World of Tanks || Memoirs of a Light Tanker Carry Like a Boss Game Play Advice Tutorial Tips Tricks

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks || Memoirs of a Light Tanker Carry Like a Boss Game Advice Tutorial Tips Tricks

This is the Start of a new Series…. Memoirs of a … It takes through a series of games during which I dispense my advice. Take from it what you think might help, and leave the rest behind.

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there is see

Please apply to H3VOC

UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have 10 Tanks
Mah Hommie Oinkeds Channel

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  1. Darude Sandstorm

    +Matty S I found it two minutes after posting this. Thanks ^.^

  2. +Darude Sandstorm
    New NA clan, he made a vid about it.

  3. that is of course entirely possible 🙂

  4. +Florence00pi true, just for the point of arguing: maybe he had already
    shot his he shells xD

  5. +niko bogdan they will

  6. +Sir Havoc Nice gameplay there 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of scouting last
    night, trying to get my 15 wins with Chinese tanks. I actually kinda like
    (and hate) the M5A4 Stuart by now. I had some really nice moments (killing
    an SU-152, to the applause of my team) and some really bad moments (some
    guy pushing m out of a passive spotting position, because he thinks I’m not
    doing anything! Got me killed several times). There are so many people out
    there knowing nothing about scouting. I once was one of them, yes. But now
    it annoys me no end if I’m scouting. Oh, and one thing towards what that
    Panzersouffle said: Never believe what the other team tells you. Every now
    and then they try to bait you. Think on it, but don’t take it for granted.
    That’s what I do. I served me well so far.

  7. +Sir Havoc You alone, have gotten me totally interested in online games.
    Being older’n dirt, and still plugging-away with my battery operated chess
    boards, the closest I ever came to ‘Online’ gaming, was the loaded
    ‘Solitaire/Hearts/Mine-Field’ games, stock loaded onto my old PC.

    I love your character! Accent, charisma, and the combination of grandiose
    showman, AND ability to laugh at your own mistakes, too! I find this to be
    a rare combination, but one that is heartily refreshing in today’s society
    as a whole.

    All I can say in closing is-

    Give ’em HELL! cheers from me NIKO

    PS . I send the clan request last NIGHT H3VOC and nobody has accept me 🙁

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