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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – . Today Menly going to show you why the Japanese , the O-HO, is certainly a manly vehicle!

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  1. A 45% WR player is AFK? Never seen that before…

  2. The 9 and 10 are completely broken now.

  3. hands down the funniest ending very boss!!! thanks QuickyBaby

  4. Halil İbrahim Özuğur

    Actually there is nothing special about the replay. In fact its kind of shamefull. I expected that QB critizice the mm and that ridicilus gun. They can’t even pen OHO and OHO don’t need to pen to get at least 300 or higher dmg. That is just not seem right. Is it ?

  5. Finally happy to see a game with no 252U or Defender.

  6. .54 accuracy, hits fast moving LT on the move. O_O

  7. Quality replay description from Menly

  8. I was getting through a 1 VS 5 in winterberg with a Hellcat. I was on 9 kills and the enemy KV 1 ambushed me in a corner. I was literally 1 shot away from a Pools medal and a Kolovanonv’s medal… he killed me :(. That was yesterday my heart still hurts

  9. Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    watched this at like 4:40 am
    *i don’t care just get rid of that alarm sound In the apartment above me god damn*

  10. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    he might like lame rounds. might be why hes yellow. ive noticed green players and up dont hesitate to load skill. not saying yellow players and below dont. some of us like to be challenged and not use autoaim or prem rounds. we want to feel like we arent compensating for skill. might not be as skilled as many others, but we like to go only from skill and not by compensating. i use to turn off aim assist on console, many pc player would laugh and say thats another reason why console players arent as good. i can agree in ways and i didnt take it off cuse of that, i wanted to know i got a kill without it and the guy i killed probably was using it. feels good, like when you hit people on the move without autoaim or having to actually take the time and aim for weak spots. you dont have to fight every tank and not all tanks should take on other tanks. if you cant pen it, just flank, get help, run etc. things you do already, but just not allt he time. i challenge people to stop using prems rounds and autoaim and we’ll see if they dont help you inflate your wn8 and win ratio. if they dont, then nothing would happen and it would stay the same, but it wont. try it out for a month or so, dont you like to be challenged esp your skill, i know i do and theres plenty people better then me all around and wn8 wise. though i play every single tank, wot is my first online pc game ive ever played and only 10 times playing a actual game on pc, that wasnt oregon trail in 3rd grade or minesweeper, dont use prem rounds or auto aim and it feels like one other thing. but im 900 wn8 and 53% win. to me that isnt all that bad, once i get done with all the tanks i suck with and can work on the ones im good at, then probably could be easily 1200 plus, though not much to many. maybe even still go up from there i cant say for sure what i would be, but i’d rather be a orange or yellow player that doesnt fire prem or use autoaim, then be a green player or higher and do those things. they are just stats and just a game and why i dont care like many people that start new accounts to boost their wn8, sad and pathetic man, get a life, more to life then a game. that being said doenst mean i dont like to be challenged to be more skillful in some things i do. not going to effect me if i never even hit 1000 wn8. shoot though, i almost out played a green player in my kv5 and he was in his kv5, first shot was apcr from him, every shot of mine non prem and all but one of my shells penned out of 5-6.

  11. That description is the highlight of this video HAHA!!

  12. ███۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

  13. the oho is just a big ho

  14. seeing these impenetrable tanks on the battle field ,I started playing Arty . I like to mess them up.

  15. the o-ho o-ni o-i are o-i exp are all considered female tanks type4 and 5 are the manly tanks

  16. Fookin queers steering tanks

  17. What it all comes down to on these carries is usually a comedy of errors by the opposing team. Just a pathetic attempt.

  18. O-HO? More like OH-NO.

  19. All of these Heavy Jap tanks really are a joke and help to ruin the game. They are cocktail napkin “designs” that the Japanese never even would have been capable of manufacturing. Whats next WG a Martian line? For fuck sake Quicky, how much is WG paying $ to put these on your channel?

  20. Well screw my 6k game in the O-Ho 🙁 I thought i did good

  21. want to hear a joke? Korean fucks going in E100 and Maus just to load HE and play like pussies

  22. DarknessInferno15

    0:33 did the O-Ni in the guys platoon just shoot that VK 100? The screen covers it, but it looks like it.

  23. The O-Ho is better than many people think…perfect example

  24. Look at ammo

  25. Is it just me or is it really funny when quicky says something wrong eg damwidge.

  26. Bob Skin the Asian Guy

    you get an HE shell! and you get an HE shell! and you over there! You get an HE shell! HE shells for everyone!

  27. Damwitch ……. new word .. 😛

  28. Big, fat, stupid heavy tank ?

  29. He also finished HT-15 with this game!

  30. do a obj.140 light tank route tech tree showcase.. i needs tips

  31. I got rare medal in my amx 13am. Destroyed last enemy with last shell, I was last alive including a duel with an m41 hmc and an at7

  32. Slab in the British bias will ya?

  33. once again, Quickybaby, you have created a master piece of commentary.

  34. well that’s basically the same gameplay as mine, why cant I get matches like that

  35. a match where XVM fucked you over cuz you relied on it too much.

  36. The Description made me laugh myself off~

  37. KV-13 Video wheeeeeeeeeeeen?!?

  38. Jimmy Putra Imawan

    luckly no ISU-152 to kill him

  39. so are the community youtubers going to keep quiet about WG lack of concern to its players and ignore the lag issues happening

  40. QB, why don’t you ever change the background on your desktop?

  41. The APs are really one of the BEST features of this howitzer… combined with the height of the O-Ho it is overmatch nightmare. I don’t think there are many engine-decks/roofs which are 50mm or thicker.

  42. Hello Quickybaby! Sorry for reviving this topic but I just watched your videos about perks and since its such an old video I was thinking that you might not see the comment-…soooo I got a question about Mentor. So you are saying that if you pick Mentor it should be only until you have it as your first skill and change it afterwards to 6 Sense , since you said it’s only viable past your first skill? Or how would you use it IF you were to use it ? Another thought that occured to me was that Mentor might only be a really good skill to pick during those juicy 3x Crew EXP days. Might I get your opinion on that ? Much thanks if you are to answer, otherwise someone in the comments here might forgiving enough to help out this noob here x).

  43. My testosterone level increase up to more than 9000 after watching this video.

  44. Manly Jap Tank?

    Dio Brando Approves!

  45. nerf APCR alpha

  46. No skill required in this mm for the Jap.

    What’s manly about it? – It’s like playing arty – click, click, click.

  47. America won WW2 destroying the menly tank

  48. Uuh I remember one shotting the O-Ho with my AP round on M40/M43 🙂 1,700 to the side it went bum!

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