World of Tanks || Mighty Maus

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World of Tanks – Maus. The Maus is a one of a kind T10 German super heavy and the heaviest tank in the game! Today Robo22 is going to show you what it is capable of!

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  1. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    *I dare you to watch this video from start to finish at x2 speed.*

    Can confirm, this is not for the weak D:

  2. You Drunk? You Said The Rhm was a American Tank Destroyer….

  3. And the lesson to take away from this is… even with premium ammo, you
    still need to aim your shots right. Such sloppy shooting by the enemy all
    throughout the game.
    Not taking away from Robo’s performance though. He did very well with the

  4. Γιαννης Φαναρης

    what name in wot quicky baby?

  5. Роман Романченко

    класне відео чувак

  6. Lol. Bushka on blitz, the most popular wot b YouTuber, bade a video on the
    t71. In the title, he nicknamed the t71 “mighty mouse.” This video is
    called mighty maus. Coincidence? We may never know….

  7. Bye the way, quickly baby, at the end of ww2 the Germans completed 2 maus
    tanks. The Germans had made a building that was supposedly able to hold
    over a hundred Maus tanks. The Russians captured the base, and tested the
    maus. Although it was an impressive machine, the Russians basically threw
    them away because of their practical use.

  8. Today I was playing in my cent 7/1. I reduced the hit points of a 62a to 1,
    and I had 1 health left.I was hiding behind 3 tank wrecks to reload but a
    darned jagdtoger got my weak point in the top of the turret.


  10. Maus is the best scout in the game.Take it for a spin in malinovka and
    you’ll understand.

  11. It’s so sad to see how stupid the average player is. Also: Don’t cap lets
    die. How do these stupid noobs have green stats

    Apart from that there was no need to load all APCR -_-

  12. They should add the leopard a1a1 in world. Of tanks

  13. Only a mad man mhhhmm(Adolf Hitler)…

  14. I got my MAUS about a week ago and I noticed that it’s way easier to make
    money with MAUS that it is with my T34 or SU-122-44 but that’s not because
    those premiums would not make money, it’s because MAUS is so much
    easier/fun to play! So far my best game has been 4k dmg and 10k blocked

  15. Only a Mad Man ; ) It was soo Funny!

  16. Is it just me or does QB deserve 400,000,000 subs

  17. 30 shots apcr?

  18. Remember, if your nation has problems gathering enough steel and fuel and
    the air superiority is already thoroughly in the enemy’s hands, you should
    build a tank that needs 180 tons of steel, that burns fuel as hell and that
    is a sitting duck for bombers.

  19. why can’t the Maus go 20 kph backwards? It has an electric engine so it
    should be possible.

  20. If the maus was a massive production then the germans might have the power
    to win the eastern front lol

  21. thank you so much for this video Quickybaby. I know that medium tanks are
    the go to tanks, but seriously…. Heavy tanks make you jump off the edge
    of your seat cuz they are underpowered.
    Loved the video dude. I would love to see more heavy tanks WITH armor in
    your videos again. I always enjoyed the crud out of them!

  22. anyone knows/could tell me which mod changes the commanders voice according
    to the tank (nation) you play? thx

  23. mean while I play maus I always end up in malinovka or similar map with
    three pigs per side

  24. gg

  25. I still kind of find it funny, I think the E100 turret would look better on
    the Maus and vice versa.

  26. I thought that Centurion was gonna be a dick, very honorable end.

  27. The maus was a very bad design, it used up heaps of fuel (which germany had
    little of) and the weight of it meant it would now be able to go on trains
    or cross bridges, but the weight is not its only drawback
    Its gun is a major disadvantage too, as when it fired it would shoot out so
    much smoke it would take at least 1-2 minutes for the smoke to clear away
    before you could aim the next shot and this would also give its position

  28. HrothgarHeavenlight

    Maus only good point in today world is armor. And they’re similar heavily
    armored tanks in game, without drawbacks:
    -very slow speed
    -mediocre gun

  29. The only factory where it could be produced was destroyed. This tank was
    one of the only to have its production halted by allied bombing. There were
    2 prototypes. One turret less. The turret less one was blown up, but the
    Russians captured the surving hull and turret, so they mated them. That’s
    the Maus that now sits in Kubinka.

  30. I got in Maus on the recent test server and was pretty disappointed by
    getting penned by likes of Leopard 1 willy nilly. But again, on test server
    everybody fire premium

  31. my weight is the same as the mouse


  33. It’s a bad habit, auto aim. Sneaks up on you.


  35. I gotta be honoust, if the enemy team were not stupid he probably would’ve
    been hugged by the is7 and owned like his other platoon mates, though most
    of the time u need tomatoes on the enemy team to have these kind of matches

  36. i hope this has nothing to do with tank better cause if so that’s rather

  37. Maus, always a pleasure to watch… Except when there’s arty… Which is
    like every game >.<

  38. I wish i can play the maus so good as this guy XD

  39. wonder if you decided not to show the profit on purpose ;o) – he ‘only’
    fired 60K worth of prem shells, and made profit – that is quite modest for
    a Maus – and probably because he ran out of normal AP shells ;o)

  40. 1.00 QB, was that a pathetic attempt to judge Hitler? By what Tanks he
    wanted!? Oh fo Gods sakes man!!

  41. Maus seems to have lost a lot of popularity but perhaps this video will
    remedy that. :)

  42. Easy to kill with my HEAT bitch!

  43. Γιαννης Φαναρης

    Quicky baby me the name in wot is tigris_gr invite to me name you in accept

  44. 10.30 Get offended, if you must: People are idiots

  45. That was FAR more entertaining than watching some guy in an E5…or

    Good replay.

  46. Nice rd from the Maus player. But again the typical “don´t cap, kill
    all”-fools. They deserve this loss due to their greediness.

  47. 12.32 More likely they failed at those times as well

  48. Always a pleasure watching a Maus expert work it. I think that the average
    player gets a Maus (or the classic tomato in an E-100) thinking they’ll
    have to work less hard, but Robo22 proves that to actually use it right,
    it’s exhausting work.

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