World of Tanks – Mission: Impossible

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Deviil95 needs Tank Mission 15 complete for his Object 260 reward tank. The only problem is has to do 4000 to tank destroyers, and how often do you see an enemy team that has enough TDs to even make that possible?

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  1. Missions completely fucked the game up. What little team work there was in
    the game stopped and people just starting to play to complete the missions
    and say screw it if they failed it and quit.

  2. i thought there was going to be a plot twist and he was 1dmg off from
    getting the 4k dmg

  3. Watch It Can Always Be Worse. It is way more sadder than this.

  4. Jingles, I really miss your tank reviews :(

  5. I had all but forgotten about these missions until a few days ago. I
    decided to start actively working on them again. So how about TD-9 (or
    maybe it was -10) for the T-55A? Do 3000 damage in a TD, unspotted at the
    time the damage was done. Should be easy, right? Slap a camo net and food
    on the Borsig, the E25 and the SU-122-44 and just rotate them until it’s
    done, right? Yeah, it took me I-don’t-even-know-how-many dozens of battles.
    Ruinberg. Winterberg. Stalingrad. Kharkov. Ensk. And if it wasn’t a damned
    corridor map on a phonebooth, the team would melt and I’d get spotted too
    early. Maddening. I can’t even imagine trying the same mission over a
    thousand times. I will never have the 260. I’ll be lucky to get the -55A.


  7. Review the T95 now please

  8. Knowing my luck, if this had been me, I’d have forgotten to click the
    “Start Mission” button first.

  9. Jingles I sent you an awesome Replay in my kv5 and I would really
    appreciate it if you would watch it I get seven kills 4000 Damage Done in a
    tier 9 match and blocked 4000 damage and it’s nonstop action

  10. Well, the first battle lasted longer than Lesnar vs Goldberg… By about 5
    seconds… ?

  11. what do you think the chances are that a game has been won faster then that
    and we just don’t know about it?

  12. I often find that I have to turn down the volume about 1/2 way through just
    to get the Jingles drone out of my ears. Is it really necessary to narrate
    every single thing that happens?

  13. Bwahahahaha, I was literally eating a granola bar while watching that 1st
    replay, and stopped chewing when i saw the timer…
    I thought “Holy crap, that was an amazing vid….

    And then you roll the intro and we get (afaic) another complete episode 😀
    Thank you Jingles…

  14. To be fair, its a teir 1 game lol.

  15. Reward missions are effectively bullshit. I’m never even going to get the
    reward StuG because the bullshit spotting damage and damaged blocked
    missions for lights and heavies. I’m not a terrible player I’m just never
    going to be good enough to do some of Wargamings bullshit reward tank
    missions. For that kind of shit I’d expect to get a years worth of premium
    account and enough gold to buy every premium tank in the game. But nah you
    just get a fair amount of credits,premium tanks I barely ever see people
    doing well in,and female tank crews. Fuck right off Wargaming with your
    rip-off you call a reward.

  16. Philip “Zansis” straw

    Its just as hard for the t55a mission to kill 2 td’s 1 tier higher must
    have been on that missin half a year.

  17. i was expecting the “he forgot to activate the mission”:D

  18. i am stuck on the TD-15 on the 260

  19. So glad it was a happy ending this time :P. I was pretty sure that he would
    be short by 10 dmg points or something like that or that some genius from
    his team would go “no cap, kill all” and kill him.

  20. Just got my T28 concept. Done medium mission 15 without honours and tried
    to improve. While trying to improve I managed to get heavy tank mission
    6-15 (15 with honours) and also all light tank missions for this TD.
    Aside from even get enough TD hitpoints against you. It’s pretty difficult
    to have allies that don’t shoot at them.

  21. Jingles can you do a video on world of tanks blitz

  22. Naufal Hafizh Fanani

    Jingles! Om telolet om

  23. I hate the mt 15 for the t55 a

  24. That’s why we love you. You DO care! Thanks again.

  25. What does one get for completing that mission?

  26. does jingles play t10tanks?

  27. Deja Vu isn’t it? Last time we saw a B-C 25t on the same map trying to do
    the same mission

  28. +The Mighty Jingles
    Uncle Jingles, when are you, Quicky, Ikzor, Cercon and Jedi going to do
    more TOG II games?? TOG is Party Tank, Uncle Jingles! You said TOGs will be
    friends with ANYONE! :D

  29. I hear that. On the medium tank 15. For the t55a. Where u have to kill to 2
    tds a tier higher. And I never see 2 tds a tier higher when I’m trying for
    this mission. So aggravating.

  30. D “Doom” Wilson

    Kinda getting tired of WG’s crap they say they are removing the e-25
    because its unbalance they put it back in for the Christmas event just to
    make money. They refuse to do anything about artillery which they say is
    supposed to prevent camping but only encourages it. And crappy mm because
    they don’t consider a 14-1 defeat one sided. And these stupid damn joke
    missions that are up to pure random chance and not skill most of the time.

  31. I love mittengard. Or however you spell it.

  32. Being a World of Warships fan and seeing all these WOT videos makes me want
    to play. Does anyone have a invite code to share?

  33. Honestly thought this was gonna be one of those heart breaker episodes
    where the guy does over 4k dmg but the game fails him on the mission

  34. David Lobo's Shenanigans (Blue)

    Hey, Jingles, will you ever pay any amount of attention to World Of Tanks

  35. lt 15 4k spotting and total got to 3943

  36. General Turgidson

  37. Was that.. teamwork in tier 2? I’m scared, hold me.

  38. I thought there was going to be a plot twist, like for some reason the
    mission didn’t count as successful or he did 3999 damage. I’m actually sort
    of disappointed, is that bad? :D

  39. I was worried that the TD damage was going to add up to 3999 at the end,
    there. Too many times has a 15th mission been failed by the one shot you

  40. Muhammad Fadzli Haziq Mohammad Bahathir

    +TheMightyJinges look at my KV -2 replay in a tier 10 match

  41. Badass

  42. Nazmul Huda (Robin)

    If you’re looking for a low tier ace tank… Give my T-28 a try… I’m
    Pretty sure you’ll like it at the end of the video.. :v 😛

  43. Hold on jingles wasn’t this the map that that batchat replay was on that
    was trying to do this mission?

    Oh no

  44. This mission is made for autoloaders. Track, boom, boom, boom, cover.

  45. and here I am, not even having completed the missions for the Stug

  46. That feeling when you buy 90 days of premium :)

  47. See people. You don’t need to fire premium ammo to get results.

  48. I’ve been stuck on medium tank mission 15 for the. T55a it’s way to
    dependant on the match maker

  49. MT 15 = horrible mission – I once was 5 damage short – and the target TD
    that I weathered down to a 1 shot – got kill-stolen – and that was about a
    year ago… since that no luck…

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