World of Tanks – Mister Cro Rides Again

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Source: The Jingles

If you had make me choose between all the Croatian World of Tanks Community Contributors who now live in Germany and stream WOT in English several times a week, I’d probably have to go with , but it’d be a tough choice!


  1. With the 13 90’s rat  pack I tell the team to NOT be alone or die quickly!

  2. why did he never fix his turret early in the game when the repair kit is reusable

  3. Ghislaine Varin

    he said that mister cro is top tier but its tier 10

  4. tiberius africanus

    Hey Jingles, this video is not showing up on my subscribers list. I have the bell selected and everything.

  5. This time, you made your introduction really short 😀 “Folks, and welcome back to World of Tanks with The Mighty Jingles” 😀

  6. Poor frenchies, now people will be hunting them so jingles will run out of videos to feature them in

  7. Why can’t I play against guys that are so willing to feed me eff points lol.

  8. TexasPistolMassacre

    I love the top tier amx 13 90s in this tier 10 game jingles… you so silly

  9. still not got the patch on Asia -_- wish i could swap to EU erg

  10. wn8 nooubs

  11. Me cro is a beast

  12. A big truth that isn’t spoken about here us that Mister Crow is feeling the pain of the Light nerf. RIP ELX AMX bis.

  13. You’ll give yourself a mental hernia trying to make sense out of the crap people say on World of Tanks.

  14. #thisisnotthemistercrochannel

  15. retarded is7 didnt went to hill, and then goes when allies are dead

  16. Opinion.

  17. I ALMOST feel the IS-7 drivers pain, It’s such an awful awful tank… I own one and it can’t hit the broadside of a barn AND it’s armor is no where near what it used to be do to power creep.. Just don’t act like him.

    I was SO PISSED when I got the IS-7, It’s pure bullshit that you work your way up ALL the way to Tier X and have something that isn’t even worth keeping, It used to be a decent tank, Now it just gets penned by everything and can’t hit anything.

  18. I’ve bounced a 155mm shell off the back of a batchat

  19. That T34 roled for 273 dmg , mother of low dmg

  20. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    oh great. another OP platoon video

  21. 9.18 went live today on SEA server

  22. from account remapping and having only a few games but 7k+ wn8

  23. Your awesome i love your content!

  24. I can hear Cro cursing in croatian that last amx shot lol

  25. Another French auto-loader tank game. Wow haven’t seen any of those lately 😛

  26. i dont understand why the ru got dpm and mobility nerfs for going up a tier thats just retarded

  27. Buff the ELC’s engine! We want our speed demon back! 🙂

  28. Sitting here thinking he’s gonna get an ammo rack or engine fire but misses and i just lose all joy i had.

  29. Jussi Raitoniemi

    “WN8 noobs” obviously means they’re cheap cowards. (Like which of you weren’t?)
    Smartass Jingles in work again…

  30. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Did anyone check the chatting by CDC?
    Regular Jingles-fan, I’m sure of it 😉
    No offence, just saying

  31. Wn8 has nothing to do with how good you play. Its all about how hard you can camp and farm damage.

    The light tank platoon should have rushed to help them out.  Stupid noob platoon

  32. I don’t know if this is the same for everyone else, but I usually come over to Jingles to get a daily dose of teamwork and average players playing like unicums in world of tanks (yes teamwork can happen once in a blue moon). But lately I have just been seeing a lack of that lately and this is nothing against Jingles I love the content he puts out no matter the game/person. But if I want to see unicums play like.. Well unicums then I go to quickybaby. Hopefully we can see more teamwork and average players playing good in the future. Like I said.. This is nothing against any channels and I enjoy the content either way, this is just my personal preference. 🙂

  33. Kazna and Fame scums, thanks but no thanks. I’ve seen enough of Kazna pricks going ham in gamechats.

  34. Yeah, semi aimed shot at an artillery coming over a small ridge, showing its belly, from 50 meters in my is-6, bounces off it, arty comes down and kills my O-ho team mate at point blank. Cause fuck logic.

  35. Jingles, I feel vaguely cheated because of all the Fadin’s/Fire/Ammo-rack hype you created and then you didn’t deliver it! :<

  36. normanhaertel77

    I think IS-7 Player renamed himself from BigDouble to DoosBoos.. could be ??

  37. wn8 is seris bidniss

  38. PintSized Purple

    Having a high wn8 doesn’t mean you’re a great player, but most great players have a high win8. There’s plenty of people who reroll or just damage farm, people who don’t have much game sense but have high win8’s. Obviously Mister Cro is a great player, but I just wanted to make the distinction.

  39. Winter ruenberg battle Mr. Cro vs Stormtroopers!

  40. When you are a Slav and you see “Jebote bog” 😉

  41. when he first spotted the Lowe on the cap, the Lowe was around 435m away. The AMX only had to drive backwards to more than 445m and he would have been able to shoot at the Lowe without being spotted. He did not need to double bush. He would have had the armor penetration issue, however the same technique can be used from any direction.

  42. Patch is good imo, but the Teamquality suffered more than hard -_-

  43. Edrycson Abinan

    it’s out in the Asian server. Arty’s stun mechanic is giving heavy tanks and Tank destroyers all kinds of cancer. I like the buffed RoF and nerfed DPS but to be stunned from 3 different arty feels like you’re dying from a brain tumour.

  44. immortallvulture

    I recently started playing world of tanks after watching these videos and Ive got a quick question for the community

    Why are all the british tanks so terrible?

  45. InvincabruSpoodz

    Appreciate the broken Serbian grammar in the chat from the AMX CDC

  46. I like his clan Davai I hope that’s In Russian

  47. fuck amx and fuck light tanks

  48. Zayletsplay WOT

    That commentary on the ending of the first replay xD jingles you should have your own talkshow sponsored by wargaming xD

  49. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Well there are a lot of players (re-rolls mostly) who do not play much more then a specific light tanks to stack up their wn8, as it LT (autoloaders to be exact) it is quite easy to get a 5-6k wn8 game just by firing 2 clips. I guess those players are really “wn8 noobs”. So it might not be such a oxymoron when related to correct sort of people.

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