World of Tanks – Money Can’t Buy Me Skill

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

They say money can't buy love, they're wrong. They say money can't buy skill. They're almost right.

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Yeah, I know. It’s an all tier 9 battle.

    • I was going to go ” Actually Jingles…”

    • WG will make economy “remake” in summer with wows … I guess in year or two T10 will be same place as T10 in wot , and T11 will just for whales … and best joke ever , WG make another great deal for veteran players …if you attract enough offers for WG you can get mousepad -_- … sadly wows will die after that ecomony rework simply because in wot play mostly youger players , because that game is just to fast for older people … for me 37 years old veteran gamer with 33 years gaming experience , is just not worth it , because if you play wows A. you need to spend cash or B. have no life what so ever and spend all free time on game … and seems WG aim to every player need to do both , and older people are smarter … becuse they learned from dumb shit they did , so they will just leave game .

    • He also had his premium ammo assigned to the 1st slot, that’s why it cost him 86k credit to fire 18 shots.

    • Oh Jingles…

  2. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Guess Jingles didn’t realize that Leopard line got a buff (except for the VK 30.02 DB)

    Tier 9 to 10

    Having HEAT switched to high penetration APCR

  3. What would you all suggest if my landlord is usless at getting my house fixed? (Private renting)

  4. Yeah, that ammo bill is way to high for him to only been firing standard ammo. So we watch a gold spammer.

    • It is, he put gold ammo on 1, because who in wot wants to waste time pressing 2 to load skill, amirite?

  5. Christopher Smith

    Glad I never tried to play wot

  6. I liked it, set it up as sniper/scout

  7. Darkness Nighthingale

    It can’t buy you skill sure. But it can make skill irrelevant.

  8. Aw…I miss Fractured Space.

  9. for me it can actually… the t26e5.

  10. ” money cant buy skill ” Actukhlsv/lzly jingles it can but training to help you get better at the game

    “shotgun racking a shell noisis ”
    as shiiiiii

  11. Happy Cinco de Mayo Jingles!! from Texas.

  12. Man, when that 155 bounced off his upper glacis, I woulda shit myself lol

  13. Ask the Turks about all of the Leopard 2s Germany sold them. Rolling ammo racks.

  14. Unfortunately Jingles he rebinded his gold to 1 key he was shooting gold the whole time

  15. The old Leopard was amazing for basically never needing gold ammo. HEAT Gold was just worse than standard APCR in 99% of cases. If you needed the gold, you were out of position.
    The new Leopard gun (since patch 1.6) has APCR standard ammo, which is fine, and APCR GOLD AMMO WHICH IS ALWAYS BETTER IN EVERY WAY.
    1.6 was british light tanks … I am old.

    • Old Leo standard apcr 268 mm pen, new Leo 278 mm of pen, gold heat 330 mm of pen doest lose pen with distance, new gold apcr 322 mm of pen loses a lot of pen with distance. Old Leo abysmal soft stats on the gun, new Leo laser gun. Wg actually nerfed gold in Leo so it isn’t better than heat(only in shell speed). So your argument is kinda wrong that old Leo didn’t need gold ammo…

  16. MarcusTheAbsolute

    Regardless of the gold ammo spam in this particular case, I’ve always found it funny that WoT’s solution to potential absence of players at lower tiers (at least that’s their official excuse) is to bankrupt high tier tank players to force them to play lower tier tanks (or to buy tier 8 premiums, which is the actual end goal) instead of, you know, making playing and levelling lower tier tanks fun and rewarding. Why bother putting in the work to ensure people actually WANT to play all levels of tanks if we can achieve the same end goal through financial blackmail?

  17. That line is mega fun starting at tier 8 and up.

  18. Very Funny Jingles thank you for this, I was doing some research into the British Crusader over the week, and I was amazed to see you hadn’t talked about it in a video or I’d not seen a Crusader video…. I know many don’t like the Cursader but as a model it’s a beautiful tank to do and talk about. Thanks as always

  19. Oh Jingles. “Not firing a single round of gold ammo” – I WAS going to type a comment saying that the only channel I’ll watch a WOT replay on where the player spams FULL GOLD ammo is yours, but at this point… Just gonna go with “your shit at this, aren’t you?” and leave it at that.

  20. 10:35

    Yet another in a seemingly inexhaustible list of reasons I do not care to play this free game.

    Love watching others spend real money to do so.

  21. What i HATE more is that other peopel expect YOU to be the one to kill the tank at low hp becasuse they cant be botherd to kill them so they drive off. I hate that and always try to NEVER kill those tanks. I whould rather throw my tank away, which btw whould most likley make you better then your entire team. I have managed to out preform my entire team buy killing myself in that damn game or getting my self killed. Most of the time its just not worth it.

  22. Jingy ma boy,
    That was all gold ammo he used :}

  23. Kristoffer Johansson

    Oh Jingles, never change! He payed to be good himself as he used gold ammo on first slot. But he would probably have delivered well also if he hadn’t shot gold only.

  24. Zero the Wanderer

    There’s a reason my stats won’t ever get too much higher, and it’s because at 6:59 I would’ve firewalled the throttle and ramped over the mounds to land on whoever was in my way.

  25. Love your videos, but i still cannot understand why you beleive any big gun tank is going to wait for 20 seconds or more to reload standard ammunition if it sees a lightly armoured tank – i mean by that time, they have gone or you are dead. Most people are just going to fire whatever they have loaded at the time.

  26. Yeah. There is no way anyone at any tier should ever win a game and come out at a loss.

  27. Tokyo Craftsman

    Ho-ly frack…

  28. Nothing but gold=Not a single gold.

  29. I LOVED Fractured Space. Too bad they stopped supporting it and it’s now a ghost town!

  30. Money cannot buy skill, nor wins. Imagine the losing team, fired a great deal of premium ammo and lost even more credits!

  31. That ricochet was incredible..

  32. Well that is the wot meta wargayming have managed. From tier 8 and up it’s gold only.

  33. I’d like to point out, on the battle results page, Damage Blocked by Armor: 750

    I’d imagine that’s a contender for world record in that tank?

  34. the real problem here is WHY is Ensk still map in this game for anything higher than teir 3 or 4.

  35. SimbianMinistry

    Funnily enough, my fave T-IX is very similar to the Pta – I play mostly arty, so the only tier 9 direct fire tanks I own, are the ones I earned from Battle-Pass (Kunze/AE/Char/777/K-91pt), and the French ‘collector’s AMX 30 prototype.
    Of those, the AMX 30 is fairly close to the Pta… No armour but pretty mobile – Gun has less alpha than Pta, doesn’t handle quite as well, but better DPM, and almost as accurate. I have it set up to maximise sniping, and I love the thing.

  36. The only downside of this beast of a tank is actually APCR ammo as both regular and standard ammunition. Besides that its just godlike.

  37. Money can buy you skill. Maybe not enough skill, but it does buy some.

  38. the mighty jingles i think we should give him a thousand exp for game

  39. The funniest part about the T95 bouncing off the Leo for me was that it wasn’t even the UFP that he hit. It was the ROOF of the hull, which is about as thin as the hair on Vin Diesel’s head.

  40. T95 at the end was facing another T95 and a Leopard. Why would he load ammo that’s probably going to bounce off one of them instead of ammo that can pen either? He doesn’t have the luxury of choosing his targets 15s in advance in a brawl, and neither does anyone else.

  41. The most ridiculous bounce i’ve seen was a shell from my Jg Pz E100 on the T100 LT. 300 pen shell bounce on broadside light tank. I instantly gave up.

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