World of Tanks – Mmmm, Bacon!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Danish Bacon best bacon. Discuss.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Why is it I never run into teams that have this collective lack of brain power?

  2. Jonathan Mitchell

    Anytime I try to shoot light tanks or arty with HE it takes 2 or 3 shots to kill them.

  3. I’ll take that bet but you have to show up at my door to collect

  4. don’t know how many shots the 64 got off, but I did see him shoot a few times, namly the French light at the end

  5. Chandler Kristoff

    Congrats on 600K…….but wait i thought you had more than 600K, did people UNsubscribe?!

  6. What a terrible year to be born, the same year we join the fucking EUSSR.

  7. Chandler Kristoff

    Hmm, odd….i think i remember seeing Two videos uploaded by you the other day, didn’t bother to watch the second one and now i wish i did :/


  9. He got robbed of a bhanov medal

  10. Oh, God… I’ve just started to watch the video… The dude was using the HEAT-54 but shooting AP?

  11. I don’t believe the type 64 deserves so much hate whilst he may not have played his tank to its strengths, he did manage to be 4th on damage. The people who managed next to no damage should be the ones getting the hate for failing their team.

  12. Triple the exp for damage upon spotting for light tanks, and halve the exp for damage committed.

  13. You can bounce off a leopard prototype? Since When?

  14. I’d be more tempted to take that bet if I didn’t know that Jingles already knew what was going to happen.

  15. The T64 was covering DanishBacon’s flank and stopping the tanks moving down the street and overwhelming his position. He was far more useful there than if he’d moved up, spotted them, then died.

  16. 1:07 Just another day in the office for world of nubs 😛

  17. Jingles, do artillery only.

  18. Christopher Hendricks

    Jingles, when are you going to do another ghost recon video?

  19. i’m gonna need more arty to learn how to use their vehicles

  20. Who here managed to see both videos yesterday? I did, and I had a bloody good laugh when I saw the title of the first video, then saw what it was actually about, or I would have, if it wasn’t in the middle of the night.

  21. 12:14 is my pause time and Jingles I dont think he even moved from his starting spot

  22. The type 64 didn’t play that badly though. He got 1395 damage, an unknown amount of spotting, and served to keep the enemies lit as soon as they even so much as thought about trying to flank the Cda. He may not have played phenomenally, but the game likely would not have turned out as well for our main character if he had.

  23. I dont think Ive ever bounced 1 shot in my leo PT 4 in a row he just used up all of his RNG for the rest of his life

  24. Queue Bob and carry the stupids music… Congratulations! Youuuuu have caaaaaarried the stupiddddddsss.

  25. the last arty could have been afk

  26. 5:15 what does partial over match mean?

  27. Artillery only!!!

  28. Needs moar isorrowtillery only gameplay.

  29. NuclearCatfish Gaming

    Artillery Only!

  30. The Great Outdoors was such a good movie.

  31. Btw DanishBacon is an awesome dude.

  32. Wargaming Super Noob

    last arty hasnt moved MY BET!!!

  33. $100 bucks he’s still in A-6 stopped at 12:22

  34. If you can come up with a way to stop players like that who play the wrong way without effecting the ones who have no choice then maybe WG will listen….

  35. Hey Jingles, ever see the movie “Canadian Bacon”?

  36. That opening clip.. Jesus the amount of ass clenching that guy went through.

  37. Doesn’t anyone ever send in good Artillery replays?

  38. I thought the EU was formed in ’93?

  39. if you’re having a bad day and want something to laugh at i swear you will die lauging even i with no sense of humor laughed so hard at this

  40. Arty move from spawn? Jingles your confusing arty for an actual tank, that requires at least a little skill to operate.

  41. Type 64 knows what it takes to become purple ;P

  42. Nope it’s arty £6

  43. Instead of players I think you meant arty players. I have played with some randos where I tried to get them to move close to start because my team was horrible and of coarse they go to arty camp on the side that only I was watching. The other day I not only told them to run, pinged the map, I even bumped one as I relocated to counter incoming on the mm. Did not budge and complained about the team letting the enemy in after they died.

  44. 9:40 bacon gets spotting damage, so the Type 64 has done something! Just to correct you :p xD

  45. That T-54 was probably already kidnapped by Russian KGB, he will be now frozen in a cryogenic compartment awaiting for time travel into 1951 in Siberia camps.

  46. Jingles, not only I can say that the arty didn’t moved far away from spawn, but they are in the buildings that are in their left flank.
    How do I know?

  47. The Raging Tanker

    So Wargaming should punish bad game play? Well how about community contributors stop putting up videos of players in scout tanks not playing the role of a scout. I don’t care if they win their team the game because they were facing 5 or more enemy players! Motherfuckers should have been fucking scouting in the first fucking place! A scouts role is to spot for their team PERIOD! Your eyes are more important than your gun at the start of the battle! Scouts should only fired their guns to one shot low health enemy tanks at the end of the battle or they can help their teammates by circling and keeping tracked enemy tanks that were stupid enough to venture out into an open area! A scout is to never be played like a heavy, medium or a TD! You’re a fucking scout now play it like one! Fucking morons!

  48. In the SU-14-1 defense: if it did nothing but move for the 10 minutes of the game, it would not have made it much farther than where it parked. It is a PAINFULLY slow vehicle and it traverses more slowly than it moves. And coincidentally, has about only about a quarter of a degree of gun traverse. (all only slight exaggerations, very slight)

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