World of Tanks – Monkey Business

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Source: The Jingles

Monkey business: Silly, mischievous, or deceitful conduct, as in “The teacher told the children to cut out the monkey business and get to work.” Yup. That sums up todays' video.

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  1. Oh wow Jingles.. Not seen that Monty sketch for many many years… But 100% accurate xD

  2. In regard to the angry houses comment, our little group always refers to the SU 100 Y as the Angry Bungalow, it just seems to fit it perfectly.

  3. Nice python reference:)

  4. The skorp was depending on the within 50m auto spot?

  5. The world’s most oblivious Skorpion G driver. The only creature on Earth more oblivious is me when someone is flirting with me.

  6. The ELC Even 90 isn’t an angry house… at best, it is an angry Room 🙂

  7. Brings up Jeremy Clarkson in a video, immediately better. 🙂

  8. With random matchmaking, win rate would follow a basic curve that puts 80% of players at or around 50% . Those that are much lower would be the people who do not participate in most battles that they enter (for reasons including bot use, xp grinding services, poor internet connections, or other). Those with win rates above 60% would be people that can be said to be able to directly influence the outcome of a battle. Ways to do this include: having the ability to use their tank to kill all remaining enemies (these can be reasonably said to be good players), players who use OP tanks for a large number of their battles (and know how to maximise their use), players who often team up with friends (these can be average players but together they can exert an influence on the positive outcome of a battle).

    The point I’m making is that Win Rate is a definite predictor of the behaviour of a player in any given battle, but ONLY when the win rate of a player is less than 40 or more than 60. In both cases though, it’s like IQ statistics: all you can really say is that those outliers are either impaired or doing something different, and being average is no indicator of how you will actually perform.

    In summary: win rate is, for 80% of all players, irrelevant when it comes to predicting how they will behave during a battle. A high win rate will indicate exploits or artificial inflation more often than it will predict skill and ability.

    • Joseph Oberlander

      Marks on barrels don’t lie, though.

    • @Joseph Oberlander I don’t play the game. What does a mark on the barrel mean? I’d assume this is the mark of mastery that jingles talks about?
      My first thought is that good individual players would have many of these marks on a large number of tanks… But what is a good player in world of tanks? It’s a team game so I would suggest that good players are not necessarily the ones that jingles often features. He mostly features videos from players who are left up against superior numbers of enemies most of the time. These people pull of single-handed victories and it’s fun to watch, but is that really what being a good player means in world of tanks? How many victories are achieved as a result of a whole team taking up positions and roles on the map that are strategically better? These are genuine questions.

      My guess at this point is that a good player is actually one who sees how their team is positioned and takes up a role that is best for that team. A good individual player might not necessarily sacrifice their advantageous hull down ridgeline in order to bolster a slightly weaker flank. In these battles they may actually contribute to the collapse of their team and hope to achieve victory with a solo 1 versus 5 at the very end. Is that a good player? He allowed or caused his entire team to collapse in the hopes that he could claw it back once the enemy was weaker and more spread out at the end?

    • @Joseph Oberlander thanks for the outline

  9. Joseph Oberlander

    Note that the sufficient sample size is about ten thousand battles given how tight the brackets are in WoT.
    That’s also not taking into account your first few thousand garbage games and grinding you did for tech trees.
    So overall, it’s about double that to filter out all of the variables. 2000 games won’t tell you much of anything except if it’s a re-roll account.
    A simpler way is the monthly ranking vs other players in the same tank. Those marks you see on barrels don’t lie.

  10. Joseph Clemenson

    Any Jeremy Clarkson reference is a good one

  11. JINGLES you mispronounced the tanks name it’s pronounced steven90

  12. Win rate doesn’t always matter, especially wheb it comes to playing solo having to rely on teammates at all.
    Elc even 90 on a bush like that is always so troll

    • Joseph Oberlander

      Enemy parks at 55m from the obvious one piece of cover… You hope that that player’s a bot…
      The TKS is even more troll, being able to be hidden by clumps of crass and the smaller “fluff” that’s too small to hide any other tank in the game. Or squeeze between gaps in buildings.

    • @Joseph Oberlander yeah but tks at tier two, with how low tiers rush in and probably dont know any mechanics at that point, then that scorpion, if in that position thwy were getting aby shots, really is a wondwr how they couldbt understand how to spot the cap.
      Let alone ever trying to lead an elc to hit it, dunni if its just console, ore just mine, but shell velocity feels so much slower compared to how i watch these clips, can never lead an elc enough

    • Joseph Oberlander

      @EightballReaper Tiny tank is best tank 🙂
      I love my EVEN 90.

  13. GhostHostMemories

    First guy should rename to Drax.

  14. Well after seeing Steve from Honest Gamings video of 2 even 90’s camped in a cap circle surrounded by enemies and not being spotted… Check THAT video out Jingles. If nothing else, but to enjoy Steve’s cackling.
    Thankfully Monkey was top tier against worse players.

  15. Hammond drives a erb., and May, o-i

  16. daves not here

  17. Damn, “UtterPotato” would make the perfect screen name.

  18. Love the Monty Python reference

  19. I dunno… seems no matter how many times I try to drag my team kicking and screaming over the victory line I just can’t do it. I have increased my win rate, but I just can’t seem to get above 49.9 %..
    Of course I have played like 20,000 battles and it wasn’t until the last 10 thousand that it all clicked.

  20. I guess it’s better sometimes to be lucky rather than skilled.

  21. lol April Fool’s LTT video had Linus looking at Floatplane… and there was The Mighty Jingles channel sitting there. Had to rewind to make sure and sure enough… Old Man spotted!

  22. Skorp G is your typical WOT player now. Sad how far this game has fallen.

  23. THX for reminding me why I quit playing this p2w BS game, Jingles!
    (Not a shred of irony here)

  24. Thanks jingles, I always get a kick out of your videos.

  25. The best battle I ever had in the T1 Heavy had a bit of the same feeling: Stuff just kept appearing in front of me being one or two-shot kills.

    And yeah, grinding the T-29 up to the 90mm with the stock 76 was a sobering experience.

  26. Best intro tune on youtube

  27. hero is not a traitor…because circon was in 2 season and he’s got cammo from dez who was in 1 of whatever event name that was…

  28. That Skorpion G player has over 10,000 games with around a 47% win rate. Muppet confirmed.

  29. Look mom I’m famous! I’m M0nkeEy25 from the M6 replay. Thanks for sharing it with the world Jingles! That camo is something we don’t talk about 😉 Glad you liked my replay and thanks for the critical comments on my playstyle, there’s some things I never actually noticed lol.

    • Nicely done man! Keep up the good work! For me, I try to better my play style by watching streamers play and taking notes. From what I’ve learned by watching streamers, they often aren’t leaders but more like the kind that’s in the battle for himself. They kind of hang around in the middle letting others take hits for them while they take opportunities afforded by the enemy.

  30. Oh dear…a real life window licker in that scorpion g..

  31. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Hey, are you guys aware of the HE changes in World of Tanks?

  32. You gotta love that Skorpion “turning his head” left and right asking “where the fuck is this thing???” Almost wondering if he needed to file a bug ticket for phantom capping.

  33. “In out first clip…”
    Everybody liked that

  34. I’m a terrible player, and I love to play terrible tanks, but even I have an occasional good game and quite a few great games in between all those really really bad ones!

  35. Jingles, Dez was part of the first team class and Circon was part of the second team clash.

  36. Great game.
    Keep it up!!

  37. I mean I agree winrate to an extent shows what kind of player you are but I don’t 100% agree that its the ONLY thing that shows cause in public battles I am sorry,even the best of players have a hard time carrying an entire team if they arn’t in a platoon and the team is just trash.

  38. Congrats Monkey

  39. I just have to say, I did not realize how massive the t49 was until I seen it next to this tank

    Or this tank is just extremely miniscule

  40. wait…. does someone have a clip of Jeremy Clarkson calling tanks “angry houses?” for the life of me I don’t remember that reference and I am disappointed.

  41. I can’t watch even 90 replays without being sad that wargaming nerfed the ELC AMX to shit just so they could add it and make money…

  42. …If you aren’t on the edge of a one shot death….are you REALLY scouting?

  43. Hey paul, ive been watching you for years. My absolute favourite series was workshop wednesdays, im in the middle of building a Tiger II Ausf. B (Full Interior) -Level 5-, by Revell. By far my most time consuming build. Id love to see more model building. Have a good day.

  44. Would anyone prefer a rule for premium vehicles.
    That you have to first research, buy and play a standard tank at the same tier as a premium you want.
    Sorry it’s been a rule I follow since I started playing WOT off and on since 2011.
    I didn’t get any tier 8 premium tanks until after I bought and played the KV-4.
    I bought a KV-5 and a Type 59 after the KV-4.

  45. To be honest, he did play shit :p Lucky game 🙂

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