World of Tanks || MISTAKES WERE MADE!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today mistakes will be made by both teams – but who’s going to win?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Well, enemy had T-28 on top but then four tier 6 tanks after it and you had two tier 7 tanks on top5 on exp.

  2. Great replay. I love the fact that the A43 managed to get the last kill.

  3. when in doubt always the M44
    if it doesnt get trolled and killed by the new batch of arty team
    killers out there

  4. If my crew can repair tracks, they should be able to re-flip my tank

  5. yo Quickybaby camo that tank up 100% or not….looks verry poor like that…and you have enough gold to do it.

  6. Patrick Ellinwood

    Great game! This is the stuff that make WOT so much fun.

  7. Wow the A-43 is better than QB ?

  8. That’s the first time I see an artillery save the game on Himmelsdorf xD

  9. Great replay

  10. 3:46 QB those senses… this is the difference between the mediocre and the greats. Constant QB presence…

  11. I would have died at 3:46. Your quick decision saved you QB. Tremendous

  12. Statistically there HAD to be one arty that isn’t an asshole…Ladies and gentlemen…we’ve found him. c:

  13. I hope you sent the A43 a compliment after the game — he definitely deserved it!

  14. This tank is the hardest grind I’ve ever encountered in WOT. Stock it’s unplayable; but most of us have to play about 40 games stock before you can unlock the tracks, turret and gun. Awful tank.

  15. QB , no camo on turret? so your camo will reduce.

  16. Nice video right there. The main problem is that I do not know when is the right time to fall back to a better position. It is easier if I am driving a vehicle as fast as a Cromwell tank or faster but not in most heavy tanks. I am still learning how to calm myself down instead of going in rage and go tunnel vision on an enemy vehicle when there is another enemy beside me.

  17. Normal day in WOT..i hope WG add something like auto flip:)

  18. I can still remember one player cried in general chat that everytime he play tier 8 he’s being matched up with tier 10s but when he plays tier 10, he never get to match up with tier 8s
    hahaha ?

  19. respect the T28 Proto…it’s far better then it gets credit for

  20. QB, you used the word “Karma” wrong. Also it’s A-43 not A-44 7:56 >_>

  21. this game really needs an im stuck on my side button. it happens all the fucking time.

  22. ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

    anyone get the joke?

  23. Impressive teamwork

  24. T28 Prot just uninstalled.

  25. Margrave von Kemperbad

    “MISTAKES WERE MADE! ” , is this an English Themed day??? Just sayin cause Jingles and you themed your videos the same.

  26. understandable happiness… imagine if more WOT players were like this instead of falling to spit acid instead. Nice. Helping each other does more than express niceties; it helps a team win. & if you lose… you lose with a sort of comradery, of fighting to the last, which is it’s own win in itself. ADD: I think most WOT players are good people, like all people… but a few bad apples; yada yada yada

  27. Haven’t played this game in years but it still looks fun!

  28. Okay don’t get me wrong ….. but the A43 was not distracting him… he’s a noob that probably thinks he can pen the front of a T28 Prot… and since hes on very low health is feels confident that he can kill him… that’s really what happened but still nice joke arty and medium.

    • I understand your point, however, whether or not the A43 was trying to distract the T28 doesn’t matter. The T28 was distracted by the A43 even if that wasn’t the A43’s intention.

  29. Auto unicum ammo. No thank you

  30. Son, I admire you some for both your abilities in this game, And your willingness to share the not-so-pretty. Still, I’m a little dismayed at your (seeming) Surprise that the SPG helped his last Tank. Where I come from, that’s called “Teamwork.” I know this is not a popular concept in WOT, but here you see one of its advantages.

  31. YOU could WIN bottom teir matchups by also using game mechanics – I was in a KV-85 using a stock gun at abbey and by using bush mechanics by rolling 15 metres away from the bush I was spamming APCR rounds at lower plate of IS and the back of IS-3 . This had a significant impact on the outcome of battle and I took down this victory 😀

  32. Now is time to do an A-43 review

  33. Maybe a discussion on physics would be in place. IMHO it is crap. TANKS on severals tons flipping on the side (toooo often and toooo much). AND WHY is it STILL not possible to ALERT teammates that you are flipped! WG is as usual doing things half!

  34. lithuanian helping polish… embrace their inner PLC!!!!

  35. 03:30 why they dont cap?

  36. Its a bit ironic considering those to last players were from Lithuania and Poland

  37. chèque it out this is for all wot lovers

  38. What mods does he use to colour the tank’s names and the sixth sense bulb to see if someone is spotted or not?

  39. Ive only been playing wot for 4 years and i just found out you can use silver for premium rounds

  40. Man, this a-43 really played smart. When m44 pushed him , i expected this nooby player to just drive in the open and die like a fool. But look how smart he baited t28 prot, made him take low chance shots… Grats to a-43. He will be a really good player.

  41. Hi Quickybaby, bug fan of your videos, what I would like to see to help new players like myself, is for Quickybaby to open a brand new account, with no premium, no gold basic crews and how far can you get at up a tier line and the best way to train your crews with no gold tanks?

  42. Really enjoyed this video QB, seems like you had a lot of fun both playing and commentating. Seeing you so happy makes me happy.

  43. U have same title as jingles

  44. On console the game will put you back on your track after a few seconds

  45. I like, really cool game.

  46. Oh god… I remember one time when I high centered on the cliffs of Westfield, I could see my base in the south from where I was stuck because I was trying to return to defend, but I only had 1 kills by that point with 500 points of damage.

    5 minutes later I was sitting on a top gun, 4k damage high caliber and a Defender medal without ever being able to move. Half my dead teammates were laughing so hard that they messaged me later blaming me for trying to kill them through laughter.

    Oh… did I mentioned the tank I got stuck with was the KV-2?

  47. Hated the tier 6 Italian high alpha is nice but more often than not shots didn’t pen or missed completely. Hope the Pantera will be more fun but first need to struggle though the tier 7.

  48. Your brother was kiled by skoda t25

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