World of Tanks – Missionary

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Source: The Jingles

The Individual Missions have been driving me nuts, so I finally gave up trying to do them and just concentrated on trying to play the . You know where this is going, don’t you?

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  1. I love your videos Jingles

  2. YourUnknownSpecimen

    Time for my daily dose of Jingles :)

  3. Yeeeeeaaahhhhhhh

  4. hey jingles i cannot wait to see you at tankfest this year keep putting out
    these amazing vids you keep me happy yey :)


  6. ruairidh morrison

    Yay, another jingles video!

  7. HAAA fisrt! Jingles give me a code for WOWarships! please!

  8. Hey Jingles. What ever happen to Pandy?

  9. OMG these are so funny Rage Jingles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ain’t nobody got time for WoT anymore. Gotta get that Yamato pronto!

  11. Eh MightBeCanadian

    For me past week I have been trying to improve my stats by driving my tier
    10s and doing an average of 4k to 6k damage I still have a win presentage
    of 37 for the past week.

  12. Jingles what other hobbies do you have outside gaming? Oh and more warships
    please, it’s really interesting to watch and listen to those little history
    lessons etc! 

  13. It’s stupid that if you own a tier 10 of every type, you can complete the
    missions more easily. It’s hard for me to get my arty missions done in my
    tier V…

  14. Poor Jingles. Sod’s law, isn’t it? Stop trying to do something and you do
    it by accident.

  15. I’ve noticed the same detection module in Warships unfortunately…
    Hopefully they fix it quick, because it is annoying as all get out!

  16. Is it me or should the tog fire harpoons instead of AP rounds?

  17. Metsästävä Hamsteri

    Welcome to the “301 Club”, If one is a member, he gets a free cookie!

  18. bah i find those personal mission to be very hard :(

  19. Biggest assholes are guys with the best stats….
    Unless you are Schroeder. 

  20. 10 Minutes in and already in the +301 Club.

  21. jingles would we be able to get a panoramic view of the man cave… its
    bound to be stacked with goodies by now :O

  22. Howdy to you too, Jingles!

  23. .

  24. T69 actually isn’t that fast, and it has awful acceleration.

  25. You didn’t actually participate in an successful capture of the enemy base.
    That match was won by killing off the entire enemy team, and the capture
    counter was clearly a long way off from 100% when the match ended. At the
    end of the match you can even see the condition met for winning the battle
    (eliminated enemy team, as opposed to: captured enemy base).

  26. Be a missionary every day
    Tell the world jesus is the way!
    watch the comments explode in hate!

  27. QB a gentleman… bwahahaha

  28. 3:45 see arty can be nice

  29. no, you didn’t made requirement for mission with tog! it says “…at least
    XX% of cap points!”

  30. idk why either jingles good players in NA are somehow arseholes like this
    one too except some

  31. I only occasionally play WoT now and I’m stll slowly going through the
    first set of missions. Not sure how far I will get but to be hinest I’m
    not that bothered.

    When I get the mission completed it’s more like, Oh, another mission.

    I know that Jingles stated that some of the missions were designed to show
    players how thier class shoud be played but I still see top tier heavies
    camping at the back. On Westfield in a TVIII game today we even had one of
    our few heavies an IS-6 drive up onto the hill on the open flank to join a
    Tiger that was already there. Needless to say, they camped there and the
    battle did not go well as the few heavies and TDs we had left on the other
    flanl were swamped.

    Also we’ve lost battles because our top tier heavies try and cap while
    there are nasty things like Borsigs on the enemy team around still and we
    end up losing the game as the heavies are picked off one by one….

    I should mention what you mentioned in Mingles yesterday that WoT battles
    last up to 15 minutes. Most of the games I’ve been in recently have
    striggled to go past the five minute mark. Yes, I know I’m the only
    constant in these battles but I’m just an average or slightly above average

  32. BustRobot's Gaming Corner

    Nah, the T69 didn’t have a damaged engine; they just aren’t that fast. Top
    speed isn’t amnazing and neither is the Power-to-Weight ratio, so it
    accelerates poorly too.

  33. am i the only one that saw the name missionary and immediately thought of
    the sex position?

  34. personal missions are fcked up and wrong lol

  35. Jingles, Wargaming is gonna remove the TOG!!!!! Open WOT and you Will see

  36. Time for breakfast, and the mighty Jingles!

  37. Gott love it when the kill cancels the cap.

  38. Showing your frustration at a player who by all rights should not have hit
    shots and killed (mainly at the T69 who got hit by a moving E100) is not
    something you should criticise someone for. By all rights that T69 should
    have survived but the E100 got lucky RNG, its a gigantic tank with a
    gigantic gun that fired on the move, it should not have hit. But it did and
    its quite reasonable to be frustrated at it. Its not the E100s fault it was
    luck. But calling someone a bad human being for expressing frustration is a
    little unfair. We all have bad games most of use have bad days or weeks in
    WoT too. And sometimes it gets the better of us. It could easily have been
    the T69s 15th game and 8th bullshit death in a row due to bad RNG on his

    Its a game that creates situations where suddenly you get wiped out or ammo
    racked once and when repaired the next shot ammo racks again. That is not
    anyones fault but it is annoying. 

  39. Been trying to do 4k damage in my tier 7 Jagpanther II for a couple weeks
    now. Wasn’t even trying recently, just sat down for a casual game. Voila!
    4400 damage out of the middle of nowhere :D

  40. never give up you can do the missions believe or not i caused 3.5 dmg in a
    tier 5 td in a tier 6 game that’s just a little example it is so possible
    to do these annoying missions you just need to be patient.

  41. Same here Jingles, I dont care anymore.

  42. you so silly.. me like!

  43. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m the 301st viewer
    And so are you!

  44. this *peep* mission, i tryied so hard, until that point that I lost my
    interest in the hole game

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