World of Tanks – Mister Cro

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I spent WAY more time than was healthy trying to come up with some kind of pun that would work with “Croatian”. I failed. How come Mister Cro couldn't be from Germany? Herman The German works every time!

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  1. I love Jingles Microsoft videos but they make he feel inadequate cause he is so good!!

  2. OFC je is crazy xD hemis from Croatia xD we ste all crazy hahaha. And Studzianki malo. Pronaunce it like stew jukny

  3. 10:03 okay jingles i have to say that the caernarvon actually did do the error here. Yes they could have gone and helped him but they would have been slaughtered. Look what happened to the caernarvon. The map is designed that you CAN’T go from east to west and vice versa. Yes you can try to push the center ditch but good luck without somebody spotting them. It’s very dangerous and has no gain, since Mr. Cro is able to disengage far easier (since he is in a very fast medium) than those guys can engage the enemy. They tried to give him long range support which is all what they could because of the map design. The caernarvon decided to help him and paid the price for trying to do shift flanks on a map designed by wargaming.

    It’s the maps fault not necessarily the players (and yes they might suck but at least here they showed (or were just lucky) good evaluation of the situation

  4. hey jingles, The star fish said what?

  5. What kind of bullshittery is “rawsash”, Jingles??? The character name is Rorschach, from the ink-blotch mask looking like a Rorschach test card in psychology, after Hermann Rorschach a Swiss psychiatrist. It is pronounced “rorh-shahh”. 21:40 Yeah. Maybe just call him Dave.

  6. Jingles, ffs, you need to rewatch The Watchmen and listen to that name again because my god you butchered it…

  7. 2/3 of the friendly team are up north allowing themselves to be stonewalled by 1/3 of the enemy team.

    Standard lemming train in effect.

  8. Love the fact Jingles addresses Mr Cro as an european. Because you know …. Brexit

  9. Jaco Hollebrandse

    Cro doesn’t stand for Cro-magnon?

  10. I feel Mr Cro’s pain. The wheeled vehicles do nothing for the game but make it not fun and completely de-legitamzed the light tank class. Far as I’m concerned they can F*ck off

  11. Let’s make a joke again, though I’m not as early as normal
    Why can orphans not play baseball?

    They don’t know where home is.

  12. MisterCro= Flambass living with Trenlass

  13. I laughed with the Patrick meme that’s why I don’t play this game much and the Dave map.

  14. Mistercro also seems to have an excessive love of smashing destructible walls.

  15. Unfortunately never made it through the first battle. The constant wild “in out, in out, in out, in out” got me seasick.
    Really wish you took control of the camera for this one. Looked like it was pretty good.

  16. The Dave map! XD

  17. Mr. Cro. It’s been sometime since we’ve seen him.

  18. “At least he tried!” … I think you’ve stumbled upon a new t-shirt slogan idea Jingles!

  19. Love your videos dearly Jingles, but tanks have hulls not a chassis.

  20. At 20:33 we all learned something about Jingles that is not going to go away even with some brain bleach 🙂 … Mister Cro truly one of best WOT players anywhere.

  21. Mr. Crow got the Cracken Unleashed +4 in that second battle

  22. If I start playing wot again I’m taking the name war sash thanks to jingles

  23. “I don’t know where those Europeans find the time to learn all those languages…” Suprice Jingles… you’re an European to ! Not een EU member 🙂 but still an European.

  24. love the added sound effects! <3 thanks mr jingles leeedleleedle leeedleeeeeeeeee

  25. “Patrick the Starfish” here…. LOST. MY. SH*T on that one!!

  26. Have you ever considered that it isn’t about the competence, the ability to think and breathe, of ones teammates? That, rather, it is simply that the game is badly designed?

    Seriously. If you keep saying “this game is a place where I see people having a hard time cooperating and communicating in the manner of my* choice” then wouldn’t you focus in on “this game”?

    * This brings up another option. Maybe your way of ruling the world is stupid. Or you’re just a bad leader.

    There’s three things in that sentence. The game, people, and you. Two of those are specific things over which there is control available, things which can be crafted to suit desires and circumstance. The third of those things is a fixed given; something universal and homogeneous about which is much is known and to which the malleable things can be tuned.

    Yup, it seems to me that of the three things up there, the people aren’t the problem. Either your game and or you suck. Seems obvious.

  27. Well done for gold spamming like every other bourrasque………

  28. You hate to play with a bunch of potatoes

  29. MANY thanks for sharing this jingles the cro plays similar likes as I great stuff buddy TANKS for all you do

  30. Yup Patrick’s always around

  31. Looking forward to the borasque

  32. See for me it’s all about the challenge jingles fun hysterical giggles always win or lose hunt the felines first and alternatively punishment to any in my path great times man sometimes I am just trying to get hits in lol

  33. Don’t worry Mr. Jingles Alaska would send you right back home. Don’t think I didn’t catch that little pun.

  34. Mr Cro is a bad ombre

  35. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    Nothing better than seeing the words “Mr. Cro”

  36. the Udes hat no other chance than wait, this thing reloads forever

  37. 14:45 “Much like Rorsash in Watchment” U wot m8?

  38. “kindy wet a little, you know what I mean” – Jingles 2021

    Hell yeah, brother

  39. Can’t watch it with all the violent camera movement.

  40. Mistercro… doing Mistercro things. Great job, man!

  41. the best light tank player will always be Bigdogg 😛

  42. I love how it’s ok to sling gold for Mr. Cro, but the AMX shouldn’t do that, because… reasons?

  43. ToughAncientSpark

    Hmmm, seven friendlies trying to take out two enemy sounds all too familiar.
    Even in World of Warships.

  44. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    That’s the guy on the OTHER team every game in WoT.

  45. Dave-map! hahahaha, give me a break!

  46. GSOR 1008 is a sin, its so damn unfair for any T7 tanks.

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