World of Tanks – Mission Improbable

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Source: The Mighty

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a Grille 15 alone against six enemies and make them all look like a bunch of noobs.

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  1. Great video again, but speech sounds quite low level. Bit hard to listen sometimes.

  2. “800 damage” “and all he did was blow the tracks off” stay shit Jingles, we love you

  3. Just for clarities sake, the 128mm was a Army and not Navy calibre (the Naval equivalent being 127mm). However, for the Z52 destroyer class of 1944, it was decided to standardise on the army 128mm and cease production of the naval 127mm. However, the Z52’s were never completed and the 128mm guns assigned to them transferred back to the Army.

  4. thank you Jingels……y content is allways the best:)

  5. Been up for the last 2 hours from the worst thunderstorm I’ve been through in a few years here in the southern US. Time for a Jingles video 🙂

  6. Ooh an IS7
    Ooh half an IS7

  7. First half of the match is “I’m too afraid” and the second half is “I’ll kill you all”
    Funny how drastic the difference in gameplay between the two halves, or until all his team died.
    It’s almost like he was waiting them to die before he decided to do something about it.
    Gives me the vibes of having his little brother play early on then taking over when shit got real.

    • Not quite fair….he was doing his job as a TD…at the start.

      Unlike many who dont seem to know they have a map….he was aware of a growing problem..and went to it.

      Before he left that area, they were holding nicely.

      He gets to the new side….does what was needed, despite some unlucky misses.

      Was it his fault the the side that had been holding WELL…..suddenly melted once he left?

      1vs …..well…cant hide…they just cap.

      Cant really close in brawl, no armor.

      It seems his method was ….just right.

      Your insinuation, was unjust.

  8. I love “noob team” comment from player that just die when I play World of Warships , my aswer allways is “you was part of it” …

  9. Concorde Makes Videos

    (Intro starts) – C’mon jingles let’s see some damage this episode!
    (Fades to black so I can see my sad pathetic reflection on the screen) – Wrong kind of damage

  10. They really should call the grille the tortoise instead.
    Because if you fire that gun the tank will turn over and, just like a turtle, lie there completely useless.

  11. Grille accuracy – KV2 would have hit all these shots

  12. Actually Jingles (lol, jk) the BZ-176 Premium Chinese Heavy Tank has a whopping 160mm cannon at tier VIII, and I believe it was plans for a project by the Chinese Army to quickly fill in the gaps in the front lines in a war with or other tanks like that. The feature of it – it has rockets.
    I however don’t blame you for not knowing about the new Chinese Heavies, Jingles. I really don’t.

  13. afk or not he earned that win.

  14. He hit the Cobra in the most angled part of his armour, says “nice green bounce” xD.

  15. MADDOG the PC Gamer

    phew, was startin to panic. Gotta have my Jingles fix!

  16. The only thing I watch every week on YouTube is jingles

  17. When I saw that the enemy team had exactly 1200 hp at the end, that was the giveaway for me.

  18. You should really look up more on the BZ-176 to marvel at the decision making of Wargaming.
    Derp gun with premium HE with insane pen, and oddly good accuracy. Equipped with a rocket booster so it can get into the best position before anybody. And very good armor. And of course, only available in lootboxes

  19. The most improbable thing of that run is that he’s credit positive at Tier X.

  20. Reminds me of the stryker MGS mobile gun system

  21. Oh Jingles, don’t ever change ya old fart! 3 TDs left, 2,719 HP left so definitely not either 2,100 HP *or* a trio of one shot kills…

  22. Grille 15 go boom

  23. 5:28 – 6:18

    “Most accurate gun in the game fully aim shot always miss” ….

    (I feel his pain)

  24. @Jingles, why did you change from “Take care, stay safe, and I’ll catch you next time.”? You’ve only been saying that for YEARS and it’s jarring when you get your own close-out wrong!!

  25. Another great video young man , you really are out of touch with WoT not knowing about the BZ176 .

  26. I don’t miss playing this game one bit… I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much time when I was playing it.

  27. And you will “like” the rocket engines BZ tanks have lol

  28. RIP to Violent Pizzas 1-24

  29. Christiaan Carstens

    watched until most accurate gun in world of trash missed 3 times in a row, gg wargaming.

  30. I can only say the people who even hint at the design of this tank probably wanted to compensate for a “pinky promise” in their pants. The barrel on that tank is 2x the size of the chaise. Occasionally, the player was swinging that thing around, and because of game development, the barrel just pasted the rock no problem.

  31. Have you tried Kards? Tried it never went back.

  32. It is not only that BZ has a bigger caliber gun than Grille 15 it hits mire reliably, too. On the paper, sure, Grille gun is more accurate and all, but in game BZ premium tier VIII hits more than Grille.

  33. thank god I quit this game a long time ago. The amount of P2W BS premiums is ridiculous.

  34. If I’d go back to the game my mission would be to sell all tanks, buy all SPGs and harass all made-up tanks

  35. The 128 mm PAK (PAK-44) came in at 11 tons.

  36. Winning thanks to the incompetence of the overwhelming enemy forces – approach that only works in WoT …aaand, to everyone’s surprise, in the actual modern conflicts.

  37. interesting that the turret of that BZ-176 shows the design features more familiar with things like the type 96 and type 99 family of Chinese tanks. If the thing ever existed I’d suspect it was some form of a prototype for the 96

  38. Love that super accurate german gun that shoots dirt or sky!

  39. Very good job by Grille
    Thanks Jingles

  40. The Grille 15 is like a picture of a bull on a flag pole, you can draw it, but it’s another thing to get him up there.

  41. In case anyone is wondering I think it is the Baroness as commander.

  42. Strictly speaking the Flak 88 becoming an anti tank weapon was predictable and not ad hoc. They developed an anti strong point shell for the Flak 88 pre war (or very early war). This obviously has use against mobile fortifications more commonly known as tanks. While the range of shells improved as the war went on the original concept was there in the very early days. Admittedly Germany did make the idea obsolete by going around the Maginot line instead of into it.

  43. Fun game to watch!

  44. Das ist Deutsch!

  45. The name on the K-91-PT is a danish name, and is translated to “hit me hard”.

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