World of Tanks || Medium or Heavy?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m looking at two T8 medium , the VK4502A Caernarvon, that can’t quite figure out if they’re meant be heavies or mediums.

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  1. what tank is more fun to play amx 13 90 or amx 50 100 ?

  2. How did you ran free camera movement around the map? 🙂 thx for answer

  3. yeah!~~ ive watch all your new vedios

  4. T-10 Says “Hi”

  5. I love both of those tanks. Caernarvon especially, works better as a med
    than the cent 1 imo.

  6. “Cool Guss dont look at fires” – Quickybaby 2015

  7. “Cool Guss dont look at fires” – Quickybaby 2015

  8. There’s tier 8 tanks, nice.
    And then there’s the IS-3.
    So there need to be tier 8 tanks to feed the IS-3s.

  9. anything come of the calendar codes since there was the last one with the

  10. I’d really like to see some replays and possibly reviews on some of the
    lesser known regular tanks.
    Like, the T-43 medium in the soviet tank line … when I look at it’s
    stats, it looks so useless, and there’s not really any replays of it out

    So what is the trick to it ?
    What is the justification for it ?
    It’s an oddity, that I would like to see being looked into.

  11. Whats the full bonus code

  12. Pls do one fr the AMX 12t

  13. Love this type of videos! Keep it up! :)

  14. I loved the VK4502A, plays like a “heavy medium”, somewhat similar to E50,
    and its armor can be surprisingly effective if you angle it propperly.
    Caernavon… not so much, it’s OK-ish but you need to work hard for a
    decent result.

  15. Just got a kolibanovs medal in the Covenanter (excuse the spelling of its

  16. I’ve been playing vk45.02A over a month and I really like that tank. When
    top tier the frontal armor can hold pretty good in some situations.
    Mobility is amazing for a German ht. The gun feels quick and very accurate
    though. Only thing I miss playing this is the gun depression.

  17. Hy QB I think reverse sidescrape with that VK 45.02 A will be better than
    normal cuz it have turret much ahead!
    What you think about it ?

  18. I think the Caernarvon is now much mush better with the new turret, it’s
    much nicer to play now.

  19. WRONG! omg QB get your facts straight
    The VK4502A doesnt have better DPM (80 more, doesnt matter) and it doesnt
    have better groundresistens than the Tiger II
    Still great video and thx for showing some unusual tanks

  20. people saying gold ammo p2w, look at the centurion and tell me its gold
    ammo p2w ahahahahahahahaha so pathetic

  21. QuickyBabyTV I think you made videos about premium tanks not because you
    wanted to but because Wargaming told you to post them

  22. QuickyBabyTV Show other games like World of Warships, Armored warfare

  23. yeah thats nice quicky that you play the vk in the perfect condition and
    that you were given 3 kills because suicidal fandom but in a large map this
    tank lacks top speed something is holding it back it should go faster. and
    you use premium ammunition which not everyone uses i never use it because i
    will loose 20000 credits if i get unlucky at the end.

  24. Super Pershing review?

  25. QB can you please do some video with pershing and obj 416 to compare it i
    rly dont know what to buy

  26. Caernarvon Yessssssssssssssss

  27. I think the VK 45.02 A is a pleasure to play, such a relief after the Tiger

  28. Tnx for finaly do something whit my faworite tier8 heavy VK45A

  29. I would really like a explanation for this:
    VK45A and tiger 2 are the worst performing t8 heavys, by far, and wg doesnt
    do anything to buff them (dont tell me those tiger 2 buffs did the job, it
    was 1 degree more angle on plates) ,but when it comes to other tanks like
    for example kv4 , they get buffed, whats that for ? why did russian guns
    get 8 mm more pen (those 100mms) and german 88/l56 didnt ? why dont they
    add those 15% pen on all german ww2 era guns, we know that they were tested
    at 30 degree angle ? but nope , long live stalin….

  30. Mathilda=Half Heavy?

  31. Hi quicky baby,what do you think about WZ-111 (sorry for my english)

  32. natbornkilla “123thebestkilla” l

    bit of pre 9.13 there

  33. Can you do a video about the tiger p

  34. Can u do Pz V/IV Is it worth it? Video plz

  35. When I play on my caervanon I got that feeling that I have worst armor and
    play always carefuly, maby that is why I have more sucess on this thank
    than for example on tiger 2 quite offten I end up beeing destroied first on
    tiger 2 because I have that feeling that my armor is going to protect me.

  36. Teddy the bus driver

    You get a pz2j if you get xbox gold on console tier 3 has gone to hell. =/

  37. hey any advice for using the M41 walker bulldog

  38. If I remember correctly, the Caernarvon was indeed an alternative alongside
    the Centurion for Britain’s Universal Tank of the time.

  39. We need video of E75 heavy heavy tank.

  40. you should do a KV-4 so we can see how better or worse it got.

  41. AMX 50t and AMX 50 100?

  42. Can u make a video of your favorite types of tanks? Like what is your fav
    heavies or fav lights, etc. And explain why. I’m new to world of tank and I
    want a general idea of what’s good and what’s not and what’s my type of
    tank and figure out what my kind of play style will be. If that makes sense

  43. Lower glace of the tiger 2 is thin as fuck! 160 is enough to penetrate
    Quickybaby just have bad luck and bad angle and what’s he do? load APCR
    right away! just a little difficult in life he buy his way in!

  44. Yay, daily uploads!!

  45. What do you use to record gameplay?

  46. how to play BT-SV?

  47. keep doing vids evry Day!

  48. I’m surprised you didnt mention it but when I see a caernarvon I see a
    CENTURION, what’s the story behind that?

  49. I in russian!!!hiii

  50. I really liked the VK 4502 A, just that combination of mobility and punchy
    gun, along with workable armor made it very nice.
    The Super Pershing is very interesting too, has beastly armor when used
    right, but still has some medium tank perks like a fast reverse speed and
    decent traverse speed despite its awful engine power.
    And of course who could forget the AMX 40, the light tank that plays like a
    derpy heavy tank I guess.

  51. I just subbed cause I got back into world of tanks and you have quality
    opinions and good fact based selections

  52. Minh Sơn Lê Trần

    AT 15.

  53. I didn’t even realize that he was doing a vid a day, I thought time was
    just flying by this month

  54. Where’s the FCM 50T?

  55. Medium or Heavy, definitely the Chinese Tier 10s are messed up. Medium with
    heavy armor, heavy with medium mobility

  56. nice christmas tree

  57. AMX M4. Quite under rated. Though with proper angling you can troll T29’s
    quite easily.

  58. Make a video about the new buffed super perishing that thing is my favorite
    tank in the game

  59. Umm 200mm can’t go through lower plate of Tiger II? Pretty sure it was a
    low pen role

  60. baby, why are you so quick????

  61. my favorite is the T-34 it has fast reload

  62. Anyone else hear those popping or clicking sounds in the caernarven?

  63. I’d like to see a true LOL tank. Replay of FV304????

  64. Wtf is quick baby FAQ??

  65. I love the daily vids. Lets me have my daily dose of tanks

  66. Sadly I am finding it is crazy at moment on NA server my Tier 8 Heavy tanks
    in battles seeing an insane amount of Tier X . These top tier games are
    great though we need to see more of your battles lowest tier. Not just in
    mobile Mediums but Heavies. T110E5’s are causing a major pain and how do
    you flank when you have less mobility. ?

    CDC I have no issue taking into a Tier X battle. flanking and scouting for
    team. Tier 8 heavies seem only to be there to feed the Tier X (Te Rex)

  67. something that i did when i played the tiger II was that i used the 88cm
    gun. What i really liked about it was that the gun was very good because
    the 6 sec reload that i got on the gun just allowed me to trade very well.
    I kept switching from the top gun to the stock gun and i enjoyed the stock
    gun much more. Something to note though is that the 203mm of pen can be a
    bit hard to deal with but if you are a good shot and are able to trade well
    you are golden.

  68. need to review the is-6 once it gets its HD model, hopefully next patch.

  69. You could nvr disappoint Quicky, you always make the best vids. Was hoping
    if you ever get a chance to make a T110E4 vid and one for the Maus, love
    them both, but still struggle most of the time in them, would love to hear
    your tips and see some of your game play in them.

  70. The T28 Prototype, it’s a TD, but it plays like a second line heavy.

  71. I am struggling with the Caernarvon. The downside of your replay is with
    the old turret :(

  72. I uploaded a cool VK A game. While I got a good result I played like a
    potato and got lucky. The the game did display the great mobility and rate
    of fire of the VK

  73. KV-220-2
    I’v been seeing a lot more of them and I believe its got more armor then
    the mighty KV-1 so a guide on killing it would be nice

  74. kristopher koperski

    the t10 is sorta like them with regards to armour and speed but this is too
    only tier 9 tanks

  75. Quicky baby this is one of my all time favorite videos you have done! I
    really love the under appreciated tanks! Some of my best ratings are in
    vehicles that I rarely see because of their unpopularity! Examples, VK
    30.01 the Lee and even the B1 are all some of my favorite tanks if not
    favorite, I play exceptionally well in them. I think I attribute it to the
    fact these tanks need to compensate for glaring weaknesses. I must pay
    better attention while I am playing. I don’t know if anyone else feels that
    way but that is often why I find these oddballs some of the more fun to

  76. Show some love to the french TD line.

  77. quicky baby should play churchill GC

  78. this is true story, i’m stuck at VK 4502 ..

  79. You should make videos of yours or other people’s games where they lost and
    then explain what you think they did wrong. That would help us non-unicums
    understand the thoughts of the better player and make us better. Thanks!

  80. Im surprised that quicky was using the 105mm on the VK, i would think he
    would prefer the 88mm for its accuracy and RoF

  81. QB when u will review the VK45.02B !!??

  82. E50 is pretty much a quicker tiger2 at tier 9

  83. Please do M103. I have it, but need to know all about it. love watching
    your content. very entertaining.

  84. Excellent showcase of the Carnarvon gun accuracy and aim time! I have a lot
    of fun playing it by surprising (+ punishing 🙂 I love this expression)
    less experienced players. Well done mate, have a great new year and teach
    us more on how to become better players! I certainly learned a lot and I
    thank you for it.

  85. I really enjoyed playing through the Caernarvon….VK4502A not so much

  86. I just got a new update for World of Tanks and it says it it is up to date
    but when I click to play the game it wont let me play is anyone else having
    this problem for Xbox 360

  87. medium or heavy?Hmmm light tank xD

  88. I’m a console peasant, but does it keep the Centurion turret view range
    with the new turret? Because the Caern is silly when you turn it into a
    doom pillbox of spotting

  89. It’s a heavy tank but plays like medium so much

  90. Umm QB 7:32 I don’t think you know what schizophrenic means…

  91. Never had any problems with the Caernarvon. Always did well. Haven’t gone
    down the Maus line yet.

  92. what crew skills and equipment do you recommend for the m48 patton kr

  93. Make one for the Su 100m1 and SU 101. They are very, and I mean VERY
    underrated, and they also have the split personality problem

  94. you should play the patton 48 more, it’s king of the meds.

  95. speaking of a medium the Matilda is a medium XD

  96. there is one line you play the same all the way up the american heavy tanks

  97. Does anyone experience a friendly light tank running in front of you when
    your shooting at enemies.I swear it happens to me all the time.

  98. 20 full minutes of Quickybaby….thanks for the christmas gift :)

  99. Because I’m super pedantic: schizophrenia in no way implies a condition in
    which someone identifies as multiple personalities. You’re thinking of
    Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  100. I teally appreciate the hight frequency of uploaded videos in your channel,
    I thing that it’s usually what subscribers want: to watch a video everyday
    before going to bed or similar situations. Thank you! By the way, one
    question: T-54 with D-54 (better pen, worse general stats) gun or the other
    one (worse pen, better RoF, acc, dispersion, etc)?

  101. كلامك كثير كله خنثره

  102. even though this was a good video i feel some important things were left
    out, for example tha caernavon’s worse problem is its side armor which
    means you cant angle the front and you get rekt by arty, also you will find
    yourself getting penetrated from impossible angles on the top of your tank
    or the engine deck havent played the vk so cant say much about that

  103. Jesus that German accuracy… Even when you’d aim in at weak spots the shot
    would just slide right off and not even hit the tank at all 50 meters away.

  104. I am surprised at how much I’m liking the Caernarvon, because it looks like
    it sucks on paper. But the way the gun just shoots where you think is

  105. And the t34 isn’t in HD maybe it’s an old replay

  106. QB you mentioned in the video that you dont think any t8 meds do less alpha
    damage then the conarvern does, but then i thought of a few the first one
    that comes to my mind is the indianpanzer which only has 220

  107. QB sounds so calm and helpful lol, good job QB keep up the work, i loved my
    Carnaervon and i don’t have vk4502a so cant really judge.

  108. Doesn’t the caernarvon get the cent AX turret this patch ?

  109. Hey QuickyBaby.
    Do you know how I can complete the LT-5 mission, I dont know what to do to
    get it done.

  110. Please show people how awesome the churchill gun carrier is. Or as I call
    it the Churchill Game Carry.

  111. I enjoy the daily vids :)

  112. not my sort of tank ay but good fighting bro 07

  113. In my Oppinion the Caernarvon is a a Perfectly rounded Heavy decent frontal
    armor good power to weight and a consistent reliable gun. It’s why I miss
    my caernarvon after I sold it for my FV215b.

  114. Do a Video on the TVP VTU Czech tier 8

  115. I was playing the caernarvon when update 9.12 came out and they added the
    new action X turret. I think the old turret may actually be better than the
    new one since you can penetrate the cheeks of the action X turret quite
    easily I found (with my caernarvon at least) whereas the old turret does
    have those flat sections which are only 152mm thick, it did have that very
    bouncy mantlet which as far as I can tell seemed a bit more rounded and
    thicker than on the centurion 1. I got my first HT-15 mission with the
    Caernarvon and the old turret going hull down and sniping at long-medium
    range. The combination of aim time, accuracy and penetration on the top gun
    (the same as the 20 pdr on the centurion 7/1) and very good gun depression
    makes you flexible and able to do damage in most situations although you
    only have 230 alpha. I feel like the centurion 1 is a heavy medium and the
    Caernarvon is a medium heavy, and play pretty similarly as heavy support
    tanks. The main differences being the centurion has the better mobility but
    less good armour and gun handling characteristics than the Caernarvon.
    Overall however I think the centurion 1 is a slightly better overall
    package because it’s armour is still capable on rigelines and has better
    mobility. They are both definitely worth playing however, and play pretty
    similarly overall.

  116. Quicky, can you put out a guide on how to best angle the Tiger 2 and E75 to
    make the best use of their armor? Now matter how well I feel like I’m side
    scraping and angling when I can’t side scrape with cover, I seem to get
    penned super often. Would be awesome if you’d put out a quick guide on
    angling armor for us!

  117. Is the new Caernarvon turret better than the old one or not?

  118. Never really liked the caenarvon. But then i guess i’m a noob according to
    that red 754 wn8 player with 17k games just now.

  119. can u review a pershing? pls

  120. I had the VK when I was … total tomato and I just played it like heavy. I
    have a very bad score in it.
    But maybe for skilled player it can be a good tank. Now as a quite skilled
    player I ll maybe get it just for fun.

  121. are u ok? u sound sad or something….

  122. Amx m4 45? anyone?

  123. If you want a Heavy tank that plays like a Medium, try the 113…

  124. Hello QB,
    daily content is great, but take care of yourself, one needs a break every
    now and then to stay healthy

  125. for melanholy…. do some battles in kv-2 with big papa gun xD

  126. for melanholy…. do some battles in kv-2 with big papa gun xD

  127. for melanholy…. do some battles in kv-2 with the papa gun xD

  128. for melanholy…. do some battles in kv-2 with the papa gun xD

  129. QB, could you review the IS-7? I have just picked one up, I checked out
    Jingles old video, I think it has changed since then, could you do that

  130. :???????

  131. The transsexual tanks!

  132. Christian Hostetler

    QB, in that target selection question you posed your viewers, I disagree on
    your choice of killing the IS, generally for me I shoot the target with
    their gun pointed at me, because if you fire, they have time to rush you. I
    am a superunicum like you, and I found that the example you showed could
    have gone both ways, and you would be correct.

  133. which mod is the one showing you the wn8 for that game in the post game
    stats on the first page under your name?

  134. “…as we burn the enemy Hummel to death” –I could imagine the crew inside
    the SPG burning and rolling on the floor when you said that.

  135. Not sure if QB’s undershirt has a sweet design, or if he’s got his hoodie
    unzipped partway down his chest and he has a sweet chest tattoo. :P

  136. oh, i posted that comment before u said the things about the ax turret

  137. i thought that it had the AX turret, 9.13 is out

  138. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    i play the Tiger 2 love it now with
    .31 acuracy and since HD perfekt armour with 8.7 sec reload awesome

  139. Is that a tattoo on your chest quickly?

  140. Hello, i really like your channel, meybe can you rewiev super pershing ?

  141. kv-4 have 227 mm pen…

  142. So, what is your opinion on the new HD Comet turret ?

  143. I think the tiger 2s 105 mm stayed at .34 no buff

  144. KV-13 was a fun little thing. the VK45 is my favorite tier 8 so far, loved
    it and should have kept it.
    The Caernavon was a PAIN to start but when i got it fully loaded it grew on

  145. E50 m is weak ?

  146. Plz play Jagdpanther II

  147. will the wg replace the fv215b for the chieftain?

  148. What is not to like about the VK 45.02 A?

  149. Wasn’t the new turret on the Caernarvon a Centurion Action X turret?

  150. How long have you been playing world of tanks?

  151. Thx QB i learned a lot from this video, for example about the play styles
    of tech trees

  152. why is the Leopard 1 sooo inaccurate overall ?

  153. PixelBucket The Herobrine Hunter

    I’d like to see anyone, ANYONE doing well in a VK 30.01 P. It’s a horrid
    tank, and yes, I have owned it. Fully upgraded the dang thing.

  154. I’d love some more videos of rare/unpopular tanks, that’s always
    interesting to watch.

  155. Cheap ammo on the Caernarvon? Are you out of your mind?

  156. VK4502A is a good reverse side scraper.

  157. can you do a vid on the lorraine 40t and the is4?

  158. the carenarvon has a new turret

  159. Hey qb, maybe an idea to make a new review on the t34 3. I just bought it
    today, and its an amazing tank in my opinion. I think the extra gun
    depression made it cross the line of being bad/mediocre to being pretty

  160. a big thumbs up for the daily videos 🙂
    keep it up, we love it

  161. +QuickybabyTV , In the description, you said mediums instead of heavies.

  162. Quickybaby, Do one on the T25/2!

  163. Todor Gibson-Ralevic

    What about T-54 ltwt light or medium :P

  164. can you do a video on the jpanther/jpanther 2?

  165. I just bought VK 30.02 (M)…
    …It sucks.

  166. when i’m watching QB I always feel EPIC :D

  167. Great video!

  168. Jannik Rakemann (JannikJr)

    i hate this turret from the action x in my oppinion the normal turret was
    much more beautiful…. ;(

  169. Since when is a VK4502A a tier 8 medium tank? :D

  170. I liked all our reviews.. also the ones of premium tanks. Made me sub your
    channel 🙂 keep going with your videos as you do or plan. Hope 2016 will be
    a great year for you.

  171. can you mabye play the vk 3001 p that thing is an beast but no ever drives

  172. Your very welcome QuickyBaby you also can give thanks to jingles because
    with out him I probly wouldn’t have found you videos. Both of you guys are
    great gamers maybe not the best but hell give hit hell and keep having fun
    and making great videos. By The way Happy New Year and hope you and others
    have a wonderful but disturbing time. lol…

  173. Been loving your daily vids so much! They just released the T28 concept on
    xbox. Would love to see a review on it. They also just released the more
    mobile British TD line so people are definitely interested in those

  174. Simeon “TUNDRIJA” Momcilovic

    Really quickybaby? Loading gold to challenge the Tiger 2? The Tiger 2 is
    just a “free damage sign” to anyone if you take it up front to fight it out
    against other heavy tanks…

  175. The B1 need a tier 4 gun

  176. Jmaster888 Jmaster888

    I had worst christmas ever ,my grandmother died at 11:40 24.12.2015 …

  177. eny1 know why my Inscription and Emblem in game have 0% bonus to the major
    qualification of all crew members? or how will become active ?

  178. Also could you *PLEASE* show lower tier tanks more (like tier IV-VI)? I
    only see tier VII-X on your channel most of the time and I usually can’t
    relate to these tanks because I’m not there yet.

  179. i really liked this video, because i nearly got myself a vk 4502a, but when
    comes the tiger 2 review or gameplay. i really want to know what you think
    about the tiger 2.

  180. what does the secret 4 part code in the advent calendar do?

  181. how do i watch quickybaby replays? i cant click it just shows me the
    result! how do i watch?!?!

  182. I am grinding the british heavy line and i guess it gets better after the
    black prince but the churchills especially against the japanese heavys are
    really bad.
    Btw i would love to see a take on the Panther II.

  183. gamplay T 49 plese :/?

  184. Krisztián Mátraházi

    wow QB 🙂 nice twitch jumper

  185. Personally the IS-8 (T-10) is my favorite medium heavy. The gun is great,
    good maneuverability, and the armor is ok.

  186. No thank you Quickybaby I used to be a 44% and now after watching you for a
    year give or take i’m a 51%!

  187. loved the vk4502a to bits once i got the thing fully upgraded. its the best
    tier 8 med in the game honestly that 105 is deadly and it can reverse
    sidescrape if required.

    the caernarvon though i havent found a tier 8 i have hated more in this
    game at tier 8. i just cant stand playing it. the armour is completely
    useless and it felt much slower plus why would you play this pile of crap
    when theres a faster equally armoured medium tank the centurion 1 is just

  188. Hey Quicky is the bulldog worth it?

  189. “cool guys dont look at fires” nice one QB :D

  190. hello I m french I love you eu je parle pas anglais :3

  191. Can you do a bit of the t-26-e4 (SP) and is it worth pushing through the
    comet and to the centurion? And are their any really good stand outs tier 8
    7500 gold and tier 7s? (Aka seal clubbing tanks cause I suk)

  192. Got any tips for people who are trying to grind through ISU-152?

    For me at the moment it is a complete moral destroyer. Nearly every game I
    loose money and the tank is extremely sluggish compared to the SU-152, I am
    a long way away from the BL-10 gun as well as waiting to get the better
    engine. Yet I always think that either I am not playing the tank properly
    or that the tank is made especially to make many people give up playing it
    before they get the BL-10 gun. It’s extremely difficult to play the tank
    for me currently because the SU-152 is an absolute beast with the 152mm HE
    loadout but comparing the SU-152 with the current ISU-12 that I have I must
    say that the ISU-152 is extremely weak for its tier.


  193. High-End Benchmarks

    “cool guys don’t look at fires” Then he shuts it down and kills you. Kappa

  194. The VK4502A was the first Tier 8 heavy I got and I was originally
    disappointed with it, and playing it like a HT like anyone else that was
    new to WoT. But after a few thousand games and I saw how to play different
    sorts of tanks, I came to realise that I’ve played it wrong. I’m now
    regretting selling off the VK4502A. Should have kept that instead of the
    Tiger II.

  195. Could you make a new video discussing the AMX 50-100, I can’t seem to play
    well in it

  196. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    T-10 i realy enjoy playing that tank, the gun is so much more reliable than
    the 122mm’s at tier 7 and 8.

  197. QB Please do a video of the IS because it’s not very popular and if you
    can, teach me how to play better with the IS.

  198. awesome videos! this one is great!

  199. can you do a review on the T26E4 Super Pershing ?

  200. best video so far, i really needed this

  201. Hi Quicky, can you do a T32 review? I feel that amongst other tier 8
    heavies its a bit overlooked because of the gun. Please, do some more of
    these videos.

  202. Nemanja nene Mirosavljev

    Hello QB to the question of a new dome for the Canarvon is better than the
    old one at least to me.
    I drove the old and the new tank
    more blocked and ricochet from the dome than with the old dome 🙂
    ( I use google translator do not mind if grammar is not correct I hope that
    you will understand what I meant to say )

  203. Maybe show the Caernarvon as it currently is, with the Action X turret?

  204. Do a video about a Super pershing

  205. I love my caernarvon crew got brother in arms, the new turret is damn good
    if you use the gun depression full on hills, fast reload fast aim good

  206. I love the Caernarvon. It was my favorite heavy to play and was the perfect
    tier 8 stat padder. It’s pen and excelling on hills as well as doing ok on
    level ground made it excel. But then it got nerfed and now has the crappy
    Action X turret instead which makes it complete crap on level ground. WG
    ruins another great tank.

  207. 13:39 * cool gays never looks at explosions :)

  208. The Caernarvon is bloodly awful, not hard to see why it’s the worst
    performing T8 heavy.

  209. Review the T-10

  210. PROBLEM with vk a is, it is too slow to be medium and has garbage armor.
    with gigantic profile. gun is barely capable. i played many “avoid” tanks
    before, but this was by far the worst.

  211. I would love you to do a video on the Lowe please. I know you don’t really
    like it but it is a hard tank to play. Any advice would be appreciated.

  212. I know you don’t do tank requests.. But for the sake of comparison can you
    play it with the new turret next stream?

  213. Really like this theme Quicky! Not too many pay attention to these less
    preferred tanks. What about making videos about how you would go about in
    really awful (stat-wise) tanks? woyld be fun to see!

  214. what about 113, lol

  215. Petty that its the old caernarvon, it doesnt have the action X turret yet,
    which im pretty sure is worse than this one…

  216. You sould do one of these videos on the IS-82 it’s like a medium

  217. Jack “M6G” Ripper

    canaarvon would be great if it got the 105mm LA7

  218. Caernarvon: The heaviest… and the best ridgline-fighting medium in the
    game. I really love it.
    Kind of how i like my superstealthy and mobile sniper/brawler: Chi-Ri

  219. I feel like the caernarvon is a rather underpowered tank, and despite my
    love for the British tanks I think quite a few of them are weak compared to
    other nation’s counterparts

  220. What does everyone think of the 113 after the recent buffs to it? I think
    it’s a great heavium.

  221. that apcr clips…

  222. QB looks tipsy in this vid :)

  223. I think the caernarvon got way worse since the turret was changed…200mm
    of pen will go trough the AX turret especially if you’re not using the gun
    depression and even if you are the cupola on the tank is bigger and easier
    to shoot :(

  224. the 4502 a was my first tier 8 tank and i still enjoy playing it today. its
    got enough armor to be fairly dependable, enough firepower to challenge any
    tier 9, and the speed to outmaneuver even some mediums. The front mounted
    turret also helps with peeking around corners by allowing you to angle the
    hull more steeply. Overall this is a very good tank, people just dont like
    it for some reason.

  225. No wonders I hated VK 45.02 A. I am a very poor medium tank player.

  226. What i am thinking about the new turret is its better for me i dont know
    what you say QB but i have the Caernavon right now and the new turret
    performs nice :D

  227. quickybaby could you do a review of the 113 chinese heavy tank

  228. Hi guys 🙂 whats your favourite tank?

  229. Not fully equiped the Caernarvon is shit!

  230. got my first kolobanovs and poolsmedal in the vk, so that tank has a
    special place in my hearth,
    i did like the cearnarvon, but i found the conqueror such a big stepup

  231. it sad you didnt feature the caernarvon since 9.11 because it gained 50mm
    more of armor in its turret

  232. I don’t know guys – do you prefer apples or oranges?

  233. The Caernarvon replay is an old repley because the Turret was changed in
    9.12 i guess.
    this is an edit:
    just noticed a O-HO i front of qb so why does the turret looks different in
    the video O.o?

    ok another edit xD:
    QB just said its a replay from 9.10 forget it xD

  234. I love THE vk45.02A

  235. I see a Quickybaby video. I Press LIKE…… You should do the same :D

  236. I play as med many times sometimes like heavy on some map u should play
    showing only turret or hull withount track with great angle

  237. QB, can you make a video (or give here) of Tire 5 American heavy tank T1
    Heavy? I just bought it and would love to get some tips from you, how to
    play properly with it.

  238. why he played whit the first turret on the caernarvon ?

  239. Love videos every day they are great

  240. What about the 113

  241. i love my caernarvon i have almost 2 marks multiple top guns and tons of
    other medals… i think its the best t8 heavy because of the rate of fire
    is excellent and pen is great and gun depression!

  242. I love my caernarvon and I have the top turret I just need the top gun so I
    need to grind like 20 k xp

  243. Cool guys dont look at explosions! They just walk away…

  244. I find Obj. 263 line also very underestimated and rarely played. Everyone
    grinds another USSR TD line (to Obj. 268) maybe because of BL-10 on tier
    VIII. Maybe you could do some review on that “Obj. 263 line”? It is just an
    advice :)

  245. is that a chest tattoo?

  246. Just make polls for subscribers!!!

  247. When they added the new AX turret, they broke historical values. I dont
    like that…

  248. Well, I have to say, that the VK4502A’s armor is not that bad! Good
    sidescraping and angling can give you a lot of blocked dmg. 🙂 I completed
    the 15th heavy tank mission of the 1st session of the personal missions in
    my VK4502A. 🙂 :)

  249. quantity over quality is better, it might be more work but it’ll payoff

  250. Interesting. These tanks seem a bit off in the “heavy” category lol

  251. QB why dont you play low tier tanks in the game

  252. The American T21 and T20 such fun fast tanks that go largely unnoticed.

  253. I got two marks of excellence in the Canarvon before I even had the final
    gun, the 20 pdr type B. The Conqueror is even better, simply because of the
    gun it can pretty much do anything- good dpm, snap shots, shooting on the
    move, etc. haven’t played the Vk however.

  254. Quicky, speaking of less played tanks, play the ST-I. Haven’t seen it on
    your channel for a veery long time.

  255. We know the truth QuickyBaby you banged your wife dont need to rub it in. I
    broke up with my girlfriend on Christmas because she didnt give me a
    present and she is an annoying bitch and the gift I got here a gold braclet
    and giftcards and she said these exact words “I dont like this bracelet do
    you mind if I sell it?” Then about the giftcards “I have a lot of shoes so
    I dont need this Nike giftcard thanks though” THEN SHE GAVE THE GIFTCARD TO

  256. older replay, doesnt the caenarvon have a new turret now, the one from
    action X

  257. What can I say… You and Jingles are my favourite youtubers (you’re better
    :p) keep up the awesome work and will u stream on sunday?? And can u play
    more lower tiers like 5, 6, and 7?? Stay awesome 😀 …!!

  258. I use only tank destroyers.

  259. Speaking of premium tanks, I feel like world of tanks pc players have been
    cheated. The T28 htc reward tank given to pc players after completing a
    large amount of difficult missions is just given away for 7,000 gold on the
    xbox premium gift shop.

  260. How did you get up the British Heavy Tier? In my view the Caernavron is
    tolerable and the Conqueror is superb but tier V, VI and VII are utterly
    desastrous, especially since the Japanese tanks have been introduced.

  261. I love my VK 45.02 Ausf. A more than my IS-3 😀 Dont know why but I can
    play better with it^^

  262. The WZ121 – feels more like a very mobile Heavy – but is classed as a
    Medium; it’s the size of a Heavy….

  263. the T1, M6, T28 Prot, and Tiger P all have pretty strange roles. the US
    heavies cant really hull down and excell in mobility. the tiger P can brawl
    with its front armor but is also a better sniper than Tiger 1 as getting
    spotted means the front armor is even more effective. t28 proto can brawl
    and work ridges as long as it angles and wiggles, but it is slow and has
    little other armor.

  264. I liked them both, and i played all Tier8 Hvy, only the Japanese Tree is
    where i got only Tier6 yet.
    The KV-13 is also that Kind of “missunderstood-Vehicle”, not many like it-
    i bought it a 2nd Time, because i like Underdogs 😉

    BTW, my English is REALLY terrible, i know^^

  265. i play all my heavy tanks with bad armor like slow medium tanks 😀 it works
    very good, espcially in my tiger. if you play the tiger I like a slow
    medium, you will absoluletly dominate the battlefield

  266. Hey QB. can uou please do a reveiw on the T-10 and maybe a few tips or
    tricks. hope you had a awsome christmas keep up the good work!!

  267. I appreciate the daily content QB, but be careful not to go the Epic Meal
    Time approach and go “quantity over quality”. If anything

  268. Sai “SgtSai” Deadeye

    Hey QB, have you ever figured out what that hidden code from the advent
    calendar was all about?

  269. @quickybabytv its all good showing us how to play same tier but how about
    some gameplay and advice when your a t8 in a t10 match thats were the
    struggle is real

  270. Problem with VK is it is a medium play style in a tech line that is
    otherwise all heavy. I play that line because I want to play the heavy
    style, and so I am stuck trying to grind through this aberration in order
    to get back to the heavy tanks.

  271. Which tank gets ammo racked most centurion mk 1 or the British tank he was
    playing? Please answer.

  272. Jan Patrick (Rocksmo)

    Do you know a youtuber like qb for Armored Warfare?

  273. Play the T20! No one seems to play it and they give pershing all the love.

  274. Can you play mid tier light tanks like the Chaffe and AMX 12t? That would
    be very nice to watch.

  275. 900th like!

  276. is-8 shoud be on this video

  277. Could we see a review of the obj. 416 plz.

  278. Caern is not very good, but Conqueror is AWESOME !KV-4 also and ST-I.

  279. lol i thought he has a tatoo, but then i realised it’s his t-shirt XD

  280. @Dancover “Daniel” XP


    For real?

    Use the 105mm and you will chew you opponents.

  281. Nice damage on that first tank VK4502A almost 10 second reload time that
    tiger II was not even angle easy target and showing lower plate :/ sad.
    The Caernarvon is a good tank and looks fun.

  282. AMX50 100…hmmm,is it realy a heavy tank?

  283. @MFenix206 the centurion is definitely better,IMO. For my play style.

  284. Joed Arandia Dela Cruz

    the caernarvon was from an old replay? kinda hoping the new turret

  285. Joed Arandia Dela Cruz

    the caernarvon was from an old replay? kinda hoping the new turret

  286. Joed Arandia Dela Cruz

    the caernarvon was from an old reply? kinda hoping the new turret

  287. I remember the days the 20pdr Type B (best gun for the Caernarvan) did
    10.53 rounds a minute, they nerfed it so badly to 7.5 RPM, it should’ve
    been nerfed to 8.5. it would’ve made the tank more competeable and less OP.

  288. what gun do you use 10,5 cm or 8,8cm?

  289. I really appreciate your analysis, however it would be better if you review
    these vehicles are not top tier. The majority of matches especially when
    the player performs wind up being bottom tier. I know, the majority of my
    kv-4 games were bottom tier stock and elite; it isn’t fair to showcase how
    wonderful elite tanks are when the majority of time you will not be looking
    for tips for elites more so the grind that defeats so many that do lot have
    free xp. Such as the kv-3 and st-1 stock grind.
    I really appreciate your videos but I sincerely believe they would be
    better if they focused on the more gritty aspects of the game: stock grind.

  290. @xxTeNk_M4sTeRxx as the E50 is a heavy medium.


  291. can you make about the 113?

  292. Quickybaby, keep uploading frequent quality content like this that we all
    love and you can take this channel farther than you can possibly imagine

  293. make one for the KV-13, a completely underrated little thing. it’s like a
    IS with better mobility but lacking in terms of firepower, it dominates
    when top tier

  294. do a video on the jagpanther 1 quiky baby

  295. QuickyBabyTV what do you think of this please :° i’d really appreciate your
    opinion “it will be a Christmas gift “‘

  296. Hey Guys Quick question im new to wot more or less my favourite Tank at the
    Moment is the kv1 because it works very good for me.
    Now you Kinda know my playstyle … my question

    After the vk 30.01 which Tank would you grind the Medium 30.02 m or the
    heavy vk 36.01 ? i like both Tanks just from the stats but im not Sure
    about the Tier 7 After the Medium because the Tier 7 After the heavy is the
    Tiger who is a Great tank just by the stats….

    pls help thx for your attention ! :D

  297. cool guys don’t look at fires :D

  298. Q/B I feel “dpm” is a antiquated term. Could you make it DPS ? … A minute
    of firing without a break is a awful long time in WOT. :)

  299. Hey QB! Love the video, but I feel like maybe you should have used the FCM
    50 t in this video. It’s a perfect example of a heavy that plays like a
    medium having a little bit of armor to sacrafice that camo rating, that
    sometimes can bounce somehow if the enemy puts a bad shot, something that
    the CDC can never do but then the CDC may not even get spotted in a certain
    situation with a good camo crew. Personaly I play the FCM like a med, the
    way I feel like it should be played it has pretty good view range so it can
    spot for it self and put some nice shots in. What do you think of the tank?
    Happy holidays! :)

  300. I think they´re more close to the Main Battle Tank (MBT) concept, armored
    machines than have a good speed (an average Weight/ Horsepower
    relationship), the last technology in middle-caliber guns and a decent
    armor. It happens the same with the T-10, and some of the later IS family

  301. DPM on Caernarvon is horrible. No wonder its less played as other tanks.

  302. Thanks QB. I’ve unlocked the VK4502A, but I haven’t purchased it because it
    looked really horrible and was dreading the grind. With this info I think I
    am ready to give it a whirl.

  303. Centurion I is bad like canarvon but canarvon is worse ^^

  304. Please do a review on the SU-152

  305. wow nice review on some “unpopulare” tanks opend my eyes!


    I have been playing blitz and tricked into playing the British line due to
    paper stats as I wlden mind one bit to get tough amour for hellish alpha
    and mobility, and so baited into the British churchill line as my first
    ever line I was.
    soon I realise it was all a lie but bit down and grinded till the conqueror
    now. I learnt a lot playing these tanks and u really need to know what u
    are doing compared to example the soviet line that is essentially noob
    friendly and soolo much more forgiving but honestly, I really would have
    like more help on YouTube or the community as there’s really only a handful
    existing solid how-to-play style videos for the cae and conq. anyway thanks
    for spending more attention on these tanks and maybe players dun have to
    learnt to manage these tanks the hard way I did.

  307. What about T26E4 Super Pershing? It’s marked as medium but acts as a

  308. Hey quickybaby, great video. i just wanted to suggest that perhaps you
    could look into a new intro?

  309. another fantastic video, I was waiting for a good vid on the VK 45.02A

  310. I have played all the tier 8 heavies, with exception of Caeraveron and Oh
    ho… Since I haven’t played Caeraveron yet I can just say something about
    VK 45.02 A and that is that it is a worser version of Tiger 2… Out of all
    the tier 8 heavies it is my least favorite, it just has nothing going for
    it, I mean Is3 is overall good, T32 has a great turret, Tiger 2 has fairly
    good armor and a reliable gun, Kv4 has great armor for sidescraping, 110 is
    like Is3 but worser, Amx 50 100 has the amazing autoloader anf great
    mobility and at last Vk 45.02 A is just as I said a worser Tiger 2…

  311. one of the best episodes thanks quickybaby:)

  312. Word man, I was playing my Vk A on Tundra the other day and took it to the
    top of the hill like a medium and racked up 3k dmg shooting down on the
    enemy team from all the various sniping points to earn me mah ace!

    Its also especially good at killing light tanks. I’ve had so many walker
    bulldogs and AMX 13 75 rage at me because they try to circle strafe me and
    just ping off the frontal armor when I manage to keep the tank pointed at
    them and lob HE into their turrets.

    Also QB, try playing the Kv-13 or T-43 with the 122 mil howitzer!
    Preferably the Kv-13. You will learn how powerful Stalin really is once you
    adopt the proper playstyle for the howitzer. There is nothing more
    satisfying than shooting 400 HE dmg into an m103’s rear and watching him
    burn to death. Just using the howitzer I got a MoE on my T-43, and an ace
    in the Kv-13!!!

  313. Do a video on the type 59

  314. Those are medium heavies

  315. Eh why not I’ll put a third comment on this video I haven’t commented too
    much into your videos lately and I haven’t donated any money so I’ll just
    tell you how great guy you are because that’s true 🙂 You make me happy and
    commenting is fun 😀 Especially the part when I am just waiting for the
    reply of SENPAI :’3 I mean.. Mr. Quickybaby… Will.. god.. I mean.. what
    if I’ll just shut up xD Aaand there’s 10 replies telling me to shut up, I
    have nothing to say and I am here just for attention XD yea.. gg this
    comment just got messed up

  316. when new physics comes out u can play mediums but they are turning and
    moving as slow as a heavy

  317. Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

    The AMX M4 45 is kinda similar in tier 7, but don’t have mobility and the
    aim time sucks so hard with 2.9s.

    Kinda wish for 2.3s aim time and a better ground resistances so I could
    deal with the lack of armor more effectively.

  318. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Both tanks are great, loved driving both of them. VKa was allot more fun
    than the weak Tiger P before it and the caernarvons speed was a nice change
    to the Churchills.

  319. geht die nsa nix an

    Hi, normally i enjoy your videos a lot, but everytime you show how to
    handle such a tank right i think there will be a lot of problems. Mostly of
    that games you are the Hightier and thats a problem with the tank. Yeah i
    know its important to know how to handle it in generell but the VK45.02A
    has’nt so much problems with T6-T8 matches, 50% of the grid you play as
    midtier in T9 or Lowtier in T10 games, so it would be great if you could
    show how to handle the same tanks in a tier10 match, there is the gun
    penetration a big problem, i finished that tank with 54% and 2000WN8 but i
    often had to change in tier 9 games to APCR ammo because the normal pen
    isn’t high enough to be dangerous for a T10 medium or T10 heavytank.

    So it would be really cool to see you what you do when you’re not the
    hightier tank

  320. ¿is it crazy how saying sentences backwards create backwards sentences
    saying how crazy it is?

  321. Am I the only one that loves the Centurion 1 and hates the Caernarvon? just
    feels like the cent is better….

  322. You should try the t25 German premium. I know that you don’t like tier 5,
    but this tank is good all around.Traverse speed is bad but it is very fast.
    The gun on paper isn’t accurate but it performs very well and shoots very
    fast with a good crew. The armor is not too good but the front can be very
    troll against the lower tiers

  323. this VK is much better than Tiger 2

  324. I just realized that while I comment I don’t listen what you are saying
    because these ending things are usually nothing special or new for me 😀 I
    know a lot about these tanks already, BUT I really enjoy watching the
    gameplay you provide and I just like to listen your voice and commentary it
    is really relaxing, funny and inspirational (in some way I guess, I just
    wanted to use that word xD) all at the same time 😀 I just really enjoy
    watching your content and streams 🙂 all tho I can’t watch your streams too
    often because I gotta play myself dammit :D

  325. i think this tanks needs a buff especially vk with his penetration to be
    more popular and to exist variety

  326. QuickyBaby , you are epic !1 question , can you make a review or the Obj
    268? im struggeling with the winrate on it a little bit :3

  327. a medium that plays like a heavy should be called a medey


  329. I loved the vk

  330. T44 maybe ?
    and keep up the good work :D

  331. I think you should show more gameplay of less popular vehicles

  332. Hey QB i think you should take another look at the SU-101, this patch it
    got a buff, it now has the IS-4 gun which really makes the tank a lot more
    fun for me

  333. Dancover “Daniel” XP

    i like my vk tier 8, i use the 8,8 gun

  334. I really like this daily video system you have taken for use 😀 Holy crap
    that sentence does not make any sense but I’ll just keep it 😛 The quality
    of your videos is really good all tho you say weird things sometimes but it
    doesn’t really bother me 😀 Keep up the good work I really love to see your
    videos in my Youtube feed :3

  335. I Have the Caernarvon and yeah it can be medium sometimes ☺

  336. play the pz 3/4 plz

  337. T49 is more of a td than a light tank.

  338. I own the VK 4502 A and play it like a medium

  339. Could you pls do more Videos of this because people can learn lot about it!
    (From you)

  340. Did u do a review on the t44?

  341. Great video ???

  342. I thought this Video would be about whether choosing medium or heavy tanks.
    My suggestion for a new title is: Genderfluid tanks?

  343. Probably not the first one to say, you must do new review on the
    caernarvon.. since turret is… worse now than it was before no

  344. Nicolas Covarrubias

    quickybaby can you please make a video over the t-10 I would appreciate
    that a lot

  345. why does it say evry comment is 3 days old wtf HELP!!!!!

  346. Have a break Quicky for goodness sake!

  347. 2265th :P

  348. QB thanks for making a medium-heavy video after my comment ;)

  349. do a gameplay review on the object 416.
    because it is not realy a tank you see often in a battle

  350. It would be nice if you paid more attention to vehicles of tiers
    5,6,7…Maybe the new CZ tanks?

  351. I just subscribed, you’re so amazing!

  352. Yeh I subscribed to you, because your the best!?

  353. I’ve been playing both back in a day and VK is heavy medium and ‘Carnival’
    is medium heavy, imo.

  354. So , this month , we’ve got a RelaxBaby ? That was a good month for your
    channel , was really cool :p

  355. Hey! What t8 premium tank should i buy as my first t8 money maker? Dont
    have any preferences with countries :)

  356. i hope one day you will do a review of the 113 tank. that is one of the
    only tanks that you have never even put a video of.

  357. VK4502a was my favourite tier 8 heavy and I have played many of them. loved
    the speed, dpm and decent frontal armour

  358. Quicky, do you think you could do a review on the skoda t50? Thanks for all
    your great content and keep doing what your doing!

  359. +quickubaby What about the prem tank codes when u Ctrl a

  360. Thanks for the vid QB, I hope u got loads of good presents and Peppy too.
    Hope u had a great Christmas Day

  361. [RTF] World of Tanks

    Mediums of America for me. Heavies of Russia.

  362. MBT’s are tricky to classify as Medium or Heavy, because it is a mixture
    between the two, as neither exist anymore

  363. compared to the vk.45b this tank is quick but nothing like the vk

  364. In the 10st reaction :D

  365. TheGamingHacker Man

    1 minute ago…

  366. 21th

  367. Awesome!

  368. Heavy for sure best guns, armor… what more you need in WoT??

  369. wow just now uploaded! sweet first comment! Btw, I would like to see you do
    a review on the IS.

  370. Lool ok 2nd

  371. Seventh

  372. second…..yay

  373. no you’re not

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