World of Tanks || MINI DURP

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m showing some of my favourite low tier Italian medium tanks which punch well above their weight!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. @Quickybaby go check out world of tanks blitz HP4 low-tier tanks

  2. War Thunder is base on realistic

  3. P26/40:Mini derp
    Cruiser II:Bitch Please

  4. WG should nerf the HE pen

  5. 10:45. oh no now warthunder will condemn this vid

  6. Quickybaby, if I could give one recommendation for the P43 (Tier V), use the second gun. It is basically just a better gun than the Tier IV’s, and I hear many people say that the top gun on the P43 is terrible. Awesome to see the low tier Italian derp tanks!

  7. There are 3 types of accounts: Free to play. Pay to win. And the noob account. QB is doing a F2P and not noob account.

  8. sometimes i think the same, i like to play low tier but i think they must push the HP a little maybe 10% or 20% then is more fun

  9. 7 hits to get a kill in higher tiers? Maybe if you spend thousands of dollars on their game. Otherwise 4 hits max is more realistic.

  10. I got a question, I just got to my 1st tier 7 TD jpanther and I was wondering if it worth to get the engine upgrade as it only gives +50 (h.p) but adds on 350 (kg). also can you give me any tips on the tank I love it to pieces I’ve always wanted it, but I feel like a noob still.

  11. I hate this tank

  12. I’m curious how long it will take qb to get to tier 10 on his ftp account. My guess, about 6-8 months.

  13. What happened in wot blitz update 5.5 is that Wargaming nerfed the dpm from tier 1 to tier 5 and buffed their hp & armor.

  14. low tiers definitely need a health buff or a gun nerf because when i play and i get shot i basically give since i only have either 0-20 hp left. AND NO SIXTH SENSE

  15. Comment the campaigne pls

  16. I pop into low tiers often. My skill level has maxed for me. I can compete at the higher tiers most of the day. Until prime time when the Platoons show up. I prefer not to platoon. I want to play when and how I want to play. I dont want to depend nor have others depend upon me showing up at a certain time.
    So I go it alone. At Platoon time you have no chance. You fire at the one guy who is making him self a target. Boom your done in 5 seconds.
    I usually move into my TD’s at that point. I can hold my own there.
    But at those times when I want to bomb it around in a Med or light tank. I pop down to tier 5 or 6 and have some fun.

  17. 31,000 games in TIER 1 ONE uno ??

  18. I think he was trying to flip him upright to have a fair fight…

  19. What a cringy little nurd this guy is , he just gets kids to give him money for streaming a game. Too lazy to earn his money honestly, very sad.

  20. Pls get the HEtzer with your free2play account it will be great succes

  21. yeah, play it in tier 6

  22. 4:22 really??
    I’m 10 times worst player then you but i’m came on X on my 2 profiles in maybe less then a week and maybe 40 – 60 battles per account (no premium tanks included)

  23. An u know if I have skills on your crew you can reset the skills to finish off the 25%

  24. Great to see low tier games

  25. I would like to see how he is going to grind credits for tier 10 tanks

  26. CONFUSED! In video’s you have been critical of “seal clubbers”, which personal I don’t have an issue with. What right does anyone have criticising people playing lower tier’s no matter how many games they have played. But you have voiced a negative view of experienced players playing lower tier’s, calling them out as seal clubbers. Well I would love to know what this video is all about, you being an accomplished player seal clubbing all those inexperienced player’s. As I have outlined not an issue for me as I haven’t gone on record calling such players seal clubbers but you have. So what’s your justification for this seal clubbing video?

  27. No, I hate people constantly farming my hit point and nothing I could do, it just pisses me off

  28. Really really ridiculously good looking

    To be historically correct, you really should be swapping teams half way through.

  29. I’m hating my P43, slow ‘n crap. But it only has 85% crew, no 6th sense…

  30. This shouldn’t even be a thing of course u can play for free with grinding and alot of damage

  31. Please dont say to much about its strength

  32. We dont need nerf

  33. 6 or 7 unless rushian

  34. I play on NA and just played Tier 5, afterwards I checked the Players Service record of every player in the battle and only 4 out of the 30 had created their accounts in the last year, and about 10 had less than 10k battles with 20 having more than 10k battles, so its fair to say not many noobs playing tier 5 on NA (I suspect not many noobs playing on NA at all).

  35. Imo the most overpowered gun at low teirs has to be on the teir 3 French td the ue 57 with its 6 pounder firing 21.43 rpm at 75 damage with 110 pen. It is just unforgiving at teir 3.

  36. Experienced they would be dead just as fast more health or not lol

  37. That’s a very well said argument against War Thunder and I’d have to agree. But the same could be said about WOT, the arcade-y style is for some (like me) not a big turn on. I don’t think I’ll ever play WOT but I always enjoy your videos even if I’m not a fan of the game, you make it fun. Keep up the great work

  38. Struggling with the stock tanks and you have a 56% WR. And you sound like that’s bad??? Good God, Quicky. Wish I had that problem.

  39. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    It was how i grinded my p43 with the gun from the previus one. The only real downfall from the top gun is the shell velocity of the shells on this gun is very low compared to the top gun but if you get used to that fact you will do well in it

  40. Well, everybody knews Cruiser II Mk has burt derp gun in lower tiers.

  41. funny, Skill4ltu does Grille15 tech tree showcase today too 😀
    good vid ! 🙂

  42. After 16k battles and many tier10 tanks, I have just started the AMX50 line at tier 3. And I have to say, I had some very interesting battles, tense to the last moments at low tier. Nothing I can say about the 15:4 roflstomps happening at hightier these days. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it started with the dreadful 3/5/7 and people loosing patience quickly after being bottom tier for 2 hours

  43. Complains about the scaling of tiers
    Is fine with 3 tier games

    I’d say 2 tiers per game, 2 artillery max would be the best..
    But well see how 5-5-5 will work out first maybe that’ll help

    LOOOOOOOL like it will xDDDD

  44. tevfik louis akbasli

    check my account LouisTevfik
    Im playing WOT last 2 year and nearly everyday..Didn’t spent a coin..I know what u mean brutal quickybaby..
    Any Gifts are welcome..
    hope i will get my first tierX this month. Wish me luck.. 🙂

  45. QB, promoting a sealclubbing… Now, I should get that tier 4, land a 4 skill crew and eat tiers of new players

  46. serious Dick move, killing that guys toy at 13:00. sry, gotta unsub, didn’t know you were such an ass

  47. As a WT player, new player suffering in WoT is nothing compared to how badly new players get destroyed in WT, and not only they die quicker and often without firing a single shot, but also they suffer for much longer as grind in WT is way more brutal.
    But as veteran WT player that have every single tank unlocked and crews maxed out, what a challenging game that is. Honestly I tried returning to WoT not long ago just to see how it feels after so long brake, it just feels stale and boring to me.

    It is a shame btw that you probably cannot show any WT content due to agreement with War Gaming. You have a very interesting view point in WoT and I would have loved to hear your thoughts on modern War Thunder. In terms of ground forces, honestly it is a completely different game from the beta time (Recently I have found some old videos I recorded of my gameplay beta and boy I did not realized exactly how much everything changed).

  48. XVM modapack????

  49. 8:05 Talking something inspiring whiling murdering others lol. No offense just kidding 🙂

  50. what shells are these? i used that tank and im not great at this game, im new feels like i do no dmg sometimes, i know about weakpoints but i probably aim at the wrong points anyways

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