World of Tanks Mentoring – Working on Win Rate and Top Tier Strategy

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  1. I’m a noob player, just reached 1000 battles, I’m trying to improve my game
    with this community and I’m on the right path certainly with the help of
    Sir Havoc videos. For this specific map something I learned long time ago
    is that the West road is a 50/50 gamble. Something I have done and that I
    believe every new player should do IMHO is to play a TD line, I know they
    have the limitation of no-turret (there are a few exceptions) and paper
    armor (with exceptions as well) but because of these limitations you are
    forced to learn and improve your game and once you do then you see the
    other side of the coin and you get in the mindset of the TD player. I have
    played at least 38% of my 1000 and something battles with TD, the Stug
    mainly and the ISU 122S and I got killed most of the time with the Stug too
    :-). In this specific map that west road is mainly TD’s waiting behind the
    bushes for prey. I think the decision to take this road is less risky as
    long as you form a line with other heavies and have 1 or 2 TD’s behind you
    covering you. Going forward on a heavy or medium alone it is certain death.
    And definitely taking the hill (as in Malinovka) it is usually the best
    Thank you Sir Havoc for posting and providing your insightful experience.

  2. Very descriptive video for the map and in general, reminds you the game is
    a strategy game not a shooting game, handling the tank and skills are
    important but the decision on where to go and how to play it it’s crucial.
    Keep the good work.

  3. I looked at your mentoring fees and was surprised how cheap they are! If
    anyone has an issue with one on one training for such a small outlay it’s
    their problem. I really appreciate the effort you put in Havoc, and will
    likely book a session soon.

  4. So many tanks out of position. Could it be, they are all afraid of arty?

  5. Well you taught me a thing or two already I’m a trash player but you shows
    me stuff that I get will bring me up immediately just with a video. Thanks
    much. PS just looked at your site. The rates are fine. I feel any grown
    person that can’t afford that might want to get priorities in their life
    straight and stop worrying about WOT.

  6. I found this comparative analysis format very effective. I can tell you put
    a lot of time putting it together but really worth it, and hope you do
    more. Explains exactly the strategy how to control and win
    Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient. (Krampus)

  7. 19:10 oh the irony is delicious

  8. very nice vid thx

  9. love your videos sir havoc, I have learnt a lot from them :)

  10. Good video and good work, hi i’m on NA server and would like to get in
    havoc university how can i. I’M under geolab15 on na server, would like to
    become a good solid player that can make a difference in a game.. thanks
    again for what you bring us..

  11. This is great 🙂 Thanks :D

  12. This guy put in a lot of effort to build a good, active community, with a
    strong emphasis on bringing training to anyone that wants it whilst making
    big decisions in life to take the community to the next level,
    while continuing to build upon the strong foundations he worked many hours
    to create. I am lucky to have landed in one of them as my first clan and
    have found everthing I wanted right there, we don’t know each other, but
    thankfully the strong teams he has selected to lead the 11! clans are
    enough to help and encourage all comers to improve their gameplay. If you
    are looking for a positive place to learn or just battle with great teams
    then look no further and if you are looking for top notch training then
    sign up for mentoring with the man himself. Sir Havoc, you deserve to
    succeed because you want to help others just as much as yourself not just
    in gameplay but also in fostering positive social interaction in a web full
    of trolls.

  13. I play solo and I cant carry teams that lose 5-15. My WR is dropping like

  14. These videos are really helpful Sir Havok. Thank you good sir!

  15. Love you videos, Mate…………….watching for 3 + years now…….Glad
    to be part of the evolution of Sir Havoc.

  16. Hey sir havoc, do you have any tips on how to play the isu 152 with top

  17. first 30 ;)

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