World of Tanks || Medium or Tank Destroyer?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – K-91. The latest T10 Soviet tank has left me feeling quite confused. Today let's figure out this enigma!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. QB where is the link for mods?

  2. The amount of bounces.. rigged as fuck.. pathetic

  3. Sniper support, maybe the flank support.

    In close range, it must either bait the shots, or have someone else do the tanking while you toggle the shots between you and the enemy tank.

  4. Abimanyu Putranto

    I wish leopard 1 have that kind of shell velocity…

  5. Herlief Swenhaugen

    I saw the title, thought he was talking about the Firefly XD

  6. What is a bc25t for these days?

  7. Abaddon Despoiler

    Hy everyone its Quickybaby and welcome back to World Of Tanks. And today we have the pleasure to see another of my videos where i still ignore the problems in this game and making a video instead which guarantees me more profit from wargaming. so lets watch this awesome replay and praise the 376th Obj. in this game so that wargaming keeps on feeding me with invites to tankfest, gamescon, free stuff etc.
    I admit i dont care about the issues that all other CCs communicated because wargaming pays my bills. so lets have the next brainwashed replay shit. enjoy.

  8. Russia very gud

    World of
    (russian fantasytanks raping other nation’s )

  10. hes name not poruska, PODUSZKA, its mean pillow

  11. This tank armor is classical russian bs. It is supposed to be weak but it bounces a lot of tier 10 shells.

  12. Another example of how this game is broken, yet people keep spending their hard earned cash on this crap.

  13. Luck > skill

  14. After one light- heavy- tank destroyer (obj 2678v4) is not too interesting , rusky tanks only 🙂

  15. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    When do they plan on nerfing this tank? it’s shell velocity is broken as fuck . It’s so god damn easy to use.

  16. “K91 stop fapping in the back you are a fuckong med”

  17. Wesleyyy wesbryyy

    Can some one help me? How can I use the modpack for

  18. wow, you can see why that guy is purple..

  19. asian server still does not have the update ffs

  20. why is he reading it like Poruszka…. there is no R in it. there is a D….

  21. Alexander Stoyanov

    Reminds me of old 263 regarding dpm…rip old 263 :(((((

  22. Kazrael Azraelis


  23. jeffrey mcfadden

    more russian bs.

  24. K91 black panther

  25. Anatolj Anatolij

    K-91 is upgraded AMX ELC bis

  26. Why the hell you call him poRushka, when his nickname is poDushka (pillow)?

  27. k-91 seems to be Russian version of leopard – low armor , better gun

  28. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Wargaming Russian Bias..confirmed

  29. Yet another OP Russian Tier 10 tank ~ yawn what a surprise in World of Russian Tanks

  30. Play the K-91 same way you play your Revalorise, if you have one.

  31. I bounced 2 JagdPanzer E100 shells 😉 in Obj. 416

  32. TD or MT are both support classes 😛

  33. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Lol world of soviet tanks. so glad i quit

  34. The armour is bad in this tank, proceeds to bounce 3000 damage while sniping like a boss.

    Meanwhile the Leopard 1 just flips the table and go mumbling to the closest corner…

  35. Nonono, not medium OR tank destroyer, is Object 416!

  36. the gaming pizaa

    god I am just done with Russian tanks what about a replay of the T110E5? Or strv103B

  37. This game is disgusting.
    It’s pay to play, without prem. account there’s no way t9-t10 are viable then add the accuracy nerf which does wonders to miss weak spots and make people pres that 2 key and you get a gg, but only to WG bank.

  38. Alright, that 1 v 3 engagement in the city was very, very well played

  39. I like playing WoT. The only problem, and the reason why I stopped playing, is that the game can’t be played without a premium account at high tier. Lose one battle and you have to pay 20.000 credits. In no time I have to go back to lower tiers to make credits again…

  40. How about Centurion 7/1, medium or tank destroyer? There is no comparison. The K-91 its Russian tank so can do anything.

  41. 6:14 Overconfident enemy T10, Obj705 and Obj268v4 punished and made to look silly indeed.

  42. Michele Manfredi

    great 1vs3 but lucky is all in this game 😀

  43. the object 277 will be abandoned by most people, the devs ruined it so badly it’s really not a good tank, not if you have any of the other tanks, the is-7, or the 5A, some pen and speed isnt going to make it good enough to use, it’s ammo rack is dreadfully weak,, and it’s turret is questionable and the reverse speed, lack of armor, lack of gun depression, very weak or big ammo rack hit boxes( i was ammo racked 4 times in the first 30 battles) it’s not just lucky shots imo, literally none of the other tanks i have (not even the t-44 which had a notorious ammo rack problem) get one shot like the object 277 does. i already stopped running it, it’s shelfed, maybe i’ll work on it over the years, but it’s not worth putting the effort into training a crew, for me.

    i dont think you will see these 277’s in any advances or Cw’s tbh, it has two few good things, and way to many not good things. it’s very sad, i was hoping for a fun tank, being one shot thru the hull by any tank, of any tier that has a base dmg value of 600+ isnt very fun

  44. Those bounces ……. Stalinium armour i guess 🙂

  45. i got a kolobanov medal in my tier 7 arty…..survived while defending in an assault …was not expecting it but damn…

  46. I love wot and these are awesome videos I’m subscribing

  47. where is QB modpack for the new patch ?? pls update xvm modpack PLS PLS

  48. Too many Objects…..

  49. Leo 1 needs a better gun! Right now hes useless.

  50. 7:45 “kind of in the meta at this moment (all these soviet tanks)” When was the meta not overwhelmingly Russian tanks, be honest.

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