostermiller

    So which tier is best to earn credits?

  79. I have games in T54 Mod 1 with 4,4K dmg no M badge.
    Then i have a game with only 1,8k dmg but 3,7k spotting dmg i was always
    near the enemys and the td and arty do the dmg.
    This was the M badge and to my spooting the game was a win.

  80. Aleksandar Djorovic

    you had below average enemies…. Like first battle red babuns… -.-

  81. Most professional world of tanks players train up jack of all trades and
    exchange the medic kit for food instead of the fire extinguisher… you
    should try it QB..

  82. I respect that QB is a great player and all …. but if I had gone up on
    the ridge on the first map like that, I would have been blown off the map
    and back to the garage. Unusual to see NOBODY whatsoever from the enemy
    team putting pressure on the ridge …. how did he know that would be safe?
    That is probably why he is QB and I just average Joe. GG.

  83. This was extremely helpful for new players Quicky I like it.

  84. FlavonoidzExplosion

    i usually just grind with my su100y, love that tank so much.

  85. Play the tanks that fit your playstyle, as you will have better results in
    them. Also, premium time and premium tanks for maximizing profits. try to
    pick up a tier 8 when there is an event for it once or twice a year.

  86. How to credits: Sit at the back in a CDC and help no one.
    How to XP: Play well

  87. @quickybaby Should I shoot a high tier tank or secure a kill on bottom tier
    tank? Should I risk not penning an E75 or shoot the Tiger I next to him? A
    very large percentage of players are not trying to maximize experience or
    credits. They are trying to maximize wn8! Lots more to talk about in this
    topic and I really hope you will make a video about maximizing WN8. Thanks
    a lot for your great work QB!

  88. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    QB missed the one most important thing to maximize everything: WINNING

  89. Great Video QuickyBaby! Very informative and helpful. Would love to see
    more like this in the future. =)

  90. Yuo miss yhe RNG :)

  91. QB i think you mispelled maximizing hehe.

  92. Maximizing view range in a KV 1S, spotting a panther while not being
    spotted, and arty killing him+the TD behind him.

  93. everytime you post a video enemy team totally tomatos gz i saw you dying in
    a t49 instead of 40sec gg post normal videos and not such tomato videos

  94. “That was quite a mouthful” – Keep the mouthfuls coming. I like them!

  95. You Brits and your war of spelling Maximizing. Begone!

  96. How about artillery? Unable to finish spg15 mission for the T55a :(

  97. Jörundur Rafn Arnarson

    Great video!
    You have a great understanding of the various mechanics in the game, helps
    new players like myself a lot to get better games. Your crew training
    videos have been very valuable to me for example, I would love to see more
    videos like this.

  98. This is also how you improve you win rating folks. Get out there and learn
    the important spotting positions and use them. Even if you’re not in the
    appropriate tank for the job then do what you can. Sometimes when you lose
    and your damage is pitiful yet still top damage on your team then it’s most
    likely your spotters got outplayed or didn’t get into position. Allow your
    TD’s and passive players to have something to shoot at.

  99. i want the muts on the xbox one
    but we just are able to buy the panther 8.8 when ever we wany

  100. the other team: tomato soup with a cucumber and little mustard.

  101. How about maximizing win rate ? Oh sorry I forgot every game in wot is a
    coin flip

  102. I thought this video was going to statistically analyze the difference of
    credit earning per hour when playing many average games as opposed to
    playing fewer good games.

    (Spoiler – playing lots of aggressive mediocre 4 minute games in
    good-earning vehicles earns more)

  103. i mean or ya could get a good team together and do team battles… that
    will make ya some cash.

  104. My opinion for a average player on W.o.T, they have a 33.3% avg. chance of
    winning. RNG(either for you or against you), teammates(quality), MM(not
    very good), Enemy(quality). I am a average player with days of frustration.
    I have stopped playing meds, heavies and TD’s. I play lights & spg’s only.
    My win rate dropped 5% over 3months and my WN8 down from 1248 to 707. But
    slowly climbing back to 908 since stop playing meds, heavies & td’s. GL in
    the battlefield.

  105. you forgot to mention, buy premium to get 50% extra exp and credits

  106. So far you were correct in most cases. The only thing that is flase, is
    that you said, that a lower tier tank get’s more xp from shooting a higher,
    rather than an equal tiered vehicle. You don’t get more. However, if you
    are a T8 Tank in a T10 Battle you get more exp and credits, compensating
    for the increased difficulty you had to face.

  107. TV antenna!

  108. As for the center in Sand River it only works vs bad players, a single tank
    camping the ridge line will easily put shots into you if you try to poke.

  109. Douglas McAllister


  110. How fun is the KV-2 ? I seen a lot of good reviews of it so what are your
    thoughts ? Should I go for it ?

  111. Quickybaby, all tips and information are useful. I love to watch you
    video’s and see how you play, and hoping to be a better player myself.
    Still, I stay at 49,23% win rate… It’s seems I have to learn even more.

  112. Well…if I can get my creds flowing back in, I guess I’ll jump back into
    the FV215b line…

    Thanks QB :)

  113. please make more of these videos
    very usefull

  114. QB, just wanted you to know that I thought your audio sounds much better
    now. I didn’t like it at first but it appears that you have it fully set up
    and properly tweaked.

  115. my most credit game was not long ago in the sand river map during the
    rental event were i got the patton KR, with a day of premium that i earn
    and 4.4K asistance from a 212A and like 1200 damage of myself i got 102.000
    credits…. yep that map isn’t realy balanced yet

  116. Does blocking damage give you anything? I always thought that’s another
    factor of the credits and XP but QB didn’t mention it

  117. hmhahmha “angelofdeath” hmmhahmha

    i never had this good MM with mutz in over 150 games almost every time tier

  118. Kill-stealing = ace tanker. should be common sense by now.

  119. Christopher Garretson

    can you some videos for like 1 to 5 teirs plz p.s love you videos :)

  120. one would be mistaken that team based game is about team effort but naah ,
    max your own benefit and let everyone else rot for all you care. The modern
    day creed.

  121. Hey doesn’t understand the grind, he just maxes his crews with gold and has
    all the credits in the world to get anything , and like all of us we don’t
    have 100$ to spend when he gets it for free

  122. So what about arty? Its not like you should spot others and for yourself in
    an arty.

  123. you’ve missed damage blocked by armor i think. :)

  124. what about CDC ??

  125. Tnx Quicky best tutorial ever!!!!

  126. quicky baby sounds like my gay uncle repressed for so many years until one
    day he couldn’t take it anymore. Then he spontaneously combusted. Hopefully
    this posh-lisp-lipped-closet-gaytard bursts into flames too. (Stop playing
    these videos Chandler Bing)

  127. Thx qb!! Great vid!

  128. Twin of indien pz.. Not gonna spend money on that

  129. Well my problem is that i dont want to spend money on the game. So when i
    play my tier 8-10 its like that: Lost game= 3-10k loss.
    won battle= 1k loss – 8k plus. So I have to play some tier 3 premiums which
    i got from the gold events over time and as gifts for christmas etc. just
    to come out even. I am saving mony to buy the Leo 1 for 3 1/2 Months now
    and im at 2 Million credits…

  130. Liutauras Grybauskas

    So, what did we learned… you have to be a scumbag?

  131. To those saying Mutz is better than CDC, yes Mutz is user friendly, all
    those special players aka lobsters, or veggies can drive it and earn money,
    but if you know what you are doing CDC will reward you with much better

  132. Liutauras Grybauskas

    So wait… if you’re not spotting for yourself you get 50% xp and
    credits… is this why artillery always finishes low?

  133. wow, every single thing he did in that first replay you would never get
    away with on the NA server

  134. I’m not finding it too difficult to get Mastery scores in my Marder38T.
    With camo-net, binocs, full 100 crew with 6th sense on commander (yes,
    they’re all training third skill now), I pick my kill zone and camp behind
    cover, and try to keep that cover opaque when firing. I have sometimes been
    in the losing team – 4 down – the only one gun defending our cap, and the
    enemy begins to get cocky and charge. It is here I often get 5 kills
    without even once being spotted. Then when the lead is ours, and arty
    starts blind shooting around my location, I move out and aggressively hunt
    the remaining enemy down.

    As you will have probably remarked by now, it’s a bit of a cowardly play:
    playing possibly the most experienced crew on the field and watching my
    teammates get wiped out – but that’s only because I am unable to cover
    them. I don’t always win, but half my Mastery rewards in the Marder38T –
    and TopGuns/High Calibre rewards – have turned out to be losses.

    Same goes for Matilda where my crew learning now it’s 2nd skill with around
    160 battles. While equipped with stock turret, GLD, vents and coated optics
    (I have optimised mobility on the layout for power/weight 7.15) this
    vehicle is still often late getting into the fray. And when the enemy is
    getting cocky with their 4-5 vehicle lead: I am the one who levels it and
    get’s the Mastery, TG and HC after most of my team on my flank have already
    been knocked out.

    I’m not a great player, since my best moments seem to be coming after my
    team has collapsed. I am unable to lead from the front and, more often,
    recovering the game from the second echelon after my opponents start
    feeling cocky about the flow of their game.

  135. Loved the video! More high level play tutorials please! <3

  136. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !, commented this for past month soo please read this , you
    didnt read Qb any of my comments yet :(

  137. And again top tier battles… getting really boring …

  138. Damaschin Georgian

    When you don’t have a tier 8 prem tank or at least tier 7 and no prem acc
    is not so easy to get exp and credits…

  139. So now the maximum view range is 445 , so that means if my tank has actual
    view range of 500 , it will be 445 , or 500. And does this mean you dont
    have to have bios for most high tier tanks , if crew is good ?

  140. I would add that getting your hands on booster packs for credits & xp would
    also be useful for maximizing your income. A small but useful detail. :-)

  141. Thank you Quickybabytv! I found this very useful! Now I can go forth and
    damage and butt load of tiet X and lX in my new Centurion Mk.7/1!

  142. The Pilot Penguin

    this is exactly what i needed im trying to be efficient by going down tank
    lines (german non turreted TDs, british meds and finishing off the t110e5
    grin) if i die early on or if i die at all i just load up my other tanks
    and try to o my best which is not great at all k.t.g.s is my motto (keep
    that gun singing)

  143. well, best way how to make ridiculous amount of credits (as far as i know)
    is to play tier 8 strongholds with premium tanks, premium account, credit
    tactical reserves and credit personal reserves 😀 i was able to make up to
    190k in 1 game lasting only 4-7 minutes. you need a good clan for this
    though :D

  144. You are the man bro everything you put out is helpful if not to me then I’m
    sure to someone out there.

  145. Quicky I love the video but can you update this style of video for each
    type of vehicle. Not all vehicles perform like a mutz.

  146. My method of gaining credits, play tier 5. Was stagnant on 300k credits for
    a few weeks playing tier 7&8, played tier 5, in a couple of hours gained

  147. Speaking of Ace Tanker badges, I got one on my Marder 38T in my second
    battle using it. I am nit very experienced.

  148. Great video, thanks mate!

  149. hey, your computer is so op, how do you only get 61 fps?

  150. so recent I did 4100dmg in t34 85 in a tier 7 game and got 2 kills. 35,000
    credits and 1200 experience… SAY WHAA? so kills is everything

  151. In a battle, I have no time or interest to focus on kill steal… Victory
    is my number one goal…

  152. How about blocking damage? Do you get extra credits or XP for that?

  153. You forgot one thing (I think!): Drive a premium tank.

  154. +quickybaby what’s with the sword resting on the sofa? Going 3D?? ?

  155. Quickybaby show us games that u arent facing full tomatoes in….no-one on
    their team even went mid which is the most important part.

  156. IAmThePartyMan TV

    I’ve gotten like 3 mastery badges in my luchs

  157. There is this one thing I never understood. Tracking an enemy tanks grants
    you 50% of all the Xp earned by other playes by damaging the target
    correct? And spotting a target grants you the same bonus, am I right? So in
    theory if I spot and track a target I should be awarded 100% of the
    experience that can be drained from his hitpoints right?

  158. Do they have ops in the pc? On Xbox you can chose ops that can give all
    kinda of extra rewards that are helpful for everything. Just today, you had
    to spot two targets and you got 1.25x xp bonus.

  159. Like the new mic, much clearer sound. Obviously being able to afford a
    premium account helps!

  160. i play skoda t 24 atm, 40 battles, 78% rate of exellence, 827 average dmg,
    691 average spotting dmg and 70% both win ratio and survival ratio.
    i mean, 132 pen, 450 hp, fast, can resist HE and only 4.5 sec reload with
    crew at 90%… thats insanity when you have 110 alpha dmg! and yes i use a

  161. I bought a t-54 mod 1 recently and can’t stop playing it. Made a absolute
    ton of credits as well!!!

  162. infinitelyExplosive

    There’s a typo in your description, “Most int he shortest”

  163. Reece “DJ Reece” Guisse

    for us Noobs (and newbies, of course) this is EXACTLY the kind of video we
    need. Tactics and game mechanics and also tank reviews (boring, I know but
    you gotta do your research!) are what will up your game. I know that I have
    been seeing better results since I started watching both your and Jingles’

  164. You missed but two things QB (btw, it was an epic vid, thank you for all
    the tips). These were: first, if you win the battle, you get 50% more XP
    and Credits, but the reverse happens if you lose, you make 50% less XP and
    Credits. But the second thing is, if you get a “Battle Hero” medal (the
    medals such as Top Gun, Scout, Steel Wall, etc.) and you lose the battle,
    you do not get that 50% reduction to your XP and Credits profit.

  165. Thanks a lot for the tips QuickyBaby! :D

  166. Hey QB! Im just going to ask it again, Can you make a video about French
    light tank line? About the diffrence in tanks from the elc to the 12 t And
    do you prefer the 30 B as tier 10 or the bat chat? And how do you think
    about the argue that the elc AMX is good And it wil only get good if you
    unlock the 13 90? And how do you play these tanks youreself? And maybe Some
    Nice stats And gameplay? That would really help me out! And maybe other
    QBers to??

  167. As always, thanks for your advisory skills and videos for WOT, they help
    with some decisions and your gameplay is worth learning from. Keep it up.

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  169. You forgot to mention that you need to pay real money to get more
    experience and credits. This is basically pay to win gameplay. Like all
    other QB’s games. And then when you have a bad game, people, 99% of the
    time are those who have premium accounts and ammunition and consumables,
    tell you that you should learn how to play. It’s really sad that this game
    is all about that. Paying real money to win games. You literally don’t need
    any crucial knowledge of the game, it’s simple and everyone who has played
    long enough actually know how to play. But they don’t have the advantage to
    win and do much damage/kills because they don’t use gold ammo and don’t
    have premium accounts and consumables.

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    He did not mention the scumbag approach for stats whores I am so used to on
    the NA server which so many well known clan players use:
    1: Platoon with 2 other scumbags in either fast mediums or auto loaders
    2: Wait in the very back till the team damaged a good amount of enemy tanks
    (and most likely died doing so)
    3: Rush out as a wolf pack, spamming heat and steal kill the previously
    highly damaged tanks.
    4: Laugh at the players and call them baddies who are upset at you that you
    did not help out and watched them losing their tanks.
    Regardless if you actually won this or lost you still will end up on the
    top of your team (not on credits of course bc you need to spam like no
    PS.: Please don’t play like this!!..and I just mention this because it goes
    unnoticed in the heat of the game and is unfortunately pretty common! :(

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    then said earn it. It seems like I did right?

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  184. Activating the ‘Personal Reserves’ help as well

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  193. No worries for me, i’ve got 8 100% combat experience personal reserves left

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    average player than a tryhard, Pool’s medal QB’s game without a premium
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  196. For making credits i just bought a few prems. So i can switch between them
    and make credits without getting bored.

  197. QB, you’ve been talking about your crews lately. On Console edition all
    crew skills require the same amount of xp to train. This allows for
    specific crews with very good load outs. Do you think WGRA and WGEU should
    do something like this, but make you choose a specific path of perks? For
    example a scout would get recon, situational awareness, signal boosting,
    and call for vengeance. Although perks like BiA, camo, firefighting and
    repairs are available for all types of crews.

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    so. Why? Just as he said today destroyed fuel tanks will always set enemy
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    again if you know where to shoot :D

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    range (that tank cant take a hit in any way shape or form) so your coming
    like 5th on your team having done double the next best damage which is a
    real ball buster because that tank is not fun to play its completely
    inflexible it can do one thing and only one thing but because of the rng
    with sniping in this game it fails pretty often in the one thing it can do

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    on your medium tanks like comet, or the mutz? Or you just go with the
    classic rammer and gun laying drive/vertical stabilizer, and rely on your
    crew skills? Because without those skills, the view range seems not so
    great on medium tanks.. Thank you for your answer.)

  230. QuickBaby can you made tutorials of the maps, like I am trying to get the
    RHM and I am on the nashorn and on most of the maps I can’t do damage or
    even fire because I can’t hide anywhere and is getting frostated at the
    point of give up of the RHM and even selling the nashorn, I am even with
    the idea that the nashorn is a bad tank like the M3 lee/grant and M5 Stuart.
    And when a map have some change can you redo a tutorial on that map, please
    everyone have problems with one map, pilson for example, and need someone
    to say where to go and you was a great player should do something about

  231. NoiseDestroyer DJ

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  232. One way to max out on XP and Creds is to troll scout in a Luchs

  233. Aside from that, I have tier 8 and below to tier 6 that have great DPM. I
    like getting ace, high caliber and other metal. I can get top gun but I see
    desperate players that wait and kill steal my target after I track and
    heavily damage it. I don’t care if they steal it, I’m getting more points
    for the high damage.

  234. something i have noticed is that kills are definitely a big way of gaining
    xp ive had a games before where ive done like 1800 damage with 5 kills and
    come 2nd on the team in xp but ive also had games where ive done 4k damage
    and got no kills and gotten 4th on the team both in tier 9 games in tier 9

  235. Concerning marks of excellence, I’m at around 80% with my T54 ltwt, but I
    haven’t played it in about 2 weeks. It says in the game that the MoE
    average percentage counter is determined by the last 2 weeks (or so) worth
    of all damage in the concerning tank. Does that mean if I take 2 weeks of
    absence from playing the T54 ltwt it will retain the same percentage, or
    will it plumpet to 0 for neglecting to play said vehicle.


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    the way to do well in any game. I don’t worry about kills, they come, I
    worry about winning and dealing damage as the way to do that. That being

    How bad are the players on EU server? I have never seen a game so red.
    Ever. If I sat on that ridge on fiery salient for 2 seconds on the NAE
    server I’d be smashed with about 20 rounds instantly. I haven’t played like
    that in years.

    Seriously. Like, they all just sat there and got damaged. They barely even
    looked around when being shot. Just *facepalm*.

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    that out. great video!

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    microphone come from below, so that it is more stealthy ;)

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