World of Tanks – Mid Tier Mayhem

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

There are a huge number of reason why I much prefer watching tier 5 – 6 battles in WOT than . Today we're going to showcase most of them while at the same time enjoying a result that you don't see very often at all.

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  1. when I was playing WOT my first objective was the tiger and then the maus, but it cost so much to progress in tier 8 and 9 that even after unlocking the maus I never played with him.
    I just play “stress-free” between tier 5 and tier 7

  2. This kind of battles are those who make you fall in love in this game when you are new in this game

  3. Any plans to come back to war thunder?
    I miss watching your videos with all if the vehicles’ history being told while climbing, or your dodgy arcade gameplay, please.

  4. Of all the people in this battle, the Excelsior is much more likely to be a complete noob. For a long while now, the Excelsior has been the reward tank that a lot of new players get for downloading world of tanks with a content creator’s special code.

  5. My most played Tank is still the Marder 🙂

  6. “As much it is next to impossible, to make money at tier 10s”, you say? Well, look some of my replays up. I have done it more than once. In tier 10 tanks. -And I’m not considered a very good player. So I say: “Challenge accepted”. I have sent you a few replays OVER TIME. But most the times, they have most likely gone lost in the loads you get, every day. I know you’re crap, so in order for you to be aware that I had sent you anything, I used the “Mingles” room on discord to let you know. (Until I got kicked off your discord all together, by your mods, and all of a sudden, got the cold shoulder.) Most other ways to get in contact with you, are open for anyone to see. Also “The trolls”, who are free to pick on what ever I comment, on your videos. If it is something, they can pick on me for/about.
    How many players can be honest and say, “I can make a profit in a tier 10 battle”? -Ok, I can’t say it, and then guarantee that I can do it in the next tier 10 battle I play, -because there are many aspects, you can’t control when you click on “Battle” in your garage, but you can still make a search for me, in a tier 10 battle, and find more than one example, of me making a profit in tier 10. Just saying.

  7. I would say the arty did the right thing in the situation, if the T67 had gone looking for him he would’ve turned the 2v1 into a potentially 1v1

  8. Kristoffer Johansson

    What a game! And what an ending. Our hero had some nice snapshots that actually hit, especially the last one.
    GG Jingles.

  9. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    World of Tanks
    Mid Tier Mayhem
    The Mighty Giggles
    The Mighty Babbles
    The Mighty Regurgitator

  10. i really liked both the tier 5 and 6 swedish mediums but the tier 7 is meh! 🙁

  11. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    Back when I was playing regularly, I’d end up playing about 20-30% of my games at tier 5/6 just to break up the grind. While there are a few OP units, they were never so out of reach that you couldn’t at least contribute to the game. At higher tiers, I’d often wish I went down the Russian tech tree instead(that or whatever was the newest nation with some novel concept that’d have a unit at some tier level that could break the balance)…

    Then there were the troll matches where I’d get a bunch of friends, jump into a squadron of Pz1Cs with MGs and just plink at stuff pretending we were fighterjets… No gold was allowed, but it would ether end with us dying while closing in formation, or we’d just laugh our asses off in swarms until we decided to go ramming…

  12. Did anyone else see the track and front drive sprocket fly past our heros tank at the 4:56 mark?

  13. Luchs is less deadly now with the general hp buff in the game.

  14. The only downside of midtier is arty and getting one shot quite often, although they kinda adressed that issue

  15. great game – total nail biter

  16. The Excelsior might be a referral program account, since that is the code tank that you get. He might be rigging it for a free tier 8 premium which is pretty common

  17. Tiers 5 and 6, are the most fun to play!!

  18. I would actually prefer if you did like tier 3-6 games for videos, you always talk about how much more fun it is.. then do videos of some 140 in t10 just wrecking everyone which gets old fast..

  19. Years ago me and another duck circled each other for 3 minutes while a KV-1 just sat there watching in amusement at the futile ritualistic circle of damageless doom until he got bored and killed me……

  20. Frankly I’m surprised the T67 ONLY has that many battle in it

  21. Rarely play this game and NEVER play world of warships, but I watch anyways. Cause anything he makes is good content.

  22. the arty has amazing view range

  23. WoWs and WoT both, mid-tier is way more fun than all the imaginary rubbish at top tier

  24. No whats common for BB’s is you get reported by idiots for taking your time and not suiciding and trying to support your destroyers and cruisers. Or maybe its just me.

  25. luchs cannot pen KV1, even with gold, only if you get the back, and even then, only some shells will pen.

  26. TheMoistDangerousGame

    I was shocked by that revelation. *me hoping jingles doesnt realize I’ve been subbed to his channel for nearly a decade*

  27. Yeah a Tenks Vid with loads of mayhem and lunacy!! Thank you!!

    An oddity by any standards….

  28. Thames Tidal Traffic

    more mid team please. maybe a bert game?

  29. The Full Irish GK Garry

    that T67 is a right bollox and the reason this game is full of wankers
    stay safe

  30. Soon this player will get the stock Lago and his gaming experience is going to be GLORIOUS!

  31. I’m still salty that they nerfed the at2 all those years ago

  32. Oh gracious Overlord, can you do a video on that Waigu steak you were talking about a while back maybe recreate it on home with gnome?

  33. One of the reasons I left WoT, I hated feeling pressured to play higher tiers. I wasn’t seal clubbing at tier 5-6….I just wasn’t very good.

  34. I might try to play WOT again I stopped for about a year, is it still a good game?

  35. Actually Jingles. Tier IV 14TP and Tier V Skoda T24 seem to be paper designs. Of course, I am talking about real paper designs (at least with the T24), not something a hobbyist scribbled down in the bathroom. Also paper designs account for most of Polish and Czech tanks to begin with.

  36. I have 368 games in the T67, with a win rate of 55.98% I don’t use gold though. Really isn’t necessary.

  37. Man I remember getting tier 5 it was fun but the gameplay aspect of it was so terrible that I had to leave this game for good getting one shorted from across the map while in cover and no one could see me or using armor piercing on a part of a tank that was a guaranteed penetration and having bounce in stead, I uninstalled world of tanks after only a week of gameplay and went back to war thunder

  38. I quit WOT a while ago, but towards the end I only played mid tier. It was still fun. I stopped playing tier X because it’s all power creep and toxic players….

  39. Tier 5-7 is where I live

  40. RNG giveth, RNG taketh away.

  41. Just spotted Jingles in an advert, the santa driving the coke truck drinking a pepsi max!

  42. The fact that tanks tier 7 and lower dont have armor is why i like playing some of the low tier tanks. There are little to no autoloaders and that means you can make a mistake without being instantly clipped or hesh penned by deathstars or shitbarns. The other day i peeked with my is2 2 and bounced 4000 damage in 2 seconds in a tier 10 game and i was lucky to bounce it.

  43. Sealclubbing the new players in their stock tanks. Being afraid of facing better players. This would be easy mode, tier 8 would be hard mode, tier 10 would be legendary. This does not take away that there is skill required in all tiers. Everybody is a noob.

  44. *Eyeroll*
    The middle ground gets filled with storm fronts of HE spam and torpedoes, Jingles.

  45. Got a t67 after getting my Stug’s blown up by guyus I couldn’t even see with my 1 skill crews.

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