World of Tanks || Mission Rigging Punished?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Wargaming announced 450 mission were and the T-22 sr. removed from their accounts as well as preventing the players from participating in future missions. What do you think about the situation?

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  1. Hahaha, booster hunting in wot? Sign me the fuck up

  2. There is no point having an opinion on the cheating in itself. If it is
    possible a certain number of people will do it. Always.

    The RU punishment sounds good enough. Always worried innocent players will
    recieve it though.

  3. How retarded one can be to excuses himself as victim. So…. Why you date
    girls… Just rape them. You know some girls are impossible for you to get
    so RAPE THEM, why lost time and effort? It is same logic. They are
    cheaters, people with small penises that cannot get laid

  4. The mission Riggers should be temp banned and have the tank removed like
    the ru server did but as well as this have a permanent name tag saying
    RIGGER! :)

  5. Perma Ban the account!!!

  6. … and what did EU admins? Banned riggers for 1 week only, without removal
    of the tank in the same way encouraging riggers. Pathetic.

  7. I think that wargamings actions were correct and the punishment was spot
    on, they have been made an example of and it also acts as a warning to
    anymore of this unacceptable behavior. Though some don’t view their actions
    as cheating, I believe that it IS cheating if their actions make it neigh
    on impossible for any other players to complete any mission that are in the
    same game with them.

  8. …slap ’em with a wet fish!

  9. Honestly I don’t have 100’s of hours to spend on just 1 tank that’s not in
    a tech tree sooo I’d just rather boost for it….

  10. wargaming eu needs to do like on the russian server

  11. Well if every other personal mission didn’t require 5k damage done in 1
    minute, to end the match with more health than you started out with, a goat
    that ISIS hasn’t screwed and the blood of an asari whore, maybe, just
    MAYBE, people wouldn’t be rigging matches to get a ridiculously OP T22.

  12. from 999 ping to losing hundreds of thousands of credits and not winning
    one (1) game I will never play this mode again. I totally agree with the
    cheating making the mode useless. I knew this game mode didn’t smell
    right.Thanks for the review.

  13. -2 month ban
    -banned from all rampage,domination and all of the rest of the new game
    -never be able to acquire the T-22 med
    -labeled blue for a whole month
    -never able to acquire any clan reward tanks
    -tier 10 lock up for a month
    this is totally fair,if they had any true skill,tactics,or talent they
    would have got it the hard way,so no this is 100% TOTALLY FAIR,end of

  14. I agree with WG Ru!! Ban and take their T-22 away! People learn from
    punishments (atleast) most of us does! But do something! I also have seen
    myself rigging in a match but luckily they were bad it!

  15. It’s very simple, the riggers need to have their tank permanently removed
    and be barred from getting it again, just like on the RU cluster.

  16. people that rigs the missions is one reason I don’t play much any more. And
    the ones that do rig the missions should be permanently banded from the
    game so it won’t happen again on future missions.

  17. Any one take hint as well that there is a really small pool of people
    playing WG new game mode that they work so hard on. WoT gone to shit as of
    late and is not fixing any of its issues

  18. Total ban on that clan and players ! NUFF said

  19. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Yet another reason NOT to play this game in its current state, but in all
    fairness keep banning the duchebags.

  20. Definitely the ban on RU server is appropriate, permanent ban for multiple
    offenses. I had seen something similar during the personal missions for
    Obj 260. The Ottoman clan had platoons on opposing teams and they were
    just bouncing shots of each other in one side of the map. Got me killed
    but I sent the replay to WG, not sure if anything was done.

  21. I feel the same while playing against Warpack Players when I don’t even use

  22. Fuck Wargayming. What a shit company.

  23. they just did a clan spotlight on NA servers for ShOJO, a clan thats
    rigging the t22r

  24. I think those that don’t know the enemy team but then ask for help in all
    chat in order to complete the mission should be completely fine. Because
    I’ve done it too!

  25. temp ban and restart their missions and tanks to teir 1 for 30 days :)

  26. +QuickyBabyTV why are you trying so hard to justify the mode that is pure
    B-S? The fact nobody plays it is pretty self-explanatory, missions or not.
    The reason is – WG is implementing an FPS-like mode to the game that
    requires much deeper understanding of mechanics than just “Rent a tank and
    go pew pew” (amount of “R” players is actually also one of the reasons
    people are fed up with it). Put that together with the extremely low XP and
    credz income and I rest my case. It’s BS. Don’t play it. And if you can,
    rig it. You will actually have more fun that way.

  27. Brilliant proof of just how immoral people can be. Cheating in a bloody
    video game, what’s next, steal food from a baby? There are people out there
    starving and sick, but they are still trying to behave in an honorable way,
    they would rather beg and live on the streets than steal. And here we have
    lowlife scumbags thinking they can’t have fun in their games with their
    current selection of tanks, nooo. They just have to cheat to get more.
    Absolutely disgusting.

  28. ban cheaters for life from wot

  29. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Well, they are within the rules, if not they wouldn’t be able to do it…

  30. ban them for 1 year

  31. Qb, these persons are not interested in completing these missions. So they
    should not be able to play these missions AT ALL. And of course no reward
    vehicles. Also, WG should not give then any gift vehicles….

  32. Someone report the post for naming and shaming lol

  33. I think WG should ban these players for 2.5 weeks , remove the T22 sr and a
    ban from every single mission in the game(random as well) and let the clans
    not participate in CW for 2 seasons( i know this sounds very hard for this
    kind of cheating and that it is also shit for clanmates but CHEATING IS
    CHEATING and you had to think about it before you did it!!!!!

  34. when missions just came out i was thinking how faster to get it and have
    same idea, play early with clan and do those missions, but i stop playing
    WoT and dont do it , becouse i dont wona get ban 🙂 and i agree with WG to
    do those ban for those who cheating !!!!!!!!

  35. That is because WG developers don’t play their game for them selfs at all
    (nearly all RU cluster youtubers admit that), that’s why they don’t know
    how hard did they made these missions! Some of them is just imposible to
    complete in such shot battle play times as in Rampage mode!

    As about Obj. 260 tank.
    WG had a plan to give away over 30k of Object 260 tanks on RU cluster.
    Guess how many did they gave away per whole year? Not even 5k!!! So what
    does it say about these missions? No brainers made it! Or people who dont
    play the game them selfs!

  36. As Always WG does it wrong. Anyone could easily get a E25 by simply playing
    the game. Same went for the SU-100Y. ut the TDs you get for the first sets
    of personal missions are garbage. Well the Stug is a POS for sure. Then
    they made this and so many people cheat because it is easy to do so. I
    tried a couple of time to play rampage. Most of the time I just give up
    because the queue goes forever. Then you get into the game and only see
    people cheating. There is NO point in playing this mode at all. My clan is
    composed of mature people, we don’t cheat and try to enjoy the game but it
    is rigged. Or it is populated with idiots. These last few days 90% of my
    games were horrible. I would get a purple WIN 8 in so many games ending in
    defeats because pub games are garbage. Everyone for himself. oblivious of
    the minimap and zero team work. WG should make missions that force people
    to work together. And I’m not talking about spotting in a LT but maybe
    combined dmg between some players or something. Anything that actually
    pushes players into more team work instead of kill steals, etc… just my
    two cents. So yeah long bans for these cheaters and the permanent removal
    of their T22 seem like good measures…

  37. we have seen all kinds of rigging on NA server, specifically the
    clan…..VILIN. I agree with you and feel that what wargaming did on the RU
    server should be done on all servers.

  38. 3 barrels on a batchat? Where can i get a tank like that? O_o

  39. Riggers will be every where. That’s why i dont do this mission at all. :)

  40. strongproudandfree

    Mission riggers should get a 6 month ban and all tanks given as a result of
    completing any mission removed.

  41. Rigging and mods shouldn’t be allowed and if your caught cheating you
    should be banned. Except banned doesn’t work since all they have to do is
    make a new account and start all over again.

  42. Glad I dont play rampage then…too few people trying to get a game and the
    after game rewards arent worth it…with the exception of the T-22 sr.
    missions, but then that is only if you do complete a mission

  43. Those BC’s are in the NA Server, I’m going to blast them. I’m green on XVM

  44. Mission Riggers, They must be Ban and lose all there Vechiles that Rigging
    was on.

  45. It is a sad part of Life, that people do not live Life to full.

    Today’s people are, “I WANT”

    How should we treat these players?

    BAN the clan, for 12 months
    Ban the player and clan players for 24 hours
    Remove ALL tanks, apart from purchased tanks

    In real life sport, the ban for cheating is higher and World of Tanks is a
    online sport now, so same rules?



    Qucikybaby, I disagree with you choice of M44 arty winner.

    1) Sir Havoc showed this well before you
    2) He was using the Bacon/battle Assist mod (Any arty player, who is good,
    would not use this)

    Just relealised, you allowed, your own competion to be rigged by a cheating
    arty player. (You will disagree, I just know)

  46. Like light 15 is my last one for the t-55a and it is nearly impossible!

  47. I’d say it was basically inevitable that it would happen. You introduce a
    game mode that nobody would play except for the T-22sr, the self-admitted
    most OP medium in the game, and then make the missions for it absurdly
    difficult to do. What else did WG expect to happen?

    I don’t condone the rigging, and wish it didn’t happen, but I’m not
    actually surprised.

  48. Lol I got a friend in yolo who said something about his clan rigging

  49. RU measure is good enough, that will demoralize those cheater
    substantially. If anything, maybe GM should also check the entire clan for
    similar unfair gameplay. ( A certain mod come into mind.)

  50. WG didnt learned anything from the previous missions (StuG IV, T28…) and
    just made up a bunch of bullshit missions so here you have the outcome of
    Also i played the T-22 and it didnt felt OP at all, i barely bounced from
    the front but the side armor is good but why would you be using your side
    armor on a medium tank? i prefer the Obj.140 tbh

  51. Perma ban cheaters. Solves the issue …

  52. If grown men and women have to cheat to play a video game, then blank their

  53. what tank is that when he got that 5 kills

  54. I do agree with you QB, however I am not good at the game. The T22 is a
    tank that is really op like the 907… and I feel as if I will never get it
    because the missions are very difficult to complete, as well as the obj 260
    I Think I have a chance at getting that one day… but the T22 being a
    rampage mode only reward makes it a lot harder to aquire than the normal
    reward tanks. I agree that it sucks that they are doing this in a game mode
    that is already difficult, but I do not blame them at all for doing it
    because of the fact they have to play a game that they would probably
    otherwise refrain from playing….

  55. Lmao, if that’s cheating what about warpack mod? That shitty modpack should
    be “illegal” to use in game too with high punishments


  57. We all kind of saw it coming. When it comes to a tank so OP people are
    always gonna try and cheat their way through the missions. It’s like saying
    if you finish all your homework within an hour then you get a cookie.

  58. I hope Wargaming is successful in cracking down on this, because on NA at
    the moment it is 100% impossible to play domination. I tried to play
    several games over the span of several days, and EVERY SINGLE MATCH had the
    majority of BOTH teams in the same clan. As a player with no clan tag, I
    was immediately head hunted and then spawn camped by both the enemies and
    my own supposed teammates in order to eliminate me from the match as
    quickly as possible. Only once they had crushed all the solo-signing player
    did these mission-riggers begin to farm missions with the full cooperation
    of their clanmates on the enemy team.

  59. Definitely think riggers should be banned and fined in this or other ways.
    There’s already so many cheaters and illegal mod-users though – I don’t
    think WG is serious about enforcing their own rules. Every complaint I’ve
    ever taken to them has been completely ignored, so I just don’t bother

  60. cheats should get like a 4 month ban plus never get the tank

  61. I’m just wowed. I thought that cheating was only legit in non-server games.

  62. well what I’m gonna suggest is over kill but tuck these guys why not have
    all the previously mentioned plus remove tanks and tank slots for the
    vehicles and their tier 7/8 counterparts that were used for their rigging

  63. A permanent ban would be nice but since they’re already banned from getting
    the T-22 Medium in the future from their accounts, I’d say the temporary
    ban is reasonable enough. I’m all for getting help to complete missions
    easier but fixing matches? That’s just plain dumb. You play a game for fun.

    Sure the T-22 is quite a exclusive and amazing tank but in the end, is
    still just another tank in the large pool of tanks available to the player
    base. I’ve already shot at 4-5 T-22 Mediums since its release and it just
    plays out like a normal Soviet medium tank. It’s faster than its
    counterparts but still not as fast as Leopard 1 or Batchat. 5 degrees of
    gun depression. Can’t even hull down properly due to the weakness in the
    gun mantle and capola. It’s a side-scrapping god but not a god-tiered tank
    that’s for sure.

  64. have been missing out on these rampage/domination mode mission thingy,
    anyone can tell me how impossible those missions are?

  65. This is why special/hard to get tanks are a bad thing. Some People may
    gloat that they have it and some people resort to fixing/cheating to get
    it. doesn’t help that all the missions for the special tanks are
    hard/unfair/outrages. Heck several were mistranslated causing confusion.

    The best thing WG can do is give these mission tanks to everyone for free
    in order to devalue the tank, therefore reducing the urge/need to

  66. Hopefully some of those nerds on NA got banned hard they would be crying
    big time

  67. If WG had the decency of making missions that are hard to complete instead
    of impossible without rigging, this wouldn’t happen as often. First, I
    would ban the guys who designed these missions. Only then I would think
    about what to do with the riggers.

  68. QB your commentary is only relevant for EU, for NA and even ASIA server,
    there is such little populations that it is almost impossible to find a
    game of rampage, let alone complete the missions. Rigging is the only way
    it can be done! And for this WG need to provide a better solution to
    complete the missions.

  69. Charles Lawrence III

    Maybe qbs declaration of not playing rampage will get eu to act

  70. only wargaming goons care anyway some of us normal folks do not play this
    game 24 hours a day so if thats a way to get a free tank why not let them ?

  71. One thing for all those who are saying that tank should be nerfed, as it’s
    marked as reward tank aka premium T10 it cant be nerfed, same as other
    907,M60,VK 72.01, Obj 260. And its not OP unless ur useing it in reverse
    sidescreaping. So to all bobs there missions are possible to do, they just
    need dedication, lot of time and a good platoon of 3 guys who actualy have
    idea what are doing. And for the rigers, rly dont care.

  72. Let´s rig this shitty missions.

  73. Qb I think the RU devs did the right thing but I believe that the temporary
    ban is to lenient. There should be stricter consequences like an account
    reset or something. Like with the warpack using cheaters they get banned
    indefinitely. But I believe it’s a step in the right direction. And I know
    WG will not be able to rid the servers of all illegal modders but there
    should be ways they can monitor each match and detect illegal mods.

  74. I think WG should cancel the rampage missions for good, and take out the
    T22 sr., including it into the season 2 of the personal missions as the top
    tier tank along with the Chieftain??, so this way they would stop people
    from rigging so badly, and give back some respect to the rampage mode,
    cause right now it’s not even worth to try the rampage mode, it’s pure

  75. Never liked the rampage game mode, since I feel it makes it too hard for a
    moderate player like me to do anything meaningful expect be a moving retard
    for those that have devoted a lot of time to learning the spawn points and
    are good to great in terms of skill level

  76. I think the RU server hit the nail right on the head if you don’t have
    strong enough deterrents to cheating it will never stop.

  77. it’s just a game, and they are doing it within the parameters of the
    game… Boohoo

  78. War gaming can’t do anything about people rigging aka sink a ton of people
    in Q and everyone in the match is a rigger so there is no to report u. on
    the NA sever this is so ez to do I completed 20 missions in 2 days

  79. These fucking ASSHOLES!!!!!! I’ve been working my ASS OFF trying to get the
    T22!!!!! When I saw the video about it I was impressed! These guys devalue
    it! I feel like they should be bankrupt of all silver and gold then banned

  80. Is it cheating? According to WG, yes. HOWEVER. Given how broken the game
    is, and how absolutely atrocious the missions are for the vast majority of
    players – both the first set and the insane rampage mode – Its no wonder
    whatsoever we are seeing clans do this stunt. And, let’s be clear – clans
    have ALWAYS been a problem in WOT; and why I am leery to see them in WOWS.
    Yes, i like tagging up with my clanmates (although i went literally 13k
    games completely solo) but the simple fact is; most of the upper end clans
    are abusing the ever loving fuck out of the system. Mods up the wazoo,
    mission rigging, the works. Hopefully, people will simply stop playing it
    like they did the Historical, forcing WG to pull the mode, and establish a
    set of missions that are actually remotely attainable by the mass players
    and not just the professional statpadders.

  81. 1st of all , the missions are not impossible, but because of the riggers
    you are not able to do them…. About the “ban-forever” is just retarded
    the players to be banned from the game “even if they cheat” because way too
    many good players would be and the comunity lack anyway good players. They
    should do the missions more accesible – to raise the points or the time and
    then are doable… To reset the missions is ok if they rigged, to get the
    tank – ok… but to take the chance for ppl to get the tank (because they
    exploited a mod that dosn’t even count for xvm is just stupid). Plus the
    game have way too many bugs… the report system is s total fail …. so as
    long WG dosn’t repair their problems and they don’t think propertly a mod
    or a mission, to punish ppl for doing something that EVERYONE can do is
    more than retarded. At least that is my oppinion. (sorry for my english, is
    my 3rd language)

  82. well on the asian server rampage mode has less than 25 players most of the
    time it would be a haven for riggers XD

  83. the missions are far too hard if QB or some other good streamers cant get
    it what chance have the rest of us its an OP tank for exceptional lucky
    players cos they need op tanks right. WG need to pull their fingers out
    there asses and fix the game.
    we need better missions and specials if you compare the EU to NA servers
    the EU are getting shat on big time and get those money grabbing bundles to

  84. Temporary ban, then reset all their missions, and then perm ban them from
    getting it. That will fix it for sure. And by the way, thank you for
    shining some light on this issue.

    War Gaming did, I think they made the right decision

  86. this things happend in all servers !! in NA happend in this moment, they
    cheat to get T-55A, OBJ 260 and T22A too… this thing need to stop….
    needs to be fairer for everyone, not only for a minority that has many
    players in the clan to make these missions!
    It is really very difficult to make in random order!!!

    peace QB

  87. Or don’t make the missions so fking retardly hard to complete on your own.

  88. Permaban its the only real solution

  89. Of course the missions are tough, it’s a tier 10 medium that is pretty
    strong. You don’t see them making the missions as easy as the STUG IV
    missions for high tier tanks

  90. Wargaming created this problem by coming up with nearly impossible missions
    that you almost can’t complete without cheating. If morons want to waste
    their time fixing games so they can get a shiny new pixel tank, I say it’s
    their failure. It’s not like they’re ever going to have an unfair advantage
    in a tier 10 match anyway. Every tank at tier 10 is OP. And as soon as we
    see enough of them, everyone will know how to kill it.

  91. In addition to the current punishments, the crew of the tank they played to
    complete the final mission should lose all their perks and be stripped of
    rank and the tank should lose all of its marks of excellence

  92. Death? No… Permanent death!

  93. Make them play on dial up

  94. no mercy for cheaters and rigging!!

  95. what a rat, snitches get stitches, prolly why hes at home all the time.
    brought to you by crybaby TV

  96. lol if it’s the same bilboswaggins I have played with, He doesn’t put up
    with lazy players in pub matches either.

  97. Payed by Wg?

  98. Ban the hole clan. Ya I know there would be many in the clan innocent of
    what happened but it would break the clan up so the innocent players could
    join non-cheating clans A few of these bans and I think the problem would
    clear up.

  99. Don’t ban them, just delete all the tanks they’ve got, lol XD

  100. Ban them to platoon with their friends or clanmates with 2 platoons and ban
    them for a week and ban the tank for a year(or 6 months) so that if they do
    change they can “at least” get the tank back after a year so they may lose
    purpose of it

  101. que les den banamex :´v

  102. I think a ban for 3 days and they don’t get to keep the t22 sr and no
    chance of getting it

  103. a simple fix dont let people in the same clan get In the same game(not
    including platoons)

  104. If they maybe added one more down side to the tank, as well as maybe made
    the missions a little easier I don’t think there would be as many riggers.

  105. I dont believe that if people would have the chance (getting rare tanks by
    what you guys call ‘rigging’) they wouldn’t do so. and if you think about
    that , it’s very hard to get people from your friend list to be on your
    battle on the other team. It just happens sometimes.

    Show me the guy who has the balls to say that he would not have done it to
    get the rarest of tanks, and just to get it ‘fair’ wise. I have the time to
    grind stuff right now, but I won’t have it in the near future, and I wont
    be able to grind stuff as QuickyBaby or to get better as him . so yea what
    i am trying to say is that if we dont have the time because we have other
    stuff to do, then please either make the missions easier that it wont
    require you to actully even think about ‘rigging’ or just let it be.

    I find it hard enough with Stug IV missions, and you talk to me about these
    kind of missions? geez..

    BTW – i never did that method, and its only my opinion. I only started this
    game about 4 weeks ago. so dont judge my opinion thanks.

  106. well the only way to get the missions done is if you rig it because
    currently on the NA server i can’t get more than 4 people in queue. I’ve
    only played 2 games and thats when it was first released. there needs to be
    a credit boost or something to encourage people to play

  107. honestly they should make the missions easier. then more people would have
    an incentive to play them mode like some have put below, make the misssions
    against AI and for god’s sake don’t make it reliant on the participation of
    others like team mates, becuase thanks to missions random matchmaking has
    become an outright jackass fest

  108. Starlord t-shirt QB? If so, awesome!

  109. my t-22 is legit tho.


  110. what is the link to the wargaming ru forum site with this topic

  111. i still havent gotten the 260, need scout and med missions

  112. The clan Y0L0 rigging? I expected better from them. I was in that clan a
    few months ago. I can tell you that those guys are fucking faggots,
    complete blue/purple douchebags.

  113. Ban them from live servers temporarily and test servers permanently as well
    as not receiving the T22sr

  114. poor guys. i fell so sorry for them… some 1 got ammoracked lel

  115. I can’t believe they are doing this. I am a worse than average player and I
    get ten kills around 30% of the time in rampage!

  116. They should do the same on EU. Why should someone have the right to all
    crap over me in random battle with a tank that is arguably overpowered just
    because they had the means to rig the missions? Take away their tanks and
    the right to get them in the future.

  117. bilbo swagings, you are a legend!

  118. In and of itself I see no problem with it, it’s not as if random teams
    aren’t full of useless idiots who mess up you games on daily basis anyway.
    But WG have stated it to not be allowed and as such they need to take
    action so that the people who abide by the rules aren’t “punished” by it
    taking much more effort than the folks who chose to ignore the rules.

  119. stop making the missions so damn hard then

  120. game should just ban all 80% victory rate users that are beyond 30,000

  121. rampage mode is a waste of creds….game broken big time

  122. Cheaters are losers, they will end up pumping your gas. I would like to see
    a permanent ban for anyone caught cheating period. These punks ruin the
    game for everyone and make these so called “reward” tanks and the missions
    that go with them a joke. Too bad we cant reach through our screens and
    wring their little necks. Oh well they probably take a well deserved ass
    beating on the school play ground every day. LOLOLOLOL

  123. Good people organizing to do a bad thing to get a good reward will now get
    a harsh punishment instead. I don’t believe we should throw the baby out
    with the bath water. Every day the world ask us to play by the rules to get
    the rewards we need to stay competitive, happy and secure. Life’s a grind
    and any long lasting online game is too. To make either easy at the expense
    of those that have been part of creating something every one now wants,
    diminishes their quality. Cheating diminishes your quality, and it’s the
    most important one there is. WOT is free to play, life isn’t and I
    understand what some do to get buy, yet it’s not as satisfying. Cheating
    for anything diminishes its’ quality for you and for the people that earned
    it. That’s the lesson, the reason for rules and punishment.

  124. There are so many Issues with this, Firstly, the reward is seen as worth it
    even if you do cheat. The T 22 sr is a really, really good tank, good
    enough to cheat for in many player’s minds.
    Secondly, there are no implemented ways to stop players from cheating. so
    players will cheat. One such thing could be “kills on members of your clan
    do not count towards mission completion”.
    Thirdly, Temp banning people and stopping them from getting the tank is not
    the way to get them to not cheat, or have their friends not cheat. Making
    it impossible for them to cheat is. Because you can temp ban as many people
    as you want, but there will be some that get away with it.

  125. I never have and never will play the game mode so I dont care give them the
    tank. wargaming should stop beeing a dick with there bundels so they can
    put adds on tv, Skype and browsers to attract players that suck and just
    piss on players with there tickets and there mods on general chat who are
    getting large amounts of gold for beeing dicks and abusie there ban hammers

  126. This should have been done with object 260 also.And not by “We appreciate
    your ticket but next time use our reporting system”.Its like :give him 1
    day ban but let him keep 260.That completely ruins the effort ive put to
    get 260.I even played around 1000 battles with spg and i hate spg.And at
    the end to see players with yellow stats that cant put 1 hit in their obj
    260.Yes i know there are shitty games (i had too in 260) but nobody cant
    convince me that players that camp behind arty with 1000wn8 got their 260
    by fair play and even laugh at me while i still try with some of the
    missions (no more tries …i got this shit).Gj WG RU.And i hope WG EU will
    do something about it too.

  127. doesnt bug me all that much tbh. doesnt disrupt my game as long as im not
    playing during odd hours or anything

  128. Leonardo Morellato

    BAN, for long time

  129. To make them play the game from tier 1 so reset there account

  130. I agree with WG RUs temporary Ban I think its legitimate but calling out
    their names is a bit well… Typical WG ru style one could say.

    Even though I think the missions are too hard its right for WG to ban them

    Thats how unicums do the missions right?
    Hopefully not anymore now

  131. removing the goal from people cheating to reach the goal….

    Perfect plan, I see nothing wrong with that stance and clans that fall that
    low to do such a thing don’t deserve a prize when they did nothing to earn
    it. They are simply pathetic cowards who look for an easy way out…

  132. I used to be in YOLO, but not anymore . What a shame!

  133. I think a ban and then the player should be flagged so if there are any new
    suspicions about the player wg will no sooner, and the punishment will be

  134. fuicgmixchihfcefixz

    The best way to prevent rigging, is to nerf the reward tank. E.g . Lower
    the dp/m , lower the accuracy or the speed limit or whatever… Because
    rigging is also not as easy as it sounds. I have to admit I tried to rig
    too, but we were only 3 and we needed kinda 4 hours to get one mission for
    just 1 guy!!! So if the tank gets nerfed or just is not classified as
    Overpowered anymore, riggers wont invest time in it anymore. On the other
    hand, there wont be “normal” players who want to get the tank anymore,
    which again would make it easier for riggers to rig! Please like if u agree
    so anybody can see it. Thanks.

  135. Ill agree that rigging missions is not right. How ever people are people
    and will try and find easy means to get what they want. The people who are
    to blame is WG and their QA department for not testing this properly.

  136. I can understand that it’s hard but why cheat, when I played Dark Souls 1
    for the first time I was at the point of deleting it off my hard drive in
    anger, but I persevered and I got rewarded for it.


  138. I rigged my 260 missions like a boss and never got caught wah wah wah –


    But honestly these missions could’ve been thought through before releasing
    since most((some)) of them ENCOURAGE rigging i.e air strike kills etc.

  139. Bilboswaggins= legend confirmed!

  140. TheNecromancer6666

    I think Wargaming created the mission rigging problem all by themselves. If
    they would do something thats not requiring extrem grinding they wouldn’t
    have the problem. I’m only playing wot or wows very sporadicly and also i’m
    fairly good the grind is so demotivating. With the limited time available
    to me i do not even try to get the reward tanks. But people cheating to do
    so have my understanding. It’s not a gentleman move but its very
    understandable. Wargaming needs to reduce the grind. To battle those issues

  141. once caught cheating they should never ever beeing able to get any reward
    tanks and get all reward tanks taken sass they have

  142. fuck em right in the pussy !!!

  143. Send them to gulag! ?

  144. i think they are playing within the parameters of the game there is know
    outside help at all, its kind of like wargaming taking you Exp, because you
    left the battle to many times before it was complete, and then having to
    pay for you damage and other stuff, i myself pay wargaming real money to
    play, it comes from my pocket, its an unfair rule to those that use real
    money to play, i should be able to play the game as it is, me leaving a
    battle early, and still paying for normal wear and tear, and having a
    penalty on top of that is wrong. i am not cheating, i am playing the game
    as it is presented.

  145. QB I want to ask you why you have not made a video in which some world
    famous clans stelae missions such as fame red_s, KAZNAcrew … and so on
    not to mention

  146. happens in us also ):<

  147. Its simple.
    The tank is too strong. The missions too impossible, and in the NA servers,
    the population too sparse to ever dream of getting the tank legitimately.

    However what needs to be done is what the RU server did, AND a complete
    rework of the missions, and a temporary removal of the tank until the
    missions are reworked.

  148. Problem also with these missions is that, only a few players play Rampage
    in the SEA server, which also frustrates me when I’m waiting for a game to

  149. R “RKAPPS 117” Kappenman

    This may be rather argued with but I think it should result in a total and
    permanent ban on their account

  150. qb thanks verry much we are popular now 🙂 you are the best man :)


  152. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Ima just put this out there: Yes they should be banned.
    What the fuck was WG expecting? The missions are RNG as all hell, like
    impossible to complete the vast VAST majority of the time, and they OPENLY
    SAID “This is one of the most powerful mediums in the game.”

    The fuck were they expecting?

    Stop making powerful tanks and bring back gimmick tanks. Seriously, just a
    load of bullshit that these are dubbed as “one of the most powerful mediums”

    Op as fuck armor for what it is, ‘Lack” of [it’s not bad at all] DPM
    doesn’t matter as long as its not absolute shit. Oh and it has speed
    because fuck it.

  153. I like to complete missions by myself,but some missions are insanely hard
    and i would like to cheat,but im lone wolf so i just need to work harder i

  154. Saša Marković (Cane)

    bravo DBC !!! hahahahahaha ludaci

  155. Rob Mitchell (Tango12Bravo)

    I agree with you , its deliberate, they do know better and think they are
    above the rules, it is that blatant, WG RU sounds like they are finally
    taking a hard line (the other servers need to follow suit) which is what
    they do need to do, up till now a lot of people even proven to be cheating
    have got off lightly and you are left feeling , well that was pointless
    sending the report in cause it did nothing really in the end, but if they
    do as you state, I would feel they would have a lot more support from the
    community, and fo those that were cheating, didn’t like getting caught and
    crack the sad’s and leave for AW etc, fine, one less pathetic excuse for a
    player to worry about.. Cheers.

  156. I would like to see WOT without any mods, permaban for any cheats (at least
    they will have to start a new account), and limits of 2 man platoons. None
    of which will ever happen.

  157. Qb Im 16 years old and if you reading this i just wanna say ” Thank you for
    always making my days better with your lovely content Streams/Youtube.
    Thank you for existing :)

  158. Lol he just sounds butthurt

  159. Well , I think it s not really cheating. Yes, it s an annoying thing that
    you see that they getting done with the missions esily like this, but it s
    just teamwork.

  160. I agree with your point QB but not everyone has the luxury to spend hours
    on end grinding to get the reward tanks. I don’t agree with the rigging but
    i think it shows how inaccessible the tank is to the majority who cant
    afford to spend hours on end playing.

  161. As a low level player who is contantly in low tiers, i do know why would
    they do it, but those players like that batchat player are far better than
    that… i would punish them like baning them or aomething… i duno im not
    good at making punishments up

  162. introduce insanely OP tank with retarded mission requirements, hype the
    shit out of it, make it extremely easy to cheat and then expect people not
    to cheat, yup sounds like good ol WG logic

  163. permaban them!!! Onces a cheater. Always a cheater

  164. Stalins commisars dispensed harsh punishment on the traitors to the
    motherland. Da!
    (But one must ask himself why it took them 5 months to do this …they
    mustve earned a shitload of money in that time from people who bought
    either credits or gold ammo directly to finance their attempts to get this

  165. i dont think they banned even fraction of riggers. And all of know that WG
    EU will never make anything about it.

  166. good job quickly baby keep trying you can get that tank

  167. Hahahs completed by accident a misson in my konnenjagpanzer got a weeks
    rental on an is7 oh hang on its useless dont have another t8 tank or the
    money creds or gold to get one so i guess i can avoid what sounds like a
    load of bullshit you can bet your ass its happening on the asian server too

  168. Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

    I think peaple cheating are doing good.
    simplee because the reward tank is op and unique and these missions are not
    hard, they are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE, enven verry hight skilled players can’t
    finish all these missions just by playing verry well, they need the extra
    luck of the doom or just to cheat.

    when I’m saying verry skilled players I’m not talking about the simple
    unicum with 3000 recent wn8, I’m talking about guys with +4000 recent wn8
    who have 3 marks on each of their tanks tier 9/10.

    wg just had to put hard missions in this game mode to give us some
    challenge but here they are just too hard…

  169. cheating at this game is nothing new people. as in illegal mods. yet wg
    allows it.
    a bit disingenuous of wg to cry about cheating when they know it goes on
    all the time.
    so, my solution is to give the reward tanks out at random. scrap these
    silly missions.
    or, go for the $ and sell the d@mn tanks. wg seems to be in a state of

  170. shame wg eu have no balls as seen many times before,hell they dont care if
    you use warpack etc.the game is now a joke!

  171. BAN them all 1 month ban, Tank removed. No chance of obtaining tank ever.
    Sounds fair.

  172. I would of banned them permanently, you fuck me over I fuck you over. They
    don’t because WG wants to make money.

  173. tricky missions? they are impossible, war gaming makes these fucking
    impossible then gets pissed when people try to cheat, and the reason people
    don’t play this is because it sucks, and the missions aren’t worth it
    because they are impossible

  174. Hmm, permanently change the banned players colour to green (as the blue is
    for teamkillers), so everyone will know that at some point they cheated
    their way to get a reward tank :D


  176. Finally. I had a game with 6 T22-Sr.s on each team. They were platooned,
    and must of been in a Skype call. Unreal coordination.

  177. Everybody is cheating in rampage mode. Even guys from lesser clans. I have
    even been invited to participate in some rigging battles. I am telling you
    something, every single one T22 on the EU now, has been obtain from rigging
    missions, EVERY SINGLE ONE

  178. I saw this happening very early on. So no. Fuck that game mode. Ban them
    permanently. They deserve it. Let them throw away everything they have for
    a tank. See how salty they get then.

  179. Great exposure, QB. They certainly deserved it!

  180. And how did they determine that they achieved all of those missions by
    rigging and therefore their tanks should be taken away ?? Perhaps you are
    cheater as well. I can`t actually count how many times I have been called a
    cheater, or how many times people send a report against me. Thank God this
    game is not influenced by that. And I see absolutely no problem with people
    cheating in order to get a tank reward. Some missions are ridiculous and as
    such it is punishing WG for such practice. People do only what people are
    good at .

  181. Rigging? Cheating? I don’t think it is so clear cut. For people who have
    never platooned but get the infrequent crash to desktop during a battle,
    would they consider it unfair when you tracked (iirc) Jingles when he
    CTD’d? Have I helped out platoon mates to feed them the last kill for their
    first top gun? Yes. Have I fed kills to new players who have been
    disheartened by their (apparent) lack of progress? Yes. Is this cheating?
    Or is this co-operative play in a platoon/clan?

    I absolutely do not condone the rigging that has been going on – I think
    the difference between co-operative play (as above) and rigging is that
    co-operative play does not impinge on other players and most certainly did
    not reward anyone with seriously OP tanks which will undoubtedly have a
    real life financial value.

    All we/my platoon mates got out of it were some bragging rights.

    What I am trying to say though, is that rigging/cheating – I do not think
    it is a clear cut 0% or 100% yes or no…. there are infinite variations in
    the middle. I suspect many of those shouting cheat/rigger/rip their heads
    off etc, may have themselves been involved in co-operative play, which in
    some peoples eyes might be considered unfair play.

    I’ve CTD’d when solo and accepted the potential loss (and therefore hit to
    my WR). Is it cheating that when it happens to a platoon member, their
    platoon mates track their vehicle until they load back in? I have no view
    on that – my only view is that these things are not so clear cut.

    Love your vids by the way, keep up the good work!

  182. Guys, it´s very simple:
    Make missions easier and nerf the tank.

  183. reason why ppl do that its because of WG stupidity,,,, they put great tank
    in this stupid mode i played 2 days to complete the mission where u should
    kill 2 tds and 2 heavies and there was always only 1 td or 0 td… and the
    time is very short ……..unless they change this its will continue…

  184. The punishment on RU servers seems good enough. I don’t support a permanent

  185. The first one that should be punished is Wargaming, who allows these things
    to happen in the first place.

    As for the players who rigged their pixel T22?, 2 Week ban (If member of a
    E-Sports team, lifetime ban from League), tank being removed from their
    garages and they can no longer obtain it, even if they get it legit or if
    the T22 becomes a CW reward tank at one point.

    It’s easy to catch them in the NA server, just saw a few from a Brazilian
    clan rigging their T22s last night, they were not that smart however, as
    they spoke to each other using the ingame chat to coordinate their
    movements. Clever.

    Now the idea of having a Tier 10, CW potential Soviet Medium premium tank
    as a reward in a stupid gamemode is absurd. These things WILL BE HAPPENING,
    people love Tier 10 CW tanks and they love them even more if it’s a Soviet
    med. So everyone would jump on it, by rigging it of course.

    I’d give out something smaller, say a Tier 6, there goes your rigging,
    nobody cares about a Tier 6.

  186. I’ve seen it on NA, ban them all!

  187. Yolo clan. What a shocker. Dirty cheaters.

  188. I do understand WHY people do this, but I can’t agree with it.

  189. Mission Riggers?? What ever their excuse??? BFL….

  190. If WARGAMING really do not want riggers, they could just change the
    matchmaking so that clanmates can’t do it so easy

  191. I would say fine them their most expensive premium, put all existing tanks
    to stock and perhaps highlight their tanks some colour to denote their
    activity. Sure you can ban them but having to play in crap vehicles coupled
    with the cheating moniker is better punishment. there is also could be the
    option of making sure they have to play a vehicle 3 tiers less for a good
    That seems fair to me. Also missions should be doable to not encourage the
    desire for cheating.
    I have next to no respect for WG do to their antics and now that WG is on
    the receiving end they do something but when players bully and cheat other
    players they do nothing.

  192. Simon van Oossanen

    I did tankdestroyer mission 15 in my su-100 without cheating :D

  193. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    A couple of Gold League teams in the WGLNA were banned; yeah people who got
    paid to play are now suffering for this one.

  194. Send them to Mighty Jingles,they deserve salt mines!

  195. Andrzej Krystowski

    +quickybaby can u pls tell me if its possible to actually make credits in
    rampage because every time i play i loose from 2000 to even 50000 credits a
    game and not once have i made even the slightest profit

  196. This reminds me of cheating in wow. I wouldn’t call it cheating, nor
    rigging, its a clever use of game mechanics, if wargaming doesnt like it,
    they should prevent it from happening, not ban the people who cleverly show
    the holes in their game. See, its different with say, an aimbot program as
    thats using 3rd party software to get a unfair advantage. These people were
    using the game mechanics to get stuff done thats very hard to do properly.
    Banning is not the right way to go i feel. But hey, just my personal
    opinion, about a game i stopped playing long ago, because i figured out it
    was more fun watching unicums play it for me.

  197. nuclearsharkattack

    The bigger problem on the NA servers is the dramatic loss of players over
    the past 3 years to such an extent it might be best for WG to consider
    having just one server in the central US around Chicago, and taking the NA
    West and NA East servers offline. Trying to play at night with only 1500
    players on NA West is ridiculous. So mission rigging is the defacto only
    way possible for anyone to get the T-22 on the NA server system in any
    regard, esp since almost no one plays the Rampage mode.

  198. Good move on WGs part. What the point in cheating to get the tank? So you
    have another tank to mindlessly play over and over? Missions are a reason
    to keep playing, and to strive for something. Get rid of that and its just
    another day levelling crew members. 10 pts to WG.

  199. QB, do you think that cheating is rife within WOT? What other forms of
    ‘Cheating’ are there?

  200. Well punishment was 7 days ban , and tank stayed in garage so well i will
    go for it too then one week ban thats nothing for op tank assuming u get
    even banned like most of the players who have t-22 didint get even banned

  201. lol I get completely raped by the clan OTTER on that gamemode

  202. What id like to see.Give this tank to everybody.A News Years gift.
    Another thing i would like to see is a award for battles!
    5000,10,000,15,000 etc
    Give something to the group that sticks with this game!

  203. if it was up to me i would ban account period. i soo hate glichers and
    cheaters that know that it’s wrong but does it anyway.

  204. wg eu should do the same as wg ru

  205. Wonder how ceaters are reacting to this video?

  206. What server was the video with the Bat getting 5 kills?

  207. ppl in my clan we que together all the time when alot of ppl are on in
    clan. never did we boost/rig mm to exploit anything we never told others
    where eachother or teamates are. we killed eachother.

  208. it’s still a Fucking game.

  209. Man I love the Name and shame thing they did… along with the other
    punishments they got… naming and shaming should be done far more often in
    all sorts of games

  210. WG RU has the right idea in my opinion, i do however understand why people
    do set up a set of toons to do the missions but i don’t think it is the
    right way to do them and you lose the satisfaction of earning the tank

  211. >WG releases hugely op CW viable tank
    >Makes missions literally impossible
    >Surprised when players do what they can to actually get tank

    gg wg wp

  212. Three cheers for Wargaming. I hope the same happens on NA. Good job telling
    the riggers that it’s YOUR game.

  213. permanent ban

  214. Fuck WarGaming. Fuck riggers.

  215. kill and excecute the riggers!!!!

  216. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    …..Its boosting not cheating….

  217. One in my Clan has this tank

  218. Mark Henry Dela Torre

    When they return from their ban. They should be blue and titled [mission
    riggers] on matches.

  219. I would not let them keep it! also ban them for a month during the campaign
    and lose all their fame points and the clan lose the fame points for this
    and not allow them to ever get a reward tank! they make me sick with their
    rubbish just because they supposed good players in good clans!!!! this
    would everyone to never do this otherwise they will face the same and it
    would also soon stop!!

  220. Oh QB you’re just whining because you don’t have any friends! ;)

  221. I completely sympathise, we aren’t all absolute champs like you QB, and
    it’s kind of unfair to make missions so hard, as only people like you would
    earn them, then rubbish people (like me) would be destroyed even harder by
    epic players like you, in even better tanks than we normally face, and so
    really its not a reward tank, it’s a play loads of games use epic skill and
    hope for luck. However most people just don’t have the time/skill, and so
    while it isn’t exactly clean, I understand why they might do that, as long
    as they aren’t great players. If someone who is actually really quite good
    rigs it, then that’s just dirty. But I can understand why people would rig
    it as they just want an advantage. I think TempBan is completely fair,
    removing the tank is probably fine, but stopping them from receiving it is
    just ridiculous, because later on when every1 else has the tank, those 450,
    who have probably spent 1000’s of hours playing this game for fun and being
    loyal customers, can no longer use an EPIC tank. Also QB, the game mode
    isn’t even that good, the only decent one is Lone Wolf NO FLAGS, like it
    was on the test server, but domination just turns it into an unrealistic
    random battle where if every player in your team isn’t T10 then you have a
    massive disadvantage. So really I think that it doesn’t really matter if
    people collaborate in this mode, as it sucks anyway. QB I think that you
    are being a little too harsh as whenever YOU platoon in this game mode, you
    completely wreck anyway but now some people have managed to earn/cheat that
    tank you are annoyed as you haven’t done it and so have lost that tiny
    little edge you don’t need but insist on having.

    On a different point, it’s hardly cheating as it is complete luck, even if
    your entire clan who is on signs up, its probably 30 max people anyway and
    so it would be rather difficult to be together, and it could be called
    ‘Utilising an Advantage’ which XVM and other mods also fall under.

    P.S GG to BilboSwaggins 4 shots 5 kills 10 seconds. Which leads to another
    point, as these people are damaging themselves for their friends, you
    should see it as an advantage that you can do a Blitzkrieg just like
    BilboSwaggins and destroy the riggers completely. Basically, GOOD players
    such as you should see it as an advantage to exploit, you do like your

  222. This is DarkNinja_ the batchat with 3 marks who was rigging. I just want
    you to know that the t22sr is literally impossible to get on the NA server
    without cheating. You literally cannot even get a game on NA west server
    without dragging all your friends along. I have sat in que all alone for
    over an hour without getting a game once. Also, the only map you can get is
    ghost town. Rigging is wrong, but if we do not join the riggers how will we
    be competitive in the new tier 10 team battles? All the teams with the op
    tank will roll us. I have so much footage of rigging on NA. The only people
    playing dom and steel hunt are riggers now. Not only a few clans are doing
    this, avalan, mahou, foxey, chai, 404, G, and many others are as well. If
    you want to see true rigging for yourself just press the battle button once
    to see it on NA.

  223. Ya I think they should get band Every match they we’ll have 3 people
    racking up kills

  224. I would suggest WG change the game mode because its not possible for people
    to get T22s without rigging. Dont blame riggers, espeically in NA server,
    there are few people playing rampage mode so players have to rig to get the
    tank. Blame WG who made such a stupid game mode. I would suggest WG strip
    all T22s from players, not to ban their account, and make it a CW reward
    tank or personal mission reward tank in random battle.

  225. Lord Edward The fith

    To understand the rigging you need to understand the diference between the
    Obj 260 missions and the T22 sr missions

  226. There’s a whole bunch of shitter clans on the Na rigging it. I hope they
    all get banned like those russians

  227. I heard this happened on the Chinese server too and some got permanently

  228. All riggers should be sent to Gulag.

  229. kokoos “Tsunades” Deathmolish

    I never even knew that this was a thing….like having a few extra dmg off
    your mate if u happen across them in a random game and you’re on vent might
    be fun for lols or stats or what have u. . but this?
    Kids in schoools do stuff like this. Pathetic

    ban them all take all free XP and all tier 10s. . .that’ll teach them not
    to fuck around in the future.

  230. Panzerführer Chavez

    I do not like to be the devils advocate, but I need to speak up. Some of
    these missions are goddamn near impossible without rigging them. Maybe
    instead if we made a challenging but fun way of getting tanks such as the
    T22 this would not happen. I am sure these people are very frustrated and
    then shit like this starts happening. I am not saying give out T22’s like
    hot cakes but make the missions slightly easier. Hell I don’t even play WOT
    on pc and I know some of these missions are bs. Still I don’t think they
    should be cheating to get the tanks. Hey but that is just me.

  231. I never actually thought of this…my mind has been blown :/ and my faith
    in humanity 😛 ;)

  232. The reward for rampage is bloody stupid and I refuse to play it so I
    couldn’t care less about rigging because that was always what was going to
    happen – just MHO ;)

  233. I’m all for what the Russian server did, and I want more people who ruin
    riggers games.

  234. Well, in NA, there are no people playing rampage game mode. The only way of
    getting T22s is rigging. There’s no choice for players in NA server. So far
    we don’t know how NA server will punish this rigging behavior yet. we need
    to wait until next week when some banned account become unlocked.

  235. 41 people who disliked rigged the missions

  236. Did QB not rig the MM for the arty killing light tank missions?

  237. I cant get it because I havent a T10 tank
    It’s Unfaire

  238. They are ONLY FEW players playing RAMPAGE in NA SRW ( its small srw enyway)
    and they are all CHEATING to get it. WG put T22 IN CASUAL MODE!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. perm ban

  240. I wish I had three barrels on my Bat Chat…

    Autoloader shotgun tank! :D

  241. They should remove their t-22 sr and replace it with a panzer 38 (t) na.
    which they cannot sell and takes 1 garage slot and so is a wrath forever in
    their garage. + they should paint all their tanks poopbrown just because
    thats fun.

  242. They should permanently ban them if not then reset their accounts so they
    have to start from scratch.

  243. In every TS of the major Eu clans there is the “rigging room” only for the
    players that want the T-22 asap.

  244. GREAT video, QB thank you for editing!!

    Anozher issue… BOTs
    You speaking out of my heart… too many BOTs recently too. You have an
    impact far greater than us regulars… Please edit a vid about BOTs. I have
    some collected in last weekend:
    viola3110 (LSA)

    On the other hand, BOTs are sometimes BETTER PLAYERS than the rest of my
    team… as I collected replays where we won by BOT… ha ha ha can send you
    if interested… hillarious

  245. Karol Oleś (K4MP3R84)

    Riggers should get permanent ban, there was similar situation with
    Strongholds on US server and they got permban.

  246. I can see why people would get upset about players working together and
    boosting in order to get these missions done – clearly, that’s not what
    Wargaming intended for you to do – but at the same time, I feel for the
    people who choose to boost for the tank.
    Game devs have a nasty habit of setting ridiculously hard goals for
    achievements and unlocks that, legitimately, are only obtainable by the
    absolute best and/or luckiest players. Yes, the T-22 sr. is a phenomenal
    tank, but the challenges you have to do to get it are hardly realistic for
    even most above average players. Yes, it cheapens the reward and the
    accomplishment, but let the people who didn’t obtain it legitimately worry
    about that.

  247. 1 Month Ban + remove all mission tanks and other prem vehicle they didnt
    buy with gold + 6 Month Ban from all esports events + give them a “I am a
    Cheater”- medal, so all can see it in their profil!

  248. their every tank should be hot pink

  249. Agreed with you QB.
    A reward tank is something you should work to get, something for you to
    achieve properly and not a chance for you to just cheat your way up the

  250. QUAD FEED

  251. ban them forever thats my verdict 😉 thatll learn all the others not to do
    so :)

  252. funny, the RU community does something about Riggers but can’t be bothered
    to ban TK’ers from the test server. I guess they still support TK’er’s but
    not the kinds other rule breakers.

  253. Y0L0 has been picking on my clan for a long time… Revenge time?

  254. Well atleast his Name was BilboSwagins that sure made my day xDD

  255. Broken Heart Martinez

    i am from DICED and i heard this already XD it makes it more enjoyable to
    see it here

  256. what Wargaming did was fantastic, but i would have done more, i would have
    made go through the tech tree for the tank they used to cheat with (bat
    chat) and i would have also destroyed that crew

  257. I completely agree with you. I know some of the cheats were trying to
    justify their actions because it is too hard to do some missions but that
    is just rubbish. come on EU wargaming, grow some balls for a change and do
    the same as the Russians

  258. i would actually go with what the russians did

  259. I stopped playing this mode after a day or so. It was fairly obvious that
    cheating was going on and anyone playing normally was being victimised.
    These reward tanks always seem to go to these top clans much to the
    detriment of the other players. I’m just an average player but i would
    really love to be able to access a 907 or a t22 on occasion for fun.

  260. WorldOfTanks Gaming


  261. make it impossible to complete the missions by killing/damaging people who
    are in the same clan, or have been in the same clan for the last 4 months.
    and swing the ban hammer like the RU server did ofcourse.

  262. I think the missions are too hard, they cost too much silver, that they are
    impossible for 85% of the player base, and that rigging is perhaps the best
    idea for many people to even have a shot at getting it.
    It still takes a lot of effort and team coordination to get it, and players
    can exploit the riggers as well.
    The whole idea of the reward was to get people to work together, and they
    are doing that, so i don’t see what the big deal is.
    I think that is why they aren’t doing so much about it, and the missions
    were so hard to begin with, and they are getting people to actually play
    it, so I don’t see what the difference is between rigging these, or an
    easier to complete mission, for say like the wz111 when they gave it away
    for 250k xp in each nation.
    Or essentially the obj 260, which you can have people set up for you to win
    that to, or at least 3 platoon mates.
    I for one do not have that kind of skill and am pretty upset about it in
    the first place, and if I actually could get along with people in a clan
    long enough and had the opportunity to get it I would certainly try, though
    I would probably be pretty far down the list in trying to get it.
    I think potentially even players in the riggers have a chance to get left
    out of actually getting their missions. Which is also a bad side.
    Here on NA hardly anyone is playing it and it is hard to even have a chance
    to get it, so not sure what anyone is supposed to do to get it really.

  263. it was my idea to ??

  264. I kind of don’t agree. Yes it isn’t fair but nothing in life is fair plus
    the fact everyone can do it makes this nothing special at all. If you can
    get it faster with the help of your friends sure then do so until you are
    doing it clean but if you use special mods/hacks yes by all means ban them.
    ( I totally understand that the ones playing are having a hard time and I
    know how it feels….). And for the end also I give you right that they
    could do something like limiting the amount of people from the same clan…

  265. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    The problem is that the missions are too hard, or many times even
    impossible to do, or just badly composed. Wargaming should think their
    missions through a bit better. How hard can it be to create missions that
    doesnt encourage behaviour shown in the video? The fault lies entirely on
    those who created the missions, not the gamers/customers who simply take
    advantage of the flaws in a broken game and mission system. Its not like
    they are using banned cheating mods or anything.

    Another thought is that if you call people cheaters for trying to rig a
    game in order to get a tank they want, what would you call people who play
    zero hours and pay real money instead in order to get a tank they want? So
    i think its wrong to moralize over this.

  266. Sadly, today’s society is a bunch of enabled assholes who think everything
    should be handed to them on a silver platter, but if they are unable to get
    what they want then its time to blame someone other than themselves. What I
    have seen in game and read online proves just this, its “its too hard to
    complete so I HAD TO CHEAT” essentially blaming WG for making missions too
    complicated for them to complete. Bad on WG’s part to let the parameters of
    this game mode to be so easily rigged, there are so many of this types of
    games that are rigged (trolled) its almost impossible to play an online
    game that’s truly unincumbered by cheaters or hackers.

  267. Nobody on NA even plays…I’ve given up completely….

  268. It is simple as this:
    1. Ban all those riggin’ bastards for a month at least.
    2. Take away this reward tank from those who got it riggin’ the missions.
    3. Reset ALL the missions to status zero, take away all experience
    (including crew XP), credits, medals and achievements “awarded”.
    4. If a clan commander / management was “participating” in those rigged
    matches disband the clan, take away all clan resources and provinces clan
    5. Last but not least: disable those mission until they are reworked to
    make gameplay more comfortable.

  269. I can just imagine Leonard Nimoy singing “Bilbo, Bilbo Swaggins. Bravest
    little Batchat of them all.”

  270. If you set it up so people have to jump through hoops to get what they
    want, don’t be surprised when people shout ‘fuck you’ and walk around them.

  271. If you want to cheat your way through life…and WOT… then you are
    destined to have a place in your parents’ basement for life. Such is the
    life of someone who ends up at the end of life with no sense of
    accomplishment, broke, and still looking for an easy out from the
    ‘…chains they forged in life…’. –Steve

  272. d b c balkan cunts

  273. that is not cheating , but that it smart way how to get t-22sr

  274. Steel their tank and close their acount. Force them to start at tier 1.

  275. cheating goies on in every game such a shame, Good for you to bring it out

  276. My opinion is that the whole rampage/dominition mode is very bad. Too fast,
    too chaotic and the missions are undoable.

  277. Bilbo Swaggins… best name EU XD

    Also, if you make this missions so hard, even unicums have a very hard
    time, what do you expect? Im not saying they should be easy, but not like
    you have to play like 100 games on average to complete one.

  278. I don’t see the whole point of these new game modes.

  279. I think that the punishment listed sounds fair, depending on the length of
    the ban, of course. A month would be about right in my opinion, but I would
    not think 6 months too long, if I heard that they decided it. I REALLY like
    the taking of the tank, and making sure that they can’t get another.
    Cheating in a game like this, by my mind, is pretty low behavior.

  280. This is what I’m talking about. The so called “good players” are not always
    good. They have good stats, yes. But usually they are either assholes or
    cheat like this. I suggest that if they catch people rigging (and have 100%
    evidence about it) they should close their account forever 😛 That would
    give them a lesson. But then they would make a new account…Yeah, removing
    the chance to get T-22sr is good enough. Then they say some bullshit like:
    “Well, the missions are near impossible so we did this and that…” Oh shut
    it! I can’t break the goalies leg, and then say: “Well, I had to. It was
    too hard to get a goal…”

  281. shitty game design is what causes disgusting behavior like this. Both sides
    are to blame.

  282. Naming and shaming. I approve!

  283. Honestly if the game mode was more popular the rigging would be much harder
    to pull off. Unforteuntly its more costly in this game mode than random
    battles and requires end tier vheicles (8+) which dont earn much as it is
    to complete these sets. on the smaller servers (NA) its a nightmare just
    getting into a match at times as its similar to top tier World of Warships
    in the fact about 100 players are at that level at any given time max
    meaning queue can on average be 2 mins but quite frequently expires. also
    getting the right circumstances for some of these is quite painful (pen 5
    shots in a row? RNG can really screw you over on that one). Not as bad as
    the fire missions for say the T55 or the 260, but still almost never going
    to happen. Esp in small servers, where the most 20-30k NA servers
    (combining both east and west, though west is more like 6k-10k max) finding
    opitimal circumstances is almost never, since you will more than likely run
    into the same player a few times over. Good idea for a new tank, but
    implemented poorly since RU has really skewed numbers when it comes to
    player base (EU and RU have the largest player base afterall)

  284. until they ditch the nationality based server system and open the game up
    there is no reason for a NA player to bother with this game mode. If you
    play solo you have to wait forever plus some to get a game that you will
    most likely be the only solo player in then you just get farmed by the

  285. I witnessed rigging also in World of Warplanes where one clan fixed the
    match and even team killed me so that I would not interfere. I felt pretty
    bad at that time and do not sympathize with riggers.

  286. They should ban them for quite a long time for cheating.
    And I really like the point, that these cheaters will loose the T-22 sr.
    and will never be aible to get it back.

    So, probs to WG RU .

  287. WG EU showed again how incompetent they are when u compare them to WG RU.
    On EU u could rigg the mission and get a T22sr and only get a 7 day bann.
    Its a fair deal, get OP Tier X tank for 7 days break. Sounds to good to

    WG EU proved another time that they are a joke. A really bad one.

  288. YOLO is a clan on the NA server that would totally do this, they should all
    get a nice hefty ban. Their clan and ours have fought many times, very
    unfriendly individuals. As for Bilbo_Swaggins, ive encountered him MANY
    times, he is a hilarious trolling player and I am not shocked he caught
    wind of this and mucked it up haha.

  289. Wargaming did right! Even a permanent ban would have been suitable for

  290. If I were WarGamging, I’d crush riggers with impunity. Like, wipe their

  291. Well if i get one ill never use it till like 6 months lol

  292. I think that the punishment issed by WGRU was almost a proportionate and
    balanced response. A temporary ban, removal of the tank if they had it and
    permanantly ban them from ever getting it, but it should have been extended
    to anyone who was progressing towards this reward tank who had not yet
    completed it, but were still using this method of progress and also ensured
    that any player guilty of rigging were unable to create another account to
    go for the tank again.

  293. Sir.. you have hit the nail on the head. I played rampage for the first few
    days. Time and again I would see people of the same clan and it was very
    obvious what they were doing. To make it worse it was some of the top clans
    doing the cheating. Not worth it for the individual or platoon to get
    cheated out of an opportunity. Glad you brought it up and hope wargaming
    does something in the future that is less easy to cheat with! Keep up the
    good work!

  294. What I can say is that riggers deserve at least a temp ban, and the removal
    of the t-22 if it was earned by rigging, along with all of the missions and
    rewards earned from the missions being reset. Also, being prevented from
    earning the t-22 should be additional punishment. I think what the RU
    server did was a solid just punishment.

  295. too right they should be banned and tanks taken away and stopped
    participating in furure missions, this now needs to be done on the EU
    server as well

  296. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I think what WG RU have done is totally ok.

  297. Since I get up rather early in the morning I usually like to play WoT while
    drinking my morning coffee… and oh boy have I witness some serious
    rigging in the few first couple of months of reward tanks introduction!!
    I’ve been putting up the replays of rigging on the WoT replays site but no
    one was interested in downloading them and generally I wasn’t receiving
    feedback so I stopped doin’ the pointless uploading…
    When Rampage mode reward tank was announced and heavily hyped, I just
    ROFLed ’cause I knew what’s gonna happen…

  298. Morgan “NemoKeine” Marmitt

    Ban them, take the tank away, don’t let them get it in the future. If the
    missions are to hard/impossible then pursue other means of change and don’t
    play the mode until WG changes things, we are the customers and the
    playerbase and despite how asinine WG gets about making changes, if no one
    plays their crappy mode with insane missions then they will have to make a
    change. Gaming the system doesn’t help anyone but the riggers who undercut
    the rest of the server community who might be trying to do these missions.

  299. its nice to hear that they do something about it. but personally i find all
    thee mission not the best idea, because a player like me is still trying to
    get the first tank from the missions it feels more like a punishment
    because my skill is crap and dont have the time, maybe i will never make
    any of these missions. maybe its wrong to say but i rader pay money for
    those tanks so i can also enjoy those tanks. so im really sorry to say this
    but if they scrap these missions i would be really glad and just make more
    premium tanks that people can buy and those who dont want to pay for them
    let them do these “missions ” hopefully i dont pissed of anyone because
    this is not my intenion

    Greets danny

  300. Rigging is wrong, remove the vehicle from known cheaters.

  301. one of the reason I stopped playing the game……
    Don’t ban them, wipe their account ant left them start from scratch and if
    they don’t what to start over….they will just leave.

  302. Idk about the other servers but the NA servers never have more than a few
    (2-8) people in queue for these gamemodes so I understand why people do it
    here on the NA cluster. However its stiill cheating and should be punished.
    Wargaming needs to make the tank available through other means. Rampage
    just isnt popular enough to get the tank any other way than cheating.

  303. This is the reason i stopped playing the domiantion game mode too many
    clans were doing it to help people get the t22

  304. They need to perma-ban players that blatantly cheat and break the rules –
    good riddance!

  305. I personally would ban them for a month, AND reset their account so they
    would have to start all the way back at tier 1, + make all Premium vehicles
    unavailable for that player, and maybe go as far as tracking the IP so they
    could not just simply make another account. Players who do this are the
    reason I stopped playing rampage mode and steel hunt, and pretty much rush
    in and die to the enemy team if I see this in random battles and just
    report them.

  306. Does anybody know how to play WoT blitz on PC

  307. he need to emove the tank from te player end he will be not completing
    mission for rewards

  308. No morals in gaming.

  309. The way I see it, if they are caught cheating, all of their missions should
    reset. So that they would have to do the first mission all over again

  310. I don’t think rigging is the solution as cheaters should always be
    punished. However, I think the difficulty of some of the missions
    discourage the general population from playing this game mode as well. When
    players who don’t even do 500 damage a game see something like 15000 as a
    goal they will never even attempt to play the game mode lowering the
    population of people who play.

  311. good job WG!

  312. EVERY SINGLE t22 on EU is RIGGED.Wg must REMOVE every single t22, reset the
    missions for everybody, and come back with new missions that are not that
    crazy.Because, lets be honest, if the worse mission was to get 3 kills in a

  313. they were doing this on the NA server too

  314. The problem is that WG made this missions to hard (I’m not saying this a is
    a excuse to rig) if the missions were achievable they a high percentage of
    the riggers would stop but they are not. WG have not made the end game
    content good enough so the high skilled players with multiple t10’s will
    rig and not be to worried if they are banned because there is very little
    keeping them in the game

  315. Burn all the cheaters in the fires of hell!!!! The t22 sr is such an
    amazing vehicle and they make it look like its a piece of cake to get it…

  316. The clan should be disbanded. I think that is the penalty for any member
    getting caught with WarPack. Remove the account of the player and remove
    the clan. Sure, they could all start over but it is a pain. Of course a lot
    of these “top” players are re-re-re-rolls. Keep trying until you get solid
    stats. Time to punish the unicoms who cheat their way to the top.

  317. I dont play Rampage game mode so I dont give a f***….

  318. This is the reason i quit trying to get the t-22 currently. I play late at
    night and i managed to get 5 missions in the steel hunt mode done, then
    suddenly i was in a match with 2 platoons from the same clan. 1 platoon
    contained nothing but E100s and they sat at the flag spawn the entire match
    destroying anyone who came near other than the other platoon… Why is the
    punishment even up for debate? it is called collusion and it is against the
    terms which they agreed to, permanent ban. Lose their account and make them
    start from scratch if they ever want to play this game again.

  319. I understant this its just stupid to do this missions legit

  320. GG WG RU

  321. banish for live !

  322. While i do not think rigging should be allowed to this extent, missions
    should be done by skill, and should be hard, but NOT luck. They should be
    available in near every battle, so that you should not have to play 100+
    battles just for a chance for the mission to happen. If wargaming made
    every mission available at once with the same difficulty, or like it is but
    significantly easier with tier % difficulty missions it would be fair, but
    it is not, if they want to prevent riggers they have to make it fair so
    that “Good” players are not forced to rig.

  323. ban them for a longer period and wipe clean their account (execpt premium
    tanks and other premium stuff)

  324. How about resetting their account so they have to start from tier 1? xD

  325. Death to the Heretics!

  326. simple if there rigging mission remove ALL there reward tank if there got
    obj 260 remove it from him ether for ever or make him start ALL over

  327. cheating in WoT?! what is this nonsense? :))

  328. I agree on the punishment that Wargaming RU did, except for the part where
    the punished players can’t get the tank legitimately after the ban is
    That’s the only part I think goes too far.

  329. Dominique Lopez (Alphajet76)

    With clans like that, they should prevent the whole clan from getting the
    tank. Not just the individual players. But have it that the players doing
    the cheating have a permanent ban, but if your in the clan and did no
    cheating you can get out and still earn the tank for yourself.

  330. I think they should be allowed to play, but both teams just see a giant
    CHEATER text marker at all times

  331. I think WG should make mew concept, its WG’s mistake to allow this to
    happen rigers just exploit the fact the they have comunity and friend
    willing to help them out….if WG presented this earlier and make srict
    rules nobody would be able to do this I think WG is one to blame

  332. If they want people to play it they have to give profit for that not -60k
    every battle

  333. let’s start with this, wargaming shouldn’t have made mission impossible for
    a short amount of time, if there was more time certain missions would be
    more do able/ yet challengeing, and some of the requirements are just
    rediculous. also I don’t think it’s great of you to call out clans and
    showcase them. yes they might bet doing this but the reasons behind it is
    because of the level of dificulty. I can’t tell you how manny times in a
    pub pr in rampage people have asked for help with a mission and I’m more
    than willing to help them. as they sometime do for me when I need help. I
    had allot of respect for you before qb but this calling out players/ clans
    and showcasing them is low. I’ve lost respect

  334. This is finally a satisfactory punishment

  335. I would appreciate Wargaming themselves stop rigging games as well, because
    the games where either your team facerolls or your team gets facerolled now
    far exceeds the statistical normality. You get very high amounts of 3:15
    and 15:3 and very little games that last longer with close fights at the
    end (you know, the really fun ones). That’s all done in the name of “making
    the player experience more enjoyable” and there is a patent on this
    “routine” that WG owns. It’s just not fun anymore and the sense of
    achievment is really getting lost here. I want a fair fight, and even if I
    loose, I am fine with that, so long as it was a good hard fight. These days
    it’s just faceroll, faceroll, faceroll.

  336. Suddenly people find themselves in a situation where simply paying up
    doesn’t solve their problem. What to do?

  337. its simple , delete their acounts

  338. The real problem is on Wargaming’s side. After all the experience with
    mission rigging in Random Battles during the Obj 260 campaign, after all
    the problems with bots, illegal mods and shared accounts, Wargaming should
    have known better. People will try to cheat, it’s human. They will use any
    loophole and device to win. In planning the T-22sr missions, WG should have
    started from the premise that people would cheat and worked from there. The
    missions are waaay to hard, it is easier to rig (as you said, there is no
    need to stay up late at night so that the queue is small) and because the
    team is not dependent on you to win, the incentive to be a good team player
    is reduced. And the reward tank is frankly too good. Tier X is already a
    very competitive place and throwing in a tank with such a capability was
    bound to stir up trouble. The riggers are exposing WGs poor planning and
    execution of the missions. That said, I do not agree with cheating or
    rigging and I like the move to remove the tank from the players’ accounts.
    But the main responsibility is on WGs shoulders. In the end, I agree with
    you, QB: these missions are not worth the pain. I am staying clear of this
    game mode and so should we all. Force WG to rework the mode and the
    missions. This is a course of action that will let WG know we won’t accept
    poorly executed game modes. Good work QB and thanks for bringing it to our
    attention and for you explanation. I applaud your objectivity at a time
    when other people are slinging subjective conclusions and hurling permaban
    threats all over the place. Keep up the good work!

  339. in other games Like league it’s expected of some players to give up kills
    for another player on their team.

  340. they must kik him out

  341. jarvensucksballslolo

    Those missions are designed to serve clan war members. No body likes them,
    and everyone wants to cheat on them

  342. I hate cheaters

  343. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Totaly deserved bans … Noticed on start of the missions that many grps
    doing that *beacouse of work i played only early morning games* Can bet
    most of them clans played games like that…. This is one of reasons i
    stoped playing WOT remove grps from Que and all gona be fine CYA in this
    game whan thay fix FIXED MM .WG know about it belive me from start

  344. +100 i played 2 game and find people like those doing the same thing
    pathetic from wargaming puting mission like that…… they are asking for
    people to hack thats all

  345. on the US server we have like 20 guys playing it all the other are all
    rigger and now that i think about it we may not get that

  346. I use to play cod and i had more fun hunting down the cheaters and spoiling
    there fun it would sometime become a new game mode which we called booster
    hunt I can see this happening on world of tanks

  347. i dont even have 3 more than tier 8 tanks, i cant say anything :P

  348. first time I disagree with you QB, missions make you play worse and
    unproperly. It’s just the way it is. It’s just another way of getting the
    tank you want. (even though I do not use this method, I don’t have anything
    against it)

  349. I don’t appreciate people rigging the game. It’s just a game, but these
    rewards a meaningful only to the extent that they are difficult. The
    measures taken by WG RU seem appropriate and balanced.

    Thank you QB for bringing this out in the open, even if you might get some
    hate for it. In any case, all the top clans had figured this out.

  350. I’m a sad panda now.

  351. i hate rampage when i had premium time i earned some credits but now im
    without premium time and i only lose money in this game mode so i think
    this game mode is P2W and it shoud be removed

  352. come on…. what we are worried about is when you will have a new

  353. Rigging impossible missions in a gamemode who nobody cares about…

  354. They should lose all their tanks, silver, gold, and be banned from the game
    for at least one year.

  355. wish i had 3 “barrels” on any of my tanks :(

  356. I will be far more impressed when wargaming start banning 90% of these clan
    players who have the 3 marks on their barrel as they are using high end
    cheat packs such as warpack or others with unbelievable hacks to get them.

  357. well getting with the clan in the same match shouldn’t be punished as long
    as you still play it how it should be played… but I think they still
    could it make impossible for clanmates to meet “accidently” in this
    gamemode… I mean it’s deathmatch in the end. You can click in
    randombattles where it is still more or less fair.

  358. I think, this is not cheating. The mission is clear and if nobody is
    playing this game mode then, why not ? I would not punish the player how
    did this. It is more the fault of wargaming.
    I like the idea to have a PVE mode for the personal missions. Then it is
    for all the same change to get the missions done.

  359. i ve never heard of rigging before, but it sounds fun. and its not easy to
    achieve an exploit. a temp ban is way to much in my opinion. prevent that
    exploiters for getting the tank in future sounds fair, but they have to fix
    broken gamemechanics. players will always exploit. evryone. its unfair team
    play, thats for sure. lets blame them somewhee and be friends with them
    afterwards. peace tank drivers. play fair.

  360. They are from the SEA server haha and Bilbo is a woman from New Zealand

  361. Cheaters in generell should be punished as hard as possible. I think
    wargaming is doing the right thing. What I really want to have in the game
    is a report system that is actually working with proper reports. This would
    be so nice. There are so many people out there doing stupid things on
    purpose and getting away with it.

  362. someone who wants to get the t22 has do do the missions right not with
    someone who do cheating gets a warning if he do it twice his account will
    be stopped for two weeks

  363. Normally, i’d say ban them for a month and then remove their ability to
    gain special event tanks in the future forever.

    However, on the NA server no one plays these game modes, and the
    requirements are insanity. So pretty much ANYONE who gets this tank will
    have rigged for it, and I’m ok with that. SOME times pulling one over
    shortsighted developers is the just thing to do.

  364. I think that mission riggers should just have theirs accounts deleted. They
    are violating game rules… So that temporary ban will be not enough. Does
    anybody know how long that ban is?

  365. It can be pretty frustrating not getting the reward tank after many hours
    of trying. But rigging games like this is an unfair shortcut that devalues
    the reward. However I can understand that some people who did this did not
    think off it as cheating but as being ‘smart’/’clever’ in getting the
    I will never get the T22r legit because I do not have the time nor am I
    good enough. I would not want to cheat just to get the tank. Btw is this
    why there is always someone in random matchmaking calling the IS5 driver a
    cheater when there is one in the game?

  366. Nuke them from orbit

  367. I know, everybody who has t-22 on the EU server got it beacouse of
    rigging… Wargaming should bann them too… this is happening almost every
    single night. in serv…. i agree.. bann them all… don’t let them get it
    again ever again !

  368. did the people who got this tank in the fair way banned? Or did they remove
    the tanks from their account as well?

  369. 1st a week ban 2nd a year ban 3rd a permanent ban

  370. Missions aren’t tricky they are damn near impossible thats why people are

  371. WoT RU did the right thing.And they should get 1-6 month ban, not only 1

  372. On top of all, reward tanks are just fucking stupid. WG implemented this
    just because the game is slowly dying and they need to somehow bind their
    player to the game via these stupid missions.

  373. what a name


  375. Wait….They will lost all of there vehicle and get perm.ban or ban for 2
    days or something like that?

  376. BAN THEM NOW!!!

  377. Edit to answer QB:

    My honest opinion. I don’t like “cheating”, but the missions and exp/creds
    were ridiculous. I’d say no ban, cannot obtain T-22 sr., and name and

  378. It’s just a game

  379. perma ban that ass

  380. Nobody on NA plays Rampage, this is why ppl start cheating the missions.
    WG, learn how to make a fun mode and missions

  381. Cheating? I think taking away some XP or something would be hilarious.
    Making them want to spend money on gold. That would be great

  382. ive been trying for weeks.only got 1 mission complete thanks to riggers

  383. I agree, but believe wargaming should warn all players once and then if
    caught cheating permanent ban.
    I doubt that will happen because they are a company and perma ban will lose
    them money, like any business.

  384. where can i find thislist of “riggers”?

  385. Clash of Clans with AERO

    I think that the cheaters who cheat 2 or 3 mission should be ban for one or
    two days,but the hackers who keep contiune that should be parnament
    ban,becouse who cheats in WoT doesen’t deserve to play it!(sorry about my
    English,hope that you get my point 🙂 )

  386. Missions are not “tricky” to achieve, they are near to impossible if you do
    not spend days and days achieving them. It is not even a matter of spending
    1 year trying to do them, because there are noboday anymore playing the
    gamemode ….

  387. I think the RU server has taken the proper stance . How long is the ban , 7
    days or 30 ? IMOP 30 would / should be the longest . 2 weeks (14 days) may
    be appropriate . 7 days is fine with me , and maybe > no longer able to
    participate is special events for 6 months . Removing the ability of
    getting and or removing the T-22 if received , is a good idea .

  388. exactly what wg ru did. great solution.

  389. Damian “Samson” Borson

    2 weeks of ban + perma ban on the reward vehicle.

  390. Rigging the system to benefit their own little group while screwing over
    everyone else? Sounds like socialists found WoT.

    A temporary ban for the first offense, and permaban for the second, I’d
    say. I like to give people a second chance, but at some point you gotta
    just send them packing if they don’t learn.

  391. maybe making the missions less hard and lower tier reward tank(s)? to
    prevent it?

  392. Perma ban and T-22 sr. to the whisleblowers :)

  393. From what I here even WG staff are saying the missions are too hard.

  394. Riggers should lose that account and not temporary bans!!

  395. This happened to me as well on the NA server i was in a match with 3
    platoons consisting of all CHKM8 clan members they just sat in the middle
    of the map and would just let each other kill each other, not to mention
    when ever some one would come into the middle the would live for no more
    than 10 seconds, i would love to see WoT NA do something about it.

  396. “He’s got 3 barrels on his Bat-Chat.” WAIT WHAT, THAT’S CHEATING.

  397. i would totally like, try to kill them and stuff.

  398. bann all cheaters RU server is right and EU shoud do the same

  399. Perma Ban for rigging- or remove platoons from the missions and rework
    them- the game mode would then become fun again

  400. yeah i think that is fair…. hopefully they will crack down on all the
    huge clans who have been doing this in NA for months

  401. I play Xbox so we don’t have this game mode but can someone pls help me
    understand how this game mode works. You have lone wolfs and platoons but
    you can’t work together….?

  402. wow WOT sucks

  403. Großadmiral Thrawn

    4 mins ago WOOP WOOP

  404. Second!

  405. 8 sec…

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