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Source: QuickyBaby

Today in World of Tanks I’m talking about how to squeeze the most from your games and maximise your performance!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Correct that is an awesome position. But the enemy’s team did not hardly challenge Quickys position on the map. When I’ve tried that position on the map 9 times out of 10 I get bummed rushed by two or three enemy’s knocking me out of that spot because they now how critical it is in the battle. Sometimes it works if the enemy isn’t smart enough to either get you out of the position or die trying because you have lost the game anyway if you don’t knock them out of that position.

  2. Thanks for showing one of my favorite tanks QB

  3. A7/8 is another position to counter your position… move up to spot and get shot.

  4. What quality of players are on your server that you can drive across the center of the map at tier 10 with no one spotting you? Are you playing with children?

  5. QuickyBaby
    Thanks for your videos, Can I have some full review on the new T57 heavy ? is it a brand new tank or just the old one with new skin?

  6. Thanks Quicky! Get advice as usual!

  7. I think we can assume the enemy team was shit, since QB had xvm turned off. (He does this when it’s “Teamsealclubbing”). Which is pretty crappy. Come on QB, turn on xvm so we can see your skilled team Teamsealclub a weaker enemy team. (Note, if WG made it mandatory to watch explanatory videos done as well as this one, there would be far fewer tomatoes, far more competitive game-play, far fewer people leaving the game..)

  8. “spotting damage …… increasing your wn8”


  9. I play wot on low settigns ???

  10. His voice voice is so soothing

  11. No Spaghetti CheapyBaby? 😀

  12. U for real? Battle without lights? Without wheeled vehicles? Malinovka without scouts? What black magic is this? You just got over 10k combined and I cant even finish that damn Chimera 8k mission.

  13. In my situation, I am taking the risks and stuff, but I’m mechanically not so good, i.e. missing wheeled vehicles always and every time 😉

  14. More of this please ! Tactics and positioning !

  15. may i send u a gift on this acc ?

  16. I’d love if QB did a map guide. I’m always confused as to where I should ideally be on a map, especially in TD’s and arty.

  17. Thx, always learning something new. BR from Germany

  18. Hey QB, its kind to tell us your tip and tricks. On a personal level each time i manage (very hard) 47,45 % win rate than i always fall in losing streak. Im thinking that there maybe is a system inside wot that does not allow some players to evolve. Ok im a noob but losing like 20 games in a row can not only put on my skills. Your point of vieuw pls.

  19. Of course there are no light tanks in best spotter maps like Malinovka… it is only logical, since MM constantly throws them in nice city maps…:)

  20. Why doesnt it show a difference between with and without premium account in his post game stats

  21. What a legendary metaphore KwakiBaby
    Absolutely Love it 1:10-ish…???
    Keep it up as always

  22. What the fuck are you on about? You don’t often see tanks that are 1 or 2 tiers above you? Looks like you have some special MM from wargaming

  23. Taking advanage of the most OP position in whole game. Unexpected result. GG

  24. SORRY????? now a day you dont see tanks that are 2 tier higher than you????????????? About 75% of my games are like this and an other 20% is 1 tier higher all days, over and over from tier 5 to tier 8. ( I just do not play anymore tier 10 for now)

  25. Why are you not using XVM mods?

  26. Not mine, but wise words: “Play to win! (don’t play not to lose)”

  27. Since 21st of September I Can no longer watch yours or jingles uploads. Everything. Before then works fine but after that date it errors. Have you changed anything as far as quality or codecs are concerned??

  28. Good positive info QB !!!

  29. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    You got to know when to hold ’em.
    Know when to troll them.
    Know when to double bush,

    Know when to run.
    You never count your damage
    When you’re lookin’ down the gunsight
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the tankin’s done.

  30. wtf, I can spot the entire enemy team for 15 minutes and still get only 100 spotting dmg lololol

  31. very good video, thx qb!

  32. Unless you’re on console where the spotting and assisting damage mechanics are all messed up XD

  33. Even from the start the maximum XP coefficient has always maxed out at 20% for non light tanks and tier 5 light tanks back in the day could receive up to 35% for spotting/damage on a tier 10. This coefficient lock was to balance ace tankers and to discourage improper tier platoons. So even if you brought a kv2 into a tier 10 game and did 2k damage you would only receive 20% for shooting tier 8-10 tanks. Now that all platoons are locked to same tier and light tanks have tier 10s all tanks in game game now have the 20% max coefficient.

  34. What a politely british way to say “PUSH UP, STOP F-N CAMPING!”

  35. ebry wone zit a chÉtÄr

  36. Great to see you using this account … I did ask about it on Twitch, but it was manic

  37. How the hell do you get a game with no lights?!?!

  38. 6:40 going once good twice! SOLD!!! TO THE baby on the progeto!

  39. At 8:21 he brings up WN8! WN8 isn’t in the damn game! My god will you stop pushing that bullshit! Personal ratings is in the game! Push the importance of that and not bullshit that isn’t even in the damn game! It’s a damn mod you have to install and it needs to be banned and removed!

    • Personal rating is just as useless as WN8.
      Recent (2 weeks) statistics of a tank compared to the server’s (2 weeks) statistic would be useful.

  40. that locations can be a tough shot for arty, too

  41. Please do a review on the S Conqueror please.

  42. sides on this map are not balanced, gg anyway

  43. i do all that stuff but in world of warships why because i know my skills can ensure my survival whilst in wot is a roll of the dice to see how much gold they are willing to swing at you

  44. You been epic and hopefully I see you soon ??

  45. I think MoE adds all damage and all assist, at least according to the MoE tracker

  46. Hi would be helpful if you could give some tips on crew training on your free to play account

  47. I like your videos, maybe try to be more real. You seem like you are trying to be something you are not. Just act like you do in real life. One more thing, I always see 2 tier higher battles!!! Must be your status as a CC.

  48. How some is7 have machine gun on top,and better looks than other,how can I get that customisation

  49. Some nice advice

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