World of Tanks – Misery Loves Company

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They say “Misery loves company”, which is why today I’m sharing Elacsander911s BatChat game on El Halluf with you. Possibly the worst game of World of Tanks I’ve seen in recent memory, and for all the wrong reasons.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. That was his own bloody fault…

  2. when the game ends my tank tends to drive in the same direction i was
    driving, I guess the same thing happened to him

  3. The WZ-111 1-4 probably went in to save the E 50 on purpose. Some people
    are nice just like that.

  4. Can we all take a moment to realize how retarded that M41 player is, he
    doesn’t know what tank he’s driving.

  5. quite a rollo-coaster this game was

  6. Isn’t draw a loss for both teams?
    and a loss at least a win of 150% exp for one side?

  7. Thats the kind of game which would make me stop playing this game for a
    while and drink to forget.

  8. what would have been the advantage of a “draw”? i thought a draw is the
    same as a loss? so id argue he was even very sportsmanlike because since he
    could not win anyway he now at least gave a win to the enemy instead of a
    loss too.

  9. 7,218 veiwer yay

  10. If he had not gone full retard at the end and driven down a slope at fast
    speed with 1hp left he would have drawn. No one to blame but himself.
    Stupid move.

  11. Whenever you’re listening to TDG and this pops up in your recommended. Lol.

  12. ‫هاني ناصر‬‎

    nice game

  13. I loved it

  14. My god, that was some seriously professional hamming up in the commentary
    Jingles 🙂

    epic game what a bummer at the end..

    hope your doing all the commentary on next wg finals :-)

  15. OH… MY… GOD… i would throw my laptop out of a window probably.

  16. “Bulldog is 7 tier” Boy you’re in a fucking Bulldog right there, have you
    not realized you’re in the premium version that’s a higher tier?

  17. Jongles, whot do ya thank ’bout makin a vadeyo saries on Satarday, on which
    ya axolain the kids haw ta plai WoT/WoWs.
    Like little map explanations, basically short stuff, adressing 1, or 2
    things that make you a better player…
    technically it is still WoT and WoWs, but i think it would be great to have
    something more special on Saturday and Sunday ;)

  18. jingles a jagdpanzer e100 gun isn’t fixed its in a casemate

  19. OMG that ending :'(

  20. jingles i got the flu my throat is aching,coughing,runny nose,head ache. is
    it ur doing?

  21. Nemanja Radovanovic

    There is a bug in current version of WoT, quite bad one, if the timer runs
    out game does not end…. It just keep on going until whole team is dead or
    you cap it. It hapend to me twice last night, once on encounter mode and
    once on standard battle. On encounter we played about 1 minute longer even
    tho timer was on 00:00, so even if he stayed alive Deathstar would just win
    by capping, and that would make this game even worse.

  22. Batchat used right

  23. many mistakes were made in this game… awful driving and completely wrong
    time to reload

  24. LOL I was thinking what the hell is he still driving around for, Deathstar
    was in cap so he was safe anywhere over the ridge. Wow… Just wow 😛 And
    he had such nice moves too!

  25. “unfair plane he kemp bush” The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 7 is STILL best

  26. Time to uninstall

  27. *close*

  28. Sooooo clpse…HAHAHA

  29. Oohhh, I’d be so pissed. Poor Alexander.

  30. Thank the Gods of gaming that it’s another day of world of tanks with the

  31. 4th time early. Will Mr. Jingles respond?

  32. I think the suicide in the end was on purpose =/
    I’d have done the same because i’d rather let the enemy win than to have a
    draw as it basically is a defeat for both teams…

  33. Why didn’t he just sit still as soon as he was in cover?? ?

  34. how is the manflu? isn’t poor Rita making you tea and feeding you

  35. That moment when the guy in the chat says the M41 90 is not a bulldog…

  36. “3 shots left and he finally starts penetrating” kreygasm

  37. What’s the difference between a Draw and a Loose, in terms of Credits and

  38. That M41 90, calls him a coward when there’s almost a 2000hp difference.

  39. its frustrating, but its his own fault, he could have just parked his tank
    and waited for the game to end 😛
    sorry bro for the loss, better luck next time and don’t drive like a muppet
    next time :P

  40. Jingles, please turn on health bars, watching from my mobile phone, I don’t
    have high enough resolution to see health numbers, thank you for the great
    video :D

  41. wow…that defeat was so incredibly stupid. Instead of staying behind a
    rock better go drive a freaking rally with 34 hp…He deserved to lose

  42. draw is a loss for both sides – not sure that is preferable over an actual

  43. Anyone else thinking “Why cant this little wanker M41 90 shut his
    dickhole????” ? These sort of people are the reason why I normally have
    chat disabled.

  44. “I hate draws” I think he did it on purpose Jingles. Draws are a loss for
    both teams right? maybe he wanted to let atleast someone have the win.

  45. Oh god this was priceless. He did so much awesome plays and at the end he
    forgets the bug where the game forces your tank to move forward a couple of
    meters. xD

  46. This is what happens when you get to blaise…would have been wiser to just
    sit behind the rock…. Showboating gets you in the end….

  47. Jean Ingrid Tabares

    Get well soon jingles…

  48. IFDF: Admiral Yoshinator11

    This video got uploaded where I am at around 5 in the morning, and I was
    about to tell you to go to bed, Jingles, but then I realized that you live
    in the UK, where’s it’s almost midday at the time of my typing this
    comment. :P

  49. BrakeHorsePower92

    Hi Jingles.

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