World of Tanks – Mighty Maus

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Source: The Jingles

Yes, it's still in the game yes, people still play it. Some of them even play it well.

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  1. Thanks for saying something about your WoW video, Youtube didn’t push it to me like normal I would have missed it. A++

  2. don’t beat urself over the wow video, Jingles, it’s just that It’s an hour long and I’m saving it for the weekend binge.

  3. I thought it was okay even though I don’t play anymore

  4. Side note: I will go back and watch the Stray video series once I’ve played the game, please don’t stop making those

  5. Shameless Bastard Games

    Watched an Object 279 e take a Maus apart like it was a tier 3 last night in game,, its all about the match making..

  6. I watched your WoW video because I was inherently curious (and because I watch pretty much all your WoT/WoWS videos) and wasn’t aware that you played WoW

  7. I liked the wow video 🙂

  8. Yeah you only got three consumable choices ffs. Unbelievably how they always think they gotta push north on this map when on Def, when all they have to do is camp the rocks

  9. Just add ‘CatCam’ to any videos which you think might not get the views…..

  10. Am not going to dump on the choice to make a WoW video. The need to diversify away from the WG titles is obvious and many of the alternatives (e.g. Cyberpunk, Stray, Chaos Gate) are good, very good. The WoW video did bemuse me though with the extensive praise for the new mounts and allowing those who contributed to a kill to loot it but that might be because I’m a (casual) GW2 player so the WoW implementation was all rather underwhelming.

  11. What was the interesting thing about this round?!

  12. Honestly, I didn’t mind the WoW video. I’ve never played it and probably never will, but the new class is very cool and if I had the dedication like you have with the game I would enjoy it. All in all, interesting and entertaining

  13. Where is my friday World of Warships video?? Dammit Jingles, thats not the way to start the weekend 😉

  14. I enjoyed the WoW vid Jingles. It was great hearing you getting into the flying. Great WOT vid this morning. THANKS!!

  15. Good morning Mighty Jangles

  16. didnt even know there was a wow video, wasnt pushed to my inbox, so will be watching and liking it straight after this. Make the video you want to make man!

  17. I watched about 30 mins of your World of Warcraft video but I have never played the game so it was just to help your views I guess.

  18. To be honest yesterday I was kinda busy, when I saw that that video was 1h long I decided to watch it another time because I didn’t have the time…

  19. Unbearable Suffering

    Didn’t this game make gold ammunition purchasable with in game credits?

  20. Obj 140 without a FE is suicide

  21. Not interested to overly complex and long duration game like WoW and other MOBA in general

  22. Jingles make what videos you want. However, if you are listening to popular opinion some more war thunder would be great

  23. Jingles don’t ever change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I watch this channel for your banter, you could post a video of you making tea and I’d still watch it

  25. Currently grinding the VK100.01 P so this video lifted my spirits just a tad

  26. False good sir! I loved the WoW video, I always enjoyed watching you play for extended periods, you have a fantastic narration to jokes ratio. Please oh please, put up whatever you like!

  27. Nah the WoW video was fine, just people being salty with WoWs game state.

  28. I never liked World of Warcraft but I still watched the whole video, Jingles.
    I don’t play Tanks either.
    I watch because you make it interesting.
    Chip up, commander.

  29. Actually Jingles they don’t have to press 2 for skill they press 1 for skill.

  30. The WoW video was unpopular because it was long and uncut. You mostly either show
    – short 15-20 minute videos of other people playing (and bridge “boring” scenes by talking lore or techniques)
    – you playing some game but show only the highlights and cut the trim (the warhammer 40k video lately, the final boss fight of 2+ hours, you edited it down to 40 minutes or so)

    The wow video lacked both. It was not short, and it was not narrated to the usual level, neither trimmed down.

  31. @00:35
    Yeah sorry while i know that you sometimes include wrong information to get people to comment more … the first 3ish minutes were already too much for me so i couldn’t watch it :-X
    4 dragon flights hit hard especially when you really just ignored poor old Maligos and completely ignored Kalec.. ~.~

  32. you have to love how Wg made HE look useless in some moments in the game.

  33. I like the video yesterday as a matter of fact. You can do some future hour long videos of wow anytime as far as I’m concerned.

  34. Funny – I don’t play WoT and I don’t play World of Warcraft. But I watch both videos.
    I don’t play WoT – because of scummy corporate practices, dishonesty, terrible gameplay and made up fantasy tanks. And because War Thunder exists.
    I don’t play WoW because when I tried it (wow classic) it was confusing and I did not enjoy “kill 10 spiders” quests. Or kill 5 of smaller gnolls and 6 bigger ones. Or collect some hops and wheat from harvest golems but harvest golems don’t drop those every time you kill one. I watched the video because I do on occasion read up on wow lore. And I know that the big raids and cool story events happen at level50+. But sadly I lost patience and it was boring AS HELL playing it alone. And Blizzards scummy corporate practices too.

  35. I loved yesterday’s video on wow.

  36. Merriman Devonshire

    Not a matter of like… more a matter of interest. If you really want to anger people, do a review of a mobile game like Empires and Puzzles.

  37. I love World of Warcraft

  38. Make the videos you want sir.

  39. Another beautifully narrated WoT video that started out my Friday morning with a bang and of course a cup of Jo.

  40. I never take a fire extinguisher, I always sale em when I get a few

  41. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    it was nice with WOW game yesterday
    thx pingless

  42. Mediocre gameplay

  43. No world of warships today Jingles. EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!!!

  44. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Yes, Jingles, you did not made me wanna play WoW again with that video, but i am getting more and more keen on doing the traditional WoT X-mas special playing for a few weeks! Have played WoT since the beginning…a lot of hours… but these recent years i have just made WoT something you play with old veterans when its time for the X-mas specials. And its a great tradition i think:)

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