World of Tanks – Memes With CrySpy

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Source: Anfield


  1. Oh anfield, u think the great Rommelrommeller was merely playing ONE IS-4? He was actually play all 15 tanks on 15 systems like the great field general he is, AND giving himself a handicap by putting one hand behind his back. Rue the day you face the man whem he plays one tank with 2 hands.

    • I’m reading a recent military biography about Rommel right now and Rommel was pretty lucky on battlefields and he hated defending position (being static), always attacking and located on the Front with army. The other bigger surprises are that Rommel wasn’t enthusiastic, was pessimist, he was (the only one to think so) wanting to make peace with Russians to fight with all troops at West and finally he was against Hitler order : never retreat ; Rommel did want to retreat to fight back. Hitler order was to play defensibly but never fall back in German territory. THANKS FOR READING 😛

  2. Rommeler is ready for El Alamein lol

  3. You have to fight for that damage man!

  4. You are a condescending asshole, Anfield. I also thought you were closet gay until that video when you said you thought German female tank crew sounded hot. Imagine my relief.

  5. Yo, they have Rommel in their IS-4 but you get “Ties70”? What the fuck is a Ties? Fucking matchmaker…

  6. Look at that cheeky bastard Cry, playing his 140 with Anfield just to pad that WR

  7. 28:50 – lol that game

  8. Hey anfield, how come you never and I mean EVER play the t110e5 on these vids. This deserves a “come on man”..

  9. Could change your IGN to KeitelTheKondescendingKettle, or GuderianTheGurgglingGGer

  10. Moar vids Anfield-san. great entertainment 🙂

  11. anfield your a good player but you use way too muh gold ammo

  12. Cry is a fag

  13. TD players like this Strv makes me sympathise with skycancer.

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